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Using Bilingualism to Subvert America By Daneen G. Peterson, Ph.D. October 15, 2007

October 15, 2007

Our sovereign nation is undergoing an overwhelming illegal alien invasion by an Hispanic 'migrant army' that has defied our immigration laws and sovereignty.  The invasion of America now totals 25 -30 million and rising.  Of that number, 90% are Hispanics who balkanize our cities and towns, and arrogantly corrupt our unifying national language while actively disrespecting our laws, culture, society, and country!  All this is being accomplished while our complicit government and media shamefully stands by, blatantly ignoring the anarchy by allowing Mexico's human tsunami of illegal aliens to lawlessly overrun America.(1)

The invading illegal alien horde is diminishing our quality-of-life, overloading our hospitals, schools and jails, while bankrupting our taxpayer treasury.  It is a primarily a Mexican invasion.  It is an act of war, that has reduced our country to nothing but a lawless territory with little or no sovereignty left!  Mexico has been waging their one-sided war for decades by sending a migrant army of some 20+ million of its citizens to colonize and reconquista America.  It is a war they intend to win "without firing a shot!"(1)

Mexican Power Salute Aztlan Rising Sign Disrespecting the Flag

With the complicit help of Mexico's corrupt oligarchy and their diabolical 'Mexican Manifesto', the quest for bilingualism was pursued by our government to create a multi-lingual 'global' citizen as part of their secret tri-national 'integration' goals.  You will learn how both governments stealthfully and deliberately created chaos, frustration, bewilderment, anger and linguistic disorder as they pursued their subversive goals.  You will find that they planned and executed the erasure of our language unity, created linguistic chaos in our schools, prisons, hospitals, and courts, while destroying the social fabric of our nation.  Why was that?  So that they could force us into the 'global community' called the North American Union.

Our government's frustrating, bewildering support for bilingualism had a hidden agenda.  In addition to its obvious mission of 'aiding and abetting' the illegal alien invasion, the governments' TRUE goal was to destroy the cohesive and unifying solidarity of communicating in America using ONE language!  The results have been massive taxpayer costs, rampant psychological, physical and political chaos, and the complete loss of our cohesive linguistic unity.  Our government has subversively created mandates and legal actions to enforce their multi-lingual agenda which has destroyed America's prized linguistic unity and endangered our internationally vaunted English language primacy.  What they have done is TREASON!

The Mexican Manifesto:  A Plan to Reconquista America

Today, there is clear and convincing evidence that we are being invaded.  It is a war that is being waged by demographic invasion and reconquista of our sovereign land.  Mexico's war plan was arrogantly announced in a prestigious Mexico City newspaper in 1982.  As you will see, it is a manifesto detailing the illegal alien invasion, linguistic chaos, and balkanization of America, all of which has been facilitated by our OWN treasonous government, for more than TWENTY-SIX YEARS.  It is unambiuously an invasion and colonization of America by a foreign county as was brazenly declared in, this, Mexico's 1982 Mexican Manifesto:

Illegals Climbing a Border Wall "A peaceful mass of people, hardworking, carries out slowly and patiently an unstoppable invasion, the most important in human history.  You cannot give me a similar example of such a large migratory wave by an ant-like, stubborn, unarmed, and carried on in the face of the most powerful and best-armed nation on earth."

"But neither barbed-wire fences, nor aggressive border guards, nor campaigns, nor laws, nor police raids against the undocumented, have stopped this movement of the masses that is unprecedented in any part of the world."

"In 1950 they were called 'Pachucos' (half-breeds); today they are called 'Chicanos.'  They have marked social and family characteristics, agility for adapting to the environment and for conquering a great region, once primitive and virgin, that belonged to our fatherland and we lost it.  But it seems to be slowly returning to the jurisdiction of Mexico without the firing of a single shot, nor requiring the least diplomatic action, by means of a steady, spontaneous, and uninterrupted occupation."(1)

It is a clear and evident de facto war, totally ignored by our government.  It is a war that has been carefully planned, blatantly conducted and arrogantly executed without a single change or deviation from the original 1982 'Mexican Manifesto.'  All the while our government, from the president on down has allowed this massive invasion and chaos to continue for TWENTY-FIVE YEARS.  Thus insanity reigns . . . but WHY?

How Mexico Wages Its de facto War . . .
  1. By creating Mexican laws allowing dual citizenship.(1)
  2. By legislating the right to vote in Mexican elections by absentee ballots mailed from America, approved in 2005.(1)
  3. By promoting nationalism and Hispanic racism.  The Mexican government their Hispanic-American shills, sponsor programs and practices that "upholds the political or economic domination of one race over another or others" which is the dictionary definition of RACISM.(1)
  4. By working surreptitiously in concert with Hispanic organization and politicians here in America, Mexico pursues its 'reconquista' of American land, by actively and blatantly promoting the purist form or racism there is!(1)
  5. By 'Meddling' in America's affairs in defiance of our laws:  The Mexican government, continuously and blatantly colludes with Hispanic politicians, individuals, groups and organizations here in America, who act as their shills.  Sadly and outrageously, nearly all of those Hispanic organizations receive funding, some in the millions, from the Ford Foundation, Carnegie Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation, and many, many corporate 'others,' who want to keep that cheap labor flowing and fostering anarchy in America.(1)
  6. By using Mexican shills and operatives within America including the racist Hispanic organizations like The National Council of La Raza (i.e., The Race, which is NOT a race), MALDEF, LULAC and MEChA, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), and numerous American politicians and individuals of Hispanic descent.  Last but not least, is the ACLU, which is headed by an Hispanic who first worked for, and was groomed by, both the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations.(1)
They are all constantly working 'behind the scenes' using our courts, Hispanic advisory counsels and other political access, not available to 'We the People', in order to eliminate any and all actions that might thwart or stop the illegal alien invasion of America that continues at a rate of 10,000 a day.  Think about the access the National Council of La Raza (i.e., The Race) had during the creation of those several illegal alien 'amnesty' bills drawn up in secrecy, behind closed doors in 2007.  Doors that were closed to 'We the People' but OPEN to the Hispanic pro-illegal alien enablers like the NCLR.(1)

What do you think those well-funded, Hispanic, anti-American, organizations will do as their numbers continue to increase through this unchecked illegal alien invasion?  'Without firing a shot' Mexico intends to win their 'de facto' war by leveraging those 'migrant' masses, to gain enough political power to shove their balkanizing, racist Hispanic agenda down the throats of ALL Americans!

NM Gov. Bill Richardson & Coahuila Gov. Enrique Martinez The Mexican government, led by Vicente Fox, has arrogantly waged Mexico's de facto war by openly engaging many complicit Hispanic shills here in America who work assiduously to stop all those who would stand against them.  Those shills work 'hand in glove' with the previously mentioned racist Hispanic organizations.(2-7)

In addition to the fascist government-corporate (public-private) and military-industrial collusion, other illegal alien 'aiders and abettors' who are working in concert to aid the invasion is a "fifth column of many people who act traitorously and subversively, out of a secret [or not so secret] sympathy, for the enemy of their country, in our country."(8)

Others members of the 'fifth column' include Hispanic 'aiders and abettors' like the Catholic church, greedy employers, and enablers such as the corporate media, inept politicians, major foundations like the Ford Foundation, the US Chamber of Commerce, American unions and many 'clueless' Americans.(9-12)

Vicente Fox Vicente Fox

Considering that one of the first rules of warfare, is 'to know thine enemy'.  This research will clearly reveal who is 'aiding and abetting' the massive illegal alien invasion revealing . . . who stands against "We the People" and our sovereignty in violation of our Constitution and their oaths of office.  This section will expose those racist Hispanics and their coterie who have insinuated themselves into our police departments, mayoralties, schools, jails, hospitals, courts, churches, local townships, legislatures, media, task forces and advisory boards, etc.

It will also expose the pandering, complicit and cowardly legislatures, police departments, governors and mayors, many of whom have appointed by fiat, an abundance of Hispanics and Latinos, to populate and run those racially designed and run task forces and advisory boards . . . all across the country.  These appointments have provided the pro-illegal alien lobby with subversive entrée to lawmakers and the politically powerful.(13)

Shamefully, Hispanics and Latinos receive such entrée and clout in total disregard of the fact that their Hispanic constituency is artificially inflated by millions upon millions of illegal aliens.  How fair it that to honest, law-abiding Americans?  The question that should be asked is whether or not YOU have that same accessibility?

Lastly, what do you think they'll do as their numbers continue to increase through this unchecked illegal alien invasion and their anchor babies?  Don't stand around and wait to find out . . . you won't like the answer!  In the meantime, reflect on the following quote by Dante Alighieri:  "The hottest places in Hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality."  In other words, enough is enough, stand up America and help 'Stop the Invasion!'

How did we get to here?

Since the early 1990s, just about everywhere, schools, corporations, businesses, police departments, etc., it was demanded that we participate in 'sensitivity training' which promoted 'cultural diversity.'  A process that required us to accept, espouse and apply a multi-cultural orthodoxy, everywhere and everyplace.  A doctrine that embraces diversity, which by definition engenders a society and culture that is divergent, different, and disparate, the exact opposite of our national motto -- E Pluribus UnumOut of many, ONE!

Multi-culturalism is a concept that requires us to promote and celebrate an American culture of non-assimilation and non-acculturation.  One that encourages people who are dissimilar, unalike, and different from one another, to remain that way.  A Machiavellian veneration that is the complete opposite of our world famous American 'melting pot' motto, a vibrant concept that represents a dynamic process of a 'coming together' by diverse peoples who willingly assimilate and integrate into our unique, blended American culture!

In addition and over time, we have been assailed and bombarded by another phenomenon called pc, 'political correctness' or more aptly named 'political castration!'  This means that anyone who objected to the massive influx of illegal aliens extolled by the exhortations of multi-culturalism, were quickly and loudly labeled 'racists, xenophobes and nativists.'  This allowed the multi-culturalists and pro-illegal alien and open-borders crowd to keep Americans SILENCED!

The illegal alien invasion of America totals 25 - 30 million, 90% of whom are Hispanics.  How can such an overwhelming influx of Spanish speaking Hispanics and/or Latinos be construed as 'diversity' when it will change America into an Hispanic uni-culture by dint of their numbers or those Hispanic 'migrant' masses gain enough political power to shove their balkanizing, racist Hispanic linguistic agenda down the throats of America!(14-19)

Illegals Crossing the Desert Illegals' Trash

This research will reveal those who are 'aiding and abetting' the illegal alien invasion.  It will expose those members of the 5th column who are working as their enablers, who are diligently working to turn America into a bilingual country.  Their ultimate goal is to leverage their illegal alien numbers to become politically dominant.  Once that happens English speakers will then become what the Census Bureau calls "Linguistically Isolated" in their own nation.  Bilingualism will divide America in two, pushing us inevitably toward conflagrations not unlike those that have erupted around the world.

What IS America?

Governer Dick Lamm As already stated, bilingualism is the antithesis of our national motto:  E Pluribus Unum:  Out of many, ONE!  Former Colorado Governor Richard Lamm said it best:  "History shows that no nation can survive the tension, conflict and antagonism of two or more competing languages and cultures.  It is a blessing for an individual to be bilingual; however, it is a curse for a society to be bilingual.(20)  Societies [that] are bilingual [become] two competing and nation-dividing languages.  A nation is much more than a place on a map.  It is a state of mind, a shared vision, and a recognition that we are all in this together . . . [and] one indispensable element must be that we all speak one common language."(21)

America is the greatest and most successful experiment regarding the integration and assimilation of people of differing cultures, languages, and religions.(22)

Just imagine if millions of Americans were to enter Mexico illegally, demand that the local government provide free medical care, demand bilingual doctors and nurses, demand bilingual government forms, fly the US flag from their homes and cars, demand courses on American culture in their schools, demand local driver's licenses, and insist that local law enforcement officers speak only English.(22)

Reverse that scenario and everyone who's awake and paying attention KNOWS that is exactly what is occurring all across America -- and has been happening for a very long time.

Yes . . . these took place in America . . .

Mexican Flag - American Rag Pick Your Flag, Unless It's an American One NY Pro-Illegal Rally Protestors In Car
(Reuters-Seth Wenig)

"In California, Arizona and Texas, Mexican immigrants, both legal and illegal, wave Mexican flags in [and from] their vehicles, homes, parties, demonstrations and school classrooms.  They speak Spanish and demand everything be translated into their native language.  Now with over 20 million illegal alien Mexicans, the United States suffers colonization by sheer numbers and bows to their demands while it spends billions on language classes for children and parents who will never honor the English of their host country."(23)

"These new immigrants arrive from totally incompatible cultures.  They are the seeds of cancer sewn into our social fabric that will eventually destroy our nation.  Again, when the rate of immigration exceeds the rate of assimilation, it is a recipe for the annihilation of our civilization. . .  How can anyone who knows Mexico think its culture 'wants' to assimilate into America's?"(23)

"No country on earth today is successful with 'multiculturalism'.  It's a lie, it's a proven failure, it's dangerous, it's deadly and it's growing in America."(23)

Quoting Seymore Martin:  "The histories of bilingual and bicultural societies that do not assimilate are histories of turmoil, tension and tragedy."  To correct that possibility for America, Steve Sailer offers the wisdom that:  "You need newcomers who are willing and able to assimilate, a dominant culture that is willing and able to require them to do so and admissions that are not so large that they undermine these objectives."

Theodore Roosevelt

President Teddy Roosevelt summed it up succinctly:  "In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin.  But this is predicated upon the person's becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American . . . "(24)(25)

"There can be no divided allegiance here.  Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn't an American at all.  We have room for but one flag, the American flag . . .  We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language . . . and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people."(24)(25)

Roosevelt Rally (24)

More Teddy truisms . . .  "The one absolutely certain way of bringing this nation to ruin, or preventing all possibility of it continuing as a nation at all, would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities."

"For an American citizen to vote as a German-American, an Irish-American, or an English-American [or a Mexican-American], is to be a traitor to American institutions; and those hyphenated Americans who terrorize American politicians by threats of the foreign [Hispanic] vote are engaged in treason to the American Republic."

Who could argue against Roosevelt's declarations?  No true American could or would.  But the president of a country that shares a 2000 mile border with America can and does disagree.

Vicente Fox Reveals His Linguistic Subversion . . .

In October of 2000 in the Mexican newspaper Siglo he "spoke of the deep cultural and linguistic loyalty of Mexicans and other Hispanics who emigrate [most entering illegally] to the United States.  Because of this loyalty, asserted Fox, each Hispanic immigrant [both legal and illegal] is 'an important agglutinative element of his brothers in the exterior'[of Mexico]."(26)

An interesting word 'agglutinative' . . . it means "sticking together" or "joining together" . . . what is Fox trying to convey?  Did he mean even while in America, Mexicans were to continue their allegiance and stay connected to Mexico?  Or, did he mean for them to stick together here in America by balkanizing our cities and towns?  Or perhaps he meant BOTH?

His final words might give us a clue:  "Besides, to continue speaking Spanish in the United States is to 'hacer patria' . . . which means to 'be patriotic' or [to] 'do a patriotic duty'."(26)  Get the message?

Do you understand now how insidiously the Mexican government has been waging their de facto war using its 'migrant army' to invade, colonize and reconquista America?  Part of the plan is to NOT assimilate, but to overwhelm our English language and to dominate us both culturally AND linguistically.

How they must be laughing at us brainwashed, sensitivity-trained, pc'd (politically castrated), multi-culturalized, Pavlovian, naive and trusting Americans.

For further proof of Mexico's nefarious plot -- in July 2001, according to El Imparcial:  "The Mexican writer Elena Poniatowska affirmed today that Mexico is presently recovering the territories lost in the past to the United States, thanks to emigration.  The people of the poor, the lice-ridden and the cucarachas [cockroaches] are advancing in the United States, a country that wants [is being coerced] to speak Spanish because 33.4 million Hispanics [continue to arrogantly] impose their culture [and their Spanish language upon America]"(26)

Is The Mexican Manifesto . . . Mein Kampf Revisited?

Did the government of Mexico borrow their concept of 'demographic warfare' from Nazi Germany? Did you know that in Mein Kampf, Hitler espoused the belief that there was a need for Lebensraum ('living space' i.e., land and raw materials). He expected to find that land to the East. It was an important part of the Nazi ideology. It provided the motivation for "Germany's expansionist policies" in order to "provide extra space for the growth of the German population" and to create a "Greater Germany."

