Thursday, January 3, 2013

Understanding And Embracing “Your” State Militia

Understanding And Embracing “Your” State Militia

A citizen militia is a group of citizens who are able and expected to defend their homeland in times of need. It is different from a military, which contains trained soldiers who work as soldiers full time. There are numerous different types of citizen militias, ranging from state-organized militias such as the National Guard in the United States to groups of irregular and sometimes dangerous individuals who label themselves “militias” in developing nations. The role of a militia also varies widely, depending on its host nation, with some militias actively assisting their national governments and supplementing their national militaries, while others are actually partisans fighting against their respective governments.
The term “militia” is taken from the Latin “miltes”, for “soldier.” Groups of organized civilians differentiated from professional soldiers have been known as militias since the 17th century. In several countries, including England and the United States, the militia has a long and complex history; and several different legislative acts govern the precise role of the militia. As a general rule, anyone who is eligible for military service is technically considered a member of the citizen militia, whether or not he or she has received training. (Attribute:
Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States:
A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
In the past, protection intent was paramount in legislation. But legislation has taken away the protection intent and legitimacy of the constitutional requirement for the States to be ready to protect themselves and the country claiming it was only for hunting. This of course is as ludicrous as was their Benghazi cover story and Hillary’s concussion.
It is ludicrous to continue to legislate against legal protection by disarming the law abiding citizenship. Soon, there will be pneumatic and ray gun weapons that will make the laws of gun powder weapons obsolete. Weapons will always be a fact of life, and they will be used in many different ways. The world is no safer today than it was in days past, and protection intent is more important than ever.
Education is paramount. But of course, government does not like an educated populous because it interferes with their freedom-stripping legislation. Ignorance is a factor in socialist government to emplace “further” dependency on the people. Self-governing principals do not work in big government programs.
It would be interesting for the States to invent a private owner declaration and agreement to become a State Militia member or charter and to agree to help and render aid to any person under dire threat or to band together in a State or National emergency and only use their weapons for the good or feeding of mankind. I suppose Switzerland already has a document of some kind that may be copied or assisting. If nothing else, it would help owners to understand the full range of protection intent of the law and the criminals to understand that the citizenship is now standing ready to protect itself.

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