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Satan’s Counterfeit Matrix-PT 16/Light & Dark

Satan’s Counterfeit Matrix-PT 16/Light & Dark

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Chapter 16. Dark & Light

God’s light
God is light and in Him is no darkness at all. In him was life, and the life was the light of men. The light shines in darkness, and the darkness can never put it out. Now what does light do? Basically, it is three-fold: First, the most characteristic thing about light, the thing we are enjoying at this very moment and probably the first discoverable fact about light, is that light reveals. I can see you because there is light in this room; and you are unfortunate enough to see me for the same reason. Light reveals. If there were no light I could hear you but I could not see you. Darkness conceals, but light reveals. That is the first function of light. It enables us to see things that have been there all the time but which we could never see till the light shines. God reveals reality. God, through Yeshua, opens up the eyes of the heart and life comes into focus and we see clearly, without distortion. It does not all happen in one amazing transformation. Often, it is a gradual process for we would not be able to take the full revelation at once. But the
purpose of God’s entering into human hearts is that we might see reality. Light reveals, and so does God. The enigmas of life will gradually unfold, the great mysteries will become clear, illusions will be seen for what they are, deceiving phantasmata that disappear as the light shines upon them.

But that is not light’s only quality. It also measures. Did you ever watch a man pick up a stick of lumber, hold it up, and sight along it? What is he doing? He is trying to see if it is crooked or not. What reveals that? A beam of light. He is measuring it against a ray of light, because light is straight and anything that does not correspond to the light is crooked. Light is the most common measuring stick in the universe. We measure whether things are straight or crooked by light. Surveyors use light to measure distances and angles, to see whether they are up or down, high or low, right or left. They have a little instrument they sight through with a small telescope on it. How does it work? It uses light as a measurement. In the vast, illimitable reaches of space today the only adequate measuring stick is light years, the distance measured by the speed of light.
That is what light does, and that is what God does. God is a measuring stick, a point of reference. You can use God to measure everything else. Men are forever seeking to solve the puzzles of life on every level around us. In economic life, political life, social life, scientific life, psychological life, whatever it may be, we are confronted with mysteries and puzzles wherever we turn. As men seek to ferret out the solutions to these puzzles they come up with many proposed solutions. Some are contradictory, some are supplementary to each other, some are absurd, some are stupid, some are very appealing and practical. Every one of us, facing this welter of advice, are constantly asking ourselves the question, how do I know which one is right? How do I know who has the real answers? Where do I get a measuring stick that can be applied to these voices I hear? That is where God comes in.
Light not only reveals and measures, but light energizes too. That is the most dramatic quality about light. It imparts life, it activates, it quickens. That is the most dramatic quality about light. It imparts life, it activates, it quickens. Some years ago I ran across a most eloquent description in one of the sermons of Philip Brookes along this line. He says, “When the sun rose this morning it found the world in darkness, torpid and heavy and asleep, with powers all wrapped up in sluggishness; with life that was hardly better or more alive than death. “The sun found this great sleeping world and woke it. It bade it to be itself. It quickened every slow and sluggish faculty. It called to the dull streams and said, ‘Be quick;’ to the dull birds and bade them sing; to the dull fields and made them grow; to the dull men and bade them think and talk and work. “It flashed electric invitations to the whole mass of sleeping power which really was the world and summoned it to action. It did not make the world. It did not start another set of processes unlike those which had been sluggishly moving in the darkness. It poured strength into the essential processes which belonged to the very nature of the earth. It glorified, intensified, fulfilled the earth.
That happens every morning. That is what God does. God is light and God intensifies, fulfills, and glorifies our essential humanity. He does not destroy it. He takes it and leads it on through the darkness into an ever-growing experience of life and vitality and productivity. Many all over the earth have lost this vision, and for them life has become dead and dull and meaningless, filled with increasing despair. I recently read an excerpt from one of the papers of Frankfurt, Germany, and this sentence stood out: “Newspapers and reports are mentioning the phenomenon of the beatnik which is spreading throughout all European countries. Young people, whose life consists of idleness and complete senselessness. They are lying for hours — as dead persons — in the parks and public places. One of them summarizes the content of his life as follows: ‘Eat every day, evacuate your bowels every day, go to bed every day. That’s all.’”
That kind of a low-voltage substitute for life cries out for light, and God is light. We all recall the testimony of a young man in our midst who was trained as a scientist and had an exciting job exploring the frontiers of the universe with radio telescopes, but his life was empty, hollow, dead, unattractive. Then the light came and he found Christ. Now his life is filled with constant excitement and he is a challenge to young people up and down the whole of the West Coast. God is greatly using him to convey to others that electric sense of vitality that has come from knowing Christ.
Right here at this point someone asks the often unspoken question, “All right, I grant you this happens to a few, but why only to a few? What’s the matter with the rest of the Christians? Why is it that all Christians are not this way? Why are they not alert and informed, stable and dependable, alive and attractive? Why is it that the Christians I meet are so untrustworthy, so critical, so harsh, repelling, and negative? If God is light and he can do this, why does it only seem to happen to a few?”
That is the question the world is asking, is it not? And that is right where John begins next. He goes on to point out that which will be the subject of our examination in several messages; three conditions that are like umbrellas that we Christians erect to shut out the healing, cleansing, glorifying, fulfilling light so that though it is shining it does not change us. Those three conditions will be very revealing to some. God is light and he does reveal truth, he does measure life, he does give us a reference point by which the false can be separated from the true. Best of all, he fulfills, he glorifies, he energizes, he vitalizes. But he does so only as we learn to take down the umbrellas that hide the light from us.

**Satan’s light & darkness**
Light was a part of Lucifer before his transformation into darkness. We have to be aware that Satan’s gospel sheds a false light that comes from the kingdom of darkness. We must not be deceiving ourselves and walking in a false light. Let’s take notice of what that light is. We will look at the counterfeit light. Many people think they are being the light of the world, but how many walk in the counterfeit light? How many truly walk in the light of the righteousness of Christ? The perfect righteousness of Christ must be imparted in our soul. If it is not, we are walking in a counterfeit light establishing a righteousness of our own. Let’s look at this counterfeit light, which is Satan’s gospel. Satan is a master of misrepresentation. He is the world’s greatest advertiser, packaging his product so it seems attractive and appealing while in reality it is deathly poisonous. He wants his clients to see him as good, beneficent and trustworthy. He wants his product -sin and rejection of God-to appear enticing and inviting, and he is usually quite successful.
Satan never presents sin as it really is. He never presents both sides of the story, pro and con. He presents only what he wants us to see, something that appears fun and exciting. He wants us to focus on pleasure, on what feels or looks good at the moment. He wants long-term consequences to be the last thing on our minds while he entices us to sin.
The vast majority of people have lost sight of the real connection between cause and effect. We rarely hear or see that concept mentioned, much less discussed. Instead we hear people clamor for quick fixes to every problem, ease for every discomfort and a pill for every ailment. We seldom stop to consider the long-term consequences of our actions.
Darkness is a prerequisite for evil to exist. Satan’s gospel of darkness is a permissiveness of sin, or unrighteousness, depravity, and error. Under the preaching of Satan’s gospel, there is no call to true evangelical repentance or the process of sanctification; there is no understanding of the two-fold gospel. We need to be justified before the bar of God’s judgment, and we need to be cleansed in the fountain that is open for all sin and uncleanness. There is no call to sacrifice that body of sin, i.e., that evil eye, that hand that is swift to exercise that which the evil mind contrives, nor that foot that is swift to run to evil. The way is so broad that all these things can enter, and there is no call to be purged from our sin. Satan gained the fall of man by placing the authority of God’s Word and God’s integrity in question. Satan barters the Word of God. To barter means to trade one item for another of equal value. Satan tries to barter the Word of God with human reasoning. Satan sets human reasoning equal in value to the Word of God. Satan teaches man to barter the Word of God. In Satan’s gospel, the authority of the Word of God has been set at naught. Satan tries to replace the Word of God with philosophy and human reasoning. Genesis 3:4 KJV says,

” And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die.”

Escalation of Manifestations

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Religion is the worst enemy of humanity that’s ever existed. Yeshua even told the disciples this. It’s the biggest culprit of all when I comes to deceit. In fact, this is why Earth is about to experience one of most suffering in the history of mankind. Religions has had such an impact on people of all nations that the clash of all the religious beliefs have caused the most deaths, suffering and evil in this world. But sadly, this was not the extent of it in fact, what’s coming will be the most horrible events to ever take place in the history of mankind.
Deception is at the very heart of all this evil and discontent. No matter where you live on Earth, you have felt it’s claws. Confusion of what is real and not has brought many races to extinction and will do so again. The false teachings have come from so deep in our past that present day experts sometimes don’t even have a clue of their origin. And if they do, they dance around that truth as to not upset the balance, the sleeping masses.

And sadly before most could figure out what is really taking place, it will have been over in the blink of an eye. Our intuition tells us something is amiss, something is happening, but the mainstream media keeps so much covered that unless you have an extreme patience and a exorbitant amount of time, you will never see below the surface of what the elite want you to see.
As with the movie, “Groundhog Day,” you just repeat your routine day in and day out without questioning it until one day you wake up and say, “HEY!”. Life is to short for that but sadly it’s a way of life for so many of us. Life is not owed to us, but a GIFT from GOD. Life is precious and we need to take it seriously, but really it’s just a fleeting moment in the whole picture for life as we know it is but a speck of our spiritual progression.
The opening of the First Seal was the beginning of an apostasy (falling away from the truth) and great spiritual destruction upon God’s Church. The opening of this seal served as a warning and an announcement to God’s people that the end time was at hand and that the return of Jesus Christ was now imminent—the countdown for Christ’s return had begun!

God has been very specific about His remnant at the end. At present, that remnant is what God said He would stir and awaken. The Sixth Seal is where the events that will take rock the world! As we approach the end of this spiritual phase of God’s work, a physical phase of destruction has begun in the world. It is steadily increasing in frequency and magnitude. This escalating destruction, throughout the world, is a forewarning of far greater destruction to follow once the Sixth Seal is about to be opened.
The First Thunder
September 11, 2001 was a day that thundered so loudly that the very mention of it is recognized all over this world. Mention that day anywhere on earth and people know what happened.
The First Thunder is the beginning terror of war for the end-time. This is war that is prophetic for the end-time.
All Seven Thunders contain things that have occurred on the earth in one way or another ever since man’s beginning. Terrorism is not new. Wars are not new. But what is happening now, in these Seven Thunders, is new because it is part of end time prophecy. All these things will lead directly into the final three and one-half years of great physical tribulation on all the earth, with ever increasing intensity.

The Second Thunder
There is another rumbling that has been increasing in intensity over the past couple of years. It is the direct result of a marked increase in destructive power being unleashed by the earth itself.
The Second Thunder is the increasing destruction generated by earthquakes. Over a period of only two years, there have been over 500,000 deaths from earthquakes with several million additional people being displaced.
The Third Thunder
In terms of an economic impact on property, and even loss of life, one of the most destructive forces that is taking a dramatic turn for the worse is being caused by an escalating change in our weather.
The Third Thunder is the growing destructiveness from weather.

The Fourth Thunder
Each one of the previous prophetic thunders will have an impact on the fourth thunder. The result of nations fighting terrorism and engaging in war, along with the devastation caused by earthquakes and the destructiveness from weather, will place a greater burden on a crushing global economy.
The Fourth Thunder is global economic upheaval.
The Fifth Thunder
The next three thunders have a duality that includes both the Church of God and the world. It has already been explained that the Sixth Seal is a time of transition from end-time tribulation on the Church to end-time tribulation on this world. The last three thunders are a direct part of that transition.
The Fifth Thunder is death.

This Fifth Thunder is divided into three specific phases of death. (1) The first phase is death within the Church of God that was scattered. It will be specifically about a marked increase in the death of its leadership (the ministry). (2) The second phase will be a sudden escalation in the death of notable people in the world. (3) The third phase will be a sudden escalation of death in the world from plagues.
The Sixth Thunder is the growing revelation of God’s end-time witnesses.
The Seventh Thunder is the accelerated revelation of God to man.
These thunderous sounds of the events taking place are just a prelude of what’s to come but people will think this will be as worse as it gets. Sadly, not true. The events will continue to excel until the big one, the biggest man has ever felt.
Now, we have the Sixth Seal opening! This is the earthquake of all earthquakes! The volcano of all mother volcanoes! It’s the one to shock the world, all tectonic plates will shift and cause the greatest upheaval since the Great Deluge. With this there will be a blooding red moon and black sack clothed sun. Then we are told the stars will fall to earth. This is a description where many are mislead. The Bible speaks clearly of the stars being as GOD’s Sons. GOD’s purpose for not expelling all the fallen angels to the great horror of condemnation is just for this reason. GOD’s plan of casting out of the angels with Lucifer came with the delusion that is upon mankind as of this very moment in time.

