Friday, January 4, 2013

Speeches Given

Speeches Given  
    5/22/2009     Divide and Conquer

        Presented at Jeykll Island, Georgia, during an event sponsored by the We The People Foundation, on May 20-22, 2009. We 'invaded' the very place where the Federal Reserve was 'hatched' with the intention of forming a coalition of Constitutionalist Leaders, later named the 'Freedom Keepers'.

        While each of us here are struggling against Constitutional abuses unique to our organizational mission, my emphasis has been to connect the dots so well revealed by others, like yourselves, to alert and educate We the People by exposing the globalists' collective efforts to shred our Constitution and end our Republic. Nearly all of the current legislation reveals they are working at 'warp speed' to end our Constitutional Republic. The 'how to' for creating the North American Union has been tested and accomplished in the EU, so they know how to achieve their goals.

    6/15/2007     About the NAU ~ What You Don't Know CAN Hurt You!
        Presented in Washington, D.C.

        Today I will reveal to you the betrayal of the American people by a government cabal who is bent on destroying our sovereignty in order to create a North American Union.  The miscreants include many who function at the highest levels in our government.  Many hold membership in the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Trilateral Commission and pursue a subversive agenda.  The cabal is deliberately circumventing the U.S. Congress and 'We the People' in blatant violation of our Constitution.  Collectively they are committing TREASON.  If you continue to believe that the illegal alien invasion is the biggest threat to America, you will never understand that there is something far more dangerous to our country called the "Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America" (SPP).  As bad as the illegal alien situation is . . . you will learn that this nation is in dire peril far exceeding the illegal alien problem.

    9/30/2006     Operation U-Turn - With a Large Screen Power Point Presentation
        in Kansas City, MO

        I'm here today to talk about the Kansas City SmartPort.  But before I do that, I want to take you on a journey that will reveal to you just how the SmartPort arrived without your knowing much about it.  I will discuss how the Kansas City planners, along with the complicity of your local, state and national news media were able to design, prepare and initiate the SmartPort concept.  How they conducted their enormous planning, design, innumerable meetings, signed agreements, mobilization and project development and moved forward with little or no resistance.

        inland waterway port   inland intermodal port   inland air cargo port  

    9/9/2006       America is a Constitutional Republic . . . NOT a Democracy
        Presented in Salt Lake City, UT

        How often have you heard people refer to America as a Democracy?  When was the last time that you heard America referred to as a Republic?  There is a very good reason that our Declaration of Independence and our constitution do not even mention the word "democracy".

        Many people are under the false impression our form of government is a democracy, or representative democracy.  This is of course completely untrue.  The Founders were extremely knowledgeable about the issue of democracy and feared a democracy as much as a monarchy.  They understood that the only entity that can take away the people's freedom is their own government, either by being too weak to protect them from external threats or by becoming too powerful and taking over every aspect of life.


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