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12-12-09 The newly budding US-Egypt love affair - a) Sequence of events - September-December 2012 - from Benghazi to Gaza

12-12-09 The newly budding US-Egypt love affair - a) Sequence of events - September-December 2012 - from Benghazi to Gaza
12-12-09 The newly budding US-Egypt love affair - a) Sequence of events - September-December 2012 - from Benghazi to Gaza
It may come differently wrapped, but the US's gift to both Egypt and Israel is in undermining civil and representative government. And short-sight intrigues often end up back-firing, from Benghazi to Cairo...

Clinton in Cairo, November 2012

Jerusalem, December 9 - Hebrew Israeli media today report that according to Egyptian sources, US armed forced conducted last week a special operation on Egyptian soil, where the leader of the Benghazi attack was captured. (see below)

Such media include:
Israel HaYom - casino-Edelson-funded, Bibi's propaganda tool - says it was a US operation, and [/*]Arutz7 - formerly pirate, off-shore, prosecuted, right-wing radio station, today, a legitimate right-wing/ultra right-wing internet outlet with good government connections - says it "included" US forces[/*][/list]In contrast, US media report that it was Egyptian forces that captured the man. (see below)

In view of the above, the recent Sequence of Events, should be updated:
September 11, 2012 - US Ambassador to Libya killed in Benghazi attack[/*]November 14, 2012 - Israel launches operation "Pillar of Defense" in Gaza[/*]November 21, 2012 - Mohamed Kamel Amr, the Egyptian Foreign Minister, and Hillary Clinton, the US Secretary of State, announced a ceasefire that would take effect on 21:00 GMT+2[/*]November 22, 2012 - Israeli-Gaza ceasefire holds[/*]November 22, 2012 - Egypt’s Morsi Grants Himself Far-Reaching Powers[/*]November 26, 2012 - Clinton, Egyptian Leader Get Israel & Hamas to Agree to Gaza Ceasefire[/*]November 27, 2012- Clinton powwows with Egyptian FM about Gaza ceasefire[/*]December 4, 2012 - Egypt's Morsi leaves presidency residence amid clashes[/*]December 6, 2012 - Al-Azhar University (the most widely recognized Suni institution) urges Morsi to suspend constitutional declaration[/*]December 7, 2012 - Fears of a return to martial law as Egypt's military issues warning over street protests[/*]December 2-7, 2012 - US is permitted to conduct special operations on Egyptian soil. [/*]December 8, 2012 - Egypt's President Morsi scraps emergency decree[/*][/list]Even right-wing commentator in Israel conclude that the US has/had no interest in the "Arab Spring", democracy, or Human Rights in the Arab world. Today, the US prefers a pro-US, stable, Islamist-Suni dictatorship in Egypt. Something along the Saudi Arabian lines could be a suitable model (with or without hereditary regime). Such commentators see in it effective and desirable realpolitik.

The Sequence of Events above also shows the interconnected nature of unlawful US conduct in the region - what started with a secret CIA prison in Benghazi, ended up with the need to support dictatorship in Egypt for the sake of capturing the leader of the Benghazi attack... it is Iran-Contra redux.
That lesson is not lost around the world, including, but not limited to the Arab world, and it shows US foreign policy, which operates at the quarterly report perspective, and favor dictatorships. As events of recent days, such short-sighted approach often ends up in miscalculation and at least undermines US credibility, if not fosters anti-american sentiments.

The only lasting asset of the US in the middle east over the past several decades is the Carter brokered Camp David Accord, which still hold US, Israel, and Egypt as a unit, regardless of all the changes in the region and the world.


Bold emphasis was added in the two excerpts below - jz

Huffington Post

Mohamed Gamal Abu Ahmed, Benghazi Attack Suspect, Held In Egypt: U.S. Official

Posted: 12/08/2012 3:31 pm EST
Updated: 12/08/2012 6:03 pm EST

CAIRO, Dec 8 (Reuters) - Egyptian authorities are holding a man whose militant group is suspected of links to an attack in Libya in which the American ambassador was killed, U.S. officials in Washington and a security source in Cairo said on Saturday.

"They arrested Mohamed Gamal," said one U.S. official.



Benghazi Terror Cell was Headed by Egyptian

Egyptian terrorist Mohammed Jamal abu-Ahmed headed the terrorist cell responsible for attacking the American embassy in Benghazi, Libya, Egyptian media report.

Abu-Ahmed was arrested in Egypt last week in a special operation that included American forces.


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