When these fallen angels come they will come previous to Satan/Lucifer’s grand appearance. They pave the way of his much needed theater. The New World Order is part of this plan, in fact it’s everything. The One World religion began before the N.W. O. began. Between the two of them, complete chaos is going to unfold upon us.
The biggest deception of all is that the fallen angels are supernatural, and therefore will not be seen by us because our realms do not touch one another. Ahh….but they do. These forces are exactly what Ephesians 6:12-13 describe and they will make their presence known as never before. Now, they travel in between dimensions when called upon, but when they are given permission by GOD to come to Earth…their presence will be felt worldwide. Right now, it is felt but kept secret. Many nations have came forth with the truth but the key players in the N. W. O. do not want this revealed.
Demonic possession has increased the world over. Never has there been such a presence of evil except in Genesis 6:4 when the fallen angels were here before. They have planned their deceptions for over 6000 millenniums. They hypnotized and gave many hollow promises to bring humanity to the stage in which we live. The deception deals with entities beyond our capabilities and with this comes levels of abuse and horror that will cause may to die of heart attacks when they make their presence known. They come with promises of love, peace and miracles, but beneath the false personas, under the masks, is their real character. Characters of evil that work in unison with Satan to try to establish a hierarchy that GOD will never let take place. People, many of who are possessed continue to so the bidding for these principalities and powers thinking they too will gain powers and stature.
The grand illusion is taking place-it is before us. The skies are Satan’s dominion and he covers them with his evil legions, with technology more advanced than we could ever conceive. This technology conceals their identity, until GOD opens the vortex.
When the advancement of their forces come, it will be like no other. Our armies are minions compared to them, our machinery so trivial and our weaponry so minute. The force of their attack will cause many deaths, but only after the chosen of their attack suffer to the degree of wanting death but it will not, until the chosen time.
What do we do? We get our house in order! Not our proverbial homes, our TEMPLE! We get our soul right with GOD. We take our sins and confessions to Yeshua, and in HIS name, we ask for forgiveness. Salvation is no other forgiving in the world for it bears the mark of our very soul. So when the time is right and we are going to meet our Maker, our Creator, then they can kill our mortal bodies but our immortal soul belongs to GOD!

Atlantis Anomaly!

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A Russian Space Forces (
VKS) report circulating in the Kremlin today says that one of their Kosmos-2469 satellites currently in orbit over North America has detected a gamma ray burst of “unprecedented proportions” emanating from the United States Army’s main weapons base Dugway Proving Ground located in their State of Utah.
According to this report, since the formation of what is described as a “magnetic vortex” began appearing in the Gulf of Aden (see our December 1, 2010 report
Mysterious ‘Vortex’ Warned Is Creating Global Weather Catastrophe) a growing number of gamma ray bursts emanating from beneath our Earth and its seas, and directed towards the Sirius star system [Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky], have been detected and have given rise to the belief of many Russian scientists that they belong to an ancient “early warning system” of some type.
One of the largest of these gamma ray bursts was detected coming from the seas off the Florida coast in an area long believed to have once been a part of the
Lost Continent of Atlantis described by the classical Greek philosopher and mathematician Plato (428-347BC) as being a naval power lying “in front of the Pillars of Hercules” that conquered many parts of Western Europe and Africa 9,000 years before the time of Solon, or approximately 9600 BC.
Unlike other locations around our Earth where these gamma ray bursts have been detected, however, the anomaly generating them off the Florida coast was in relatively shallow waters estimated at no more than 500 meters under the sea, and which this past week the United States Navy began one of their largest operations ever to recover.
Now according to this report, the US Federal Aviation Administration (
FAA) issued an unprecedented warning to all pilots flying over this area that between the dates of January 20 and February 22 their Department of Defense (DOD) would be “conducting tests” leaving the Global Positioning System (GPS) “unreliable or unavailable” while this “recovery” operation was underway.
The VKS in their report states that this DOD operation was, in fact, to remove from the “pyramid shaped structure” discovered off the coast of Florida a “capstone” believed to be one of the sources of these mysterious gamma ray bursts and remove it to the US Army’s Dugway Proving Ground located about 149 km (85 miles) southwest of Salt Lake City, Utah for further testing.
Once this mysterious “capstone” was secured at Dugway Proving Ground yesterday, however, and presumably tests on it had begun, the Kosmos-2469 detected a massive series of gamma ray bursts emanating from that location and news reports from the United States stated that the bases commander, Colonel William E. King, locked down his whole facility stating that they were trying to resolve a
According to the official US government website about this base [photo bottom left] we can read:
Independent American researchers, however, say this about Dugway Proving Ground:
One of America’s top independent researchers named Steve Quayle, also, has written about this mysterious “Atlantis Anomaly”, and as we can read from his January 23rd report titled
As we stated in our last report,
Millions Of Chinese Stunned After Government Makes Obama UFO Statement, and in our reports Greenland Sunrise Shocks World As Superstorms Pound Planet, Poisonous Space Clouds Slamming Into Earth Cause Mass Bird And Fish Deaths, Pole Shift Blamed For Russian Air Disaster, Closure Of US Airport and Massive Earthquake Fears Rise After Mysterious Object Moves Nearer To Earth, the complexity of the dire issues now confronting our Earth are too voluminous for the average person to gain immediate knowledge of as it takes decades, and in some cases centuries, to decipher, decode and fully understand the grave nature of the warnings passed down to us today from our ancient ancestors about what is happening now, and will happen in the future.
To believing that your leaders will tell you the truth about what is really happening as more Superstorms continue hitting our planet is not only beyond foolish, it is dangerous. Even this past week, one of America’s top weather experts,
Joe Bastardi of the State College of Pennsylvania’s Accueweather.Com, was forced to admit that grave condition of our World’s weather was not only unprecedented, but no one (in authority at least) was able to say what was causing it. (Watch his video report HERE)
In these times we live in, it is, perhaps, best for one to do what these so called leaders are doing for themselves, instead of listening to what they say, and include such examples as: The Chinese government building what is described as an underground
“Great Wall” that stretches for more than 5,000 km in the Hebei region of their country; The United States government ordering hundreds of millions of blankets, body bags and survival food; The Russian government ordering 5,000 additional bomb shelters to be built by 2012; and the building in Norway of what is called the “Doomsday Seed Vault” where all of the seeds and plant DNA of our entire Earth are now being stored.
Now if our ancient ancestors are to be believed from the thousands of myths and legends handed down to us through the ages, than what is happening to our Earth (and this is what they said, not us) is that in the “End of Days” our planet would “cry out unto the heavens” to the “gods” who would then “descend upon the Earth” to save a “remnant of humanity” and “restore what will soon be destroyed”.
And when these ancient myths and legends are combined with the technical knowledge we have today, it begins to appear that whomever, or whatever, these “gods” were, and when they left our planet after the last “overturning”, they set up a system monitoring our Earth that when the “End of Days” would come again so would they.


Millions of Chinese Stunned After Government Makes Obama UFO Statement!

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Hundreds of millions of Chinese citizens remain stunned today after China’s official government television news station Xinhua made their
unprecedented January 4th announcement that the American President, Barak Obama, was preparing to announce to the world the existence of extraterrestrial races currently on our planet and fueled by what they called was a “extraterrestrial disclosure race” now developing between China and the US. [To view the official newscast click on here.]
Unfortunately for the American people, their propaganda media outlets have refused to allow them to know of this historic event, and even worse are keeping from these people the grave and dire situation facing our entire planet as we near what the ancients called “The End of Days”.
In our previous reports (

“Now to fully understand what this Global catastrophe is all about one must look at exactly what the ancients wrote about it, and can be summarized as follows: 1.) Every few thousands years (3,500-5,000) a planetary size “object” sojourns through our Solar System causing chaos among the Planets. 2.) The timing of this mysterious objects appearance coincides with a human population grown so large and powerful it begins to threaten all other life on Earth. 3.) The events preceding this mysterious objects return include social upheaval, world wars, mass animal deaths and powerful Superstorms. 4.) The culminating event is this mysterious object coming so close to Earth that our planet’s rotation is stopped, reversed and re-started causing massive earthquakes and tidal waves that wipes out nearly all human civilization. 5.) Both immediately prior to and following the cataclysmic destruction of Earth the “gods” return to save a remnant of humanity and help it rebuild a shattered Earth.”
With Obama knowing that the ancient “gods” are returning to Earth to, once again, help protect humanity from the coming destruction of our planet he is, likewise, pitted against those in his own government intent upon keeping the truth from his people, and as evidenced by a recently released secret US State Department cable to their embassy in Ukraine which said:
To how grim the situation has become for our planet is nearly beyond comprehension, especially after
2010 became the worst year for natural disasters in all recorded modern human history and shows no signs of abating in 2011 as Superstorms continue pounding the globe from Brazil to Australia and a new Superstorm warned is preparing to hit the United States this week.
Even worse are new reports warning that our Earth’s magnetic poles have
accelerated their movement and that the entire Continent of Africa is, literally, splitting in two, and as we quote from Cynthia Ebinger, a geologist from the University of Rochester in New York, who told Germany’s Spiegel Online News Service this past week: “The earth is in upheaval in northeastern Africa, and the region is changing quickly. The desert floor is quaking and splitting open, volcanoes are boiling over, and seawaters are encroaching upon the land. Africa, researchers are certain, is splitting apart at a rate rarely seen in geology.”
Not just to Africa, either, are concerns growing as
new reports from the United States volcanic caldera Yellowstone region are reporting a rapid uplifting of land over 10 inches and one of America’s top physicists, Dr. Michio Kaku, warned world citizens this past week about the pending threat of enormous earthquakes that will destroy entire cities.
Most laughable, perhaps, of the West’s reaction to the coming global catastrophes, and the true reasons for it, was the warning issued this past week by Dr. Brad Carter, Senior Lecturer of Physics at the University of Southern Queensland, that by 2012 another Sun would appear in our Earth’s sky, and as we can read:

What makes Dr. Carter’s “announcement” about a second Sun appearing in our sky by 2012 so laughable is that it is exactly what our ancient ancestors said would happen, and as documented by the Russian-American researcher
Immanuel Velikovsky who in compiling the so called myths and legends of all of our Earth and its peoples going back thousands of years discovered:
Ø Planet Earth has suffered natural catastrophes on a global scale, both before and during humankind’s recorded history.
Ø There is evidence for these catastrophes in the geological record and archeological record. The extinction of many species had occurred catastrophically, not by gradual Darwinian means.
Ø The catastrophes that occurred within the memory of humankind are recorded in the myths, legends and written history of all ancient cultures and civilizations. Velikovsky pointed to alleged concordances in the accounts of many cultures, and proposed that they referred to the same real events. For instance, the memory of a flood is recorded in the Hebrew Bible, in the Greek legend of Deucalion, and in the Manu legend of India. Velikovsky put forward the psychoanalytic idea of “Cultural Amnesia” as a mechanism whereby these literal records came to be regarded as mere myths and legends.
Ø The causes of these natural catastrophes were close encounters between the Earth and other bodies within the solar system — not least what were now the planets Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, and Mars, these bodies having moved upon different orbits within human memory.
Ø To explain the celestial mechanics necessary to permit these changes to the configuration of the solar system, Velikovsky thought that electromagnetic forces might somehow play a greater role to counteract gravity and orbital mechanics.
To if Obama, like the Chinese government has told its citizens, will be allowed to truthfully tell the American people the truth about what is happening it is not in our knowing, other than to point out the obvious that no American President is truly in charge of anything, and as best exampled by Woodrow Wilson (1856-1924) 28th President of the United States who once warned his people:
Though President Wilson, and nearly all world leaders for that matter, remain in great fear of this “unseen power” we do not! In fact, for thousands of years our
Order, and many other like ours, have battled against this evil and know it all too well.
This centuries old battle we have waged has not come without
great personal cost, but a cost we judge well worth it if just a single life be saved. And to save these lives we must first battle through the many lies and prejudices deliberately implanted into human beings today, most especially those lies making people believe that we as a human race are separate from each other.
Our battle against these monsters who believe they rule over you also comes at great expense as they will exhaust nothing to suppress and keep hidden the truth from you, even to destroying those like us who stand against them.
The main “tactic” used against us, and all others like us, is to demonize with lies about who we are and what we really stand for so as to keep people from reading the truths we offer. They need no proof for their lies either, they just need to keep repeating them over, and over, and over, to the point where the “lies have become the truth” and creating a world that the Christian prophet Paul described as “For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions.”
Unfortunately, for those people today seeking teachers and/or knowledge to fit into what they believe is true, instead of letting the truth create the world that really is, our words are all too frequently cast aside because they don’t “fit” into their worldview.
The great English author and journalist
George Orwell (1903-1950) once wrote that “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” By our telling you the truth, and by extension you reading it, makes us both revolutionaries.
And as revolutionaries we both have responsibilities; ours is to continue to uncover and reveal to you the truths being kept hidden from you…and yours is to support our efforts to do that.
As recently exampled by WikiLeaks, whose founder has been “jailed and bailed” and has had his access to funds from his supporters
cut off, and the 23-year-old US Soldier, Bradley Manning, who gave the secret US cables to Wikileaks and is now being tortured by his American jailers, and America’s main opposition newsman, Keith Olbermann, fired without warning from his top rated news show for opposing US wars in what is being described as a “right-wing turn”, to all of these and more, the forces arrayed against those telling the truth are not only formidable, they are ruthless.
Though the times we live in are, indeed, grave and dark, there is no excuse for you to any longer be without a side you are standing on, or principles that you are not standing for….those days are long gone because a new world is descending upon you with such speed and ferocity that without truthful knowledge you might as well just give up because you won’t have anything protecting you.


