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Germany's turn: Thousands of people in the poverty line

Germany's turn: Thousands of people in the poverty line

Thousands of Germans suffer from austerity measures

Published: December 31, 2012 | 10:29 GMTÚltima updated: December 31, 2012 | 13:20 GMT

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Thousands of families being evicted. Suicides in fear of being left without a roof. Popular anger unleashed by the scourge of evictions and poured into the streets across Spain, which cost the integrity to many who clashed with police during protests.

This black dyed almost daily calendar 2012 in the Iberian country. There was no solution for evictions, despite the broken promises of Mariano Rajoy and the efforts of European power. However, by requiring greater rigidity of the southern European countries the main governess austerity measures, Angela Merkel seems to have forgotten to look at the state of their economy.

German financiers make a summary of 2012 hardly encouraging. The impact of the crisis on the German economy, considered as a benchmark for the entire European Union, has left below the poverty line to an alarming number of people. To enter this club, just a victim of layoffs.

"During the years that you were working, began to demand things: a good apartment, a car, insurance, credit ... And suddenly you are fired, but you want your life back.'s Not enough unemployment benefit and you just debt, "says Hans Ulrich financier Fitz, Creditreform agency.

German streets are full of examples. Angela Wolf is one of them, to enter their social housing on the eve of the new year instead of gifts leads them to his two sons bad news: the wave of evictions probably reach home. Angela is unemployed and has no money to pay the rent. A mallet, a judge labeled as "insolvent".

"We're not going to the movies, anywhere. Whenever we are at home. Understand it is difficult for children. They see how they live their peers, as they go to the sea in summer. Not to mention I can afford to myself," laments Angela .

Angela, an American by birth, left his native country and crossed the Atlantic for love. 12 years ago that changed the American dream by the German dream, little knowing that his life would approach such a critical point: a divorce, 40,000 euros of debt, the locked cell and likely to be evicted.

"Work? Would love to have a job. Albeit in a different profession. But I can not find a job without qualifications to receive German and you have to pay. How did I do?" Concluded Angela Wolf.

Angela addition, nearly half a million Germans receive the new year with empty wallets and broken hopes. Most German funding agency annually publishes the atlas of the indebted country. On the map marked with red regions in which one in five families is in the pit of debts.

"The Germans have a tradition of saving as much as possible for a rainy day. But the difference between the layer of society's richest and poorest is becoming more and more visible," says Ulrich Fitz financier.

If there is a profession in this time of crisis that has demand in the labor market, is the debt consultants. And agencies throughout Germany are offering advice, but not the money to pay debts. The more than 6 million Germans described as "insolvent" by agencies suggest that the benchmark for Europe and is worn and in 2013 the mainland should they pursue a new one.

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