"It was the stated policy of the Nazis to kill, deport, or enslave the Polish, Russian and other Slavic populations, whom they considered inferior, and to repopulate the land with Germanic peoples. The entire urban population was to be exterminated by starvation, thus creating an agricultural surplus to feed Germany and allowing their replacement by a German upper class," according to Wikipedia.

It is obvious that the Mexican government is sponsoring and promoting their version of Lebensraum in their Mexican Manifesto. The invading Mexican 'army' of illegal aliens who loudly proclaim they are here to reconquista American territory and create a Greater Mexico is prima facie evidence that the Mein Kampf Nazi ideology of 'demographic warfare' exists. The application of the Lebensraum concept became crystal clear when Mexico's current President Felipe Calderon, arrogantly announced in his, September 3, 2007, state-of-the-nation address, that: "Wherever there is a Mexican . . . that is Mexico." His statement is NOT to be taken lightly.

Our Government Continues to Abdicate its Constitutional Responsibilities
  • Article IV, Section 4 of the US Constitution states:  "The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion . . . "  This is not being done!
  • Members of our Congress take an oath of office, to "preserve, protect and defend our Constitution."  They are responsible for ensuring the enforcement of our laws and do not honor their oath!
  • The Constitution states that the President of the United States "shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed."  He has not and does not enforce our immigration laws, except selectively and narrowly for show!
This nation dividing insanity of proliferating bilingualism is found at all levels of our government.  It is governmental corruption to accede to every whim and demand for Spanish language everywhere and everyplace.

It is a corruption that is paving the way for the cancer of bilingualism to spread.  You will learn who, where and how Spanish language demands are being endorsed and enforced by our government, who is complicitly 'aiding and abetting' Fox's massive invading 'migrant army' of illegal aliens.  These linguistic supportive acts are facilitating their presence by inducing them to enter and encouraging them to continue to reside here in direct violation of our immigration laws.  They are using the non-enforcement of those laws to balkanized and demoralized our citizenry with their outrageous demands to have their Spanish language facilitated everywhere.  They do that because we DO facilitate them, and the more we do the more they arrogantly demand that we do.

What IS 'Aiding or Abetting?

Day Laborer "No Hassle" Zone Hiring Illegals Is Un-American Sign Day Labor Protestors

To 'Aid or Abet' is to actively, knowingly, or intentionally assist another person in the commission or attempted commission of a crime, such as illegally entering our country without our permission or knowledge, housing them, transporting them, or employing them.(27)

The Law:

1.  It is 'aiding or abetting' to "encourage or induce an alien to come to, enter, or reside in the United States, knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that such coming to, entry, or residence is or will be in violation of law."  8 U.S.C. § 1324(a)(1)(A)(iv).(28)

2.  It is 'aiding or abetting' to "conceal or attempt to conceal, harbor, or shield from detection, illegal aliens, including any building or any means of transportation."  8 U.S.C. § 1324(a)(1)(A)(iii).(28)

3.  It is also 'aiding or abetting' to "engage in any conspiracy to commit any of the preceding acts."  8 U.S.C. § 1324(a)(1)(A)(v)(I).(28)

4.  It is a felony to 'aid or abet' "in the commission of the above acts."  8 U.S.C. § 1324(a)(1)(A)(v)(II).(28)

Note:  A felony occurs when the specified crime carries a penalty of more than one year in prison.(29)

Note:  For ALL the crimes listed above the maximum penalties range from five to twenty years for EACH VIOLATION, where sentences of more than five years indicate additional aggravating circumstances.

Note:  Recent class-action lawsuits have been brought by ordinary citizens against those who 'aid and abet' illegal aliens, under RICO the Racketeer-Influenced and Corrupt Organizations statutes. A significant event because it can mean the awarding of treble damages for the plaintiffs.(30)

Laws by Fiat:  Odious Executive Order 13166

Why is it when the "whole world is moving to the adoption of English as the global language of politics, commerce, and travel. . . we [are] allowing bureaucrats [or presidents] to undermine English usage in the United States?  Learning English is the first step in achieving the American Dream.  It paves the way for success academically, professionally, and socially."(31)

English is the international language used for air flight and internet communications, commerce, travel and the world's major political events.  Why allow such world-wide English language domination to be eroded by the contamination, competition or confusion of any other language?  No sane, rational, English speaking person would ever want to erode such favorable world wide momentum accruing many benefits to America . . . EXCEPT. . . Bill Clinton who issued an insane Executive Order (E.O.) 13166 in the last days of his administration.  It was a well planned and deliberate attack on our unifying English language.  It was done with malice and aforethought, as part of the nation destroying plot against America, dictated by the members of the Shadow Government.

Executive Orders (EOs) are legally binding orders given by the President, acting as the head of the Executive Branch, to Federal Administrative Agencies.  Executive Orders are generally used to direct federal agencies and officials in their execution of congressionally established laws or policies.  However, in many instances they have been used to guide agencies in directions contrary to congressional intent.

Once an Executive Order is written by the President, it is recorded in the 'Federal Register' and in 30 days it becomes law, unless challanged by members of Congress, or the courts.

Executive Orders do not require Congressional approval to take effect but they have the same legal weight as laws passed by Congress.  The President's source of authority to issue Executive Orders can be found in the Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution which grants to the President the "executive Power."

Section 3 of Article II further directs the President to "take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed."  To implement or execute the laws of the land, Presidents give direction and guidance to Executive Branch agencies and departments, often in the form of Executive Orders."

But today's Executive Orders go far beyond those rules as these quotes attest:

"Stroke of the pen.  Law of the Land.  Kinda cool."
Paul Begala, former Clinton advisor, The New York Times, July 5, 1998.

"We've switched the rules of the game.  We're not trying to do anything legislatively."
Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt, The Washington Times, June 14, 1999.

The following is the TRUE legacy of Bill Clinton.  It is insanity personified!

E.O. 13166 . . . "forces every recipient of federal funds to provide interpreters and translations for people who don't speak English, or face prosecution for civil rights violations.  The order would apply to almost every federal, state and local government agency in the country as well as non-governmental institutions and contractors receiving federal assistance and medical service providers receiving Medicaid and Medicare reimbursement."(31)

E.O. 13166 States:  "Friends and relatives are NOT permitted to help translate.  Professionals must be hired, and the service must be provided for free for anyone who asks.  Hospitals and universities are already facing harassment by federal agencies."(31)

We are slowly devolving into a socialist state that has been created and promoted through the psychology of political castration (pc) used to silence Americans who objected to the massive propaganda lies of multi-culturalism, multi-lingualism and entitlements for the lawless.  Those Hispanics who flaunt their desire for the reconquista of our land, waving their Mexican flags while they blatantly glorify their disdain for acculturation and assimilation into our language and culture.  The cost of this unarmed invasion is in the $100s of BILLIONS OF DOLLARS a YEAR.

We are inexorably sinking under the weight of massive taxpayer burdens in support of our own demise.  EO 13166 is a prima facie example of that cost.  On March 14, 2002, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) made the following report to Congress:  Assessment of the Total Benefits and Costs of Implementing Executive Order No. 13166:  Improving Access to Services for Persons with Limited English Proficiency.  What was the cost according to the OMB?  It was $46.7 BILLION dollars PER YEAR to fund JUST THIS ONE traitorous, Clinton Executive Order requiring multi-lingualism everywhere and everyplace.  What do you suppose the cost is NOW, in 2007?(32)

Where are we heading and for what purpose?  Do we want everything we have achieved in America to continue to be turned on its head?  Fortunately some are trying to do something about this egregious, stroke of the pen, law.

ProEnglish Chairman Bob Park decided to sue over the E.O. 13166 when the Bush Administration refused to rescind the order.  Park said:  "We are taking this action to defend the right of physicians, state and local government agencies, and numerous other recipients of federal funds, to speak English if they choose to do so, without the threat of prosecution for violating someone's civil rights."(31)

"We believe that President Bush's political advisors made a serious mistake by persuading him not to revoke this utterly divisive and destructive policy that was left to him by the previous administration."  Park added, "If necessary, we are prepared to fight this case all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court."(31)

"The ProEnglish complaint [begun in 2002] cites four main grounds for overturning E.O. 13166:
  • The order violates the 1st Amendment by forcing people to speak in other languages
  • The executive branch lacks the authority to promulgate or enforce such a policy without the explicit approval of Congress
  • The order violated Administrative Procedures Act requirements for public notice and comment
  • The order violates the regulatory fairness laws of the Small Business Fairness Act and the Paperwork Reduction Act"(31)
"The suit asks the court for an injunction to bar all enforcement of E.O. 13166, and to declare it void and unconstitutional."(31)

"ProEnglish's outside counsel Barnaby Zall pointed out that E.O. 13166 was based on a deeply flawed interpretation of the 1964 civil rights law that attempts to equate a person's language with their "national origin" for determining illegal discrimination.  That interpretation flies in the face of 20 years of previous court decisions asserting that there was no such equation. Zall commented, "This case asks whether speaking English is illegal -- In other words, if you speak English to someone who doesn't, have you violated their civil rights?"(31)

The answer to that question is YES according to the Ohio Civil Rights Commission!  For example, read on . . .

1.  Did you know that posting a sign "For Service - Speak English" was ILLEGAL?  Not only that, for posting such a sign in Ohio, your business can be condemned as having "engaged in discriminatory practices" and you can be "ordered to remove the sign [and] to pay for advertisements about nondiscrimination, and [your] "staff can be ordered to undergo diversity training or cultural sensitivity training."(33)

Speak English Sign (33)

"The Ohio Civil Rights Commission spends an amazing $10.7 million a year in state and federal taxes.  About $9 million goes to salaries, including fees wasted on lawyers to prosecute Mason bar owner Tom Ullum for his politically incorrect sign, 'For Service, Speak English'."(34)

Don't you wonder how speaking a language comports to discrimination laws which cover:  race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, age or ancestry.  Is English a color, is it a race, or a religion, or a sex, etc?  Of course not!(35)

Methinks that the Ohio Civil Rights Commission has become the Ohio Civil Wrongs Commission.  How wacky can you get?  Power in the hands of idiots begets idiotic decisions that have a chilling effect on ALL Americans.  Wake up America . . .  Speak UP and Speak OUT!  Especially in English!

ProEnglish defends pub owner's sign.  Pub owner Tom Ullum's defenders are charging "that the Commission's action was a thinly disguised attack on Ullum's freedom of speech . . . [noting] that the local organization filing the complaint against Ullum, Housing Opportunities Made Equal, simply objected to the content of the sign's message and did not claim to represent anybody that actually had been refused service."(36)

"Once again, multicultural government bureaucrats are seeking to twist the plain meaning of 'national origin" to equate it with the language someone chooses to speak in order to concoct a deliberately trumped-up violation of civil rights law."(37)  That's telling it like it is.  It's about time the 'little guy' gets help in stopping the insanities of run-amuck 'diversity' and 'cultural sensitivity' zealots.

"The members and staff of the Ohio Civil Rights Commission need a remedial course on the American Constitution and the first Amendment.  Even though the Commission pretends to champion 'diversity,' it's clear by their actions they want to be multicultural thought police and prosecute anyone who thinks differently than they do."(37)

An excellent analysis and straight-forward common sense.  Refreshing isn't it?

2.  EEOC is the Federal Government's Enforcement Arm:  The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) went after a Rochester, New York roofing business who, for safety reasons, required English only on the job site.  ProEnglish executive director K.C. McAlpin believes that because the EEOC recently lost a similar workplace English requirement case to Sephora cosmetics, the EEOC is now retaliating.  McAlpin said that:  "Apparently the bilingual bullies in the EEOC's New York office, stung by their loss in the Sephora case, decided to target a much smaller company in the hope it wouldn't fight back.  When is Congress going to put an end to this agency's abuse of power in pursuit of it anti-English agenda?"(38)

"Sephora's victory over the EEOC illustrates two truths.  When an employer refuses to settle the charges and fights the EEOC in court, the EEOC loses.  The other is media bias.  When the EEOC first filed its suit against Sephora saying that its English policy was discriminatory, it made headlines across the country.  But the decision upholding Sephora's right to have such a policy received very little news coverage."(39)

3.  How the Pro-bilingual supporters and enablers arrogantly 'bloviate' and obfuscate as they push for their racist bilingualism.  An excellent example occurred when a Puerto Rican Policy Institute spokesperson loudly over-talked the other participant who was opposing bilingualism on Lou Dobbs.  One might even make the case that Angelo Falcon denied his opponent his civil rights to 'freedom of speech.'  What you will hear during this video will be 'tried and true' Hispanic and Latino rhetoric, propaganda, and mantras that are deliberately obfuscating, duplicitous, hypocritical and dishonest and most of all -- loud, overbearing and disrespectful of others.(40)

4.  Speak English -- Why Bother?  While there are at least 27 states that have legislated 'Official English' -- the federal government has NOT.(41)  There are 12 million households in the United States that are what the Census Bureau calls "linguistically isolated."  Many of those households don't bother to learn English because they can bank, vote, shop, work, go to church, get a GED, a driver's license, purchase real estate, get a mortgage, without EVER speaking a word of English.

Adding to their 'linguistic isolation' is the fact that our government requires hospitals to supply translators adding to the cost of your healthcare.(42)  According to a report on Lou Dobbs of CNN, many new arrivals are stunned how they can live here in the US without ever speaking English.  The video of the Dobbs' comments can be found here: (43)

European Terrorism Sign Protestors With Mexica Flag

5.  Many Live their Whole Life in the US Without Speaking ENGLISH!  Did you know that nearly 80% of Americans want English as our 'official' language?  Who are the biggest laggards in learning our unifying English language?  The Mexicans, of course, for reasons already discussed.  Only 50% of the Mexicans speak English while 69% of the Chinese do, and 78% of the Russian speakers do.  Why is that?  Well, as Ms. Garcia explains in a Lou Dobbs video -- speaking English would DILUTE the Hispanic culture!  And just what does Ms. Garcia think those massive millions of Spanish speaking Hispanics are doing to America's culture?  You've got it -- DILUTING America's culture AND to use Vicente Fox's word, massively eroding the important agglutinative element of our unifying English language.(44)

Do you understand the mindset of an Hispanic, who can so audaciously make such a public statement without any concern or regard for the damage her position would inflict upon our society?  Are you stunned that she and millions of Hispanics just like her, can arrogantly make such beliefs known while apparently having 'no clue' that making such an offensive statement is an insult to "We the People?"  Are Hispanics so insensitive to their host country that they have no qualms espousing such a position, a blatant attack on the English speaking unity of America?

The truth of the matter is -- THEY DON'T CARE, all they desire is to stick to their agenda to remain separate from "We the People" by not assimilating and acculturating into our American culture and society unlike ALL previous immigrants have done.  Blending into the 'melting pot' is what has made America great.

The reason many Hispanics have that attitude is because there are so many of them here illegally that they feel they can be as brazen as they please, and then when we object they call us "racist."  What hypocrites they are.  To see and hear Ms. Garcia and her arrogant racist position go here:  (44)

6.  "Bowing Before the Altar of Diversity . . .  Until recently, immigrants to our shores were eager to become full-fledged Americans.  And our public schools that taught only English did a splendid job of assimilating them.  This diversity within freedom, buttressed by talent, hard work, and opportunity has made America the envy of the world."(45)

"But today, some immigrants, notably self-appointed Hispanic activists, tend to resist assimilation.  They champion bilingual education, bilingual ballots, and a bilingual lifestyle, all of which will make them less able to enrich American society . . .  These bizarre concessions to diversity would have dismayed earlier immigrants who took pride in learning the language and asked only for a fair chance to achieve in their adopted country."(45)

Instead, today we are bending over backwards to accommodate non-English speakers.  What is particularly egregious is the FACT that an overwhelming number of the non-English speakers have illegally invaded our country.

What perverse mentality decided that no matter where you came from in the world, if you illegally enter and continue to illegally reside here in the United States in direct contravention of our immigration laws, we then insanely REWARD the children of those criminals with a free education?  To understand how twisted and perverted such accommodations have become, read on . . .

America's Schools -- the 'Other' United Nations

Did you ever wonder what catering to ESL (English as a Second Language) students would do to our educational system?  What follows is a compilation of the insanities our government has wrought upon America and our children as well as their families by bending over backwards to appease tens of millions children who are here illegally.  They take, and take, and take and never give.  Scarce resources, teachers, administrators, and other staff personnel are consumed by illegals while your child is denied a first class education in order to accommodate illegal aliens.