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First will be the distinct implication of a “Deception in the Heavens” and it is obvious that this took place from the beginning of time. Many cultures and races of humanity have been visited by these same entities. Leaving their impression of the same mysteries in the stars, bringing forth a counterfeit message delivered by the ‘sky gods.’ They manipulated many and brought forth not only a counterfeit gospel from the stars but also counterfeit religions by doing so.
THE FOLLOWING is a description of how the NEW AGE consider their MESSAGE of the STARS to be represented:
The astrologer Flegetanis, whose name is Persian for “Familiar with the Stars,” was Jewish and descended from Solomon on his mother’s side but “heathen” on his father’s side, meaning that he was probably either part Babylonian or of Persian descent. Many Grail scholars currently contend that the name Flegetanis refers to an historical astrologer and alchemist known as Thabit ben Qorah, a resident of Baghdad during the 9th century who is reputed to have translated Greek astrology and alchemical texts into Arabic. Perhaps during one of his nightly watches on top of an ancient Mesopotamian Ziggurat, Flegetanis (or Thabit) made his pivotal discovery of what has been called a Holy Grail in the Heavens.
If his gaze on the starry outline of the cup, the Celestial Grail that taught him the secrets of the Holy Grail could have been either the constellation of Aquarius, Crater, or the Big Dipper. But if the astrologer spotted a starry spear in the heavens, he might have been informed of the Grail mysteries by the constellation of Bootes, the “Lance Bearer.”
If Flegetanis received his inspiration from the stars of Aquarius, the “Water Bearer,” he would have observed a constellation whose outline is that of an androgynous man/woman carrying a bucket that he/she appears to continuously shower water down to our world from. If he initially subscribed to it mundane interpretation, Flegetanis might have simply seen Aquarius as a person transporting water. But if he comprehended from a spiritual perspective, which he would have had to do in order to gain an understanding of the Holy Grail, he would have beheld the form of an androgynous savior of humanity holding a vessel, a Holy grail, from which he/she continuously showered the world with the Water of Life or Elixir of Immortality.
Flegetanis must have been deferred to the spiritual understanding of Aquarius because, like all Middle Eastern astrologers, he would have naturally recognized the androgynous figure in the sign as androgynous ENKI, whose legendary function as the Sumerian and Babylonian savior was to uplife humankind by blessing it with the wisdom and transformative power contained within the Apzu, the cosmic Water of Life. Since ENKI’s vessel contained such a valuable elixir, Flegetanis may have concluded that his container was a holy container, and perhaps the archetypal Holy Grail.
If Flegetanis had made a survey he would have found his spiritual insight regarding Aquarius confirmed within many of the spiritual cultures that surround the Middle East. The Hindus, for example, were known to have identified the constellation as the home of Varuna, a god of creation and the lord of cosmic waters of life force that can both create and transform. The neighboring Egyptians also associate Aquarius with a creator deity, whom they knew as Khnum. According to the common man, Khnum caused the Nile to overflow every time he dipped his water bucket into the great river, but the Egyptian priesthood associated Khnum with the Water of Life and its indwelling manifestation in the human body as the Kundalini power. Khnum resided in the temple of Elephantine of Upper Egypt that was associated with the root chakra, the dwelling place of the Kundalini power of the Lord of Egypt, the Green Man Osiris. It was to this temple of Khnum that the Egyptians priests and priestesses went for activation of their inner elixir of Kundalini.
It was left to the later Greeks to conclusively identify the cup of Aquarius as a Celestial Holy Grail. The Greeks recognized the constellation of Aquarius as Ganymede, a Trojan boy who had been carried to Mount Olympus to act as a cup or “Grail” bearer for the gods. Ganymede is reputed to have kept the chalices of the gods continuously overflowing with the nectar of immortality that flowed from his own holy vessel.
Of all the Celestial Grails Flegetanis could have studied, Crater the Cup comes closet to the shape of an actual chalice. And in conjunction with the two constellations that are contiguous with it, Hydra the Water Snake and Corvus the Crow or Storm Bird, it also contains an abundance of wisdom regarding the nature of the Holy Grail and the Water of Life.
Crater, Hydra, and Corvus produce a magnificent celestial Holy Grail motif that resembles a snake supporting both a chalice and bird upon it’s curvaceous back. Crater, of course, represents the holy grail Chalice. Serpentine Hydra is associate with the Water of Life that travels through space like a spiraling snake. And the black bird of Corvus is symbolic of the process of death and the acquisition of secret, occult wisdom that emerges through imbibing the water of Life. Flegetanis may have also conceived of Corvus, as many cultures did at that time, as a dove, which is more commonly used as an avian symbol associated with the Holy Grail and the Water of Life.
Although most Grail scholars can only speculate about Crater and the possibility of it being Flegetanis’ celestial Holy grail, Henry and Renee Kahane, authors of The Krater and the Grail: Hermetic Sources of the Parzival, are unequivocal in proclaiming that they are one in the same. The Kahanes base their theory on  references to Crater in certain ancient alchemical texts, such as the Corpus Hermeticum, which refers to Ctater as the celestial vessel that was sent down to Earth from humans to drink from and/or bathe within in order to acquire immortality and Gnostic wisdom. But since the Hermetic text is not clear whether or not the earthbound manifestation of Crater is physical, the elixir it refers to could simply be a description of the descent of the Water of Life or Holy Spirit life force from above. Perhaps special alchemical rays are beamed to Earth occasionally from the constellation of Crater it
Although the descent of the Holy Spirit “dove” from Crater must remain conjecture, certain legends are unmistakably clear in ascribing the Celestial Grail known as the Big Dipper with the reoccurring tendency of sending high frequency rays of spiritual light to Earth. The Big Dipper is thus truly the definitive Celestial Grail. Technically an asterism or group of stars that comprise part of the constellation of Ursa Major, the “Great Bear,” the Big Dipper projects rays of immortality to earth while creating the outline of a huge heavenly cup, pan or ladle.
The dove that descended from the heavens and the Holy Spirit power it embodied was anciently venerated as a symbol of the Universal Goddess in the Middle East. According to Grail author Wolfram von Eschenbach, this association was assimilated by the Knights Templar during their sojourn in Asia Minor, and they in turn revealed their affiliation to the Goddess and Her Holy spirit power by adorning themselves with symbolic turtle doves and representing themselves as Knights of the Dove. The Templar Knights understood the Holy Spirit life force that descended to our planet like a dove at the beginning of time and thus became “Mother Nature.” According to the founder of the Theosophical Research Organization, the esoteric Manly Palmer Hall, the destructive power of the Goddess is personified in the Holy Grail Mysteries as Kundry, a sorceress with grotesque features that is typically clothed in a black cloak embroidered with white doves. Her nose like a dog, and tusks from her jaw…Kundry’s ears resemble a bear, in her hand a know (or noose), her fingernails transparent and looked like lion’s claws. She wears a hat of peacock feathers, who is ostensibly affiliated with the destructive power of Lucifer, who is known in the East as the Peacock Angel. Thus, in the Holy grail Mysteries the Kundalini is manifest as Kundry. She transforms into an immortal Fisher King. The Goddesses Son is known as the Green Man, also known as Dionysus, Tammus, Adonis, Attis, and Khadir or Al-Khadir. Al-Khadir was called by his regal name of King Melchizedek. He wielded three life powers and was androgynous. To the Jewish Prophets, he was known as the eternal “Watcher.” The Green Man is known all around the world, and shamans spoke of his ritual communion with the Son of God. Even the worshippers of Queztlcoatl, there were manifestations of the Green Man. In India and Sri Lanka, the Green Man Murrugan directly experienced both their deity and Murrugan’s father, the Trident wielding Lord Shiva.
Even the Knights Templar experienced Al-Khadir with the placing of many Green Man heads out of the foliage of the decorations of Rosslyn Chapel of Scotland. They revered him as a Knight, and as the St. George, who evolved from the Green Man (the name George is derived from Geo, meaning “Earth;” he was the Earth of Green Man). At some point St. George and Khadir merged as one, and today share the same annual holiday, April 23. These terms seem familiar in a Medieval poem known as Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Derivatives of the name came to be KHDR (ElKHuDRat, meaning “the sea”, and ElaKHaDir meaning gold, meat and wine, thus linking Khadir to alchemy as well as to the sacramental meal of meat and wine often consumed in various cultures as the blood and flash of the Son of God. Therefore, the Knights Templar came to know the Khadir as not only the Green Man, but as the power in alchemy and an ancient Son of God who preceded the Christian Son of God on Earth by many thousands of years), and Khadar, a name that associated with Earth’s largest body of waters, as well as the Water of Life.
Celestial Wizards-PT2
There are many difference as to why the Big Dipper has merited distinction as a Celestial Holy Grail. First of all, it’s association with immortals and immortality is implicit to its location in the heavens, the Northernmost part of the sky. The Big Dipper is one of the many resident of the northern sky known as the celestial “immortals,” which are stars and constellation that are always overhead and never set below the horizon. They always pivot around the “immortal” North star, the celestial pointer that shines directly over the Artic regions and the North Pole.
The disposition of the big Dipper within the Great Bear also associated the asterism with immortality. The Great Bear has an “immortal” association due to the fact that it emerges renewed and reborn from its cave tomb every spring. In ancient times, the Great Bear was part of an even larger constellation associated with immortality that included Ursa Minor, the Little bear, as well as Draco, the dragon. Together, they created the huge celestial configuration of Arctor et Draco, the “Bear and Dragon.” Throughout history the dragon, like the bear, has been a preeminent symbol of immortality.
The ancient astrologers venerated Arctoe et Draco as the form of the immortal Celestial Emperor of the Universe, who was always looking down upon affairs of humanity. According to the maxim of “as above, so below,” they also knew that the Celestial Emperor had his terrestrial counterparts on Earth. They were the array of supernaturally endowed priest kings who once ruled our planet and are collectively alluded to in the Holy Grail Mysteries as the Fisher King. Like the Celestial Emperor, who incorporated into his cosmic form the Big Dipper and its potent Water of Life, many of these early kings possessed both remarkable inner power and spiritual insight, and even some achieved physical immortality.
When the Pole Star eventually shifted to become Polaris, which is currently located on the handle of the Little Dipper, Arctoe et Draco was subsequently divided into the two constellations of the Great Bear and Draco, and at the same time Earth’s priest kings became known either as “Bears” or “Dragons.” The lineages of priests kings who adopted the Bear and/or the seven stars of Ursa Major as their special emblems include the lineage of the Persian monarchs, the immortal kings of Arcadia in Greece, the Merovingian French Kings, and on the other side of the globe it became the symbol of the Hopi Bear Clan, the ruling clan of the current Fourth World.
The Great Bear and its indwelling Big Dipper also became famous as the celestial symbol of the emperors of China, who represented their affiliation to the stars by embroidering the seven stars of the Big Dipper and/or the image of the bear upon their ceremonial robes. Many of these legendary kings were even considered to be incarnations of the stars, such as the emperor Yu, who revealed his connection to the Great Bear at birth by emerging from the womb with the image of the Great Bear engraved upon his chest. Another Chinese king, Huang-ti, is said to be born from a ray of blinding light that emerged from the Great Bear and pierced the womb of his mother. Twenty-five months later Huang-ti was born with such an advanced intellectual development that he could speak moments after his birth and had mastered all the mundane and sacred sciences by the time he was in his teens. He is now venerated as the “Father of Taoism,” eventually becoming an adept alchemist and achieved the hallowed state of immortality. After completing his time on Earth, he transformed into a great dragon and winged his way back to his celestial home in the heavens.
The powerful priest kings around the globe that have been associated with Ursa Major and the Big Dipper have been preeminent Guardians of the Holy Grail. Like the composite Fisher King who represents them, they have been terrestrial reflections of the Great Bear and have thus incorporated the power of the Big Dipper or Celestial Chalice right inside their own bodies. One manifestation of the Fisher King specifically affiliated with the Great Bear is the famous King Arthur of Britain. Arthur’s form was once identified in the heavens by the astronomers of the north as the Great Bear, while his Knights of the Round Table could be spotted nearby as the stars that surrounded the constellation and moved together in a circumpolar fashion.
According to its etymology, Arthur is derived from, or intimately related to, the Welsh Arth Fawr and the Greek Arktos, meaning “Bear.” The name also has a relationship to Arcturus, the “Guardian of the Bear,” which is the bright star in the constellation of Bootes that points to the tail of the Great Bear. Arthur’s intimate link to the Big Dipper, the constellation that in Britain is known as the “Plough,” can be gleaned from the name Artoius, “the Plogh Man,” which has been submitted as another possible origin of his name. King Arthur’s intimate association with the Big Dipper is revealed in Grail literature by the scenario that follows his death, when the monarch’s body is taken to the Island of Avalon, the paradise of the immortals now associated with Glastonbury, England. Glastonbury is a landscape temple that is a terrestrial reflection of the Big Dipper.
The Big Dipper was also the celestial reflection of the priest kings of the Toltec, Maya, and Aztec tribes of Mexico and Central America, who were known to channel an abundant amount of life force or Water of Life to keep their kingdoms prosperous. The asterism was not, however, associated with a bear in Mexico, but the jaguar, an animal that in many shamanic cultures has been recognized as the royal symbols of kings. The Holy Grail power that moved through the shamanic kings of Middle America was represented by the monarch’s ceremonial regalia, which included jaguar gloves, as well as a red jaguar throne, the most famous of which currently resides within the Castillo, the Temple of Quetzlcoatl, in Chichen Itza on the Yucatan Peninsula. The Mayan shaman kings released their jaguar power to their kingdoms through an annual rite during which they pierced their own flash with sharp obsidian blades, thereby releasing their life force along with copious amounts of divine blood.
If Flegetanis did discover the mystery of the Holy grail in the aforementioned Celestial Grails, perhaps he found it in the constellation of Bootes, which is a manifestation of the Celestial Holy Spear. Bootes is the celestial “Herdsman” and lance bearer, who carries a spear in one hand and the reigns of two leashed dogs in the other while closely following and guarding (or some say, “herding”) its adjacent constellation of the Great Bear. The lance borne by Bootes, who is also associated with Longinus, the Roman centurion reputed to have pierced the side of Jesus during the crucifixion, comprises part of the heavenly palace of the Celestial Emperor in the northern sky and is thus recognized to be a celestial version of the Holy Spear that the Fisher King keeps in his Grail Castle.
If Bootes was discovered by Flegetanis, perhaps it was the middle Eastern astrologer who first associated the Holt Spear with the Holy Grail. If so, he may have then synthesized that wisdom with what he learned from the constellations of Aquarius, Crater, Corvus, Hydra, Ursa Major, and Bootes, to produce the first rendition of the Holy Grail legend.
counterfeiting of the Message in the Stars is blatantly obvious! The techniques used are so transparent and associated with alchemy and the esoteric.
*All androgynous gods/goddesses seem to derive from these same characters….these are the gods of Atlantis/Ascended Masters
Son of God-the predated example sounds like a precursor of the antiChrist/a.k.a. Sananda!
*TWO Studies in the works: GREEN MAN & GREEN GURUS
*These same entities ascribe to be descended from the same star systems as the gods of Atlantis/Ascended Masters
*Not only do they claim to be from the Northernmost part of the skies but the Bible specifically warns us about the North and the armies of the North, who will invade.
*Amazingly these “immortals” are described as stars and GOD tells us HIS angels were STARS! And angels are immortal.
*All these tribes, races and cultures mentioned here describe the SAME deity.
*King Arthur; is this the Anti-Christ scenario in the skies? Does it foretell of his coming again?
Full credit goes to MARK AMARU PINKHAM to the information retrieved from his book, “Guardians of the Holy Grail: The Knights Templar, John the Baptist, and the Holy Grail”-but I also give the warning that the works therein are partial truths and tainted as far as who the MOST HIGH GOD is. Satan/Lucifer is not a god, nor will he ever be. His oversight of the fallen angels is definitely limited to GOD’s Will.

