Saturday, December 1, 2012

Senate Forces $27 per Gallon Green Biofuel Boondoggle on Military

Senate Forces $27 per Gallon Green Biofuel Boondoggle on Military

Eleven Republicans vote with most Democrats to impose “green energy” mandate


Move over $800 toilet seats. Instead of letting our fighting men and women fill up on fuel at the prices that you pay at the pump, the U.S. Senate has just voted to force the military to pay $27 per gallon on ultra-pricey biofuels that nobody else wants. Read all about it from the Institute for Energy Research.

The real crime in this is that eleven Republicans joined most Democrats in the 62-37 vote. My son just enlisted in the Army today. I’d suggest that he and his fellow soldiers are a better place to invest than paying 10x more than necessary for fuel.

Here’s how you can contact your elected officials. Let’s make sure those Republicans know how happy you are with their work:

Sen. Roy Blunt - MO
Sen. Thad Cochran - MS
Sen. Susan Collins - ME
Sen. Chuck Grassley - IA
Sen. John Hoeven - ND
Sen. Dick Lugar - IN
Sen. Lisa Murkowski - AK
Sen. Olympia Snowe - ME
Sen. John Thune - SD
Sen. Mike Johanns - NE
Sen. Jerry Moran - KS

And … Just to be fair … Here are two Democrats that stood up for sanity and voted against the biofuel mandate:

Sen. Jim Webb - VA
Sen. Joe Manchin - WV

Mr. Braun is the Director of Policy for Job Creators Solutions.

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