1.  Are the Language Police Roaming the Halls of Your School?  The New York Immigration (legal, illegal or both?) Coalition (of whom, legal, illegal or both?) see themselves as 'helpers to the school system" when they "make sure if [or find] there are holes in the system we alert [the] Department of Education officials."(46)  What 'holes' are they speaking of, you ask?

For example, one of the 'monitors' (language police) said "she noticed 'restroom' and other signs were in eight languages, but the welcome sign, with its list of required documents, was in English only.  After being alerted, one supervisor at the Long Island City site taped up the list in other languages."  "Monitors found that some enrollment centers were making do with children translating for parents and having security guards checking for required school documents, a sensitive situation for some who may be illegal immigrants."(46)

First and foremost, many of these students are here illegally.  Secondly they are getting a FREE education on your dime.  You would think they would be so thrilled to receive America's largess that they would do as immigrants have always done in the past and found someone -- family member, neighbor, friend, church member etc., to help them out.  But not today. Instead it is seen as a 'crime' for a child to act as a translator.  And heaven forbid that the paid help in the form of a security guard should pitch in and take up some of the slack because an illegal aliens' 'sensitivities' may get hurt.  That 'help' too is taboo, it has to be the 'right kind of help,' you know, one that can be fixed with your tax dollars.

"Elsie St. Louis Accilien, executive director of the Queens-based Haitian Americans United for Progress [said] . . .  We want to make sure parents and their children are getting their fair share [of your tax dollars], that they're getting the services they rightfully deserve . . ."(46)  There is no keeping a 'low profile' here considering that many are illegally present in our country.  There is no shame, no respect and all the while arrogantly demanding their RIGHTS!

How do they get their 'fair share' and address the problems their monitors found?  They spend your taxpayer dollars to have "key documents in the top eight languages [translated], which include Urdu, Chinese, Haitian-Creole and SpanishSixteen translators have been hired and five companies with translators [are] on call [and] have been awarded contracts."  The Department of Education (DOE) spokeswoman Kelly Devers said:  "Our goal is to have staff thinking proactively about providing services."  Why would they have to 'think proactively' when the language police for illegal aliens will let you know loudly and clearly that they are entitled to those FREE taxpayer financed services.(46)

Do you have a feeling that the world has turned upside down?  You're right, it HAS!

Stop The Madness Sign Illegal Alien Invaders

2.  In Spite of ESL Help -- Hispanics Lag In English Proficiency.  The question is why?  Does it have anything to do with not wanting to 'dilute' their Hispanic culture as Ms. Garcia stated?  Does it have anything to do with Vicente Fox's admonition to be 'agglutinative' and stay connected to Mexico?  Does it have anything to do with Fox's praise for Spanish speakers who are 'doing their patriotic duty' to continue to speak Spanish while his 'migrant army' colonizes America in preparation for reconquista?  Or is it 'all of the above'?

According to the U.S. Education Department there was "virtually no progress over the past decade in the ability of the country's adults to read newspapers, bus schedules and prescription labels."  Of interest in the report is the fact that "every racial and ethnic group except for Hispanics improved in tasks ranging from reading materials arranged in sentences and paragraphs, computing number and comprehending documents such as bills.  Forty-four percent of Hispanics, ages 16 and older, do not have basic English skills . . . [which is an] increase from 36 percent a decade ago, the last item the federal government released such a comprehensive literacy study."(47)

Keeping in mind that 25% of 4 people is ONE person, but 25% of 100 people is 25 people.  So percentages are VERY misleading unless you know the number of people they are measuring.  So an increase from 36% to 40% doesn't seem meaningful unless you realize that the number of people they are generating percentages from has increased by tens of millions of Hispanics across that decade.  It's the NUMBER of people that are measured that tells the TRUE story.

3.  New York City Schools Are the 'Tower of Babel' -- where "43 percent of public school students speak a language other then English at home.  Parents who are not fluent may feel distanced from the schools by their inability to understand report cards, read permission slips or interact with teachers.  The district . . . is hoping to change that this year with a $7.5 MILLION expansion of its translation and interpretation unit.  For months, the unit's beefed-up staff has been translating school documents into eight languages, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Bengali, Haitian Creole, Korean, Urdu and Arabic.  This fall (2005) it hopes to launch an over-the-phone interpretation service for schools that need to communicate with a parent who doesn't speak English."(48)

Now it's not millions upon millions of dollars to teach the children who are not proficient in English, we taxpayers are now going to provide translators for the PARENTS of the children.  Wouldn't it make more sense to spend that money on English language classes for the parents and let them learn English instead of spending that scarce $7.5 million education dollars for translators?  Better yet, spend that money on the children that are being educated and let THEM teach their parents.  Governmental insanity reigns again!

4.  Del Monte Canning Plant Employs Hispanics & Changes Community.  "Fifteen years ago, the school in the small town west of New Ulm had just two Hispanic students, according to principal Arla Dockter.  Today, with migrant families lured by work at the Del Monte canning plant and a calendar company, about 40 percent of the 370 students this fall (2005) will be Hispanic . . .  At the Sleepy Eye Elementary School, both students and teachers can take Spanish classes.  When notes are sent home many parents receive them in Spanish.  And for parent-teacher conferences, interpreters are available. . . .  'It's helped to maintain our enrollment . . . I think we would be very much in trouble if we didn't have our Hispanic populations."(49)

Here's the kicker -- according to Martha McMurry, a research analyst for the Minnesota State Demographic Office:  "They've established a presence there because initially there were jobs in food processing industries . . .  Then, I think once they get established, you get the secondary migration of people [more illegal aliens] moving to join their relatives . . .  And Dockter, the principal, said the diversity is appreciated in the elementary school."(49)  Don't you wonder how 'diverse' the school will be once all the 'relatives' arrive?

What 'trouble' would there be if the school had a smaller staff, less teachers, no interpreters and perhaps when the relatives start to arrive probably another school building will be needed.  What is really mind-boggling about the discussion above is that nowhere does anyone ever mention the fact that a very large number of those Hispanics are here illegally.  Do reporters ever question that fact when writing about the problems?  Why not?

Caution - Illegals Crossing Sign

5.  One-Third of the 670 Students do Not Speak Proficient English.  In Brunswick, Georgia at the Burroughs-Molette Elementary School "which draws many of its students from public housing [read taxpayer subsidized housing] near the Hercules chemical plant in Brunswick . . . the test scores of Hispanic students . . . were what kept the school from making adequate yearly progress the past year" under the federal No Child Left Behind legislation."(50)

The Principal Morris Arrington said:  "This school is definitely not business as usual . . .  Nothing is simple here."  "That becomes clear when one considers that any piece of correspondence, from simple teacher's note to the school's newsletter, must be translated into Spanish as well as English, to reach the parents of the vast majority of the school's non-English speaking students, who are Hispanic."(50)

The first question that comes to mind is why do writings for the school newspaper need to be translated into English?  The second question is why does the 'vast majority' of the student population consist of Hispanics -- in southern Georgia?  Could it be that many are here illegally?  Too bad our federal government is more concerned about "No Child being Left Behind" than stopping the massive illegal immigration that is turning our schools into harbors for illegal aliens.  Don't you wonder if 'No Child Left Behind' isn't referring to all the children of Mexico?  When will the detriment of America's children ever be studied, evaluated and protected from being 'Left Behind' educationally in schools that are virtual Hispanic enclaves?

6.  The Sky's the Limit: 
Reaching Students' Families on Their Terms:  Schools Translate Complex Texts Into Slew of Languages.  That's the headline in The Washington Post.  The article goes on to say:  "How do you translate 'authentic assessment' into Urdu?  'Stakeholders' into Spanish?  'Paradigm shift' into Cambodian?  . . . Increasingly, education is not just about how to reach students in the classroom -- it's about how to communicate and connect with their families outside of school."(51)  Why?

"In Montgomery Country, where students speak more than 140 languages, letters go home in five languages in addition to English:  Spanish, French, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, Arabic and Farsi [that's eight languages, nine if you count English]."  The Montgomery PTA has 'pressed' for improved translation services in the county, where the number of non-English-speaking students increased 83 percent from 1995 to 2005."(51)  Why?

"The Fairfax Country [VA] officials translate student handbooks and notices into seven tongues:  Spanish, Urdu, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, Arabic and Farsi."(51)  Why?

Perhaps Ms. Marcelo Suarez-Orozco, co-director of New York University's Immigration Studies Program has the answer when she remarks:  "Immigrant families are the fastest-growing sector of the school population in the U.S. . .  Schools in every corner of the country are facing this issue."(51)  Why?

In response to the questions of why -- could the answer be massive, overwhelming, illegal immigration of thirty million, in addition to, the more than one million immigrants entering America legally each year?  They are not assimilating, they are not learning our language, so what do we do -- we do everything for them in THEIR language.  How insane it that?  What are we doing here -- turning our country into the Tower of Babel?  Insanity reigns!

7.  Palm Beach County, Florida has 53 Bilingual Guidance Counselors
.  "The school district pays teachers to get their guidance counseling master's degree at Florida Atlantic University [FAU], and the teachers work alongside a certified guidance counselor while they are trained. . .  The guidance counselor program was started four years ago, after the Department of Education cited the school district in 2000 for failing to adequately serve the needs of children with limited English skills."(52)  How does the Dept. of Ed determine that?  What criteria do they use?  How do they know when the supposed problem is solved?  Will they know if the guidance counselors were the cause of the desired effect or results?

Since there was only one of the 250 guidance counselors who wasn't from the United States, the school district "formed a partnership with FAU which modified its guidance counselor master's program to include special training in dealing with children from different backgrounds.  The district received a $360,000 federal grant [your tax dollars] to start the program."(52)

The story gets ever better -- Steve Byrne, assistant director of multicultural education said that:  The program is available only to educators who spent a significant part of their life in a Spanish--, Creole-- or Portuguese-Speaking country.  These are the three most common languages spoken by immigrant children in Palm Beach County.  In the district's ESOL program, 10,000 students speak Spanish, 5,500 speak Haitian Creole and 1,000 Portuguese. . ."  Nuncia Lowery, multicultural manager with the West Palm Beach school district said that:  "One of the questions we ask when we interview them is to describe their immigrant experience.  We're looking for someone who was born and raised in another country."(52)  Why?

So now we decide who gets a free masters degree based upon being born outside the United States.  Is there something wrong with this picture?  Does that mean that an American-born bilingual person cannot provide guidance to an Hispanic child because they were not born in another country?  How bizarre can you get?  Does that mean if you weren't raised in poverty that you cannot provide counseling to a child who lives in poverty?  Does that mean if you are a woman you can't adequately counsel boys?  This taxpayer supported counselors' program is just another 'slap in the face' for qualified Americans who are being discriminated against because they were born in America.  What an insult!

Next you can expect to see a nationwide industry of bilingual immigrants who are getting employment and educational funding while leaving American bilingual speakers out in the cold, all paid for with your tax dollars to boot.  Do you have the feeling you've fallen down the rabbit hole at the Mad Hatter's Party?  Will the insanity ever end?
Julie DeHaas (53)
8.  How Schools Ignore the Real Problem with Racist Claims and Lame Solutions:  "The Neighborhood around Columbine Elementary School is 87 percent Anglo [read white]."  However, because Colorado law permits parental choice:  "This year, the school in northeast Boulder [CO] is 82 percent Hispanic."  Most of the parents who moved their children out of Columbine claimed "they were simply choosing options that were better for their children." . . .  "But Richard Garcia, a member of the Colorado Commission on Higher Education who put six children through Boulder schools, is more blunt:  My feeling is the problem is racism . . . I think people are leaving Columbine because they don't like to be with brown kids . . ."(53)

According to the Rocky Mountain News Headline -- 'White flight' in Boulder:  Schools becoming segregated as many select other options -- the following observations can be made about the apparently racist and multi-culturally blinded educational community responsible for running the schools in Boulder:

It is suggested that the 'White flight' from Boulder, Colorado schools, and resulting school segregation, has nothing to do with racism, a convenient and diversionary 'whipping post,' nor the economic circumstances of those who are rich or poor or in-between.  That 'segregation' -- a loaded term -- has absolutely nothing to do with ethnicity involving brown, black, yellow, or white skins as proclaimed by Richard Garcia, an apparently racist Hispanic, who most unfortunately is in charge of the Colorado Commission on Higher Education.  Instead . . . the real problem is solely, completely, and unambiguously the result of massive numbers of students who cannot read, write, and speak the English language.

Until the schools and local governance wake up and honestly and loudly declare that English language skills are the root problem for their failing schools and segregation by choice, they will never solve the problem with:  "good teachers and good principals and good attitudes" . . . nor "enrollment caps and preferences" all of which will essentially nullify parental choice and open enrollment as is the current law, causing many parents to rebel.

Nor will the problem be solved by having taxpayers pay for the transportation of "low-income students" while other parents provide their own, which means that the parent who supplies their own transportation would pay twice, with their gas, their time AND their taxes.  How fair it that?

What then is the solution?  It is suggested that Boulder's citizens need to stand up and take back their schools from the overwhelming horde of illegal aliens which is the 'true but taboo' underpinnings to ALL your problems.  Work to stop 'birthright' citizenship and to repeal the laws that force us to educate anyone and everyone's child from around the world who illegally invades our country, defies our immigration laws and sovereignty, and is then rewarded with a FREE (but not for you) taxpayer paid education.

One last question -- Mexico does NOT supply FREE education to anyone who is in their country illegally.  Why do we?

9.  California educators sue for bilingual tests:
  "The California Association of Bilingual Educators [no conflict of interest there!] CABE is suing the state of California to force the state to offer its statewide achievement tests, including English fluency tests, in Spanish. . . . CABE, joined by ten school districts, the League of United Latin-American Citizens (LULAC) [an anti-white, anti-American, anti-Minutemen organization(54)], and a bilingual-education lobbying organization called Californians Together [is that Hispanic Californians or ALL Californians?]. . . "(55)  Insanity reigns!

10.  Dallas School Principals Required to Speak Spanish:  "The policy is the brainchild of Joe May, a Dallas school board trustee.  A Mexican-American, Mr. May grew up in a Spanish-speaking household in Laredo, Texas.  He learned English after he enrolled in school."  By a decision of five to four the Board of Trustees of the Dallas Independent School District (DISD) voted to require that some school administrators must become 'proficient' in Spanish in three years, a mandate that will "effect almost 50 schools in the district."(56)

"All three African-American trustees voted against the policy while all three Hispanic trustees voted for it in what newspapers described as a racially charged trustees meeting.  The proposal was seen as the brainchild of the District's Hispanic school superintendent, Michael Hinojosa."  Apparently Hinojosa and May are of 'like minds' so that both were cited as the originators of the insanity.(57)

"The draft 3-year plan requires principals to attend a weekly three-hour class for ten weeks during the fall and spring semesters, and give up four weeks of the summer break to attend all day classes.  Two of the four weeks have to be spent attending class in Mexico."(57)  Why in Mexico?  Does that part of the plan speak volumes about the motivation behind the 'brainchild' of two more of Mexico's Hispanic shills working hard for Mexico here in America, pushing their agenda to force bilingualism on our country?

K.C. McAlpin, the executive director of ProEnglish said:  "If the DISD wants to help Spanish speaking parents bridge the language divide, it should use its school facilities and resources to make English as a second language classes widely available to them . . .  That would help those parents fend for themselves, boost their skills and economic prospects, and strengthen our country as a whole."(57)  Ah, the clear sound of sanity!

A Dallas School District study in June 2005 found that schools with bilingual principals did not significantly differ from schools who did not have a bilingual principal.  One trustee commented upon the study saying:  "This appears on the surface a tactic to get more Hispanic-speaking people in leadership positions."(58)  Another breath of fresh air and honesty.  No pc there, how refreshing.

Dr. Christine Rossell, of Boston University opined that:  "Forced Spanish instruction [for the principals] would condescend to immigrants, saying parents and students from a Latin American background are not sufficiently intelligent to learn English.  That is why several states - California, Arizona and Massachusetts - voted to dismantle bilingual education programs.  Students in English immersion classes consistently proved mandatory bilingual education harmful.  More emphasis on English - as early as possible - is the best way to help students with foreign-born parents to succeed in American society."(58)  Amen.