Satan’s Counterfeit Matrix/PT 15-Resurrection

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Chapter 15. Resurrection
Resurrection of God’s Son. In this life changing moment in this world, Yahushua gives His very life and God gives His only Son to redeem humanity. Our God is not limited by time and space, and in spirit. Retrospect is that marvelous faculty whereby we are enabled to gaze with wisdom upon a series of events to which we were totally oblivious when they occurred. Although our preparation for our journey of faith has been in progress from the very beginning of our lives, more often than not we are unaware of it.
And in this journey God gives us His Son to walk with and trust. Spiritual seasons exist which are different degrees or stages of life. Death is not cessation of life. Instead, it is the release of life to a different dimension, an eternal dimension. His words are reassuring but firm; “I am much more than wisdom and knowledge, I am Love! I am the center of everything. This is the first law of the Spirit. I am the force of life that holds the worlds, the universe, and the smallest particles yet to be discovered, in place. My glory indeed covers the earth. If you discern correctly, you will see me presence everywhere. Without Me, nothing was made that was made. I am love, but I am also energy. When I manifest My glory, energy is released; pure light, creative power, and life force radiate from My being. I am the Giver of life. I am the Light of the world.”
Adam and Eve did not die because of sin. It was true that their sin precipitated God’s response of judgment, but their actual death was a result of no longer eating the fruit of the Tree of Life. Access to the Tree of Life was restored through Yahushua. He is life! No man can come to the Father except through Him. And His resurrection gave us the passport to be with God.
Life, divine life, supernatural life, eternal life, is so much more than a theological concept. It is real, tangible. It is Jesus! Purpose of life is life is purpose. Your purpose is to commune with Him through His Son.
This is a counterfeit resurrection and will cause all those names that are not written in the Book of Life, to worship him. Just as the true Messiah was killed and raised from death by the power of God some 2000 years ago, so too this coming counterfeit messiah shall also receive an injury that will mortally wound him. But he shall be raised from death by the power of the Dragon, who is Satan.
One can presume also he will perform healings and provide food to the hungry. Perhaps even change water into wine so that everybody can party and have a good time. It is foretold in Matthew 24 that in those days they will be eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, just as they did in the days of Noah. So there will be sex, drugs and rock and roll. All provided by this benevolent savior and philanthropist, the true (sic) Christ. I have heard tales of those who think the Church of the Body is to be taken out of this earth in a rapture before the Tribulation have swallowed this lie and are deluded.
Satan’s entrance is believed to be when the Anti-Christ dies and upon the resurrection Satan will fill the void. If he returns in 3 days as was the case with Jesus is yet to be seen. But when the moment does occur, the world will be in a trance.
Do you realize just how many false religions teach resurrection, but with the result of your soul being reborn into an animal or whatever the case it? Amazing how people can be so easily led astray with nonsense. With a future engulfed in thousands of goddesses and gods who give nothing and take everything, how can one be so misled. But the deception is greater than we know. These fallen angels have constructed plans over the millenniums that have brought forth their illusion. Discernment is key to the scenario.
Foundation in faith and the ARMOR of GOD is needed everyday!

Merovingians-The UNHOLY GRAIL

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The race of beings from Atlantis, and even before, was the generator of many seedlines of which exist even today. Then, we have the Q’ayin (Cain) seedline which originates from the union between Eve and Satan/Lucifer. Between these we have the TARES that the Bible speaks of. Cain was the original witch of these clans we have that call themselves priests, wiccans, pagans, and of course Druids. The traces of blood from these which started this millenniums ago still exist within these factions because the inner-breed with one another to keep the power of their blood going. Be not deceived that the blood DOES have power.
From antiquity until recent days, we have those who claim to be descendants of Israel’s Tribe of Judah from which King David and Yeshua came. Currently the British House of Windsor and the Scottish House of Stuart (Spencer) claim their blood came from these royal Tribes. Both the Houses of Royalty are both places of which the occult and Druid practices are held.
The Merovingian Bloodline held their legitimacy falls on the marriage of the two royal bloodlines. When Spencer (Diana) married Prince Charles, it completed a Messianic Dynasty that has down thorough the ages been conceived to bring forth a King which will claim to be of Yeshua. The façade goes on to tell of a final One who will rule in the name of our Most High GOD. This line supposedly began with the marriage of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene and this unison brought forth a son called MEROVEE, a name also later given to the first Merovingian King (447-458). But others tell of the birth of a daughter names Sara, while others call her Tamar. Tamar is a ultra-secretive society of those who task it is to protect the Merovingian descendants. Mary was said to have been ‘spirited’ away to Egypt until Sara was born and then when Sara reached twelve they traveled to the Languedoc region of South France and lived among the clans which would later become known as the Cathars. Other tell of Mary landing upon the marshy shorelines of Glastonbury England, where the very first Christian Church outside of the Holy Land was established and where Yeshua was said to have spent many years of His youth. These fanciful claims all derive from an underground stream of astrologers, kabbalists, necromancers, and alchemists, along with the elite family, and secret societies such as the Order of Druids, Guardians of the Grail, Priory of Sion, and the Illuminati. This knowledge is therefore said to have been passed down from generation to generation in secret until the time is full and the world at large is ready to receive it. But lets forget not that these stories have been laid down and attributed to anchor the false history of this fictitious Royal lineage leading to Christ.
The Meroveus or Merovingian Bloodlines of ancient France who’s bloodlines extend to Royal England an Scotland are claimed to have been spawned from a Two fathers and One mother who swam out to sea whilst bearing child and came back impregnated with a reptilian sea beast child.

“Meroveus” derives from the French words “mer” meaning “sea” and “vere” meaning “werewolf” or “dragon.”

The book of Revelation informs us the dragon is “the Devil, and Satan”:
“And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels… And the
great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.” (Rev. 12:9)
The term “Merovingian” is said to derive from Merovee who was King of the Franks from 447-458 A.D. Despite recent claims that the Merovingian Franks were sired by Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene, and are therefore “divine,” the legend of King Merovee conceals the true origins of the Merovingian race in remote antiquity. According to the legend, as explained in Bloodline of the Holy Grail, Merovee had two fathers, King Clodion and a strange “beast of the sea.”
The Bistea Neptunis was worshipped in classical antiquity as the Roman god, Neptune, and as Poseidon in Greek mythology. Neptune was the mythological god of the sea who is said to have founded Atlantis, which is the pagan version of the pre-flood civilization which God judged in Genesis 7. Revelation 13:1, which identifies the Antichrist systen as “the beast that rises out of the sea,” becomes crystal clear upon discovery that a demonic bloodline which exists today that was originally sired by a mysterious “sea beast”—the Bistea Neptunis.”
The demonic origins and history of the Merovingian Dynasty—also known as the Dragon Dynasty…The ancient people of the Tuatha De Danann…were the supernatural tribe of the pre-Achaean agricultural goddess Danae of Argos, or perhaps of the Aegean mother-goddess, Danu. But their true name rendered in its older form was Tuadhe d’Anu. As such, they were the people (or tribe) of Anu, the great sky god of the Anunnaki.”
“The Nephilim were banished to the center of the earth for disobeying God by mating with the daughters of men and teaching them the ‘forbidden’ arts. In this publication the Nephilim have been identified as the Fathers of the Merovingians
“…the Merovingian race was sired by a
water beast known as the Quinotaur. This Quinotaur took the form of a sea-bull. Crowley’s personal seal was of a sea goat. Grant, writing of Crowley’s Seal of the Beast, says: ‘The beast is the sea-goat or amphibious monster identical with Cthulhu, the Quinotaure or Bull of the Deep.’ Grant writes as a footnote; ‘The waters under the earth; home of the ‘ancestors’ or subconscious atavisms of the race.’
With Merovingian claims of angelic ancestry it is hard not to call these races demonic. The Hebrew word nephiyl is properly translated fallen ones and refers to the offspring of fallen angels who mated with human women on Mount Hermon in the land of Canaan. Sodom and Gomorrah were Canaanite settlements that practiced cult prostitution in conjunction with their fertility rites. The Canaanite territory of northern Israel was later occupied by the tribe of Dan, whose worship of Baal/Pan involved such fertility rites at
Mount Hermon, also called Mount Sion. The Merovingians are the offspring of the tribe of Dan which intermarried with the Canaanite Tuatha De Danann, also known as the Dragon Lords of Anu because they were the offspring of the fallen angels (Anunnaki). The Tribe of Dann said to have “separated from Moses” may have been among the mixed multitude that left Egypt with the Israelites (Exodus 12:38) and “fell a lusting” in Numbers 11:4.
When God dispersed the northern tribes of Israel for their wickedness, the tribe of Dan migrated to Greece, and later to France and the British Isles where they established pagan priesthoods and royal dynasties of the demonic bloodline:
“The Tuatha De Danann (or
Dragon Lords of Anu)…[before settling in Ireland (from about 800 B.C.)]…were the…Black Sea princes of Scythia (now Ukrane). Like the original dynastic Pharaohs, they traced their descent from the great Pendragons of Mesopotamia; from them sprang the kingly lines of the Irish Bruithnigh and the Picts of Scotland’s Caledonia. In Wales they founded the Royal House of Gwynedd, while in Cornwall in the southwest of England, they were the sacred gentry known as Pict-Sidhe.
“So, from a single caste of the original Blood Royal – whether known as the Sangréal, the Albi-gens or the Ring Lords – we discover many of the descriptive terms which sit at the very heart of popular folklore. For here, in this one noble race, we have the ‘elves’, ‘fairies’ and ‘pixies’ – not beguiling little folk, but distinguished Kings and Queens of the Dragon succession.”
In ‘The Psalter of Cashel’ it states that: ‘The Tuatha de Danaan’ ruled in Ireland for about two centuries, and were highly skilled in architecture and other arts from their long residence in Greece.’ The Tuatha de Danaan were the descendants of Danaus, the son of Belus, who went with his fifty daughters to Argos, the home of his ancestrous Io. In Irish legends the Tuatha de Danaan, who were considered to be demi-gods,…were said to have possessed a… Grail-like vessel… These teachers of wisdom…were the founders of the Druidic priesthood.”
The progenitors of the Tuatha De Danaan, the Dragon Lords of Anu (Anunnaki), still communicate with mankind, however, since the arrival and ascendance of Christianity, they must now resort to various disguises to camouflage their true identity. Among their myriad guises are apparitions of Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, gods and goddesses of ancient cultures, angels, dead saints or famous people, extraterrestrials — whatever life form is appropriate to obtain acceptance and a foothold in a given culture or subculture:
“Though communications between the space races and our own continued, they were severely curtailed and went underground… The DANAAN (a collective convention-name to avoid confusion), always jealous of their technology and secrets, were demonized by the various religions that guarded the traditions established by them long ago, since corrupted by man through ignorance.
“From active persecution by the Church of contactees between their race and ours in the Dark Ages, man progressed to the point that he dealt with the problem through ridicule or derision by Science instead, in time ascribing the space races to personifications of psychological projections (archetypes), bedtime fables, and sanitized surrogates such as fairies, the boogeyman and Santa Claus
“When they interact with man, it is through their dreams and in riddles…and a variety of identical gods in all cultures, seeming to prefer inspiring from behind the scenes to any kind of direct communication. When overt contact is necessary, they assume the guise of the Virgin Mary, the Corn Mother, angels, kachinas, or whatever is appropriate for that culture. There is a strong circumstantial evidence for this race’s continual intervention on a number of levels in man’s development from the crudely physical to the artistic, scientific and esoteric.
“They cover their tracks with hypnosis and probably drugs or some other high technology, to cloud the memories of their visitants. Their rituals and ways of life derive from a worship of the harmony of nature and the mastery of the mind of man over it.
“There has never been a time in mans’ history that these people were absent and nothing occurring in today’s UFO and abduction phenomena has not been recorded throughout. The only difference today is that there is much more evidence of the encounters, and contact is becoming increasingly visible. They mythical record the world over speaks of is a Golden Age in which man and the gods (angels) freely and openly interacted, and all such records have prophesied that a time would come when a new Golden Age would occur, all former secrets being revealed.”
Many of us wonder exactly what was it the Knights Templars had in their possession which brought them into such wealth and temporary prestige among both European monarchies and the Church. What did they learn during their crusade in Zion that inevitably endowed them with such power and authority that the ancient and modern successors mandate to this day? Some say the literal Holy Grail was the bones of the great Healer, Yeshua. However, some say it might have been the actual SanGraal documents themselves that held a tangible link supporting the existence of a secret Davidic Bloodline of Yeshua through which the future lineage claim and bestow. Still others, think it may have been the Ark of the Covenant.
Whatever the case, from Druid groves to the Priory of Sion, a guardianship was born. A military order in servitude to the dark side, which involves arcane knowledge that forced them into exile and this is the basis for secret societies that silently guide man and Royal, gnostic and Christian alike along a winding path that ends with the prophecy of a beast taking flesh and becoming King of the world. Their religious preferences call to many of a love and peace transcending many dimensions but what it truly is, is a New Age Movement that was cultivated millenniums ago.
With certain guidance from ‘ascended spirit masters’ over a span of six millennia, ultra-secretive societies have their roles as protector to the ancient lineage, as “Guardians of the UNHOLY GRAIL.” This I call the whole agenda for these masters spoken of are actually fallen angels and their descendants. They guide humanity towards an ending so horrific, yet predestined to engulf the world in a New World Order and One World Religion. These advanced ancient civilizations spoken of have woven their blood into many races and cultures bringing us into a modern age of ‘New Nephilim’. With genetic manipulation an ongoing agenda, and the hint of hybrid mentality, they have ensued their technology to the point of a counterfeit Christ. This Merovingian lineage is one that’s been nurtured and coddled since ancient antiquity. The originator of this line is non-other than Satan/Lucifer himself.
The current façade of the Throne of David is placed before us to challenge our discernment. The Golden Age in which these ‘ascended masters’ speak of has been manipulated to look like it is a coming of the King, Yeshua in the flesh. These masters have kept a constant vigil with humanity to guide them into what we are experiencing right at this moment in time.
The Merovingian dynasty has held their blood into standards to that of precious gold. Protecting their heirs and ‘incarnations’. This coming One they like to think of as King, will be none other than the AntiChrist. Yeshua was a Son of GOD. This monster coming will be a son of the one who thinks himself as a god.
Yeshua was ½ GOD, ½ human, this beast coming will be ½ beast, ½ man. Everything of GOD is counterfeited by these fools. The child has certainly been revered and will advance his way into a full-blown world Messiah, but singularity has not gotten him thus far. He has had hands guiding his every step since before the day of his birth. Hands of spiritual entities, manifesting  into his very soul. Thriving to be manifested into a human body, they seek possession.
Ancient warnings and prophecies have told of this very presence upon Earth for thousands of years, yet few believed it would come into reality. The dynastic wedlock of many royal elements have taken place to bring the one to come into this very moment. From King Arthur to Prince Charles Arthur of the European Houses of nobility, we have the offspring that will bring shocking revelation into this world, into our generation.
From the King of Babylon, Nimrod to the future King of the World who will think of himself as a Arthurian figure, a Aryan Superman who will bring into completion what Nimrod started. At a time of global destruction and war we have a unique ruler who will be charismatic and loved by the world and be accounted as a Savior.
When Queen Elizabeth dies, the Crown will skip one generation, evading Prince Charles Arthur George, and move directly to William (Arthur Phillip Louis), his son. It has been foretold on a documented account found in 1191, of a King Arthur, who once was and will be future King.
Given as many as 33 titles in the Old Testament and 13 in the New Testament, yet only twice being an “AntiChrist,” both times in the book of 1 John. Called a King in Revelation deems fitting to this prophecy for it is worded in such a way as stated before concerning King Arthur. Possible evidence of the existence of Arthur, the legendary warrior king, has been found at Tintagel in Cornwall. A Cornish slate with sixth-century engravings was found in July on the eastern terraces of Tintagel on the edge of a cliff overlooking the place traditionally known as Merlin’s Cave. Although no one knows for sure, the real identity of King Arthur, he was most certainly a swordsman and carried standards in the form of dragons, just as his father, Uther Pendragon did. The emblem worn on their clothing was red cross, that which the Templars wore. When researching the infamous King Arthur it must be noted that one of the websites bringing up information about him is on

