Sunday, December 2, 2012

NSA/CIA Anonymous Aids NATO Attack on Syria

NSA/CIA Anonymous Aids NATO Attack on Syria

by Scott Creighton
Syria 360 blog has a good article up on how the CIA/NSA asset called Anonymous is helping the NATO destabilization campaign in Syria by attacking Syrian government and state TV websites in response to the NATO shutdown of the Syrian internet.

Anonymous quickly called their campaign Opsyria. At 02:00 am GMT on Friday they started removing all the Syrian government’s internet properties that remained online, after the country’s Web access was severed, they also targeted domains ran by pro-government sympathizers.
Some of the Syrian organizations and companies that have been hacked by Anonymous include Syrian Railways, the Syrian parliament, Syrian TV and the Syrian Embassy in China.
The hackers also managed to download 1GB of confidential memos and emails from the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs including details about plane loads of cash from Russia and arms from Ukraine, which they have uploaded for public viewing.” Syria 360
They also put up an interesting comparison of the logos of the Roman Empire, NATO and Anonymous. In and of itself, this isn’t damning evidence, but it is interesting:

Roman Empire Emblem 753 BC – 476 AD [Senatus Populus que Romanus -"The Senate and People of Rome"]

United Nations Emblem 1945

Anonymous Logo 2003-2012
- Alexandra Valiente
I have been saying for quite sometime that the group calling itself Anonymous is more likely an asset of the NSA or the CIA or even possibly a contractor working for the defense department. This latest action of theirs lends more credibility to that conclusion. I came to that conclusion after approaching some of them in their internet chat room about possibly hacking the email accounts of some of the so-called “truth activists” to find out who was really an activist and who was a Cass Sunstein styled operator. I was told they didn’t have the capability to do that. Here we see them able to shut down Syrian government websites and hack into heavily protected email accounts of the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but they can’t hack Jon Gold’s gmail account? Yeah right.
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