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TBN EXPOSED! Hal Lindsey Refuses to Compromise to Stay on Air! Oracle ^ | 1/04/2005 | Hal Lindsey

TBN EXPOSED! Hal Lindsey Refuses to Compromise to Stay on Air!
Here is the letter written by Hal Lindsey to Paul and Jan Crouch, of TBN....(way to go Hal!)

Hal Lindsey Leaving TBN

Refuses to Compromise to Stay on Air

January 1, 2006

Dear Paul and Jan,

Paul, Jr. relayed your message to me that you are both in agreement on the policy of nothing negative being said on TBN about Muslims. Hearing that you also warned John Haggee, Perry Stone, Jack VanImpe and others of this policy caused me to realize that your are not going to modify your position.

I love and respect you both and know your heart for evangelism of the Muslims. But I don't agree with your reasoning that warning about the dangers of "radical Islam" is a hindrance to the Gospel to all Muslims. The 'Radicals' are intimidating the moderate Muslims -- not to mention their terrible persecution of Arab and Palestinian Christians.

Jesus confronted false religion (which Islam is) by calling them "whitewashed tombstones", "Brood of vipers", and "sons of hell" in Matthew 23.

I am sure of my calling from the LORD. One important part of that calling is to sound a prophetic alarm to America and the world about the dangers of the false religion of Fundamental Islam. It is a "Watchman on the Wall" kind of calling.

In addition, the IIB is a news show from a Christian perspective. It is impossible to report the news without mentioning in a 'negative light' the radical Islamists who are wreaking murder and destruction on the Western world daily. It is truthfully reporting the most relevant news that made IIB one the most popular programs on TBN.

It is also absolutely unacceptable to me to require my script to be submitted for censorship each week and then to learn whether my program will be aired or not. I don't have much money and it costs me a lot out of pocket to produce each show. When it is rejected or pre-empted, it is a big loss for me.

So with regret and grief, I am not returning to TBN. I intend to pursue other avenues of ministry. I thank you for the years of association in the ministry. May God continue to bless you in your pursuit of evangelizing the world.

In Christ's grace,
Hal Lindsey

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  1. next time when you come at me about paul couch know whats up he is islamic