Sunday, December 30, 2012

Pro-Choice or Pro-Abortion Barack Obama is not pro-choice; he is solidly pro-abortion.

Pro-Choice or Pro-Abortion

For years, the media has portrayed the two sides of the abortion debate as “pro-life” and “pro-choice”. I dislike the latter term because I believe it inaccurately portrays the debate. To present the abortion issue as a debate between “pro-life” and “pro-choice” gives the appearance that those who stand for life must stand against choice. Are there some people who are truly pro-choice? Yes, but the majority of people who claim the pro-choice label could be more accurately defined as “pro-abortion”. They do not simply want to give people the right to choose; they want to force us to accept abortion, and in many cases, force us to pay for it.
No one typifies the term “pro-abortion” more than Barack Obama. He has been quiet on the abortion issue during his time as President, but during his time in the U.S. Senate and Illinois State Senate, Mr. Vote-Present found plenty of time to cast his votes in defense of abortion.
Obama supported cloning research on leftover embryos from in vitro fertilization and opposed a law that prohibited states from engaging in research that would destroy an embryo. Obama stated in The Audacity of Hope that he would side with Stephen Breyer in favor of allowing late-term abortions. He supports abortion on demand and opposes mandatory parental notification laws. As an Illinois senator, Obama even stood alone in opposing legislation that would have protected the right to life for babies who survived a late-term abortion.
It would be bad enough if Obama’s views were simply his own, but Obama’s views go even further. Barack Obama does not just want to defend a person’s “right” to have an abortion, but he wants to make every American support that “right” financially. Obama has supported public funding of abortion, and the regulations stemming from his health care deform law will force insurance companies to pay for abortions using the money you pay for your health insurance.
Barack Obama is certainly not pro-choice. He wants to force all Americans to accept the practice of abortion–even late-term abortion–as legitimate, and even worse, he is already preparing to force us to pay for abortion, even when it violates our religious beliefs. NARAL, a political group that supports abortion rights, promoted Obama on its front page and highlighted his thirteen-for-thirteen voting record in support of abortion. Given that the remainder of his voting record–especially on controversial issues–consists of a large number of “present” votes, Obama’s wholehearted votes in favor of abortion tell us where and how strongly he stands on this issue. Barack Obama is not pro-choice; he is solidly pro-abortion.
The American media has turned the term “pro-choice” into a term where choice simply refers to abortion. However, there are other choices that take place long before the decision to have an abortion. Barring a rape, two people made a choice to engage in sexual activity. In many cases, those people also made a choice not to use any form of contraception. However, when it comes time to face the unwanted consequences (or “punishment”, as Obama puts it) of their choices, people want to claim a “right” to choose to murder their unborn child. It is time that we define the terms properly: the abortion debate is not a matter of life or choice, it is a matter of life or death.

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