Lou Dobbs The 'dirty little secret' about the whole Dallas affair discussed above is that the real impetus to mandating school principals learn Spanish came about because parents at a Sam Houston award ceremony, which was conducted in English, infuriated Hispanic parents who DEMANDED it be done in Spanish.  Their audacity knows no bounds.  Lou Dobbs believes that "to do so is to surrender America.  Those parents need to assimilate to U.S. society, not the other way around."  To see the Lou Dobbs' videos covering the Dallas story, go here:  (59)(60)

The Mask comes off:  'Trustee' Joe May Wants to Hire 400 Illegal Alien Bilingual Teachers!  So now we have come full-circle.  Now we know what Joe May was REALLY up to.  He's just another Hispanic 'shill' for Mexico's migrant army.  "DISD 'trustee' Joe May knows where he can find a lot of people who speak Spanish fluently [but do they speak English fluently?] and are already in the country.  And he'd like to put them to work." But there's a problem, Joe, it's against the law to hire illegal aliens.(61)

After engineering the ridiculous requirement for the principals to learn Spanish so the parents don't have to learn English, now he arrogantly and audaciously makes the request to blatantly and openly break the law and hire Hispanic illegal aliens!  Typical of most Hispanic shills, Joe May 'has no shame' about flaunting our law to help promote Mexico's Hispanic colonization and reconquista agenda.  As is typical of Hispanic shills, their audacity knows no bounds!

Joe is not deterred and believes "amending the law would help alleviate a shortage of bilingual teachers."  Here's another solution, Joe:  How about we send all those illegal alien children along with those 'anchor baby' children of illegal alien parents back to Mexico?  Then DISD wouldn't need ANY additional teachers especially illegal alien ones who will, no doubt, perpetuate the divisiveness of bilingualism.(61)

11.  Pima County, AZ -- K thru 12 REQUIRED to learn Spanish.  "Officials said the requirement at the Catalina Foothills School District in north Tucson would put students ahead of the curve at a time when Spanish-language skills are increasingly important . . .  The program would cost about $439,000 the first year, including creating the curriculum and training eight new teachers.  The money would come from district funds and its private foundation.  The school day would increase by 30 minutes to add the classes for students in kindergarten through fifth grade."(62)

Several questions come to mind.  Who are the 'officials?'  Did the 'officials' ask the parents if they agreed to having their children learn Spanish and to submit to a longer school day?  Did they ask the parents if they wanted their children FORCED to learn another language?  Isn't it hard enough to learn reading, writing and 'rithmetic in the primary grades without burdening children with a foreign language?  Will those eight new bilingual teachers be Hispanics or will they also come from other cultures?

As noted above -- there isn't enough money to teach Hispanic children English, so why is taxpayer money being spent to FORCE children learn Spanish?  Is that so that the Spanish speaking children who can't master English won't have to?  Who is the private foundation supplying financial aid?  Whom do they represent?  What is their agenda?  These are questions that Pima County parents and taxpayers need to ask.  Get off your duff and tend to your civic duty.  Your children need you!

12.  The Chula Vista Learning Community Charter School (CVLCC) is teaching students half the time in Spanish which is against California law (Prop. 227).  However, they are able to defy the law as a bilingual charter school which is privately managed and federally funded.  More of your tax dollars helping to subvert the law.

The School's Mission:  To "serve as a model for the district, state, nation and international institutions, through the development of standards based curriculum, dual language acquisition . . . "  "Students spend 45 minutes . . . where they learn to run businesses, apply technology, develop government and social agencies . . . become immersed in the realities of a free-market economy, replete with taxes, property concerns, income issues, and politics."(63)

Oh, so it is a 'business' school for children.  The school is not vo-tech, nor commercial, nor college prep, but a business ownership training school.  How unique.

CVLCC website claims a "philosophy of . . . international perspectives . . .  Dual Immersion Program that fosters . . . language learning."  They celebrate diversity, value the acquisition of other languages in order to be competitive in world markets, establish awareness of global perspectives, with Spanish language instruction for history/social science and science.(63)

If you do not yet understand that the behind the scenes manipulation is being funded and promoted by the global elites, you should NOW be aware of how they will create those 'global' citizens, with no allegiance to any country.  They will be brain-washed and duly roboticized to be the 'global' workers of tomorrow.  Incrementally, from the bottom up, is how they plan to take over this country.

CVLCC is currently leading a group of ten schools who are using taxpayer dollars to sue the state of California, to force the state to offer its statewide achievement tests, including English fluency tests, in Spanish.(55)  In South County where CVLCC is, 90 percent of the students who are learning English come from homes where Spanish is spoken.  "Attorney Mary Hernandez, said the lawsuit sets three goals:  modifications such as oral directions in students' native language, state tests in Spanish and a plan for developing tests in other languages."(64)  So you see, there will be no end.

A Footnote:  "This fall (2005) the Vista Unified School District in California announced that it was giving up on failed bilingual education programs in favor of proven 'structured Immersion' methods for teaching students in English . . .  School officials said testing required by the No Child Left Behind Act showed too many students in the district's bilingual education classrooms were lagging behind while their counterparts in immersion style classrooms tested well."(65)  Well . . . well . . . well, isn't that interesting?

13.  NY City Mayor Bloomberg Says he will Veto Multilingual Report Cards.  The city council voted 35-11 to provide translated report cards and other school communications into Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Bengali, Haitian Creole, Korean, Urdu and Arabic.  The price tag is expected to be $20 million.  That will probably rise exponentially since its only a guesstimate, not to mention there will be a clamoring for many other languages to be translated as the opening of the 'Pandora's Box' will slide faster and faster down that 'slippery slope.'

The lone sane objection came from Republican minority leader, James Oddo, who called the bill "misguided" and judged it to be "an attack on the most fundamental and common bonds that Americans have."  Unfortunately, the Democratic leaders who control a solid majority on the council "have vowed to override his [Bloomberg's] veto early in 2006."(66)

14.  How California Schools Cheat Our Children:  As California school districts sink further and further into the abyss of intellectual incompetence, angry parents are asking "Why doesn't my child learn anything in school?"  The answer from Joe Guzzardi a twenty-year veteran and expert on the California school malaise replies:  "Your child doesn't learn . . . because education is no longer the primary objective of the California public schools.  Academic excellence is subordinate to English language development, multiculturalism, ethnic awareness and the celebration of diversity."(67)

That's as 'plain spoken' and 'unvarnished' as the truth gets!  Does anyone out there think there is a different answer?  The attack upon our children's intellect is two-pronged.  The largest and most obvious is the overwhelming illegal alien invasion and their anchor babies.  The other is the propaganda of 'diversity' and 'multi-culturalism' by the pro-open borders elite and Hispanic 'shills' touted everywhere while it is being rammed down our children's throats.

The Dark and Sinister CFR-UN Agenda

Where is all this bilingualism headed?  Some may already have figured it out.  Then again, some may still be 'scratching their heads' and still others may simply have 'no clue.'  To answer that question, read on . . .

Illuminati Symbols On Nickelodeon
Subliminal Illuminati Symbolism On Nickelodeon (68)
Parents -- Get Ready for the One World Order (OWO)!  Today they call it the 'New World Order' but it isn't.  It has been around for more than 100 years.  It is socialism, communism and Marxism all rolled into one.  Those embracing such ideology, are insidiously grooming your child for the OWO whether or not you want them to become, dumbed-down, mind-controlled and brainwashed future citizens.  Think that's out of line?  Then read what Assistant Superintendent Mary Jo Conery, who is heading a team of educators in Arizona working on 21st-century curriculum, has to say:

"We're looking at ways to have the kids be more globally aware [that's a 'code word'] . . .  We're in a century now where our national and international borders have become somewhat seamless, and there's a need for our students to work toward the goal of being bilingual and even maybe multilingual. . .  [Arizona] State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Horne said Catalina Foothills' move is "a fabulous idea."(69)  Got your attention yet?

The 'seamless borders' so glowingly announced, reflects the dogma propagandized by the UN in their quest for 'global governance.'  A world with no borders, a single currency, one standing army and a single governmental body that runs the world, using one set of rules.  Their rules, not America's rules.  It will obliterate our sovereignty, our Constitution, our Bill or Rights, our Republic, our legal system, and most important of all -- our freedoms.  It has been ongoing for decades.  Some recent examples:  NAFTA, CAFTA, the recent Kelo eminent domain ruling, systematically removing God everywhere and everyplace.  Coming up next -- FTAA, the Free Trade Area of the Americas -- the final 'nail in America's coffin.'

Besides the United Nations, American organizations that are assisting in the destruction of our Republic include the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and others that are harboring the 'Shadow Government' exposed here:  (70-73)  Just who are these people?  Go here to find their names:  (74-76 & 71)

In case you are wondering why our government has not sealed the borders:  The illegal alien invasion is simply a diversion to keep our focus off the implementation of the One World Order (OWO).  The illegal alien invasion is a tool being used to segue us into a de facto elimination of our borders in order to create the North American Union (NAU).  Here's the plan:  Once the civil unrest and chaos caused by the overwhelming 'human tsunami' of illegal aliens reduces America to complete anarchy, a state of total lawlessness, the federal government will institute martial law and then the one world government will step from the shadows and take over.

Why are most Americans unaware of the CFR organization?  Most are unaware because our main stream media is controlled by five large corporations who are working in concert to facilitate the end of our sovereign Constitutional Republic.  The collusion between corporations and our government's goals are just another example of the rampant fascism ongoing here in America for more decades than you would believe.  The CFR epitomizes the stealth and goals of the so-called 'Shadow Government.'

"The Rockefellers, along with many others, have helped fund and direct not only the CFR but also the United Nations the Trilateral Commission, and MANY other subversive organizations.  As for their globalist goals and methodology, you will recall that CFR member Richard N. Garner wrote that "the 'house of world order' will have to be built from the bottom up rather than the top down [and be accomplished by making] . . . an end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece . . ."(77)(78)(79)

The CFR's Plans for Schools Are:  To "assist [brainwash and propagandize] elementary and secondary schools in teaching about North America [that's Mexico, America and Canada combined -[see page 29 in the document or .pdf page 51] . . . administer scholarship programs [and] . . . To support this effort, a student summit should be held periodically in each of the three countries . . .  Develop teacher exchange and training programs for elementary and secondary school teachers.  This would assist in removing language barriers and give some students a greater sense of a North American identity.  Greater efforts should also be made to recruit Mexican language teachers to teach Spanish in the United States and Canada [page 30 in the documents or .pdf page 52]."(80)

"We recommend the expansion of scholarship and exchange programs for students at both the secondary and university level, the development of a network of Centers for North American Studies in all three countries, and cross-border training programs for elementary- and secondary-school teachers [page 13].(81)

From the CFR Website:  "But treaties [NAFTA + CAFTA = SHAFTA] and international institutions [like the UN] account for only part of what constitutes global governance today.  Rules are often the result of what states do on a day-to-day basis, rather than the result of a negotiated agreement.  They grow out of routine collaborations between governments, financial regulators, and police investigators--a complex web of global 'government networks.'  Yet states do not hold a monopoly on setting international standards; private citizens and groups are increasingly influencing the rules of the road."(82)

If that one paragraph, taken from the CFR website, doesn't scare the hell out of you, then NOTHING will!

Get Educated . . . Search the web for:
  Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Trilateral Commission, Illuminati and Bilderbergers.  Educate yourself and help stop the One World Order (OWO) North American Unions (NAU) juggernaut!  Only "We the People" can stop them.  It can be done by the ballot box, but time is short.  Very short!

Then There are the OWO Propaganda Cartoons for the Kiddies:  As part of the indoctrination for One World Order (OWO) the elites have slipped brain-washing subliminals into your children's cartoons.  The Nickelodeon graphic above is but one example.  For another subliminal OWO example go here:  (83)  Just wait and the blank black screen will start on its own.  Play it several times to catch on to how inappropriate the dialog is to the storyline.

Still another example of the push for OWO in schools:  "One very dark place where the United States finds itself is membership in the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).  Complying with UNESCO policy, the U.S. is systematically implementing a federal public school curriculum that is fraught with propaganda that teaches our children to accept that very same UN worldview of 'commonism' [which is the current version of socialism, communism and Marxism all rolled into one]."(84)

"Most in Congress fail to see that the reason public education is turning out illiterate children is the direct connection to the implementation of a federally mandated - UNESCO curriculum.  Instead, Congress responds to parent anger and frustration by implementing more and more of the same."(84)

The solution for parents . . . is to demand that Congress enact the Freedom in Education Act, which will legislate that no taxpayer dollars can be used to dictate a curriculum by the federal government.

A 'house divided' by bilingualism will fall into the hands of the OWO.  Take back your Constitutional Republic and sovereignty before your children become the robotic tools desired by the OWO shadow government.  Their goals are:  "Societal restructuring via educational transformation . . .[where the] predetermined outcome is to posture an oligarchy over a compliant global community of meticulously groomed workers, not thinkers; followers, not leaders; group members, not individuals; subjective feelers, not objective thinkers . . . globalism extends [its] . . . tentacles to grasp and subsequently own America's public education system.(85)

If you don't think there is such a treasonous move afoot in our schools you MUST READ:  "the deliberate dumbing down of america" by Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt.  It is a well-documented MASSIVE compilation of many decades of the socialist/communist educational manipulation and propaganda foisted upon our children and parents.  It is insidious and invasive. "This book will change forever the way you look at your child's education."  It is a paperback, the size of a phone book and can be purchased . . . OR . . . you can go on line and read the entire .pdf version of her book here(86)  Get it, read it and weep for America.  Then go out and change the direction of YOUR school system.  It's in your hands.  Wake up America!

America Goes From Unifying English Order to Multi-babble Disorder!

Stop The Invasion Sign

1.  Illegals Demand AND Get Free Interpreters at Hospitals:  "An immigrants' advocacy group [is that legal or illegal immigrants or both?] asked the state [of New York] . . . to take legal action [just what they need more medical costs to pass on to YOU!] against four metropolitan area hospitals for failing to provide interpreters for emergency patients who don't speak English well."  Three of the four hospitals, which were part of the same network, disputed their claims stating:  "Our hospitals freely provide community outreach, health screenings and assessments and culturally directed services [whatever that means], . . . the three hospitals together have 10,000 bilingual staff members who are listed in a language bank, . . . and 24-hour telephone interpretation service in 125 languages.(87)

You should know that when Hispanics picket those hospitals, part of their loudly announced demands ALWAYS include more bilingual staff.  Read that . . . 'hire more Hispanics!'  Many qualified hospital job applicants are rejected for employment because they don't speak Spanish, here, in our ENGLISH speaking country of America!  Sad, but true!

"Rick Evans, director of the Volunteer & Patient Centered Services, [at Columbian Presbyterian] who oversees interpreter services . . . has seven Spanish interpreters devoted to the emergency room. . . seven others are dispatched to other departments within the hospital. . . .  [They] receive nearly 300 formal requests per day for interpreters . . . 90% of the requests are for Spanish speakers. . . the hospital [annually] spends $2 million for interpreter services alone."(88)

The Hispanic 'gimmie' society strikes again!  Instead of employing the centuries-old tradition of bringing along with them a friend, a neighbor, a church or family member who speaks English to do the translating, they come instead with their 'informed' demands, that the law requires those services be provided to them.  They often come prepared with written threats of prosecution, if they are not afforded an interpreter!  Americans are offended by these 'cry-baby' Hispanics, who are balkanizing our country and insultingly maintaining their totally Spanish speaking enclaves . . . where people live for decades and never learn to speak English!

Many Hispanics never learn English because they watch Spanish language TV, listen to Spanish language radio, and read Spanish language newspapers and magazines.  They receive their utility bills and phone books in Spanish.  Their local stores display Spanish language signage.  And recently, adding 'insult to injury,' many of the big nationwide chain stores, including Wal-Mart, Sears, Lowe's and Home Depot, etc., are pandering to these same insular Hispanics, by posting Spanish in-store signs!  Do those nation-wide stores know how OFFENSIVE it is to many Americans, that our country's native language is being undermined by those very same chain stores we have been loyal to all of our lives?

"In the past several years, big U.S. consumer companies -- banks, insurers, mortgage lenders, credit-card outfits, phone carriers, and other -- have decided that a market of 11 million or so potential customers [in reality 25-30 million and perhaps more - and they KNOW it more] is simply too big to ignore.  It may be against the law for the Venezuelans [illegal aliens] to be in the U.S. or for an employer to hire them, but there's nothing illegal about selling to them."(89)

Of course it doesn't matter that is morally wrong AND in contravention of our immigration law which clearly states that such actions are 'aiding an abetting' illegal aliens.  Mortgage lenders will find that providing mortgages to illegals will be considered 'harboring' illegal aliens, which is a felony.