SATAN as the Light!

Lets not forget how this all intertwines back to Satan and his Legion of Fallen Angels. I have previous studies which involved subjects such as an Emerald, the Stone of Heaven which Satan threw to earth upon being cast out of Heaven. The website features an assortment of paintings but the one that sticks out like a sore thumb is one called…
Emerald Matrix & All-Seeing Eye/it is an Emerald Obelisk with an All-Seeing Eye over it.
The early Church believed the AntiChrist was to be a person, the embodiment of human blasphemy and wickedness – a Roman Prince; indeed, almost all the early Christian literature of the Age of Persecution (33-312 A.D.) singled out the Antichrist as just such a prince. [Please see J. Trachtenberg, The Devil and the Jews (New York; World Publishing House, 1943; Yale University Press), pg. 224.]
The idea of AntiChrist as a Jew is the creation of the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH and is traceable in its embryonic form to the Fifth Century A.D., and specifically to the writing of Jacob of Serug. As a mature hypothesis, this doctrine was fully developed and finalized by Thomas Acquinas (perhaps the Roman Church’s greatest scholar) and Albertus Magnus. Both devoted considerable attention in developing this theme and it is in Catholic tradition and doctrine that this concept found its greatest acceptance.
Today, however, while the Catholic Church continues to hold to a greater or lesser degree to such doctrine (as do many Post-Millennialists), evangelical-fundamentalists have rejected this doctrine as unscriptural and Catholic in origin. J. Dwight Pentecost writes:
“He (Antichrist) is a GENTILE since he arises from the sea (Revelation 13:1) and since the sea depicts the Gentile nations (Rev. 17:15), he must be of Gentile origin. He rises from the (legacy) of the Roman Empire (see Chapter XIV), since he is (to be) a ruler of the people (civilization) who destroyed Jerusalem (Dan. 9:26). He is to be the head of the last form of GENTILE (not Jewish) world dominion.” (Rev. 13:1)
Some even theorize that the AntiChrist will be a Pope, or the Papal System itself. But the Scripture specifically speaks of a person. Although the Papal System is corrupt and negligent of its people and could be called a metaphoric King, and as evil as any organization can be, it is not the actual AntiChrist. Even the book of Daniel says so in the 9th Chapter.
As with most prophetic Scripture, GOD always makes a way for correct interpretation. Specifically, Daniel’s prophecy when speaking of the two distinct destructions of Israel, the first by a Roman and his Roman army, the later fulfillment in the end-times by the Antichrist, a European Prince that arises out of a nation formerly known as the ancient Roman Empire. Interestingly, London itself was actually created and founded by the Romans around 30AD, becoming a large industrial Roman port city linking London directly to Rome from which Rome flooded their imperial troops into England, yet for decades, Biblical prophecy authors have written that the Antichrist must be a Roman, and arise out of Rome, from their linear understanding of Scripture. A more careful look at those same prophecies clearly indicate that the coming Prince arises out of a nation (and city) that was part of the ancient Roman Empire, not Rome itself. The fact that London was actually created by Roman hands does lend an interesting connection and in time, London became the ‘New Rome,’ always gaining in strength since its inception, as Rome and the Roman Empire itself wained in power, England and its new capital city of London gained in power, prestige, and global influence. Today, we have a Prince and soon-to-be King about to rise from this ancient European nation whose power stretches across “many waters”. Certainly more than any other before or since, Prince William is definitely that candidate for that Evil power who has waited for such a charismatic man with the right lineage, to possess.

My Dreams…

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I put together a set of dreams I had. The first one is recent…it was very prophectic to me as was the second one also. Both being a message from the MOST HIGH GOD.
I think you will find them very interesting and prophetic. I feel very special to have had them and just want to share. The Bible says we must tell others our
visions and/or dreams….

My Dream:
The feeling of martial law was air and in the surroundings and there were many people running everywhere. With the area full of people and the excitement growing I felt the
need to get closer to the site. Guards were marching around the enclosed wall and my conversation with the people around me was one of calamity mixed with mystery.
The walls enclosing the area were at least 10 foot tall because the guards were 7-8 foot, but there were a mixture of sizes that existed. The guards were carrying weapons but I felt the need to get inside! It was being heralded as the New Israel. Why was this being called the “New Israel” considering the events were taking place in the United States was very curious to me and I inquired as to why, but didn’t received an answer.

My dream was given to me, not only once but twice. I awoke the first time telling myself I must tell my friends but quickly drifted back to sleep. The morning came and I couldn’t remember the dream. I asked GOD if it was one I was suppose to remember then please return the dream to my memory. The first dream was exactly like the
second except I seemed to get closer to the guards on the second time around.

My take on this is that upon reading the Bible, you get the impression that there are real and metaphoric places spoken of. The real Israel is GOD’s land and people but there is also a metaphoric Israel…are we, the United States a metaphor of Israel? Seems that way in this dream. We have taken to worship of strange gods and forgot the Most High GOD. Why are there guards of great size guarding the area? The Bible tells us like in the days of Noe (Noah) so will be the end of days. I don’t think this is speaking of the sin and fornication taking place, I think this is literally the Nephilim who walked the Earth in those days, and they will return in these end times, as well.
What else do I get from this, not much except that this is likened to the scenes of the giants spoken of in the Bible in which the giants are keeping GOD’s people in a bondage
of fear and terror.

My Dream:
This is one I only had once but the memory was very vivid, in fact, so vivid that these many years later it still presses upon my memory and recently GOD led me to the scripture that relates to this dream. I was speechless when I found it!
I was in my home and heard a disturbance outdoors so I went to the screen door to look out. I saw people yelling and screaming and people and animals running EVERYWHERE! I opened the door to find out what was going on and noticed people were looking up, so I in turn did the same. What I saw was terrifying. There were many ships.
Motherships and smaller ones swirling around the larger ones. I noticed the colors right away, for they were very vivid. This remains in my memory to this very day, although this dream happened many years ago. The ships were individual colors of blue, red, green, and yellow. I felt frightened so I started running. I ran around my home and decided to go underneath it. I was scooting on hands and knees when I noticed that my loved ones were doing the same. I felt this sense of urgency so I picked up pace for I felt a sudden overwhelming horror as if something was coming after me. Then, I woke up!
I was stunned, I told my loved ones and they all laughed it off, as did I. Upon my awakening in these past several years, I now research the Truths and GOD, I feel, leads my hands. In particular I have found out many things about the past concerning the Nephilim and the bloodlines stemming from them and of Cain. My reality changed forever. I now know these so called ‘aliens’ are just demons!
On December 15, 2010 while reading the Bible, I came across a verse I had read many times before but this time, the HOLY SPIRIT told me to research this verse in depth. I usually only read in KJV but I wanted to see what the other versions said about this same verse, as well.
Revelations 9:17 “In my vision there riders wore fiery-red, dark blue, and yellow armor on their chests. The heads of the horses looked like lions, with fire and smoke and sulfur coming out of their mouths.”
Now, sulfur is described as green and yellow in the dictionary. I WAS STUNNED! There is was…in BOLD PRINT! So, there are red, blue, green, and yellow armor! Armor is made of metal. The UFO’s we see are made of metal-like armor. They also project colors while hovering in our skies. They are very hypnotic while they blink in fashion using these colors, and Satan knows full well the effects of this on the brain.
These beings which come to our planet speaking of ‘brotherhood’ and love are impostors. They are in other dimensional spheres and use their ‘magic’ to entertain humanity with their trickery. With talk of “ONENESS” and us as being gods ourselves is complete and utter deception.
Pleiadeans are said to look like a lion with long Blonde hair and Blue Eyes! The Nordics are the same with long Blonde hair or Red hair with Blue Eyes! Red hair coming from the giants in the Bible! Reportedly being anywhere from 6’ to 8’ tall. With names ranging from the chosen ones of GOD, such as Jesus, Michael, Mary, etc…to the fallen angels names of Samjase.
Rev 9:8 “And they had hair as the hair of women, and their teeth were as the teeth of lions.”
Rev 9:17 “And thus I saw the horses in the vision, and them that sat on them, having breastplates of fire, and of jacinth, and brimstone: and the heads of the horses were as the heads of lions; and out of their mouths issued fire and smoke and brimstone.”

“Sun-Drenched” AntiChrist

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It had made the circles of the internet in the past few years. It becomes more mysterious as time passes. It has been a subject discussed for millennium. Just who do you think the ANTICHRIST is? Some say it must be Obama for he has led the whole world into the bidding of the N.W.O. Many people are called antichrists, but just who is the one to bring about the apocalypse? I have ran across some information in the recent weeks that has intrigued me to no end. I am certainly entertaining the thought that this may very well be the one and only.
In the spring of 1982 Benjamin Creme placed advertisements in newspapers around the world saying, “The Christ is now here”. According to Creme the “Christ”, whom he also called “Maitreya”, would announce his existence on world wide television broadcasts. Creme stated in these newspaper advertisements that the
Second Coming of Christ would occur on Monday, 21 June 1982 (the summer solstice in the Northern hemisphere). On 14 May 1982 Benjamin Creme held a press conference in Los Angeles, USA. Over 90 members of the media attended and heard Creme announce that Maitreya was living within the Asian community, in the Brick Lane area of East London. Creme stated in this press conference when asked “what if someone tried to kill him?” that Maitreya could not be killed because he is invulnerable. He presented the journalists with a challenge: if media made a serious attempt to seek Maitreya in London, he would reveal himself to them.
Creme has stated that when the “Day of Declaration” occurs, “The
Christ will come on the world’s television channels, linked together by satellite. All those with access to television will see… [His face]. He will establish a telepathic rapport with all humanity simultaneously”. While the Christ is speaking… [everyone will feel far more love than they've ever felt before, that massive outpouring of love will cause] hundreds of thousands of ‘miracle’ cures will take place simultaneously.”
“Creme has stated that when the “Day of Declaration” occurs, “The Christ will come on the world’s television channels, linked together by satellite. All those with access to television will see… [His face]. He will establish a telepathic rapport with all humanity simultaneously”. While the Christ is speaking… [everyone will feel far more love than they've ever felt before, that massive outpouring of love will cause] hundreds of thousands of ‘miracle’ cures will take place simultaneously”.

