Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Republican Insider: WARNING – Obama’s Second Term Third Year Agenda

Republican Insider: WARNING – Obama’s Second Term Third Year Agenda

A longtime Republican Insider, currently immersed in the in-house fighting going on within the GOP, drops a note regarding why Joe Biden was allowed to upstage Barack Obama during the fiscal cliff negotiations, and warns that the need for an Obama second term was to allow for a third year second term agenda unlike anything seen in the history of the United States.

“What’s the old saying?  Death comes in threes? “
RI:  Read you article outlining the battle between Cantor and Boehner I told you about earlier.  Some pushing and shoving at this point.  The knives haven’t come out just yet and Boehner and his supporters are trying to calm us down and making promises that the debt ceiling will be the real battle and that we can count on him then.  Yeah, right.  He lost a lot of votes and a lot of support on this fiscal cliff nonsense.
There were a few Democrats saying that Obama played no part in the actual negotiations.  He didn’t return calls. Didn’t offer up suggestions.  Nothing.  Everything went through White House operatives.  Then we had the Joe Biden show which I figured right off the bat was some kind of reward to him for time served to help set up the 2016 run.  Biden, who is already about 70 years old, really does believe he will be the next president and he has enough Obama operatives willing to consider that scenario that they set up his dog and pony thing with McConnell to get the Senate vote.  Biden is so confident I heard he shook McConnell’s hand and said, “Look forward to working with you in four years Mitch – from the Oval Office.”
My guess, and that’s all it is at this point, is that the same people who put Barack Obama in power have been given assurances by Joe Biden that he will be more than happy to continue the agenda.  Meaning they can completely control Biden just like they do Obama.  But a 74 year old first term President of the United States?   That seems highly unlikely.  I say that and then have to remind myself how unlikely it was for an unknown absentee Senator from Illinois to become president.  If the powers that be want it to happen, it can happen.  Especially if enough people continue to not pay attention or allow themselves to be split up and fighting one another.
We all need to remind ourselves of that.
More to come after the smoke clears on this latest battle. People need to be realize that a majority of Republicans in the House voted NO on the fiscal cliff deal.  We also had 16 Democrats join us in that no vote.  The Obama machine is now turning its sights on 2014.  They are targeting very specific GOP races they think they can win.  They want the House back.  Obama’s 3rd year agenda is the one that really worries me now.  If we keep the House and take the Senate in 2014, we can start to rebuild from the Obama damage that he has already done, and make him a complete Lame Duck.  If we lose the House and the Dems keep the Senate, as bad as things are now, I know they will get much worse.  I’m starting to sense that getting Obama re-elected was to set up that 3rd year agenda.  The real globalization push.  Taxes, immigration, guns, environment, currency, healthcare mandates, the domestic drone program, all of it and more will come together in that third year if they control the White House and Congress.  All of it will be finalized.  Everything the globalists have worked for all this time will come together during that third year of Barack Obama’s second term.  What’s the old saying?  Death comes in threes?  Word is Boehner thinks that legislative doomsday scenario is silly while Cantor is taking it much more seriously.

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