Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Stars Over Washington

Jan 1, 2013

113th Congress swears in January 4, 2013

It's Mea Culpa time!
by Jude Cowell
Between all the hubbub of New Year's Eve and last night's dramatic Senate vote that passed the Tax Relief Extension Bill--drama which continues today as the House does what it does starting at noon today (Speaker Boehner meets with the Republican conference at 1 pm est--to amend, vote, or scuttle)--it has finally come to my distracted attention that the 113th Congress will be sworn in this Friday January 4 and not on January 3 as I'd previously heard reported and had posted on.
Therefore the 113th Congress' natal chart must be recalculated, studied, and posted asap. Thanks for your patience, dear readers, and Happy New Year's Day!
Today in Georgia my family will chow down on my attempt at my mother's (which was her mother's) scrumptious cornbread (which is Not of the cakish sweetened kind), and black-eyed peas will be in close attendance (to attract coins in 2013) along with a green vegetable for conjuring up an abundance of paper money in the New Year--an old, if silly, tradition!

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