On the eve of June 21, 1982, Druids, Witches, and Satanists from all over the world celebrated at pagan sites throughout Scotland, England, and Wales for what they knew would be a unique Summer Solstice, the day when their ancient Sun-God is to be reborn, venerated in a feast called the Feast of Lucifer’s Rising. As such, it was a time of intense celebration which carried on far into the night with sexual orgies, sacrifices, black masses, and Satanic worship, for it was prophesied by the ancient Druids that their Sun-King will return to them, upon some future Solstice of June 21st, he would be born of a (Merovingian) Princess. Very much like Christ’s birth there were to be signs in the heavens which foretold of the Antichrist’s own birth.
Quite rare for a day known for its long hours of daylight, being the longest day of the year, there was a Solar Eclipse followed up by an even rarer Lunar Eclipse of the Moon on the blackest part of a New Moon, no less, allowing for even more strange alignments in the stars and planets to be seen as well. At precisely 9:03pm, Princess Diana of Wales gave birth to Prince William, a “sun drenched” Cesarean in England, was given its next King. These events occurring all on the same day seemed to herald something quite important significance was indeed taking place. The symbology of the Sun-God and Moon Goddess was clearly identified with Diana, a name also given to the ancient Moon Goddess, who gave birth to the Sun (foretold by the Eclipses), yet as the Sun later shone in its strength, the Moon was blighted with darkness (symbolic of death and the Otherworld). Certainly all of this meant something, many thought. As Prince Charles was visiting his wife and newborn child at St. Mary’s hospital, a member of the public shouted out to ask him the boy’s name. The Prince of Wales is quoted as rather hastily replying, “You’ll have to ask my wife, we’re having a bit of an argument over that!” The name William was finally given and made public to a waiting world, yet not until several days after his birth.
His birth took place just after a Solar Eclipse on the Summer Solstice, an especially powerful moment in time when the Sun, Moon, and North node were closely aligned in the Prince’s Seventh House in the emotional sign of Cancer. Eclipses are the great power points of the Zodiac. They run through space and time in regular series called Saros cycles. The Saros cycles take about 1200 years to travel from the North to the South Pole, and vice-versa, each series has a different founding horoscope as well as a different theme. William was born into a series called 2 Old North, which began in 792 AD, just before the first recognized English King was crowned. It is due to end in 2036 AD, when King William is 54 years old.
This raises many questions. The most obvious is whether William, if he becomes the King of Great Britain, might in fact be the last. The meaning of the Saros 2 Old North Series is said to be that of “separation or ending of unions,” a recurring theme clearly lived out in William’s young life thus far. (It should be noted that the time allotted for this period of ‘Saros’ is 18×37, the equivalent of 666 years). Several other events occurred in 1982 connecting the city of London to the seemingly dark forces which are now promoting Antichrist. the first being a London murder connected to Freemasonry’s P2 organization in June, next was a cryptic message about 1982 itself by Benjamin Creme, spokesperson for the so-called Maitreya Christ, stating that a great World Teacher was being born in London and would soon show himself to the world. Next, oddly enough, was the 1982 globally released film “The Omen III: The Final Conflict,” which makes countless connections with England and the Antichrist, as well as other very intriguing points of interest. Not to be outdone by a mere motion picture, was the Spring release of a bestselling book called “Holy Blood Holy Grail” the first book of its kind detailing the Christ/Magdalene and Merovingian Bloodline in regards to past and present day Monarchy. Readers of that same book came away with yet another reason to believe something was very unusual about the Grail-Princess Diana and that of her young son.

Satan’s Counterfeit Matrix PT14- Freedom of choice vs. Communism

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Freedom comes from God’s love. Freedom of choice is ultimately respect of our authority of self reliance. It’s given for us to have faith in His all knowing almighty reign. Faith is in general the persuasion of the mind that a certain statement is true. It is the belief and the assent of the mind to the truth of what is declared by another, based on his or her authority and truthfulness.

If He didn’t give us freedom of choice then it would prove that our God is purely communistic. God knows that ultimately He would lose some of humanity would take advantage of others with the system, but it is an end all solution. The scenario gives humanity the chance to prove right and wrong in every way possible.


Satan gives his people a false state of love. People following his path chooses to be like him, thinking they are free to think, say and do what they want. But like communism, they are kept in a bubble of repression. The stronghold of Satan is invisible just as God’s but it is addictive in that morality is subjective to its environment. Since Satan has morals that conform to his plan then obligations of his subjects are limited to his reasoning. Though his followers are truly faithful, but Satan lies and transforms the situation to conform to his needs. The function of his people is to do his bidding, not their own. So, end results say that he’s character is of evil, so will be his followers.
Marxism is a term used quite frequently now. Named after Karl Marx, (May 5, 1818 – March 14, 1883), was a

German[1] philosopher, political economist, historian, political theorist, sociologist, communist and revolutionary, whose ideas are credited as the foundation of modern communism. Karl Heinrich Marx was born in Trier, in the Kingdom of Prussia‘s Province of the Lower Rhine. His father, Heinrich Marx, a successful lawyer, was a man of the Enlightenment, devoted to Kant and Voltaire, who took part in agitations for a constitution in Prussia. His mother, born Henrietta Pressburg, was from Holland. Both parents were Jewish and were descended from a long line of rabbis, but, a year or so before Karl was born, his father—probably because his professional career required it—was baptized in the Evangelical Established Church. Karl was baptized when he was six years old. Marx’s parents had him educated at home until the age of thirteen. After graduating from the Trier Gymnasium, Marx enrolled in the University of Bonn in 1835 at the age of seventeen; he wished to study philosophy and literature, but his father insisted on law as a more practical field of study. Marx wrote many poems and essays concerning life, using the theological language acquired from his liberal, deistic father, such as “the Deity,”.

Essentially, people use the word “

Marxist” in one of two ways:

1. to describe those who rely on Marx’s conceptual language (for example: “mode of production”, “class”, “commodity fetishism”) to understand capitalist and other societies; or:
2. to describe those who regard a workers’ revolution as the only means to a communist society.
Despite his being descended from Jewish ancestry he evolved into a man who brought about a society influence that has even today continues to dictated nations and elect. With this evolution in societies it is hard to see how communism is still viewed as righteous. Controlling people, it becomes addictive. Violence, it becomes addictive. Violence feeds on itself. The stronghold of Satan’s power rears its ugly head daily.
I firmly believe that Obama is a socialist/communist. His actions since being in office exactly one year is obviously of evil intent. He has taken liberties and freedoms, and continues to do so. Now the Illuminati, which he is a part of and 99% of our Presidents from the independence of our nation had been, are continuing on the cycle of mass genocide by using chemicals in the air, and our food and water. But the mass usage of the Swine Flu Vaccines are the ultimate catalyst. People all over the world are dying and it will continue. Obama has declare National Emergency and states are doing the same individually as well. In doing so our rights will continue to be taken until the Martial Law goes into effect which is the reason for building all the F.E.M.A. prisons. They will confine anyone resisting the vaccine, which will be millions. Other nations are following suit as I write this today. God has a master plan and we are to continue to put on our Armor of God until Judgment Day reveals itself. The Tribulation is upon us and Satan is alive and well in the scenarios discussed here. His legion works daily to being these events about. Our programming of media of all various kinds have the synchronicity of end times in it. Surprisingly, they speak of the fallen angels quite frequently.

Illuminati Truths

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Now, first of all this is taken from the internet. I cannot account for all the statements as the truth. This person also has a YOUTUBE account, recently started. I will post what has been brought forth as of today.

1: First of all, if you do not believe me then I am sorry. I am here to tell the truth, and nothing that is written by me is false exaggeration nor science fiction. This information is real, it is true, it is reality, and it is time for it to be told.
I was a member of the Illuminati for 47 years. I was recruited when I was 19 years old. I have posted here off and on over the past year. (Some of the posts are mine, others are my brothers, mainly they are his) The information that I am about to unfold is very revealing and very dangerous. I am one of seven people in the history of the Illuminati that have performed the “Departure” Ritual. I knew that I needed to get out when I had something revealed to me at a meeting in June of 2010. For years I was in line with the beliefs, motives, and actions of the Illuminati, but it recently became too much for me to bear, and I had to extinguish my sacred contract.
My reason for coming here is to reveal EVERYTHING about the Illuminati. How you become a member, what the organization is about, what the organization does, and the future plans that we have.
I will be back to make my first post when I can see that this thread has enough attention for me continue. Any time in the near future when I begin to reveal the secrets of the Illuminati, I need to ensure that there are enough people paying attention so that my efforts do not go to waste. Once I see that this thread has a substantial amount of views and replies, I will make my first post.
Here is a preview of some of the things that I will reveal:
Barack Obama is not a member of the Illuminati, he is something much, much worse.
The new “space flights” which are planes that can briefly enter orbit are not as fun as they seem, they are an Illuminati tool.
Denver, Colorado is an evil place
Aliens are a little different than what mainstream teaches us
The information I have is essential!

2: This post will be about how the Illuminati recruited me and what exactly I had to go through.
When I was nineteen years old, I fell into some money through some connections with friends and some successful investments of some money that I had made throughout my childhood. I got involved in some backroom deals and saw my money begin to grow. As I attended college at Harvard in 1964, I begin to become increasingly rich, and my influence on campus grew as well through my participation in various clubs, and organizations. Some friends and I began to serve as quasi-stock brokers while still at Harvard. I made tons of cash during that year, and was very powerful and influential on campus.
One night as I was walking back to my dorm shortly after midnight, I was approached by two men in black suits. I initially assumed that they were going to investigate my business activity because some of it was not exactly legal. They asked me to come with them and I followed them into the basement of a two story house a couple streets over from my dorm room. They sat me down at a table and asked me if I was willing to make a deal. They would not tell me what deal I would be making, but just continually asked if I would be willing to make a deal. I half-assed agreed that I would, and that is when the biggest man that I have ever seen walked through some closet doors and sat down in a chair directly opposite from me. A television was wheeled in front of me and on it was playing a video of the JFK assassination. The man that was sitting opposite me asked who I thought shot JFK. I naturally said Lee Harvey Oswald. All three of the men laughed, and the video changed to show that the shot that killed JFK actually came from the front seat of the car. It is very hard to make out in the videos that we normally see, but in the version that this man was showing me, it was obvious that the driver of the car was the one who shot JFK. The man asked if I thought that he was capable of doing this, and I did not know what to say. He told me that he was capable of anything. He detailed the story of the Illuminati. How it had formed in the 1700’s and how the Illuminati was behind the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, World War I and II, the Vietnam War, and he told me about how a “terrorist” attack on two buildings would change the world forever.
Two chicken bones were placed in front of me, and I was told that I would be joining the Illuminati. If I did not, then they would kill me on the spot. They told me to take the chicken bones to a crossroad on the outskirts of town, and I had to bury them, then spill my own blood over top of the spot where they were buried. The two men in suits accompanied me, and I performed the ritual. After it was done, I was taken to a large mansion which I was told was mine now. I was given numerous cars, countless women, and a vault that was full of money. I was left with instructions that I had made a deal with Lucifer himself, and that if I did not follow directions, then I would be used in the most unpleasant way.

3: The first time that I was really “used” by the Illuminati was during the presidential election of 1968. I was called to Denver, CO to partake in a meeting in early February. I was chauffeured to the meeting location, and the windows of the limo were blacked out, so I still to this day do not know exactly where the meeting was held. I was very relieved to find out that the meetings of the Illuminati were not satanic or cultish other than that everything in the room was completely red. A man stood up in front of the room and introduced himself as Rorie Rothschild. He gave us our “instructions” by saying that it was already put in place that Richard Nixon would be president of the United States. I was astonished to know that this group picked who was going to be the POTUS, but I soon found out that every president in American history has been a puppet of the Illuminati. My assignment was to position myself in Washington D.C., and to work to incite rioting and turmoil after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. Yes, I knew about the assassination of MLK before it occurred. The assassination occurred in April if I am correct, and I knew about it in February. It was decided that MLK was a dangerous man because of the way that he was creating a following in the way that he was. The truth is that MLK was approached by the Illuminati and asked to join, but he is one of the view that rejected and somehow escaped death. The elite in the group decided to let him live for awhile, for pure entertainment, but when they were ready for him to die, they made sure he did, and they planned when he would. I was in D.C. at the time of the assassination, and I made the mistake of spreading the word that MLK was dead, an hour before he had actually been shot. Thankfully no one notices, and widespread riots ensued.
Many other people were placed in many other major cities. The purpose of killing MLK at the time that he was assassinated was to serve as a distraction to the coming murder of Bobby Kennedy. The Illuminate had already killed JFK, and they were not about to let another Kennedy make a run for the presidency. The Kennedy family turned out to be a challenge for the Illuminati, but they were taken care of. Remember a few years ago when Ted Kennedy was taken out of a dinner for health problems? He was actually strangled in the bathroom by an Illuminati member.
Anyway, after Bobby Kennedy was murdered. The path to the presidency was clear for Richard Nixon who had already been indoctrinated with what the Illuminati wanted to do. The war in Vietnam was a massive opportunity for many people to make a ton of money, and that they did. Nixon was instructed far before the election to continue the fighting in Vietnam.