2.  Montgomery and Fairfax, Virginia Co. Libraries 'Aid and Abet' Illegal Aliens:  According to Parker Hamilton, director of Montgomery County Public Libraries, who said:  "As the country has changed, so have we" . . .  In 1990 twenty-one percent of the county residents over the age of 5 spoke non-English at home.  Now thirty-five percent do so today.  That's according to the census bureau."(90)  A census bureau that hasn't a clue about the true numbers.(17)  Everyone knows that illegal aliens DO NOT fill out census forms.  Who are they kidding?  Of course no one 'dares' to mention that a large majority of the 35 percent are illegal aliens.  That's not politically correct, is it?

"Fairfax County Public Library Director Edwin S. Clay III said libraries historically have acted as gateways to language and culture for new arrivals.  'We've simply updated that, he said.  [Translated, that means that non-English speakers learned to read and speak English as a way to assimilate, but no longer] . . .  Where the suburban public library of yore was a quiet place where residents could find something to read, today it is a noisier building with a more complex [that's a code word] mission.  'We're a conduit to social services' said Lillian Snyder, who manages Gaithersburg's library.  She and her colleagues have helped customers contact immigration authorities and other government agencies [read public benefits here], complete online job applications and solve housing problems."(90)

Are you outraged yet?  Librarians are busy illegally 'aiding and abetting' illegal aliens to get jobs, get 'immigration' help, find housing, and get 'public benefits' because they do not ask for proof of legal residency.  They are committing the felony of aiding and abetting illegal aliens, which comes with a penalty of up to five years in prison and a fine for EACH illegal alien they help.  To add to the outrage -- your tax dollars are financing them.

Montgomery County "system now employs staff members who speak Amharic, Chinese, French, Korean, Spanish and Vietnamese."(90)  They now have 'collections' in Chinese, Korean, Spanish and Vietnamese and plan to add French and Russian.  They will spend $469,000 on foreign-language acquisitions this coming fiscal year.  Why? You did notice that they are just now adding French and Russian.  Why now, when those immigrants have been here forever and yet there was no 'collection' for them?  Because they were expected to learn ENGLISH in order to use the library!

The United States admits about 1.2 million immigrants a year.  Look around you.  Do you think that all the foreigners you see are here legally?  Of course not.  One million people sprinkled across America would be invisible.  They would be forced to assimilate and acculturate in order to survive.  Instead we have 25 - 30 million people, perhaps even more that, here illegally.  That's why you see them everywhere and everyplace, overwhelming all our public and educational facilities.  So what do we do?  We give them free everything.  Free for them, but not for you.

Wake up, America.  Stop the insanity.  Put your foot down and vote those 'bums' out of office that are facilitating not knowing who and how many illegal aliens are here.  Demand our government put the military on the border and enforce our immigration laws!  Being in the dark means you can never raise a legitimate and factual argument against the overwhelming illegal alien invasion.

Mexico Out Of USA
One Nation -- One Language
3.  Denver CO Public Library System Caters to Hispanics:  At a time when Denver's taxpayer funded public libraries had to reduce their hours and layoff staff they are removing English language books and replacing them with Spanish language books.  The 'dirty little secret' didn't get out until patrons complained about the Spanish fotonovellas (read comic books) that depicted violent sex.  NY libraries are planning workshops for 'immigrants' (legal or illegal or both?) to teach them their 'rights' and facilitate their presence here in America.  Fox News reports on video about the libraries here:  (91)

"Critics accused the [library] system of abandoning its duty to promote the acquisition of English reading skills by new immigrants in favor of promoting a politically correct model of linguistic segregation."(92)

In fact there is now one more reason for Hispanics and Latinos to avoid assimilation into our country's culture and language.  Have we learned nothing from the failed experiment of bilingual education?  It is important to realize that America's strength and greatness have been forged by the melding together of people of different religions, languages and cultures, that speak only one language, the ENGLISH language!

Special Spanish language libraries are just another example why most Americans object to massive illegal immigration that is taking place in our country today.  They have begun to realize that, contrary to those founding 'melting pot' principles, the 33 million foreign nationals, 25 - 30 million of whom are here illegally, are not integrating and assimilating.  Americans are noticing, more and more every day, and everywhere, the balkanization of their neighborhoods, communities, and nation.  They believe their country is under assault by a 'human tsunami' of illegal aliens that is so overwhelming that they don't bother to assimilate!  Most Americans believe that the "melting pot" is about to boil over!

Most Americans believe that our country will be destroyed if we turn it into a bilingual and bi-cultural country.  Working against all that America has achieved are the pro-illegal alien, open borders 5th column who will not be content until the last vestige of acculturation and assimilation has been erased.

4.  "Communities Struggle to Break Down Language Barriers" . . .
  "Walk into Alexandria's [VA] Department of Human Services on Mount Vernon Avenue and find the world.  A poster announces in 12 languages -- from Amharic to Somali -- that free [taxpayer financed] interpreter service are available.  Another notes that brochures are available in 24 languages.  A caseworker talks quietly in Spanish to a worried-looking woman about her electric bill.  The scene is little different from waiting rooms in Arlington and Fairfax counties and Falls Church."(93)

"For years, health, police and fire departments in Northern Virginia have had to hire bilingual workers and provide translation services just to do their jobs.  Now, recent initiatives are forcing every government office and agency to assess its needs and develop a comprehensive, federally mandated language access plan."(93)  The 'initiatives' they speak of is Clinton's egregious stealth attack on America when he created the unconstitutional Executive Order 13166.

Are you sick and disgusted yet?  Does this answer your question as to why your taxes keep going up and up?  Do you have any idea about the vastness of the insanity that comes with catering to those 25 - 30 million illegal aliens who are overwhelming our country and its systems?  Consider that this is but 'one tiny little slice from the pie!'

Jo Ann Maldonado, Alexandria's multicultural coordinator, oversees the project for the city.  "We really need to know our customer base and eliminate language barriers," she said.  "This is all about improving customer service.  It's also about making sure that residents don't have to rely on children or neighbors to translate and are not dissuaded from seeking help just because they speak little English, she said."(93)  That sort of unthinking, unbridled arrogance is due to Clinton's E.O. 13166!

What's so wrong about having children or neighbors translate?  Is it because it wouldn't cost anything and because then there would be no need to hire all those Hispanic bilingual staff people?  Then there is the solution of deporting all those illegal aliens that broke our laws to enter America, broke our laws to stay in America and yet receive public benefits that necessitate all those translators.  Insanity reigns!

"The federal government mandates that local governments receiving federal funds must offer language services [Clinton's EO 13166] for those who have limited understanding of the English language or see that funding withdrawn.  The Department of Justice ruled in recent years that failing to provide language translation constitutes a violation of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which bars discrimination based on national origin."(93)

"If a community's non-English-speaking population reaches 3,000 people or 10 percent of the total population, whichever is less, the Justice Department requires the jurisdiction to translate all documents and information into that language.  Spanish is the only language in Northern Virginia that currently meets that threshold."(93)

"Federal law also requires immediate access to translation of ANY language; thus the phone service, which charges $1.60 a minute for common foreign languages and $3.69 a minute for more 'exotic' languages such as Bengali, Maldonado said."(93)

Where are we going in this country that such insane interpretations of our laws are creating the lunacy just described?  Many laws were made when there was only a tiny percentage of non-English speaking aliens here.  Now they are here illegally in the tens of millions.  THAT's why Alexandria country is 'struggling', not because of having to provide such ridiculous services ON TOP of the public benefits they provide.  What's wrong with this picture?

You should know that the Executive Order 13166 signed by Clinton was legislation by the stroke of a pen in the Oval Office in complete violation of our Constitution.  The Congress is the legislative branch and they have completely capitulated to the Executive by allowing such monstrosities to stand unchallenged.

5.  Oregon's Stealth Assault on American Culture and Citizenship!  In order to become an American citizen -- Immigration Law states that:  "Applicants for naturalization must be 18, legally living in the U.S. for at least 5 years and must be able to read, write, speak and understand words in ordinary usage in the English language."  If that is the case then WHO are the following Spanish language information brochures for?  Could they be for massive infiltration of ILLEGAL ALIENS?  Why does the Oregon state spend taxpayer dollars to provide the following 'short list' of Spanish Language information for illegal aliens?
    Conversando con su medico:  Department of Human Services
    Proteja a sus hijos:  US Enviornmental Protection Agency
    Cominezos Saludables:  Coos County Public Health
    Llame gratis al 1-877-2NO-FUME:  Oregon Department of Human Services
    Una de las Mejores:  Washington State Department of Health
    Usted no Esta Sola:  Centro de Seguridad y Recursos para Mujeres North Bend, Oregon
    Informacion de Salud para Las Personas de la Tercera Edad:  Menopausia:  Instituto Nacional Sobre el Envejecimiento Departmento
      de Salud y Servicios Humanos de Los Estados Unidos Social Services Dept.
    Las Estampillas de Cominda:  USDA
    Curbriendo a Oregon El Plan de Salud de Oregon:  Oregon Health Plan by ADA
    El Plan de Salud de Oregon:  Oregon Health Plan
    Manual del Conductor de Oregon:  Oregon DMV(94)
The state of Oregon's Spanish language pandering to illegals includes providing them with drivers' licenses and an insane menu of state sponsored help from many quarters.  It is scary to think that all the road signs are in English but Oregon allows non-English speaking illegal aliens to have drivers' licenses anyway.  How insane is that?  Ironically, the liberal-left coast state of Oregon will face ever widening multi-lingual needs for the future.  Why?  Read on . . .

"Indigenous languages replace Spanish in Oregon fields:  Agencies reach out to farmworkers who speak neither English nor Spanish."(95)  It seems that "[i]n the past decade, many Mexican immigrants [illegal aliens] have risen from the fields and become construction workers, cooks, maids and factory workers . . . [but] someone needs to tend the crops.  The solution is more illegal aliens from "Oaxaca -- Mexico's second-poorest state -- provides a significant farm labor force, according to Oregon employment and legal experts [who apparently know they are illegals but don't care]" . . . [and those from Oaxaca] who make up 75 percent of the farm labor in Oregon . . . [where] Spanish is something they learn in the fields of U.S. farms!(96)

"It is estimated that ten of thousands of people [illegal aliens] from Oaxaca now live in Oregon, and this state's demand for these workers continues."(95)  "In the past five years, there has been a dramatic increase of Mixteco, Triqui and Zapoteco speaking indigenous workers [illegal aliens] in Oregon."(96)

"Although the U.S. Census Bureau counted 260,094 Mexicans in Oregon in 2002, the [Mexican] consulate says with the 'uncounted' -- the migrant [illegal alien] population and seasonal workers [illegal aliens] -- that total is closer to 600,000."(96)

Anti-Illegal Alien Protestors "Pretty soon, you won't need me in this job," said Daniel Quiñones, a Spanish-speaking farmworkers' representative with the Oregon Employment Department . . .  Our job is to educate them [illegal aliens] that they [illegal aliens] have rights," he said.  "A lot of them don't know that they have rights in the United States. . .  Enforcing minimum-wage laws, workplace safety and child labor laws all are the responsibility of the state [assiduously protected and pursued on behalf of illegal aliens], Quiñones said."(95)

For the record, the state of Oregon is 'aiding and abetting' illegal aliens by financing, with taxpayer dollars, the employment of people like Quiñones and providing refuge for those illegal alien farm workers in violation on our Title 8 USC laws on immigration and illegal aliens.  It is a FELONY because they are aiding in the commission of a crime.  It gets even better . . .

"In response to the phenomena, the Oregon Law Center started an outreach program three years ago.  The Indigenous Farmworker Project of the Oregon Law Center employs three trilingual outreach workers to communicate with migrant [illegal alien] workers and offer legal services [for illegal aliens], said Julie Samples, an attorney with the Oregon Law Center."(95)

Insanity Continues to Reign:  "One initiative involved putting wage and hour laws and workplace safety information [for illegal aliens] on audio cassettes in these indigenous languages -- the best way to reach migrant workers [illegal aliens] from Oaxaca who either don't read or speak languages without a common written equivalent."(95)

"Earlier this year, the Legal Aid Services of Oregon and the Oregon Law Center received a grant from the U.S. Department of Justice Immigration Related Unfair Employment Practices division and a visit from the special counsel, William J. Sanchez in recognition of these efforts."(95)

All of the above describes in detail the efforts of the state of Oregon to accommodate illegal aliens and their employers.  Their work on behalf of illegal aliens is even rewarded by the United States Department of Justice.  Neither of the two articles, written by Gabriela Rico, even once stated the fact that the recent Mexican 'migrants' from Oaxaca are ALL illegal aliens.  Therefore, the media is also guilty of facilitating the illegal alien invasion.  Are you finally beginning to understand how corrupt our governmental system is, at all levels.  Sickening, isn't it?  Insanity reigns!

6.  Alabama Sued to Stop Multi-Lingual Driver's License Tests:  "Ten states -- Hawaii, Illinois, Michigan, Montana, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wisconsin -- currently [i.e., 2/14/05] do not require license applicants to show they are lawfully present in the United States, in effect granting licenses to illegal immigrants."(97)

Of course that will all change as a result of the REAL ID act which was passed by the U.S. Congress, but will not go into effect until 2008.  Those states could continue to provide illegal aliens with driver's licenses but they cannot be used to board airplanes or enter federal buildings, etc., using them as an official ID.  They can, however, issue a separate driver's license that CANNOT be used for identification purposes.

Beyond the identification discussion, bilingualism also enters into the equation.  "Alabama currently makes its driver's license exams available in thirteen languages including Arabic, Russian, Thai, Greek, and Farsi, the Iranian language."  However, Alabama's "policy violates the State's constitution, which was amended to make English the official language by an overwhelming 9-1 margin in a 1990 voter referendum."(98)

Twenty-seven states now have official English laws on the books.  But just like the immigration laws, in Alabama the laws are not enforced.  "On one hand this suit is about democracy and holding government accountable, to the people's will . . .  But on the other hand it's about government officials' dereliction of their duty to protect the public's safety for the sake of appeasing ethnic special interest groups and big business."

For seven years after the 1990 referendum, the State of Alabama abided by the official English law.  Then "a Spanish-speaking immigrant named Martha Sandoval sued charging that it violated the 1964 Civil Rights Act's ban on 'national origin' discrimination.  When a federal judge ruled for Sandoval, the state went back to giving the exam in multiple languages."(99)

Alabama appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court and won stating:  "Alabama's policy did not violate federal civil rights law because a person's language was NOT the same as their national origin and Congress never intended otherwise."  What happened next is incomprehensible . . .  Alabama Governor Riley, after being part of that same winning US Supreme Court brief as a U.S. Representative, became governor in 2002, first ignored, then REFUSED requests by ProEnglish to abide by the law of 'official English.'  So "five ProEnglish members in Alabama decided to take the governor to court."(99)

Now "Charles Campbell, state assistant attorney general, said last month that English is the state's 'official' language, not the 'only' language."(99)  Here we go again.  Again we find that We the People will again be subverted and ignored by the weasels we voted into office.  The solution . . . vote them OUT of office.  Pay attention Alabama voters.  The implications behind the refusal to honor the voters' wishes is no small thing.  It has deep ramifications.

Enter Big Business Support for Multilingual Tests:
  "The Montgomery Alabama Chamber of Commerce filed a friend-of-the-court ('amicus') brief defending the state's decision to ignore its constitutional amendment . . . [claiming] that Alabama's multilingual driver's license exams were 'essential to stay competitive in the global market.' . . . [because] English for exams would deter companies from transferring executive and high skilled employees from overseas."  Well, isn't that a GOOD thing because then AMERICANS would get those jobs!(100)

Fortunately for We the People, "the U.S. Business and Industrial Council (USBIC), who represents the interest of thousands of medium-sized and family-owned businesses nationwide, filed an opposing amicus brief supporting the lawsuit . . .  It also cited evidence to show that drivers who could not understand English were a threat to public safety."  At last, sanity reigns!(100)

7.  Twisted Logic by 'Tennessee Refugee Rights Coalition' who are advocating for the driver's test to be in MORE than the four languages the Tennessee legislature is currently trying to reduce to just English.  Their rationale is that all the state's road signs are in English, representing a sensible logical move towards vehicular safety, not to mention the cost of multilingual tests and agents to give the tests.  But David Lubell of the 'coalition' says:  "Right now, you are dealing with refugees that can't even drive to get to their English classes because they are unable to take the tests in their language . . . adding that there is additional need for tests in Vietnamese, Laotian, Arabic and Somali [there's that Pandora's Box again] . . . the tests should be in other languages to allow immigrants and refugees a quicker entrance into American society."(101)

Wouldn't a 'quicker entrance into American society' be best achieved by learning the English language?  Letting them take their driver's tests in other languages is just another way for them to avoid assimilation.  Again, what is left unsaid is that MANY of those 'immigrants and refugees' are ILLEGAL ALIENS.  In addition, why can't their relatives, family members, neighbors and church or 'refugee coalition' members volunteer to drive them to their English classes?  The gimmie, gimmie society appears again!

