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North American Union Moves Closer After Trilateral Summit

North American Union Moves Closer After Trilateral Summit

President Obama hosted Mexican President Felipe Calderón and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper in Washington, D.C., this week for the so-called “North American Leaders Summit,” announcing further integration of the three governments across a broad range of fields. The meeting, however, fueled deep suspicion and concern among advocates of national sovereignty and the U.S. Constitution.
According to statements released after the gathering, Obama and the leaders of Mexico and Canada discussed everything from trade and energy to security, health, and narcotics. All agreed that more integration and trilateral cooperation was needed, supposedly for the benefit of the “peoples” of the region.
“Our integration helps maximize our capabilities and makes our economies more innovative and competitive globally,” the “three amigos” claimed in a joint statement released after the summit. “Working together, we strive to ensure that North American economic cooperation fosters gains in productivity for all of our citizens.”
To achieve that, the top officials said, they will work to harmonize the laws and regulations imposed on Americans, Canadians, and Mexicans. “By eliminating unnecessary regulatory differences, smaller businesses are better equipped to participate in an integrated North American economy,” the joint statement alleged. “Success in these efforts opens the way to additional North American regulatory cooperation.”
In keeping with past “North American” integration meetings, the words “security” and “prosperity” were repeated incessantly. According to a 2005 U.S. embassy cable released by WikiLeaks, both of those terms are seen by pro-integration officials as crucial public selling points to advance the further erosion of national sovereignty.
Signed by then-American Ambassador to Canada Paul Cellucci, the document offered suggestions on how to best peddle the scheme to policymakers and the public. Among the elements to “stress” in future “efforts to promote further integration,” it explained, should be the alleged benefits of dissolving national sovereignty and getting around national constitutions.
“Our research leads us to conclude that such a package should tackle both ‘security’ and ‘prosperity’ goals,” the document explained. “This fits the recommendations of Canadian economists who have assessed the options for continental integration.”
Before a wave of outrage forced proponents to re-brand the scheme, the trilateral meetings were taking place under the banner of a supposed “Security and Prosperity Partnership for North America.” But while the name may have changed to “Leaders’ Summit,” the “leaders” made sure to hammer away at both of those points over and over again in the joint statement following this week’s gathering.
“Our strengthened dialogue on priority issues in the North American agenda is reflected in the frequent formal and informal ministerial and technical meetings across a wide range of issues among our three countries … to continue to enhance our region’s prosperity, protect the environment, and improve working conditions in North America,” they claimed, citing various trilateral organs such as the NAFTA “Free Trade” Commission, the North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation, and the North American Commission for Labor Cooperation.
On “security,” the leaders touted the first-ever trilateral “defense” summit held in Ottawa last month. “Taking into account our common security and defense challenges, such as transnational criminal organizations, as well as opportunities to strengthen cooperation in the field of disaster relief, we welcome the recent expansion of our ministerial-level dialogue through the North American Defense Ministers Meeting,” the three said in the joint statement.
The “leaders” pledged to cooperate more on arms trafficking and money laundering. Ironically, the Obama administration is currently under congressional investigation for providing thousands of high-powered guns to Mexican cartels in “Fast and Furious” via the ATF. Lawmakers are also probing the federal government for allegedly laundering tens of billions in drug profits through the DEA.
Meanwhile, top cartel leaders and even officials have claimed that the U.S. government is working closely with narcotics traffickers — even as American taxpayers are forced to shovel billions of dollars at the government ruling Mexico to fight the drug war. And it is well known around the world that Mexican officials at all levels are on the cartels’ payrolls. Some 50,000 people have been killed in recent years as part of the U.S. government-backed "War on Drugs" in Mexico.
Another important “security” development emerging from the April 2 summit was the creation of a so-called “North American Plan for Animal and Pandemic Influenza” (NAPAPI), the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced in a press release. The controversial scheme brings together the “health, agriculture, security, and foreign affairs sectors” of all three governments and calls for a more “coordinated” response to flu outbreaks. 
“The countries will collaborate to develop and implement concrete actions that strengthen trilateral emergency preparedness and response capacities and capabilities, such as interconnected systems for surveillance,” the statement explained, referring to the plot as a “trilateral commitment to enhancing health security across the continent.” Apparently the much-touted but bogus “swine flu” scare was a primary justification for the acceleration of the scheme.
Multiple U.S. Departments including “Homeland Security” will be working with their counterparts in Mexico and Canada to advance the controversial agenda. And the program, which was first hatched in 2007 under then-President George W. Bush, supposedly “complements” ongoing “global health” efforts.
“The plan also calls for protecting critical infrastructure in a public health emergency and for developing border policies that do not impose unnecessary restrictions on travel or trade,” the release explained, with the report stating that North American business already functions in a sort of “borderless” continental network. “The plan lays the ground work for mutual assistance during a response, such as sharing personnel as well as vaccines.”
Beyond alleged “security” and the steady merging of North America’s governments, the three leaders praised a wide array of other integration schemes as well. The joint statement expressed support for a variety of regional initiatives including the Inter-American System, the Summit of the Americas, the Central America Integration System, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the Inter-American Competitiveness Network, the Central American Regional Security Strategy, and more.
Apparently oblivious to the ongoing and spectacular implosion of the “man-made global warming” campaign, the three leaders promised to keep pushing worldwide integration, too — all under the guise of a “lasting global solution to the challenge of climate change.” They also touted the recently created “Climate and Clean Air Coalition,” a half-baked UN-led effort bringing together the governments ruling Mexico, Canada, the United States, Sweden, Ghana, and Bangladesh.
While the plot to “integrate” North America was once dismissed by some uninformed skeptics as a “conspiracy theory,” developments in recent years have shown conclusively that it is neither a conspiracy nor a theory. In fact, the process is now going on largely in the open.
Last year, for instance, Obama and Harper signed the “Beyond the Border” agreement. Without consulting the U.S. Congress, the highly controversial plan seeks to form a continental “perimeter” with “biometric” tracking of citizens while diminishing the role of the American and Canadian border. After this week's meeting, Obama also promised to keep pushing amnesty for illegal immigrants.      
“Anyone who thinks the globalist initiative to integrate North America on the model of the European Union is dead or beyond any hope of revival is badly mistaken,” noted respected author Jerome Corsi, who has played a key role in exposing the scheme. In an article published after the most recent meeting, Corsi blasted the efforts to erect a “North American Union” and singled out the Council on Foreign Relations’ Robert Pastor for his oversized role in advancing the plot.
Following the latest summit, critics of the integration schemes renewed their demand that Congress rein in the administration and force it to obey the Constitution. But considering lawmakers’ poor track record of holding rogue executive branch officials accountable, analysts believe it would take a massive national outcry to even get any sort of proper investigation — let alone stop the plan in its tracks.
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