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Who are Anonymous Hackers?

Who are Anonymous Hackers?

Who are Anonymous Hackers? “We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not Forget. Expect us”- This is the most Famous line in the World of Hackers. This Famous Lines represent the most Popular Hacker’s of the World who have created Revolution World wide. They are the Anonymous Hackers.
There is a lot of confusion among various peoples, media, Government of different countries and citizens about who/what anonymous is/represents. Anonymous have created revolution all over the world by hacking many of the government websites, Banking websites, databases, leaking passwords and user ID’s of different top companies websites.

Who are Anonymous Hackers?

Anonymous is a loosely associated hacktivist group which was originated in 2003 (according to wikipedia).  According to Anonymous they have no leaders. They are one. They are many. They comes from all walks of life they are from all age, race, place, gender, country. They do not have ideologies, They do not have any goal But they have every Ideology and goal imaginable. They cannot be blamed because blaming them is to blaming the citizens of the world- Anonymous are spread all over the world. They do not work with any specific post. No one speaks for anonymous. No one speaks for all.
Nothing is official in them. No videos. No operations. Not even any press release. Every video, every operation, and press release was created by anonymous number of anonymous at an anonymous times in an anonymous place and uploaded anonymously. Anonymous is everywhere. Anonymous never sleeps because they are all over the world if one side of world sleeps then the other side is awaken. They are always active. They are not follower.They do not take anyone’s side and they do not believe in sides. They are their own leader their on own journey. Many of them uphold law of human right, freedom of speech and law of land. They cannot speak for all. Many countries around the world like India, Ireland, Bangladesh, Turkey, Cuba, Egypt, Italy, Jordan are under protest and Anonymous are watching them. They are not terrorist they are helping to give voice to the voiceless. Anonymous are more than we think.They are the unstoppable. Some people are trying to stop Anonymous but they don’t know that stopping Anonymous is like to douse a fire away using petrol. Anonymous are the internet Hackers they are like you and me.

How to join Anonymous?

Nobody can join anonymous. Anonymous is not a club, a party or an organization. There is no membership fees. As i said earlier they do not have any goal, no Ideology. Do u still want to join anonymous? so You are in If you want to. Anonymous Hackers are many you cannot count them and you are anonymous if you want to.

How to be Anonymous?

This will be my next post please check this post tomorrow.

Activities And Operations of Anonymous Hackers:-

  • Anonymous takes down
  • Anonymous leaks personal information of 5000 Israeil Officials
  • Anonymous Hacks 20 million account to promote operation jubilee
  • Anonymous to launch aprojectlike wikileaks called as”TYLER”
  • Operation Egypt
  • Operation Libya (#OPLIBYA)
  • Operation Iran
  • Opeartion Tecquila
  • database leaked by anonymous Hackers
  • Operation Freedom (OpFreedom)

How to contact other anonymous ?

Anonymous are spread world wide. you can contact another anonymous by using social networking site just search for terms like “Anonymous” you will get thousands. Even on facebook there are more than 50 groups named as “Anonymous” in which every group have more than 2000 members.


Coming to the Conclusion -Anonymous are many.We cannot count them. there i no leader, no discrimination. Anonymous are also known as Robin hood of cyber world The corrupt fears them, The honest supports them, The Heroic Join them. One thing i want to tell to my readers from my personal point of view- if u are anonymous or u want to join anonymous always remember that anything u do whether you hack an ID or deface complete website always remember that you are representing  ”Anonymous” which is respected by all over the world. I also respect anonymous. Thanks a lot for reading my post.

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