Treasonous Linguistic Panderings

Illegals Sitting In Desert For the following information, please keep in mind that if the courts and police were not overwhelmed by the massive illegal alien invasion and the crimes they commit, what follows would never need telling.

In 2003, the Baltimore prosecutor's office received a grant [that's your tax dollars] to translate brochures of the criminal justice system for the Hispanic and Korean communities.  And the Baltimore Police Department now has about 100 Hispanic officers on a force of about 3,000."  Why is that?  Because "defense attorneys focused on whether the men fully understood their rights during police questioning hours after the bodies were found."  The men the lawyers speak of are the uncle and cousin who are accused of killing three children, ages 8, 9, and ten.  Because the family members don't believe they are guilty they "appear reluctant to provide answers."(102)

Well, so much for the mantra that the police departments must provide 'sanctuary' cities so that illegal alien crime victims will co-operate with the police when crimes are committed.  As for the 'fully understood their rights' -- one can envision a future where that is invoked as a defense for otherwise guilty criminals.  It portends a future where murderers, rapists and child molesters get off on a language 'technicality' which could possibly include hundreds of thousands of cases, as more and more criminal, non-English speakers, invade our country.

In Florida, "the state Supreme Court started addressing issues relating to court interpreters in 1991.  Now the state hires full-time interpreters."  Well, at least some folks are getting interpreter jobs.  Don't you wonder if they are all Hispanics?  "While police have done more to boost the number of Spanish-speaking officers in recent years, critics say more must be done to get interpreters into U.S. courtrooms."(102)

Hiring Hispanic interpreters means that the old condemned and discredited 'affirmative action' which discriminated in favor of 'minorities' is replaced with a de facto 'affirmative action' brought on by the massive overwhelming illegal alien invasion.  Read on to learn about the abuses these rules have fostered . . .

1.  Demand for interpreter in court by woman here 15 years.  Seeking a civil peace order against a neighbor the litigant agreed that she speaks and understands English but "I wanted to be sure I understood everything that was said to me in court . . . she asked for an interpreter because Spanish is her native tongue, and, in a legal setting, she didn't want to take the chance of being confused or of missing a nuance . . . she was surprised and felt she was being discriminated against when Palumbo initially prohibited her from using an interpreter [because she was perfectly capable of speaking in English]."(103)

This woman was not a defendant in a murder trial.  She was the plaintiff in a personal civil matter.  Yet she eventually received an interpreter.  Insulting, isn't it, to think that your taxpayer dollars are so easily squandered?  Denying an interpreter for an obviously fluent English speaker is called discrimination, not common sense.  Then it gets even more absurd . . .

The judge's initial refusal to supply an interpreter was cited "as a prime example of his alleged "clear bias" against non-English-speaking women in a petition filed Monday with the Maryland Judicial Disabilities Commission which investigates allegations of judicial misconduct."  An example of more taxpayer dollars spent supporting a system of governance run amuck.(103)

2.  Insanity Reigns:  "Need for translators overloads courts . . .  Mam is one of 23 Amerindian dialects in Guatemala, along with Quiche, Cakchiquel, Kekchi, Garifuna and Xinca.  It's also a muy grande headache for Hamilton County."(104)

"When an illegal immigrant from Guatemala was charged with sexual battery and rape, Common Pleas Judge Patrick Dinkelacker had to bring in two interpreters to translate English and courtroom lawyer Latin to Spanish, then translate the Spanish to Mam.  Even a few years ago, interpreters were rare in his courtroom, Dinkelacker said.  "Now it's every couple of weeks.  We're being inundated."(104)

"Translators have been hired for Russian, French, Hindi and Fulani, a dialect in Guinea.  But 70 percent of the demand is Spanish, said Pretrial Services Director Wendy Niehaus, who assigns translators."(104)

"Some defendants speak English fluently to police and lawyers, but then demand an interpreter in court.  And most who get translators are ILLEGALS.  "I've not seen a legal, to be honest," Dinkelacker said."(104)

"The need for translators in the county's 14 municipal and 16 common pleas courts is "incredible," said Bob Schoenfeld of the Common Pleas administrator's office.  "There have been a lot of questions raised as to how valid the needs are, but the courts have no choice."(104)  Why?

3.  The Problem is Illegal Aliens NOT lack of Bilingual Officers . . .
  "The Richmond [VA] Police Department has five Spanish-speaking police officers for a steadily growing population of [illegal alien] Hispanics in the city.  "We need more bilingual officers," Chief Rodney Monroe told a group of Hispanics, including the Mexican consul general, at the Southside Community Center . . . Monroe said his department plans to recruit Spanish-speaking officers in Mexico and Puerto Rico."(105)  Why?

The department also plans to send two officers to a Spanish-language immersion program in Mexico so they can come back speaking the language and with knowledge about the Mexican culture, which reflects many aspects of other Spanish-speaking nations."(105)  Why?

"As the number of Hispanic residents increases, more and more become victims of crime, especially in South Richmond, Monroe said.  Why should more Hispanics mean more crime?  Criminals target Hispanics because they know many carry cash with them, and they are not likely to call police, he said."(105)

Not lets see . . . criminals, who may also be Hispanics, target Hispanics who won't call the police.  Why is that?  Oh, because the victims are here illegally.  So in order to solve the problem of an illegal alien crime wave we spend taxpayer dollars to send police officers to Mexico to learn their 'culture.'  Wouldn't you think that they only need to look around town and observe that Hispanic 'culture?'  What exists is a microcosm of Mexico, a country where bribery, crime and mayhem abounds.  It's a known and verifiable fact.

What the police need to do is 'clean house' by deporting all those illegal aliens who are the prey AND perpetrators.  Then the Chief's problems will shrink dramatically and he won't need that extra training and additional police officers, which in reality amounts to rewarding those Hispanics who created the illegal alien crime wave in the first place.  The Hispanics objective is nothing but a blatant attempt at de facto 'affirmative action' forcing the hiring of more Hispanics!

4.  Marshalltown, Iowa Caters to Illegal Aliens While the Police Chief is Mystified:  "The signs of change in Marshalltown are at every corner.  A Spanish speaking church service [probably Catholic], mandatory Spanish classes at school, even billboard advertisements in Spanish.  The concessions made to cater to this growing minority population are easy to notice until you pay police a visit.  Chief of police Lon Walker laments, 'We don't have any Hispanic police officers on the department' . . .  He wants at least one Hispanic or Spanish speaking officer on his force, but he says most immigrants [many of whom are illegal aliens] have no interest in the job.  'We found there was a mistrust or distrusts of government officials to include police officers so I could only assume being a police officer is not an honorable profession for many [Mexican illegal alien] immigrants."(106)

Ppsssssst!  Chief Walker . . . perhaps they can't take a police job because many of them are illegal aliens and they don't want to be 'outed.'  FYI -- the culture of Mexico is one of graft, bribery, drug cartels and corruption from top to bottom, including the police.  Those 'immigrants' your town has 'catered to' have brought their 'culture' with them.  Besides, their communities are so balkanized they haven't a clue about America's once pristine culture of 'law and order.'  Your efforts are in vain because their condoned presence provides them with prima facie evidence that our 'law and order' Constitutional Republic no longer exists!

Wake Up America Sign

Linguistic Political Pandering For the Hispanic Vote

During the 2002 primary for the Texas Democratic gubernatorial nomination there was a debate conducted in Spanish just prior to the primary election.  Tony Sanchez, a wealthy Laredo banker who outspent primary opponent Texas Attorney General Dan Morales 10 to 1 and beat him in the primary but was then defeated by the current Gov. Rick Perry.  To understand the dynamics of such an event and the Hispanic demands and arrogance in shoving Spanish down our collective American throats, read on . . .

1.  Texas Gubernatorial Primary Features 'Spanish-Only' Political Debate . . .  According to the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials, it was the first time candidates for governor of any state had debated publicly in Spanish . . .  The debate became heated over the issue of language when Morales insisted on translating his answers partly in English and defended his actions saying, 'The fact of the matter is that the vast majority of the citizens of our state speak English.  That also applies to a significant number of Hispanic Texans.'  He added, 'I'm proud of my heritage.  But I'm prouder that I'm a Texan and that I'm an American."(107)

The Arrogant Mexican shill "Tony Sanchez accused Morales of 'a slap in the face to 7 million Latinos' who PREFER speaking Spanish and countered, 'He (Morales) has never shown the pride that we have to be Hispanic'."(107)

Nothing this author could say could 'trump' his outrageous statement except to say it was a surprise that he didn't call Morales a 'coconut' (i.e., brown on the outside and white on the inside)!

2.  It's All About Hiring Hispanic bilingual staff and Gaining Political Access!  The following snippets are from an article about the Boston, Massachusetts City Council and its pandering to Hispanic constituents, many of whom are illegal aliens:  "Saying he and other city councilors need to learn to speak to a changing Boston, the City Council president, Michael F. Flaherty, is arranging to hold weekly Spanish classes at City Hall for council members and their aides."(108)  Why?

Assuming their constituency includes registered voters and considering the law states that in order to become a citizen you "must be able to read, write, speak, and understand words in ordinary usage in the English language," who then does Flaherty intend to speak to, non-voters?  So essentially he wants to speak to Hispanics who aren't eligible to vote, many of whom are here illegally.  To do that he plans to spend "$240.00 per student, [which] will be covered with money left over in the City Council's budget [read taxpayer dollars] for fiscal 2006."(108)

Councilor Michael P. Ross, who represents Beacon Hill, the Back Bay, the Fenway, and Mission Hill of Boston, recently took a one-week Spanish immersion course in Puerto Rico.  You don't suppose he just simply spent his vacation there, do you?  He said:  "I believe it's incumbent on me to try to communicate with those constituents."(108)  Why?  Let them learn English if they want a voice.

Do Ross and Flaeherty plan to learn all the other different languages spoken in their town?  How about they teach English to those 'linguistically isolated' Hispanics.  Wouldn't Bostonians all be speaking Irish Gaelic now if they had pandered to the Irish back when?  Let those immigrants LEARN ENGLISH, not the other way around!  Have the members of our governing bodies gone mad?

"The 2000 Census data puts Spanish as the second-leading language spoken behind English [although he doesn't say how far behind],' he said.  If residents [is that legal or illegal?] are linguistically isolated, then they're not getting involved, they're not telling us how to make things better for them.  We need to open up the lines of communication for everyone's benefit."(108)  Why do the councilors not DEMAND that if they want to communicate they have to learn English like ALL past immigrants to America have done?

Based on experience those Hispanics will let you know loud and clear what they want.  For example:  "Tobin, who represents Jamaica Plains . . . [was] criticized by Rivera in last year's campaign for not having a fluent Spanish speaker on his staff (one of his aides is proficient but not fluent) . . ."(108)  There's that 'slippery slope' again.

"Some Hispanic activists commended Flaherty for offering the classes, but said the City Council must do more to make itself accessible to immigrants and to be aware of their concerns.  'There is a big difference between speaking a language, which I think is a good first step, and cultural competency [BUT] . . .  It would be better if councilors who represent Latino communities had Latino people on staff who have the cultural competency to communicate with and understand the experiences of these communities."(108)  There . . . that's what they REALLY want:  Jobs GIVEN to Latinos.  Give 'em an inch and they'll take a yard and then the whole football field.  Now you need to have 'cultural competency' NOT just the ability to speak Spanish, and speak it fluently.  When is enough, enough?  There will be no end!

Caprice Taylor Mendez, director of the Boston Parent Organizing Network, [who ARE these people?] said the City Council should also offer translation services to make its hearings and weekly meeting accessible not only to Spanish speakers but also to other immigrant communities . . .  The council, she said, could learn from the Boston public schools, which had Haitian Creole, Cape Verdean Creole, and Spanish interpreters available at the first school budget hearing this year."(108)

Just more evidence that 'Pandora's Box' once opened, skids rapidly down that slippery slope to chaos.

Antonio Villaraigosa

3.  Then there is the 'MEChA Boy' -- Aztlander -- Antonio Villaraigosa . . . who "chose to emit his message [by giving the Democrat response to President Bush's state of the Union address] specifically in Spanish, and by doing so he sent a clear signal of his chosen tribal identity (and not just the accident of his birth).  That may help him with his vote bank, but it will not help his city [Los Angeles].  Ultimately, it will distance his primarily Mexican-American audience from their neighbors, including other immigrants.  Is that what the mayor and his friends want?  Perhaps."(109)

"When we choose to exploit the natural diversity within us and base political identities on them--as Mr. Villaraigosa has done (and as every Anglo politician does when he mangles Spanish on the stump)--we widen manageable differences into unbridgeable chasms."(109)

So beautifully said.  So true, unvarnished and clearly spoken by a first-generation migrant [hopefully a legal immigrant] to America.  Sublimely stated by an author who is apparently blessed with an extraordinary gift of prose.

Another author, an Hispanic, on the same subject voiced his objections by saying . . . "as long as national institutions accept the portrayal of Latinos as residing permanently outside the U.S. mainstream, they don't feel obliged to fully integrate them.  While the up-and-coming Anglo governor from Virginia is invited to address a national audience in English, a rising Mexican-American politician from the most populous state in the union gets to speak to a tiny sliver of the electorate in Spanish.  There is nothing wrong with Spanish-language outreach, but it should not be mistaken for true inclusiveness.  Indeed, narrowly targeted outreach, without true integration, is tantamount to ethnic marginalization."(110)  To that, this author says . . . Amen!

Bilingual Ballots for Voters Who are 'Supposed' to be American Citizens

Don't you often wonder why anyone who is entitled to vote would need a ballot in another language?  Considering that you MUST be an American citizen to be able to vote and those who become a naturalized citizens "MUST be able to read, write, speak, and understand words in ordinary usage in the English language."  So why do we even have bilingual ballots if all who become citizens are required to speak the English language?  A very good question.  The answer is . . . we shouldn't, and here's why . . .

According to Reps. Peter King (R-Iowa) and Steve King (R-NY):  "We believe [bilingual ballots] encourage the linguistic division of our nation and contradict the 'Melting Pot' ideal that has made us the most successful multi-ethnic nation on earth . . .  They are a serious affront to generations of immigrants past and present that have made great sacrifices to learn English in order to become naturalized citizens."(111)

"They [both King's] and 48 co-signers, all Republicans, except for one brave Democrat Rep. Collin Peterson (D-MN) [not a relative of this author] sent a letter to House Judiciary Chairman James Sensenbrenner (R-WI) pointing out that the bilingual ballots contradict "the requirement that immigrants need to demonstrate the ability to read and understand English in order to become naturalized citizens."(111)  Ergo, English ballots should not be a barrier to voting for U.S. citizens.

As such both King's have introduced bills in the 109th Congress to make English the official language as part of their fight to have official English declared and at the same time--repeal the 1965 Voting Rights Act (VRA) which is set to expire in August 2007 unless Congress votes to extend it.  Unfortunately, it will be an uphill fight since the Bush administration is against it.

ProEnglish Board Chairman Bob Park said:  "Their [bilingual ballots] existence undermines the integrity of the naturalization process by removing a major incentive for immigrants to learn English.  And bilingual ballots facilitate illegal voting by non-citizens and make it easier to commit election fraud, which strikes at the heart of our democracy . . .  ProEnglish believes that bilingual ballots are a direct threat to the linguistic and political unity of the United States."(112)

How 'dead set' IS Bush against official English and repeal of the VRA?  "The Bush administration has signaled its support for renewing the VRA's bilingual ballot provisions.  In August [2005], U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales touted the Administration's record of filing more lawsuits in the last four years to enforce the bilingual ballot provision than in the previous 26-year history of the Act."(112)

Fight back . . .  "We the People" need to provide whatever support necessary to get H.R. 4408 passed into law to stop the insanity of the Gonzales/Bush doctrine of ENFORCING bilingualism and multi-lingualism and repeal the bilingual ballot requirement of the Voting Rights Act (VRA).  The Gonzales Gestapo enforcement of a law that will linguistically divide America in direct counterpoint to the LACK of enforcement of our immigration laws.  Insanity reigns!

