Thursday, December 20, 2012

Poverty in America and Democratic Dictatorship

Poverty in America and Democratic Dictatorship

Neither of us slept that night and when I walked into the classroom the next morning, I was welcomed by the heavy cursing of my Dutch friend. Bush got re-elected.
Being non-American (and stupid young naive girls) we couldn’t understand how he managed to be elected.. again! Four years later, almost out of nothing, Obama came and the whole world seemed to be in some kind of delirium.
Nobody can deny that his campaign was as strong as a rock. Nobody can deny that Obama has authorized 193 drone attacks. Four times more than the number of attacks Bush authorized during both his terms. I’m not educated enough to make a judgement about the necessity of these drone attacks nor do I believe that Obama has brought no improvement at all but there is something that shocks me every time I read it: Over a million people in America are living of less than 2 dollar a day.
It’s baffling that the world’s most powerful nation can’t take care of it’s own people and that of the 46.2 million people that are living below the poverty line: over one million lives in extreme poverty. It makes you wonder to who the Republicans and Democrats cater to, when after so many years, so many people are increasingly trapped in poverty. It makes you wonder what will happen with the children that grow up in poverty. The future of America.
Now, there’s another thing I can’t wrap my head around. There is no such thing as a two party system in America.  Did you know that? I didn’t till a few months ago. It’s insane that people don’t have to choose between the Republicans and Democrats but still do. Or maybe it’s not. Jill Stein from the Green Party got arrested for attempting to enter the debate grounds. I don’t know if she’s the answer but I applaud her for standing up for her rights. How could the public possibly know about the other candidates if they get so little coverage and can’t even enter the debates? How democratic is democratic America? What is wrong with women voting for Romney? Should America be an advocate of democracy in other parts of the world if their own people can’t even exercise their democratic rights? If you read this in, let’s say 2080, please shake your head at the stupidity of our generation and say.. nah.. thank God we changed all that ages ago!
As per tomorrow: I won’t sleep all  night and probably wake up to the heavy cursing of my friend.

 Jill Stein: Americans are being thrown under the bus: via @youtube

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