**Announcing the Birth of the New World Order**
4: Enough with the history, I was just telling that to show you that I was in the Illuminate for a great deal of time. I was involved with some horrible things, but now I want to uncover the current activities of the Illuminati. The activities that caused my departure.
Obama is the grand puppet of them all. Barry Sotero, yes that is his real name, was born in an Illuminati bunker far beneath the ground in Finland. He was groomed to become POTUS. He was indoctrinated from the beginning with the teachings of the Illuminati, with the plans for the New World Order, and with the plans that he was supposed to execute. Barry did not emerge from this bunker until the time that he was twenty three. All photographs and accounts of him before this time are fabricated by the Illuminati. However, the Illuminati forgot one major thing. A birth certificate. It was decided after the mistake that it would seem too fishy to display one now magically, so do not ever expect anyone to reveal it, because it was never made. Barry, who entered into the “world” as Barack Obama, is the most evil man on this planet. It is not by his own design, but because he is being fed his instructions. If you thought the healthcare bill was a big deal, you have no idea what Obama will unveil in the coming year. A plan is in place, and has already began to be executed that will create a personal “army” for Obama. The oil that gushed from the pipes in the Gulf was infested with microbodies that plant themselves in the brains of the infected, and can be activated remotely to control the infected. Mostly, these microbodies planted themselves in the minds of children. Remember Obama’s address to students that was so controversial? That event was used to transmit radio waves that allowed for the planting of these microbodies in the children’s minds.
Supposedly, and this is the part that I do not know for a fact, this army will never be activated for physical warfare, but they will be used to secure re-election of Obama for many, many years to come. The amendment in the Constitution that restricts the president to serving two terms will be struck out of the Constitution, and Obama will embark on a six term reign during which we will see the destruction of the Middle East.
5: In a nutshell…
Aliens are real. There is constant inter-galactic war between them. The grand plan is to involve Earth in their warfare so that human beings can be enslaved in the new world order.
Space flights are being used to carry out MASSIVE Chemical implantation. You all have heard of chem-trailing. Think about it on a global scale. When the governments of the world became exposed because of people like you that exposed chem-trailing, they needed a new way to carry out their operations. Space flights allow them to carry out chem-trailing on a massive scale by placing the chemicals right inside Earth’s atmosphere. The chemicals then mix with the clouds and upper atmospheric winds to transport the chemicals across a large area. These space flights need to be stopped before it is too late.
6: A question asked:
If I got to choose one place if TSHTF, it would be the Rocky Mountain range, its got water, food, totally self sufficient everything, They could seal off and be their own country if need be, also all the military and Norad and whats underground, inside the mountain and more…
There was a plan in WW2 that if things went badly, the US govt. would retreat to Colorado and make a stand.
There’s rumors of caverns in the Sangres still containing prepositioned supplies such as old Sherman tanks.
Colorado contains sufficient resources to instigate the rebuilding of the entire nation.
The answer: This is correct.

7: There are underground research facilities in Colorado where the government is conducting research on how to massively control the population. They are testing it on the citizens of Denver, CO.
8:Aliens are real. There is constant inter-galactic war between them. The grand plan is to involve Earth in their warfare so that human beings can be enslaved in the new world order.
9: These aliens would easily destroy us in minutes. Far more advanced that we are. However, the Illuminati has planned to stage attacks with them in order to place Earth;s population under martial law.
10: Kennedy was strangled because they were warning him to back off some research he was doing into Bobby’s death.
11: To the person who wants to know about Obama meeting aliens in the underground bunkers. This has never happened. Obama has not communicated with the aliens. Only the top notch Illuminati members have. They have a constant line of communication with them. The event that I was speaking of where the aliens will stage attacks on Earth will not occur until after World War III does.
World War III is planned to happen in the next five years. The spark is going to be an Israeli attack on Iran. As Obama is the grand puppet president of the Illuminati. Israel is the grand puppet state. Israel will directly attack Iran with missiles, Iran will respond, and World War III will ensue. It is at this time that Venezuela and North Korea will begin attacking their enemies, China will enter, Russia will enter, and there will be a massive global war on our hands. This war is planned to last for at least 7 years, and towards the end of these 7 years, alien lifeforms will stage their attacks on the major countries of the world.

These alien attacks serve the purpose of ending World War III. There is no other way that the citizens of the warring countries would put aside their bad sentiments created by war to fight a common enemy other than if the common enemy are extra-terrestrials.
The only reason that the Illuminati is manufacturing World War III is to destroy some of the world leaders who do not directly fall under their influence. It is also to make many people very , very rich.
These alien attacks will cause the people of the Earth to join together in common defense against the alien lifeforms, but it will also pave the path to the New World Order.
12:(this is transcript from his you tube video)
World War 3 is planned to happen in the next five years. The spark is going to be an Israeli attack on Iran. As Obama is the grand puppet president used by the Illuminati. Israel is the grand puppet state. Israel has already been given permission by the United States and the European Union to directly attack Iran whenever it feels that it is safe to do so. An attack was almost initiated during the summer of 2009; however, the election crisis in Iran at the time proved inopportune to attack. Most people would assume that a time of chaos would be a great time to attack; however, many of the key Iranian political leaders were out of the country at the time for their own safety.
Israel will directly attack Iran with missiles, Iran will respond, and World War 3 will ensue. It is at this time that Venezuela and North Korea will begin attacking their enemies, China will enter, Russia will enter, and there will be a massive global war on our hands. This is another reason that Obama will be allowed to be re-elected past the normal 2 term limit. This war is planned to last for at least 7 years, and towards the end of these 7 years, alien lifeforms will stage their attacks on the major countries of the world.

These alien attacks serve the purpose of ending World War 3. There is no other way that the citizens of the warring countries would put aside their bad sentiments created by war to fight a common enemy other than if the common enemy are extra-terrestrials.
The only reason that the Illuminati is manufacturing World War III is to destroy some of the world leaders who do not directly fall under their influence. It is also to make many people very , very rich.
These alien attacks will cause the people of the Earth to join together in common defense against the alien lifeforms, but it will also pave the path to the New World Order.
The Illuminati has made a deal with these alien life forms. When the New World Order is secured, and select groups of people are placed in containment camps, people such as dissenters, rebels, and other revolutionaries, these people will be handed over to the aliens for them to do experimentation on. The alien culture is very advanced; however, they are not as advanced as they would like to be because they do not have human beings to experiment on. The aliens that are in business with the Illuminati cannot be experimented on in the same way that humans can because they are built and formed in much of a different way in which I am not entirely familiar.

The Illuminati has worked out a very intensive strategy to secure the New World Order, and it will be accomplished by staging a form of “false flag” attack with these aliens. In return, these aliens receive an inextinguishable supply of experimental beings on which they can perform the many operations that they wish. The Illuminati will secure its New World Order and will establish Obama as the head of it. He will continually be under Illuminati influence and will carry out the next stage of the plan to secure control of all of the world’s oil.
The oil crisis that we are familiar with, the one where the experts say that we are running out, is entirely untrue. There are hundreds of untapped oil reserves in the Middle East. When the New World Order is secured, Obama will ensure that these oil reserves fall into the hands of the Illuminati, and they will be tapped to ensure a great deal of cash flow for the Illuminati. He will secure these oil reserves by destroying the Middle East and reducing it to dust. Russia, China, and the United States will invade the Middle East from all directions claiming that Muslims are dissenters to the New World Order. The first step of this plan has already been initiated with the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. It was necessary for the United States to already have a multitude of troops on the ground in the Middle East, and it is for this reason that George W. Bush pushed the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.
I do not think it is necessary to say that nine eleven was a false flag. This is something that we already knew. Planes were hijacked by operatives brainwashed by the Illuminati, and plastic explosives were used to bring down the towers.
The first step to the destruction of the Middle East, and the establishment of the United States as the “new” oil kings was initiated on that day.

13: This is the only deal that I know of. However, in my opinion, once the deal is done, the New World Order will proceed to attack and conquer these alien lifeforms. Do not let the general public fool you, we have the capability of reaching other galaxies, and have done it.
14: We can reach Mars, and we have. You just do not know about it. The first human landed on Mars in November of 1999.
15: If the next 7.0+ occurs in Venezuela, then I will be able to tell you something about future events. If one does not occur in Venezuela, then these earthquakes mean nothing as of right now.
16: Ben Bernanke is a very, very evil man. He controls over half of the US money supply personally. He can do anything he wants with it without any consequences.
Rahm Emmanuel was groomed much in the same way that Obama was, and Emmanuel will play the lead role in a HUGE event very soon.
17: Bernanke is an agent of Warren Buffett.
18: The first Mars landing to my knowledge occurred in 1999. The astronauts who performed the landing were murdered upon their return.
19: question: Do you knoow of project pegasus and the history of sending people to a MARS base since the 60s?
Answer: The project was attempted; however, their was not significant funding at the time due to other activities that the organization was pursuing. The project was resumed in the seventies, but the main scientists were no longer willing to work on it. It was eventually abandoned.
Alex Jones is not as innocent as he makes himself sound. He has been in on everything for awhile.

20: question: ..and how exactly did they get past the radiation belt without getting fried?
Answer: Actually I do know about this. Any radiation or obstacles that they encountered were redirected by use of lasers, but radiation and obstacles were also consumed by a generator that produced a mini black hole directed towards whatever was in the way.
This black hole was then destroyed by several remotely detonated explosions inside of it.
These explosions served the purpose of decreasing the gravity in the black hole which destroyed the black hole while preserving the radiation and other obstacles.
21: Cheney was an idiot. He served no role in anything that the Illuminati carried out. He was pretty much a pawn used to divert attention. He tried to play a role, but was never allowed.
A tomahawk cruise missile hit the Pentagon; launched from a ship in the Atlantic.
A plane really hit the ground in PA. Again, an attention diversion. They felt that they needed a “feel good” story.
Yes, planes hit the towers, and the towers collapses because of explosives already planted on the joists.
Larry Silverstein was the brains behind it all.
Building 7 was used as an operations base. It needed to be demolished to protect information and people.

22: The operatives that hijacked the plane were told to crash it in PA. That is what I know to be true.
23: (regarding911) NORAD never really mobilized to do anything. There was no need to stand them down. NORAD is ran by the government, which is controlled by the Illuminati. See where I am going here?
24: The Anti-Christ is not going to be a single person. It is also very ironic.
The Anti-Christ is Israel.
25: (question)How long till the US economy goes under?
(answer)It won’t. World War 3 will kick off at the perfect time to prevent collapse.
26: Hitler committed suicide in the way that most believe he did. Merkel is not his daughter; however, a coming chancellor will be his grandson.
27: The North American Union will form at the start of WW3 as a trade/ defense alliance.
28: A city will burn on November 11, 2011. I am not sure which. Only know that a city will burn to the ground.
29: Islam will be destroyed by killing the Muslims. Christianity will be destroyed by discrediting it. Judaism will not be destroyed, but will gain power. All other religions will fall into irrelevance.

30: Now, we are going to talk about the Anti-Christ being Israel.
I am not talking about the Jewish people, or the people of Israel itself, but I am talking about the state of Israel. As I mentioned earlier, Israel is the grand puppet state of the Illuminati. When the modern Israeli state was formed in 1948, it was all part of a master plan. This plan ties into the long term plan to demolish the Middle East. After World War 2, it was decided that land would be taken from the Palestinians, and this land would be declared the Jewish homeland that they had been driven from many years ago. We all know that fighting ensued between Israel and Palestine, and this violence continues today. Palestine is a state that has defied the control of the Illuminati. They were presented with the opportunity of protection when Israel was formed; however, they rejected, and they will one day be demolished in the most horrific manner. The whole point of the establishment of Israel is to place an Illuminati-influence government directly in the area. Israel is carrying out the order of the Illuminati, and has been since its formation.
I have already detailed the role that Israel will play in sparking World War 3 by a preemptive strike on Iran. However, the influence of Israel on world affairs will span far more than that. Israel will be virtually invincible during World War 3. It will prevail through Iranian attacks, but in the final stages of the war, it will fall under Russian attack. It is in these final stages that the alien attacks will take place, and all worldly fighting will cease. The Illuminati will use this time to establish their New World Order, which will be based in Israel. It is from Israel that the New World Order will execute their evil policies that will eventually lead to the destruction of the world as we know it. The Jews will be banished from Israel yet again, and the people that occupy the land will be a people that lack any form of religion. As I stated, Islam will be destroyed through elimination of the Muslims, Christianity will be destroyed through destruction of its credibility, and once these two religions are eliminated, religion as we know it will cease to exist in worldly affairs. Israel is the state that will carry out the execution of religion.
This is the grand plan of the Illuminati to establish a New World Order that is entirely a One World Order. Israel is the Anti Christ. A beast that will rise from the sea, a sea of turmoil, with many heads, led by many leaders.

Let me talk about religion for a little while. Religion was manufactured long ago by men who wished to control the masses. Different religions were created in different places to suit the needs and beliefs of the area, and it was intended to serve as a crutch. The leaders of these regions used religion to enslave their people, and religion continues to be such an evil. In essence, religion was the first form of mind control.
When the Illuminati was formed, it was evident that religion was something that could keep the masses dumb and ignorant to what was really happening around them. Is this not what has happened? Because of religion, the Illuminati has been able to work in secret for many, many years.
The gods that are relative to each religion are continually manufactured in the minds of those that are enslaved. The indoctrination of the masses by religion has led to a brainwashed society that is easy for the Illuminati to take control of.
Every major religion in the world has been infiltrated by the Illuminati. A group that calls themselves Light Feet has installed Illuminati members in every major religion of the world. The purpose of these Light Feet is to ensure that the masses are controlled by their respective religion. Billy Graham is one of the most notorious Light Feet. These Light Feet work hard to spread the word about their respective religion and to convert others. The end games of these workers are to turn their backs on their followers and destroy them. If Billy Graham is not around when the destruction of religion occurs, then Franklin Graham is very much capable of shaking the foundations of Christianity. Such leaders are also placed in Islam and Buddhism as well. These infiltrators serve the purpose of moles. Very, very powerful moles.