More Multi-Lingual Madness

What follows will be a series of small vignettes that point up the insanity and insidiousness of multi-lingualism.  It is everywhere and everyplace.  Multi-lingualism is insinuating itself into our everyday lives like a cancer that has metastasized.  If we do not 'put our collective foot down,' and soon, our unifying English language will be 'bulldozed' into oblivion.

Our English language has been the 'glue' that has allowed us all to freely and without concern of misunderstanding, express our thoughts, ideas, objections, issues, and conversations, knowing that people all around the country who hear or listen when we speak out, can hear and understand what we have to say.  That freedom of expression is endangered unless we ALL speak a common language.

The complexities, anger, frustration and confusion that will reign if that commonality and universality of language is eroded will imperil the cohesiveness of our nation.  Unfortunately that erosion occurs with a vengeance every day, encouraged by many, much to the detriment of this nation.  At stake is America herself and all she stands for and has achieved over more than two centuries . . . E Pluribus Unum . . . out of many, ONE!

1.  Census Bureau is testing Spanish Census Forms:  "The U.S. Census Bureau is testing its ability to gather census information in Spanish with a bilingual questionnaire . . .  The bureau expects more people to request a Spanish language questionnaires for the 2010 Census because of the country's growing Hispanic population . . . "(113)

Unmentioned is the fact that 25 - 30 million illegal aliens are here in our country now and heaven only knows how many will be here in 2010.  Does the Bureau plan to survey them?  What about the impact of those illegal alien census takers on the population figures used to determine the number of representatives a state sends to our US legislature?

Does the Census Bureau plan on asking them if they are here legally or not?  And how many who are here illegally won't fill out the forms for fear of deportation or exposure?  How does the Census Bureau plan to handle requests for bilingual forms from other linguistic groups?  Where will this multi-lingualism end, and how many taxpayer dollars will be squandered on the pursuit of this insanity with many ugly consequences?

Spanish Food Pyramid
Pat Carter/AP
2.  "USDA food pyramid unveiled in Spanish. . .  Obesity has reached epidemic proportions in the United States, especially in children and adolescents.  Those statistics are even more alarming among Latin populations, Roberto Salazar, administrator for the USDA's food and nutrition service, said in Spanish at a news conference in Miami."(114)  More catering to Hispanics by an Hispanic who is in a position to promote and get this new Spanish version done.

"Now, all the new graphics and the USDA's site, . . . are available in Spanish, and handouts and other materials have also been translated."(114)  And . . . who pays for that?  You do!

"Dr. Roberto Trevino, director of the San Antonio-based Social and Health Research Center, called the Spanish translation of the food pyramid a good first step but said there also should be an effort to get the information into the hands of low-income, minority children . . . "(114)  Translated that means more taxpayer dollars, and bilingual personnel for 'outreach' and the food pyramid is just the 'first step.'  Another Hispanic in a position to push the Hispanic bilingual agenda.

"The government has no plans to translate the information into any other languages . . . "(114)  That's for now; just wait a few years and see how the opening of 'Pandora's Box' proliferates and consumes even more of your tax dollars.

3.  $7 Million to help illegals in 6 languages.  "For the first time, the U.S. government has created a multi-lingual guide to help the growing number of legal immigrants settle more rapidly.  Titled Welcome to the United States, A Guide for New Immigrants, the 102-page guide walks immigrants through everything from opening a bank account and getting a driver's license to obtaining child care and preparing for emergencies.  It also includes a brief history of the United States and outlines the steps for becoming a naturalized U.S. citizen."(115)

What is left out of the article is whether or not they also 'inform' them on how to apply for 'public benefits' and the IRS child tax credit you get from the government even if you don't pay any income tax!

Alfonso Aguilar, chief of the Office of Citizenship, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, said "It's really a how-to-settle-in-the-U.S. 101 . . .  In addition to English, the guide has been published in Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Russian and Portuguese.  Later this month, the government will launch an Arabic version.  Eventually, the government plans to publish guides in Korean, French, Haitian/Creole and Tagalog."(115)

"The government [Aguilar?] is in the process of creating a new citizenship test that is more meaningful, but not harder than the current test, Aguilar said.  The government plans to unveil the new test by January 2007, and implement it by January 2008, Aguilar said."(115)

"Luis Ibarra, president and CEO of Friendly House, a non-profit organization that provides English classes and other services to Latino immigrants, praised the guide.  There is limited information to help immigrants [legal or illegal or both] settle in the United States, he said.  "Instead of so much emphasis on enforcement, it's nice to see an emphasis placed on helping immigrants [illegal aliens] integrate," Ibarra said."(115)

Here again . . . we have the Hispanic 'fox' watching the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services 'chicken' and ANOTHER 'first' developed by an Hispanic FOR Hispanics.  The 'other' languages discussed are just for 'cover' and 'window dressing' while Hispanics blatantly open yet ANOTHER 'Pandora's Box.'  The depth of the depravity exhibited by our government who places these un-elected Hispanics in positions of power, then permits them to change the rules of an entire agency to suit their racist agenda is so egregious, that there are no words to adequately describe the outrage!

4.  Elaine Chao, a CFR member, and Secretary of Labor says:  "The ability to communicate effectively in English is an essential element to career advancement . . .  This $5 million in funding will be used to develop and implement programs to address the language and job training needs of workers [illegal aliens] with limited skills in English so they can pursue promising careers in high growth industries."(116)

"The U.S. Department of Labor's Employment and Training Administration today announced the availability of approximately $5 million in demonstration funds to test innovative and unique training strategies to serve individuals with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) and Hispanic Americans."(116)  Another racist affirmative action using taxpayer dollars to facilitate illegal aliens.  ONLY if there is a proviso that they must be here LEGALLY would this come close to being acceptable.

"Qualified applicants will offer an array of services utilizing partnerships between the public workforce investment system, community colleges, employers and faith-based and community organizations.  Programs to be considered for grant awards must help LEP individuals and Hispanic Americans access English language-based services and occupational training that lead to job placement or career enhancement opportunities in high growth industries."(116)

The above quotes tell you two things.  One, this is being done primarily for Hispanics WITHOUT checking for their legal presence.  And two, the 'partnerships' listed above are classic One World Order (OWO) elitist babble about how our country is to be managed by them.  What 'community organizations' are they referring to . . . they could be anyone or anybody with OWO agendas and funding.

What the heck is a 'public workforce investment system?'  These are code words for OWO plans to 'regionalize' our country into 'areas' instead of keeping our states with their borders intact and retaining their Constitutional rights.  The OWO, CFR and Trilateral Commission want to eliminate BOTH our international borders AND our state borders.  They want to remove all 'states rights' in order to stop any objections when the 'shadow government' emerges.

5.  Hispanic Arrogance Knows No Bounds:  "Gaining access to health care is "such an adventure in this country for the undocumented immigrants [illegal aliens] and the people who don't speak English," Valenzuela-Dall said.  Without bilingual health workers and materials, "how can we pretend to provide services?"(117)

"Carmen A. Valenzuela-Dall, a doctor [MD or Ph.D. and field of expertise?] and researcher who authored the study, said governments need to do more to provide basic health services and need to hire culturally diverse and bilingual staffs . . .  The CASA [Central American Solidarity and Assistance] report [propaganda], funded by the Washington AIDS Partnership, a philanthropic group, [OWO?] was released in commemoration of World AIDS Day [UN?]."(117)

"Montgomery County Council President Tom Perez (D-Silver Spring) said county leaders have to do more to invest in culturally inclusive services.  Otherwise, 'that's not only bad public health policy, but that's against the law,' he said.  Federal law mandates that publicly funded agencies make services accessible to all eligible people, including those with limited English skills.  'Access to [culturally inclusive services ~ meaning MORE bilingual staff] health care [of illegal aliens] is not a privilege.  It's a right,' Perez said."(117)

What allows Mr. Perez to make his arrogant demands for 'culturally inclusive services' -- for illegal aliens?  He derives his arrogance and power from Bill Clinton's egregious 12th hour Executive Order (EO) 13166 which "forces every recipient of federal funds to provide interpreters and translations for people who don't speak English, or face prosecution for civil rights violations . . .  Friends and relatives are NOT permitted to help translate.  Professionals must be hired, and the service must be provided for free for anyone who asks.  Hospitals and universities are already facing harassment by federal agencies."(32)(31)

No Amnesty - Employ Americans Sign Day Labor Pick-Up Site

Illegal aliens overwhelm America and our government provides for them and so they keep coming.  We're bending over backwards to accommodate illegal aliens -- flouters of our laws and sovereignty.  Insanity reigns!  Why wouldn't their Hispanic shills become arrogant and belligerent?  Chaos and anarchy abounds everywhere!  We are allowing, piece by piece, the demolition of this nation.  Where will it all end?  Only you know.  Rise up America and take back your country!  Time is short, being an American can no longer be a spectator sport.

6.  Even Wegmans Food Markets Bows to the Altar of Diversity  "Today, the Dulles Wegmans offers a Web-based version of its safety and sanitation courses in Mandarin and Spanish, in addition to English . . . just one nod the supermarket says it is making to a multilingual workplace in which more than 200 of its 650 employees do not speak English as their primary language."(118)

"In a region with one of the nation's lowest unemployment rates, managers at large retailers such as the Dulles Wegmans say hiring immigrant workers makes good business sense, filling low-paying jobs that many U.S.-born workers don't want [can't afford to take] with employees motivated to move up through the ranks as they learn the language.  With English speakers, 'You train somebody and -- boom -- they leave."(118)  Why?

"The challenges of managing a multicultural workforce have spawned a cottage industry
of outside consultants, in-house specialists, book and magazine publishers, and others.  Wegmans has retained language instructors for its Dulles and Fairfax stores to teach their employees a bit more English and their managers un poco Espanol."(118)

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. has started an 'Office of Diversity' that holds regular seminars to 'instill in all managers a better understanding of the different cultures,' the company says.(118)  Why?  Just offer them the American 'culture!'

"'It's almost like working at the U.N. here now,'
said Dempsey D. Bell, co-manager of the Wal-Mart in Sterling, where 32 languages are spoken by the store's employees.  'The diversity is great for us because our customers are becoming more diverse and, if they need some help in the store, we can usually find an employee who speaks their language.'"(118)

"A New Jersey company called DiversityInc Media LLC sells training videos, a 539-page how-to manual and a glossy magazine named DiversityInc.  Consultants such as Ivy Planning Group LLC of Rockville offer seminars on how to build, manage and make money with a diverse workforce."(118)

What was GLARINGLY left unsaid is that a very large number of those non-English speakers, both patrons and employees are illegal aliens.  It is utterly amazing that the Washington Post NEVER SAID ONE WORD about illegal immigration driving the massive population growth of foreigners in the DC metropolitan area in its entire three full-page article.  Just another main stream media that is covering up this massive illegal alien invasion of America.

7.  Press "2" for English: "Cingular Wireless (AT&T), the nation's largest cellular operator, has a Hispanic marketing department and started offering affordable international calling packages with monthly subscription fees in October.  A package called Cingular Mexico charges a $4.99 monthly fee and nine cents per minute when calling from the U.S."(119)

"Experts estimate that about a half dozen resellers have sprung up to serve this need.  They specialize in dealing with immigrants who don't speak English well.  Their work force also is trained in selling to customers who lack identification and credit records, and want to place many calls to their home countries at a low cost."(119)

"Movida, the service Mr. Escubero uses, targets the 41.3 million Hispanics in the U.S.  Not only is Spanish the main language for the handset menu and customer service, but its data content service also focuses on news and pop culture in Latin America. 'Press 2 for English,' greets its customer service."(119)

You did notice that the 'target' of 41.3 million Hispanics.  You can rest assured that THEY know their market and are fully aware of the numbers of illegal aliens that comprise that 41.3 million Hispanics.  Perhaps we should use marketing techniques instead of the U.S. Census Bureau figures.  They are probably more accurate.

"Movida, majority-owned by Venezuela's closely held Cisneros Group, sells through Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and some of the largest Hispanic-controlled retail stores in the U.S.  It charges at least 10 cents per minute on weekdays and five cents on weekend for domestic calls.  Calling Mexico costs at least 20 cents per minute."(119)

Greedy American Cell Phone Companies facilitate Venezuela's Access in America:  "Sprint Nextel Corp., which is selling wireless minutes to Movida, was the pioneer in the wholesale business.  But lately Verizon Wireless and Cingular Wireless have jumped into selling bulk minutes as the cellphone service has neared the saturation point among U.S. adults.  Cingular Wireless is jointly owned by AT&T Inc., and BellSouth Corp."(119)

Those of you who have cell phones and have purchased cell phone contracts in the past should be outraged that those who "lack identification and credit records" can get cell phone service.  Would cell phone companies allow YOU to sign up without verification of your identity and a squeaky clean credit record?  Of course not.  Hypocrisy reigns.

8.  How do you Say 'Yellow Pages' in Spanish?  "Non-Hispanic companies and professionals have become "'more receptive because there are so many Hispanics,' said Francisco Vega Jr., founder of the two-decade-old Vega Hispanic Yellow Pages.  He plans to step down at the end of the year, turning his directory over to HYP, which owns 15 books in eight markets, including Atlanta, Dallas and Chicago.  HYP recently released the 2005 Northern Virginia edition of Vega Hispanic Yellow Pages after launching a redesign of the book last year.  A combined Washington and Maryland book is to be published later this year."(120)

"The company's entrance into the District and its suburbs follows a trend of large companies buying local Hispanic media, traditionally a local business dominated by Latino [illegal] immigrants.  Infinity Broadcasting Corp. entered the local radio scene this year, converting well-known rock station WHFS (99.1 FM) to Spanish pop and jostling the existing community of small Spanish-language stations.  Last year, The Washington Post Co. bought El Tiempo Latino, a local Spanish-language weekly that competes with more than a half-dozen other Spanish-language papers."(120)

"HYP has created a slick brochure to help pitch Vega's book, citing statistics and national research showing that 55 percent of Hispanics PREFER Spanish ads and that 52 percent use Spanish as their primary language."  Catering to the non-English speaking Hispanic market is just one more 'nail in the coffin' of the unity and cohesiveness of our national English language, an erosion from which we may never recover.(120)

9.  Real Estate Market is Cashing In on Multilingualism!  "The New Boomers:  Just as baby boomers reshaped the housing market in the 1950s and '60s, immigrants, by their sheer numbers, and foreign buyers are redefining the way business is done today in real estate."(121)

"Immigrants who came to the United States during the 1990s wave have started buying homes and that is forcing real estate professionals -- including lenders, developers and bankers -- to adapt."(121)

"If you look at the next wave of consumers, they are it," said Frances Martinez Myers, chairwoman of the San Diego-based National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals.  'There is now a whole campaign around `What do I need to do inside my shop to reach out.'"(121)

"The city of Miami has a whopping 60 percent [Hispanic] immigration population- the highest in the nation, according to a 2004 United Nations report - with an estimated 50,000 people [illegal aliens] flowing into Miami-Dade County from abroad every year."(121)  That is only ONE COUNTY in Florida.  Just think about the rest of Florida counties.  Then think about how many counties there are in the rest of the country.  The enormity of it all is overwhelming.

"For the past several years, brokers, lenders, agents and other organizations have offered classes for immigrants to teach them how to buy a home and manage their money.  They also publish multilingual brochures and have hired more multilingual agents."(121)

"Bank of America has partnered with community organizations for classes and counseling on the buying process.  To help them get into homes, we need to be in the neighborhood,'' said Gwen Thomas, Bank of America Neighborhood Lending executive.  "It's very grass-roots and it's very simple, but banks need to be in the community and reflect the community [to service the massive human tsunami of illegal aliens].''(121)

"Companies also offer diversity training and cultural sensitivity seminars for real estate professionals so they know how to approach immigrants [both illegal and legal, but mostly illegal] who want to get into the market."(121)  And it goes on, and on, and on, and on . . .

