Saturday, January 5, 2013

If you could would you make Obama president for life?

If you could would you make Obama president for life?

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Absolutely not. But there are a few Democrats in government that are working on a bill to amend the 22nd Amendment (H.J.Res.5)


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  • America, always watch the democrats who are trying to amend the Constitution to remove term limits for the presidency. These liberal democrats will say anything that suits their agenda at the moment. Liberal democrats oppose term limits for every other part of government. If they could, they would remove them for the president as well. Don't listen to them. Don't fall for their lies. They think they have the game won because of the last election. They think that a republican will never will a popularity contest in America. They might be right. But look for them to try and tinker with term limits. The only president to have EVER served more than two terms got elected FOUR times. Gee, guess what? He was a liberal democrat. It was FDR. If he hadn't died in his fourth term, he might have been elected over and over again. It is because of him that we have the constitutional term limit on the presidency. DON'T BELIEVE WHAT LIBERAL DEMOCRATS SAY.
  • No, and this line of thinking is more nonsense being pushed out there by the usual people with an interest in seeing to it that you aren't paying attention to what they are doing in the House.

    Obama isn't that great, and he isn't that bad, and this garbage about a third term, or martial law is ridiculous.
  • No I would have impeached him after he Gave 1.5 Billion American Dollars to the terrorists Anarchists the Muslim Brotherhood who killed our Ambassador and three Marine Hero’s.

  • I'd make my mother-in-law President for life before I'd make Obama
  • NO, but if I could I would impeach him.


  • No, I believe as Eisenhower said, 8 years is enough for any president, be it in the USA or any other country.
  • I would make Jim Belushi president for life.
  • Someone would like to see that which backed him with 6 Billion to win. George Soros is lurking to always topple a country.
  • lol

    If I could, I would delete his 2 terms as President.
  • Only if he dies sometime before the next election.
  • God no. There is a reason why we have term limits.

    And I voted for him.
  • I think two terms is more than enough Obama.
  • No. I would the president to have one 6 year term.

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