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End Time Transfer of Wealth

End Time Transfer of Wealth

There is a popular component of the prosperity gospel that the Church will become rich in the end times, so it can “spread the gospel.” The prophecy is from Isaiah, and refers to Israel, not the Church.
Isaiah 60:5 ‘The wealth on the seas will be brought to you, to you the riches of the nations will come’
Isaiah 60:11 ‘Your gates will always stand open, they will never be shut, day or night, so that men may bring the wealth of the nations ‘
Isaiah 61:6 ‘You will feed on the wealth of nations, and in their riches you will boast’.
Isaiah 66:12 ‘I will extend peace to her like a river, and the wealth of nations like a flooding stream’.
We are already in the end times, and the church is not rich. People are praying for money to make them wealthy. Supposedly, they will then use this money to spread the gospel, but this is a lie. They really intend to spend it on their bills, and themselves, with essentially nothing going toward the “gospel.”
I see website comments like this:
“Surely the days are coming when it will not be a question of raising finances for the work of God, but whether the people of God have the character and integrity to handle the mountain of money that will come flooding in.
The first reason for this end time transfer of wealth is that before the second return of Jesus, the Kingdom of God will grow into every last ethnic grouping in the world and will surely grow into multiplied billions of people.
Is not poverty a stain, wrinkle and blemish that will be removed from the body of Christ before he returns to be united with his bride – will there not be a prosperous, victorious and successful church waiting to greet her Lord when he comes in glory?”
The writer of this passage evidently did not read the new testament as well, since it describes “spots and wrinkles” as false doctrines and teachers,” - something that describes the writer, and his website. “Spots” have nothing to do with poverty.
The gospel was designed to be spread on a pauper’s budget. It costs little to open one’s mouth and testify. We do not even need to travel. The internet does it for us. However, when travel is involved, it does not have to be in 5 star hotels, and first class accommodations. And only a few travel, while the rest stay behind, and support the effort.
Maybe support of Christian TV is appropriate? Since most Christian TV programs spread “another gospel,” they do not qualify for support. Trying to convince poor people in other countries, or even in this country, that to get money from God requires them to “pay tithes,” and give away all that they have, does NOTHING for Jesus and his message.
The message of Jesus is the cross, repentance, and forgiveness through Him.
The end time transfer of wealth is for the benefit of the Jewish people, to return to their homeland, and prepare for their Messiah. It is not for lazy or greedy Christians.
Isaiah never mentions “the church,” and describes the wealth of the gentiles being given over to Israel, as the sons and daughters return to their homeland.
This is an obvious lie being spoken to the modern church, and the preachers will suffer for it.
The Church is not growing now, because it spends it money on itself, instead of on the gospel and the poor.
Nowhere in the Bible does it mention giving money, to get more money from God, and that Christians will be rich in the last days. The one passage about “do not rob God” from Malachi 3:10 is directed toward greedy priests who were keeping the money, given by the people, for themselves. Doesn’t this sound like today?
While Jesus and his followers did accept offerings at times, they did not fleece the flock, like what we see today. They were mainly self supporting.
How to get back on track with God’s will
If you want to be part of fulfilling God’s prophecy toward Israel, then you need to direct attention toward the support of Israel and the Jewish people.
Support can start now – today – and you will be blessed for it.
The greatest way to protect what you have is to dedicate it to the final wealth transfer to the Jewish nation. God will provide for your needs. If you only intend to use it for your own needs, then you may loose it all, as world markets crash.
Also, for those adherents of the rapture – whenever they think it is coming – there is the opportunity to leave remaining resources – money, property, etc – behind for their Jewish brethren, so that they can return to Israel, and usher in the coming of the Messiah, and become His.
If the Christians will truly be taken from this earth, leaving only Jewish believers behind, why leave the money for the wicked in government to seize? Hopefully, everyone’s family will “leave” together, so there is no longer any use for whatever money remains behind.
If Christians contacted Jewish believers (ie. traditional Jews) now, and informed them of the intent to leave them their remaining assets, in case of a rapture, wouldn’t that be a powerful testimony as to the truth of who Jesus is?
Or why wait? Support the aliyah (Jewish return) that is going on right now.  Or, give support to constructive Jewish projects (Orphanages, synagogues, schools, etc).  Invest in their future.  When the time comes for them to leave, they will be able to sell the property, and use the funds to return to Israel.
Because the rapture itself, with the end time transfer of wealth, would speak volumes about the truth the Christians had to begin with. This would help Jews recognize, and accept, the Messiah who has provided for them to come home.
It is prophesied that the Messiah would facilitate the return of the Jews to the homeland. How powerful a message, when He uses Christians to fulfill the prophecy!!!
The Christians believe in Jesus as the Messiah to come. The Jews do not believe in Jesus as Messiah. But, they are united in the same Messianic hope. Ultimately, I believe they will, one day, be united under Yahweh as the Messiah reveals Himself.
Be a part of this final miracle.
Ending on a somewhat selfish note, many people are worried about their money in a stock market crash. The only wealth that is guaranteed to be around in the end times, is the wealth that will be transferred to Israel.
For those who have earmarked their money for this purpose, or for those that currently support Israel and the Jewish people, the guarantee only applies to them. So, according to scripture, the only money God will protect, deliver, or preserve, is the money earmarked for Israel. Everyone else will suffer problems.
Do you want to be preserved in perilous times? Then support Israel.

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