Monday, December 31, 2012

British public grows increasingly opposed to interfering in Syria: Poll

British public grows increasingly opposed to interfering in Syria: Poll
A new survey has found overwhelming opposition among the UK public to the government’s support for terrorists fighting the popular government of president Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

This comes as UK Prime Minister David Cameron has been seeking to overthrow the Syrian government by any means whether it’s arming terrorist groups or interfering in the country militarily.

The survey by Com-Res for The Independent newspaper found that Britons do not believe the coalition should provide military support to foreign-backed terror groups in the Middle Eastern Muslim country, let alone military intervention.

According to the results, 48 percent of Britons oppose the government’s adventurism as far as the situation in Syria is concerned.

The huge margin of 48 percent against, to 35 percent in favor of further support shows how much the British are scared by the talk of their country entering another conflict.

Once again, David Cameron is trying to legitimize his warmongering policies by seeking to rally support among European leaders to relax sanctions on arms sells to Syria so that his cash-strapped country could provide heavy weaponry to terror groups fighting the country’s legitimate government.

This is while that some lawmakers are also expressing concern about sending arms to a war zone and fear a drift towards military action.

Richard Ottoway, Conservative chair of the Commons Foreign Affairs Select Committee, said it has become “increasingly concerned that momentum is building toward some form of Western-backed military action, and that the government is considering becoming involved in such action imminently, without consulting Parliament.”

ComRes interviewed 1,000 adults in Britain by telephone between 14 and 16 December.

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