Spanish Speaking Doll

10.  "Hispanic Toys, Games Hit Holiday Displays."  "As 6-year-old Lizbeth Sanchez helped her mother shop for Christmas presents on a recent December afternoon, she stopped mouth agape at the Dora the Explorer talking dollhouse welcoming her in English and her native Spanish.  Dora, whose Nickelodeon show is among the top-rated for 3-5 year olds with its interactive approach, has led the way, earning an estimated $4 billion in retail sales since the company unveiled her line of toys and accessories in 2002."(122)

"Following her success, Scholastic just rolled out a toy line for its PBS series about 10-year-old Maya and Miguel, bilingual twins whose high jinks often get them in trouble.  Meanwhile, the small Miami-based company Baby Abuelita nabbed a contract with Toys R Us to sell its Spanish lullaby-singing grandma and grandpa dolls in Florida and California."(122)

"To attract the more than 50 percent of the Hispanic market that speaks Spanish, this season Cranium Inc. rolled out a Spanish version of its popular game in which players answer trivia questions, draw pictures and even model clay.  The new version features cultural references the company hopes will be relevant to players throughout Latin America as well."(122)

"These toys are source of pride for Latina families, but also it is now just considered cool for general families,' said Brenda Andolina, director of brand marketing for Mattel Inc.'s Fisher Price . . .  And on the electronics front, Hasbro has added a Spanish option to its new DVD Candy Land game."(122)

"Meanwhile, another of PBS's cartoons, 'Dragon Tales,' which features a Hispanic brother and sister who befriend dragons, has added a new character:  Enrique, their Puerto Rican-Colombian neighbor.  If all goes well, a line of bilingual Enrique toys could be on shelves next year."(122)

Had enough yet?  The above products are simply more of the indoctrination and propaganda of our children into the One World Order by targeting them with toys that will subliminally engage them in the destruction of America's "agglutinative" English language.  All accomplished with the help of your consumer dollars.  What say you, mom and dad?

Bowing Before the Altar of Linguistic Diversity . . .

As previously quoted:  "Until recently, immigrants to our shores were eager to become full-fledged Americans.  And our public schools that taught only English did a splendid job of assimilating them.  This diversity within freedom, buttressed by talent, hard work, and opportunity has made America the envy of the world."(45)

"But today, some immigrants, notably self-appointed Hispanic activists, tend to resist assimilation.  They champion bilingual education, bilingual ballots, and a bilingual lifestyle, all of which will make them less able to enrich American society."(45)

Now . . . 'here's the rest of the story' about the traitors who are facilitating those racist Hispanics to resist assimilation and join our once world-famous 'melting-pot':
  1. "Recently, 75 Mexican immigrants in Arizona were sworn in as new citizens in a ceremony conducted largely in Spanish at the request of District Judge Alfedo Marquez."(45)

    Note:  Why would a US District Court Judge subvert a citizenship ceremony that requires English proficiency in order to complete the journey to citizenship, by 'requesting' that the ceremony be in Spanish?  Immigration Law states:  Applicants for naturalization MUST be able to read, write, speak, and understand words in ordinary usage in the English language.  Does Judge Marquez have a racist motive?  You decide . . . more on Judge Marquez to follow . . .

  2. "A 53-page, U.S. Department of Education guide, 'Preparing Your Child for University', is written entirely in Spanish."(45)

  3. "Bill Gates' billion-dollar scholarship program to boost ethnic diversity in the sciences, launched in 1999, explicitly discriminates against Whites and Asian students."(45)
"These bizarre concession to diversity would have dismayed earlier immigrants who took pride in learning the language and asked only for a fair chance to achieve in their adopted country."(45)

Instead, today we are bending over backwards to accommodate non-English speakers.  What is particularly egregious is the FACT that an overwhelming number of the non-English speakers have illegally invaded our country!

What perverse mentality decided that no matter where you came from in the world, if you illegally enter and continue to illegally reside here in the United States in direct contravention of our immigration laws, we then insanely REWARD the children of those criminals with a free education?  To understand how twisted and perverted such accommodations have become, read on . . .

Arizona Schools Financially Burdened by Spanish Speaking Illegals

Flores vs. Arizona, a lawsuit decided based upon the 1974 federal Equal Education Opportunity Act (EEOA), a federal law that prohibits states from denying education opportunities based on race, color, sex or national origin, heard before "U.S. District Judge Alfredo Marquez in 1992, found that the state's system of English-learning programs was 'arbitrary and capricious.'  That phrase has haunted the Arizona Legislature [ever since]."(123)(124)  The decision was especially galling since "the trial focused on whether the State adequately FUNDS LEP [Limited English Proficient] programs, rather than the adequacy of the programs themselves."(123)

Of note -- children who are here illegally, are given a FREE education by the taxpayers.  Now they claim to be denied education opportunities because of -- race (Hispanics come in ALL races -- Hispanics are NOT a race), or color (Hispanics come in all colors), or sex -- a non-issue, or their national origin, which is everywhere EXCEPT America.  Every child born here of Mexican nationals is a Mexican citizen AND an automatic American citizen.  So where's the discrimination and denial of educational opportunities?  It seems that Hispanics want MORE than just an education, they want MORE than all the rest of the students are receiving.  How fair is that?  How un-American is that?

Won't all the 'other' students be denied equivalent tax dollars for the advancement or expansion of their education opportunities?  For example:  AP (advanced placement) courses, gifted programs or some other special needs help or vocational training that will advance their future education and job opportunities.  It is suggested that those 'other' children are the ones getting short changed.  It is particularly egregious since many of the English deficient children came here illegally, or are the 'anchor babies' born of illegal aliens who speak Spanish to their children, live in Spanish enclaves, listen to Spanish radio and TV and create those non-English speaking problems while living right here in America.

So who is being short-changed here?  What do all the English speaking students forfeit while Spanish speaking Hispanics receive their expanded, taxpayer funded special English language education?  Expanded, that is, beyond the reading, writing and 'rithmatic given them by judges legislating from the bench?  Oh, you thought legislating from the bench was a recent phenomena.  Not so, it goes back many decades.  Wake up America!

The Clock is Ticking . . .

A "federal judge's order would impose daily fines starting at $500,000 and rising to $2 million on the state if the Legislature fails to adequately fund programs for an estimated 160,000 children."  Scrambling to obey the judge's order the "Legislature has passed two bills in the first 15 days of the legislative session designed to comply with the orders in this case, . . . "  What happened next?  According to House Speaker Jim Weiers:  "The governor's vetoes [of both bills] are the cause of the state's failure to comply with our deadline."(125)

What was the motive for the governor's vetoes?  It turns out that, contrary to the legislature, Napolitano wants to "triple the $360 [recently doubled from prior years] extra [tax dollars] now spent on each English-language learner [to $1,080 per child].  It would eventually add up to $180 MILLION a year."(126)

Keep in mind that $1080 per child would be over and above the cost of educating that child.  Does Napolitano have some ulterior motive for such fiscal irresponsibility?  Could it be that Napolitano wants to curry favor with Hispanic voters or others in powerful positions?

What is to be done with the fines collected?

Napolitano's Attorney General (AG) Terry Goddard filed a court brief to direct the fines to the state Department of Education to be used to help English-learners.  Opposition attorney Tim Hogan agrees.  According to AZ House Speaker Jim Weiers who said that this move by Napolitano's AG "would bypass the power of the Legislature to appropriate state funds."  Clever 'end run' isn't it?(126)

U.S. District Judge Raner Collins acceded to the request by opposing attorneys . . . that the penalties not be forfeited to the federal treasury.  The judge then refused House Speaker Jim Weiers' request for the hearing to be delayed until he could get an attorney to object to Collins' disposition of the funds.(127)

What the judges decision did was give "Napolitano the upper hand in further negotiations over how best to meet the needs of about 154,000 children with English deficiencies".  According to Rep. Bill Konopnicki, a Stafford Republican:  "Now the governor can wait until she gets enough money in the fund until she agrees to any bill we send to her."(126)

Several 'key' state officials reacted to the threat of fines by saying:  "they'll work to improve the programs but also by declaring that it shouldn't be forgotten that illegal immigration . . . is a root cause of the problem facing the state."(128)

"There's a legitimacy to the argument that if people had not broken the law to get into our country that the taxpayers of our state wouldn't be having to absorb the financial burden of trying to educate those children," said Senate President Ken Bennett, R-Prescott.(128)

Because they are here illegally in such massive numbers, they have numerically overwhelmed the English speaking students in the educational system.  As such, instead of a handful in each class that would have to fit in and assimilate and be immersed in English, they are able to have lunch, recess, free periods, or sports where they can continue to speak Spanish regularly during the school day.  Once the school day ends, they return to their Spanish speaking enclaves where nary a word is heard or spoken in English.

A declaration made by "House Speaker Jim Weiers, R-Phoenix, [who] said in June that Democratic Gov. Janet Napolitano's proposal to spend more on English-learning instruction would produce 'Mexico's best school district north of the border'."  A little well deserved sarcasm wouldn't you say?(128)

Just who are those who work tirelessly to win in the courts more and more benefits for illegal aliens?  First and foremost is MALDEF the Mexican-American Legal Defense and Education Fund funded by many American foundations and corporations.  Then there is the usual partner in the anti-American cabal, the ACLU laughingly known as the American Civil Liberties Union.  Next is the race-baiting SPLC called the Southern Poverty Law Center.  (See Note 3 below for information on these organizations).  And now you can add to them, the Center for Law in the Public Interest (CLPI) headed by Tim Hogan who brought the original 'class-action' LEP law suit above.

The Coup De Grace - Hogan's Next Law Suit

"AIMS should not be a graduation requirement for immigrant children until the state complies with a federal court order to improve funding for English-learner instruction, said Tim Hogan, who heads the Center for Law in the Public Interest.  Until lawmakers and Gov. Janet Napolitano can end a two-month-long stalemate over a new funding plan for English-learner programs, Hogan wants the judge to suspend the AIMS requirement for thousands of children.  Starting with the Class of 2006, high school seniors must pass the reading, writing and math test to earn a diploma."(129)

To turn up the heat on the state of Arizona, Hogan wants the judge "to withhold federal highway funds from the state as a sanction . . . "  Hogan said that "about 83 percent of the 3,254 juniors who qualify as English learners . . . failed key portions such as reading and writing."(129)

Fortunately, the AZ Dept. of Education does not believe an unearned diploma is the answer and wants the court to reject Hogan's latest plea.  Margaret Garcia-Dugan, deputy superintendent of public instruction said:  "We don't believe it makes any sense for any high school student who isn't functioning in English to receive a diploma . . ."(129)  My, how refreshing to hear someone say something that reflects some sanity and makes good sense!

Remembering that the court's fine was instituted to force the state to throw more money at those who are English deficient instead of determining whether the high failure rate was due to lack of money, the curriculum, or the student.  Students who might be unwilling to master English.  It is suggested that some of the Mexican students may be following the orders from Mexico's President Fox who said it was their patriotic duty to keep speaking Spanish.  Then again, perhaps there are some who believe as Ms. Garcia does -- that speaking English would DILUTE the Hispanic culture and so some students reject and resist learning English resulting in programs which are declared 'arbitrary and capricious'.

Where is all this bilingualism headed?  Some may already have figured it out.  Then again some may still be 'scratching their heads' and still others may simply have 'no clue.'  To answer that question, read on . . .

Tower Of Babel

Are We Re-creating the 'Tower of Babel' here in America?

Unbelievable as it may seem, our government is 'aiding a abetting' illegal aliens linguistically in such incalculable scope, breadth and depth that it is mind-boggling.  Multi-lingualism and multi-culturalism have been insidiously promoted, enforced, proselytized and rewarded by our morally bankrupt elitist government.  Hopefully, now you can understand HOW our own government is working diligently to subvert our unifying English language -- everywhere, every place and in every possible way.  Their ultimate goal . . . One World Order!

One must realize that if there weren't such an overwhelming number of illegal aliens here, the recent LEGAL non-English speakers would have to assimilate AND acculturate because EVERYTHING would be done in English as it was for the preceding hundreds of years.

Multi-lingualism effects our daily lives in many ways. Many have 'no clue' as to how our unifying English language is facing its 'death by a thousand cuts.'  We are becoming the proverbial 'Tower of Babel', a well-known biblical parable where God thrust upon mankind a punishment for their disobedience to His command to disperse throughout the world.

The history of language development remains a mystery.  According to Henry M. Morris:  "The source of the different languages cannot be explained in terms of evolution, though the various dialects and similar languages within the basic groups are no doubt attributable to gradual diversification from a common source tongue.  But the major groups are so fundamentally different from each other as to defy explanation in any naturalistic framework.  Only the Bible provides an adequate explanation."(130)

Morris challenges all . . .  "If anyone is inclined to question this [following] explanation of the origin of the major differences among languages, then let him offer a naturalistic explanation that better accounts for all the facts.  No one has done so yet."(130)

What Can Be Learned Form The Biblical Story of the 'Tower of Babel?'

"Originally, after the great Flood, "the whole earth was of one language and one speech" (Gen. 11:1).  Because of man's united rebellion against God, however, refusing to scatter throughout the world as He had commanded, and concentrating instead in the vicinity of the original Babylon [Iraq], "the LORD did there confound the language of all the earth:  and from thence did the LORD scatter them abroad upon the face of all the earth" (Gen. 11:9)."(130)

"Presumably about seventy families were involved in this dispersion, as suggested by the enumeration of seventy original national groups and tongues in the so-called Table of Nations in Genesis 10.  These were represented originally by perhaps a thousand or so individuals, divided into three main ancestral family bodies, the Japhetic, Hamitic, and Semitic.  'These are the families of the sons of Noah, after their generations, in their nations:  and by these were the nations divided in the earth after the flood' (Gen. 10:32)."(130)

"The rebellion at Babel was not [denoting] some impossible undertaking, such as attempting to reach heaven with a man-made tower, as one might infer from the King James translation of Genesis 11:4 . . . the correct sense of the passage apparently connotes the erection of a great temple-tower dedicated to the worship of the "host of heaven," uniting all mankind in worshiping and serving the creature [the tower] rather than the Creator (Rom. 1:25)."(130)

"The most effective way of halting this blasphemy and of enforcing God's command to fill [spread throughout] the earth was that of confounding their languages.  If people could not communicate with each other, they could hardly cooperate with each other [in order to complete the tower].  When men could no longer understand each other, there was finally no alternative for them but to separate from each other . . . and to scatter throughout the world as He had commanded."(130)

Morris then goes on to say something very prophetic and profound:  "This primeval confusion of tongues emphasizes what modern man often fails to realize:  the real divisions among men are not racial or physical or geographic, but linguistic."(130)

Is This A Resurrection of the Tower Of Babel?  You decide . . .

This is the European Union's (EU) first seat of Power -- the Parliament Building in Strasbourg, France.  It is where the unelected and unaccountable parliament 'leaders' regularly meet.  The 'Leaders' consist of a plutocratic oligarchy (a wealthy few).  The faux parliament of elected MEPs primarily meets in Brussels, Belgium where they are required to 'rubber stamp' what the 'leaders' want.

Tower of Babel Superimposed Upon EU Parliment Building Strasbourg EU Parliment Building Yes, this is the FINISHED building.

The moral of the story!

Once the tower builders began to 'babble' in different tongues they could no longer continue to work effectively on their massive project because they lacked the necessary collaborative 'glue' of a common language.  Now you see how cunning Vicente Fox was in calling for Hispanics to 'patriotically' cling to their Spanish language as an "agglutinative element" of commonality.

Fox knew that would keep them tied to Mexico and stop them from blending into America's English speaking culture.  His goal is to create politically dominated, balkanized, Spanish speaking, Hispanic enclaves and neighborhoods to facilitate Mexico's 'migrant army' war plans of colonization.  The ultimate prize being the reconquista of our country into the clutches of Mexico thus winning the de facto war "without ever firing a shot."  In fact, just as it was for the builders of the Tower of Babel, bilingualism will be the single most deadly weapon in Fox's arsenal because it will divide America into two separate linguistic nations!

Now is the time for We the People to rise up and take back our country from a government that is working with all its might to end our Constitutional Republic!  They can succeed only if we let them.  How?  Don't vote for ANY incumbent unless they have a proven track record of working to end the illegal alien invasion and have fought for our sovereignty.  You can start by removing everyone who voted for CAFTA.  Remember they are counting on you to stupidly and robotically return them to office no matter how they've voted in the past to destroy America!

Wake up America!  Our nation's cohesion is in dire peril!  We MUST stop the linguistic 'death from a thousand cuts.'  Our nation's survival depends upon our ability to communicate with ALL members of our nation using one single unifying language.  We must ALL work to preserve our English language from the corruption of a second language and defend it from its mortal enemy . . . our very own government.

"History does not long entrust the care of freedom to the weak or the timid." ~ Dwight D. Eisenhower
Stop Illegal Alien Invasion Sign
"Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid." ~ Ronald Reagan

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