Thursday, January 3, 2013

Obama’s Personal Computer Filled With Gay Porn

During the last of Sept Obama’s computer began to slow down,and his antivirus and spy-ware detection were giving warning.
Obama believed he would be able to track the problem on his own but soon gave up.

For fear of perhaps a person or persons having gained remote access to his personal computer,he decided to let our fine security agents investigate the matter.

Agents found Gay porn pictures in hidden folders and several visits to gay porn sites.The agency dug the logs for hours trying to figure out who planted the gay material on his personal computer.

The agency broke the news that his computer was filled with gay porn and was infected with spy-ware.

Obama did not know that the agency believed that it was the work of a hacker.

When Obama was told that they would clean his computer of the filth. he stated it was a nice collection of photos and that he rather they would not clean the pictures.

The agency then asked Obama that he was aware of nude men with homosexual behavior in photographs were in excess two thousand photos.

Obama stated he did not know how many he had but there were very many.

The agency was relieved that they did not have a hacker.Their concern is now that if the computer does get hacked it could be very bad for Obama.The collection could hit the net.

He did finally agree to let the agency monitor the computer for the next few following days as an extra precaution to intrusion.

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