Billy Graham is one of the most evil people on this planet. The perfect wolf in sheeps clothing. The man that has led crusades to save thousands, will eventually contribute in the death of the very people he saved. A poster on GodLike Productions was on to this, and I would be more than happy to discuss this with them soon, to collaborate on what we know. I personally saw Billy Graham in Moscow one winter dressed entirely in Satanic attire. He is not who you think he is. I promise.
To summarize: Israel is the Anti Christ. They will rise in the New World Order as the base for the end game. Religion is mind control, and every major religion has been infiltrated with the Light Feet who serve the purpose of crumbling the foundations that they have laid.
31. Question – Can you describe his “satantic attire” a little more, color, length, symbols, cloth, etc.?
OP’s response – Long, flowing, blood red robes with large hood. The All Seeing Eye was a very big part of it. Pasted on the front and back. Horns also protruded from the hood.
32. Alright, I am done for today. I will be back tomorrow with more information. But let me leave you all with this, I have received confirmation from an associate. Look for a large explosion within the end of the week.
The first topic to discuss will be these underground bunkers that I have mentioned. Currently, there are 57 underground bases and bunkers around the United States that are in use for various purposes. There are 439 bunkers in the entire world. ALL of these bunkers and bases are controlled and maintained by the Illuminati. The largest underground bunker is in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This bunker has the capability of holding up to 5,000 people for a period of up to ten years. I have personally been in this bunker, and it is much larger than one that anyone can possible even imagine. This bunker is secured mainly for the events of the end times. 5,000 of the world’s richest, brightest, and most powerful individuals will secure shelter in this bunker in the event of a global thermonuclear war, natural disaster, or any other form of global catastrophe. Don’t be confused. Several other bunkers have the ability of housing large numbers of people for extended periods of time, but no other bunkers is as large and capable as this one. In the event of World War 3, all of the world’s leaders will take shelter here, and the governments of the world will be theoretical proxy governments. The world’s richest people will be here as well. People such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, the oil tycoons ( however, these oil tycoons will be murdered while they are in the bunker so that the takeover of the Middle East will be much easier for the New World Order). I do not know the exact number, but of the 439 bunkers in the world, I would say that around 275 of them are constructed mainly for shelter and extended stays. I myself stayed in one of these bunkers while in China in the nineties. They are very nice, very luxurious. It is practically like you are staying in a 5 star hotel.

Some people that have stayed in these bunkers:
Leon Trotsky: After Stalin defeated Trotsky and secured power in the Soviet Union following Lenin’s death, Trotsky was moved to an underground bunker just inside Switzerland. Stalin originally did not know about this because if he did not follow the orders of the Illuminati, then Trotsky was going to be reinstated as the leader of the Soviet Union. It was important to have Trotsky placed in this bunker because Stalin was going to kill him otherwise. Stalin eventually fell in line with the Illuminati’s plans, and Trotsky was executed because he was no longer needed.
Abraham Lincoln: Lincoln was NOT murdered by John Wilkes Booth. Lincoln was placed in the office of presidency as a pawn. The Illuminati knew that if he was elected then the South would secede. The Civil War made the North very, very rich. That was the only reason the Civil War was allowed to happen. If the Illuminati had not seen the opportunity to become rich off of the war, then slavery would still be an American institution. Lincoln was placed in office just to start the war. He made a deal that once the war was over, that he would be removed from office. This was taken care of through a fake assassination, and he spent the rest of his days in a bunker in Mexico.
Saddam Hussein: Hussein was in power in Iraq merely to raise justification for invasion by the United States and other nations. Many of you are already familiar with what I have said about the plans to entirely take over the Middle East and to secure the oil that is currently untapped. The Hussein that was “hung” was a dummy, and the cell phone video that was release was meant to be released as “proof.” Saddam is currently in a bunker somewhere in Argentina. I do not know of any future plans with him.
The rest of the bunkers in the world are used for storage of things that cannot be stored on top of the ground. Nuclear stockpiles are being held in these underground bunkers . In the event that a nation veers off the course that is planned, then they will be eliminated. Either through assassination of their leaders or by nuclear destruction. Thankfully, nuclear action has not had to be taken yet; however, do not put it past these people to bring about such destruction.
You all know about the HAARP machine conspiracy. It is real. I can assure you. The machine is housed entirely in a bunker that is underwater in the Pacific Ocean. This machine was developed back in the 1980’s, and was first used in the late nineties. This machine has capability of creating any natural disaster that the Illuminati wish to create. Hurricane Katrina was a product of the HAARP machine. The Hurricane was used as a diversion. While the area was in chaos, and attention was diverted everywhere, engineers were sent down to prepare for the gulf oil spill. I can assure you that the Illuminati is capable of releasing more oil into the gulf. The oil that has already been pumped into the gulf is only a small amount compared to what could possibly be done. I already mentioned that the oil spill was used as an agent to implant microbodies into the brains of the children in the area. These children that have been affected are now subject to government control whenever these microbodies are activated. The Illuminati also used the opportunity that Katrina presented to build a bunker that is directly beneath the French Quarter. Why else do you think that FEMA was slow to provide adequate assistance? The engineers needed time.
The HAARP machine is not controlled by any one single country; it is collectively controlled and used. The earthquake in Haiti, the ones that happened over the past couple days, all are products of the HAARP. Not all of the events are relevant or important, some are just tests, some are even mistakes. Rest assured however that once there is need for a natural disaster, the disaster can be generated, engineered, and directed and have whatever effect is necessary.
Another thing that is housed in these bunkers are drugs. There are massive amounts of cocaine, marijuana, heroine, and all kinds of other drugs being stored. The drug trade and war on drugs are essential to the Illuminati. As more and more drugs are traded and cartels become more powerful, the Illuminati becomes richer and more powerful. One of the major contributors and benefactors to the drug trade is Warren Buffett. Buffett has been running the drug trade in the Western Hemisphere for the past twenty years. The drug cartels of Mexico are under his power. It is important that the Illuminati control the majority of the drugs in North America. This is because it gives them yet another vehicle to transport technology that allows them to take control of the consumers. The Illuminati is constantly searching for ways to implant themselves in the minds of the general public, and naturally, control of the drug trade was the perfect way to do so. Buffett secured control of the drug trade when he approached multiple drug cartels and presented them with contracts. He has been in control ever since, and Ben Bernanke is assisting him with the day to day operations.
Multiple bunkers are also equipped to serve as crematories. Much in the same way that the Nazis burned their victims, the Illuminati plans to burn victims that are killed off. Many have speculated that FEMA has constructed stockpiles of coffins to be used for mass burials, but this is not true. Mass burials would take a massive amount of time and effort. Therefore, when the time comes to begin mass killings and executions, the bodies will be shipped to “burn yard” where they will be dropped in these bunkers and reduced to ashes. FEMA, which is an Illuminati run organization, decided that this would be the most effective way to dispose of a mass amount of bodies.
Yet more of these bunkers contain robots that are designed and ready to infiltrate the workplace in the case of a labor shortage. The scenario in which these robots will most likely be used is when the mind control aspect of the Illuminati’s plan goes into effect. Robots will be sent in to perform the jobs that these people were doing, and these people will be used for other events, such as war, propaganda, and violence. These robots will also be used once population control goes into effect.

Alex Jones is not who he says he is. For years he has been working to uncover the secrets of the Illuminati and the New World Order, but yet he is a member of the former, and will be in power in the latter. Jones has been placed in the world of conspiracy theories to feed false information, to throw trackers off the trail. Do not believe anything that the man tells you. All of the information that he presents is fabricated by the Illuminati, for the Illuminati. Think of Joseph Goebbels. Alex Jones is the perfect Joseph Goebbels. STOP LISTENING TO HIM IF YOU ARE. You are being lied to by a man that receives his instructions straight from the Illuminati.
The moon landing in 1969 was real, but there was a moon landing seven years earlier that was the first real landing. In truth, the Russians were the first ones to land on the moon; however, they did not publicize the mission nor the results. It was decided that America was going to win the space race in order to secure a feeling of capitalism over communism. Russia launched their own rocket ship toward the moon as a test run to ensure that the American trial would be successful seven years later. Everything went perfect with the Russian moon landing, and the same technology was then applied to the American moon mission. While on the moon, the American astronauts began the first construction of nuclear missile sites on the moon. These nuclear missile sites have been added onto over the years by way of subsequent moon missions and work by remote control robots. The purpose of these missile sites is the ability to launch nuclear missiles without the risk of tracing the missiles back to a particular country. The scenario in which these missiles would be used is to attack a nation that is not cooperating with the Illuminati. The Illuminati would order missiles launched at the nation, but without the afflicted nation being able to track where exactly the missiles came from, they would not be able to show evidence that they should declare war on a specific country. In my opinion, these missiles will never be used because there are many other ways that the Illuminati can bring down an entire government other than nuking them. However, to my knowledge, the moon currently has 2 fully equipped nuclear missile sites that can be operated from Earth.

Sticking with space….
Scientists working for the Illuminati have found a way that they can “shut” off the sun. A weapon has been created that shoot a beam of high density radiation right into the heart of a planet or star. This beam of radiation penetrates through the planet creating a very large cylinder in the exact middle of it. The radiation that is left behind begins to eat at the star or planet and the effects spread like wildfire. This technology has been tested on various stars in our immediate solar system and is very effective. The first thing that occurs to the star is that the radiation eats a perfect cylinder through the middle of the star, the radiation left behind begins working its way outward degenerating anything in its path. The radiation continues to build and spread. Some stars hung on until they were totally deteriorated from the radiation; however, some stars became so unstable that they combusted at a certain point.
Scientists are certain that this technology can be used on the sun, but also on other planets. One estimate that I overheard was that from the initial shot of radiation, it would take approximately nine years for the entire sun to be entirely consumed. We would begin seeing the effects of the radiation in approximately 3 and a half years however. The first signs would be shorter days and a decreased amount of sunlight during those days. The sun would start becoming unstable at about the seven year point, and we will begin seeing massive solar flares. Once the nine years is up, all life on earth will be dead.
Since my departure, I am completely unsure who the top, head leaders of the Illuminati are at this point, but I will give my best guess. The Illuminati is structured so that there are one to three major leaders in each major region of the world; however, some regions are left out because of a lack of a suitable leader; therefore, a leader is installed there.
In North America:
Warren Buffett is most likely the head of all Illuminati operations. Followed by Ben Bernanke, followed by Lloyd Blankfein who is CEO of Goldman Sachs.
Goldman Sachs is a key player in the North American Illuminati sector. Recently, Goldman Sachs invested almost $500 million dollars in Facebook. Usually this means that Facebook will fall under Illuminati control soon, just as Myspace and Twitter have.

Other key players in North America are Alex Jones, Bill Clinton, Rahm Emmanuel, of course Obama, and Timothy Geithner
South America is void of any real Illuminati leaders. Hugo Chavez has been difficult to work with in the past. He seems to be in line with the Illuminati agenda; however, he does not like being told what to do. Most of the North American leaders control South America as well.
In Europe:
Nicolas Sarkozy is the main guy. He controls the majority of the operations in Europe and Africa. Gordon Brown was very influential in the Illuminati until he decided to begin playing his way; this is why he was removed from office. My opinion is that he is still a key player, just not as key as he once was. There are several African arms dealer that have recently gained some power; however, I am unaware of their identities.
The Middle East is controlled largely by Benjamin Netanyahu which should not come as much of a surprise. Netanyahu does not have as much control as you would think however. As I have stated before, Israel is the grand puppet state of the Illuminati. They will do absolutely anything that the Illuminati wants them to do, and they will do it to the best of their ability without even thinking twice. Israel has been given the permission to fire upon Iran whenever it wishes to do so. Control of the Middle East is hard because there are so many rebel groups. Palestine should not even be worried about. Although they are not controlled by the Illuminati, they are not able to do anything. Iran is borderline at time, and completely in opposition at others. This is why Israel will destroy Iran to start WWIII.
Asia is controlled entirely by Vladimir Putin and his cronies. Putin is a very powerful, very smart man. He will regain popular control of Russia very soon, but you can be assured that everything that is happening in Russia right now is going through him. China has chosen to give up a little power to the Illuminati. They cooperate; just do not care to become too involved. In my opinion, it is because they feel that they will be able to defeat the Illuminati in the end. They are sadly mistaken. Eventually they will come to terms and will join in the great skit that will be called World War 3.
The Spanish flu of 1918, SARS, and the H1N1 scare all have one thing in common: they all were engineered by the Illuminati. While nothing has been instituted on a global scale, the Illuminati has been testing these viruses for years and they are finally unlocking the keys to creating a virus that will spread across the globe very, very fast killing select people. My advice: do not receive the vaccines. You will become a part of a test group that the Illuminati is using to experiment. The H1N1 virus started to become widespread when animals escaped from a farm in Brazil where the virus was being tested. Several of these animals mingled with citizens of surrounding towns, and many of the animals were consumed. The population of the surround towns were quarantined, and the ones that died were covered up; however, somehow, a traveler had carried the flu virus all the way up into northern Mexico, where the virus was first reported. The Illuminati soon found out that the virus was much, much less ineffective than they thought. They are currently pursuing research on a virus that will wipe out a country within a matter of days.

Freemasons BUILD the New Age Movement

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Albert Churchward

, another Masonic author states that the triangle pointing upward us a symbol for Set, which is one of the Infernal Names for Satan. [Signs and Symbols of Primordial Man , George Allen and Company, Ltd., 1913, p. 189, 309, and 471]. Then, Masonic author, J.S.M. Ward states,

“With the point upwards, the equilateral triangle stands for Shiva the Destroyer and signifies the flame which rises upwards from the funeral pyre toward Heaven. This symbol is familiar to us in several degrees, most notably the Thirtieth degree.” [Freemasonry and the Ancient Gods, 1921; also reported by Masonic authors William Meyer, The Order of the Eastern Star, p. 20; Alain Danielou, The Gods of India]


is another name for Satan in the occult and the triangle with one point pointing up is a symbol for Satan. Most likely this is the reason why the pyramid is such an important symbol to the Mason. This is the symbol on the reverse of the one dollar bill. This symbol contains two triangles: the Pyramid itself and the All-Seeing Eye of Horus (Osiris). Occultists know that both Horus and Osiris are alternate names for Satan. There is one more proof from Masonic authors, that Satan is the one they worship.
Masonic authors tell us that they worship Lucifer in yet another way. Lynn Perkins (a Masonic Author), states that
“Shamballa has a bearing on the ancient origins of Freemasonry and upon its future in the coming Aquarian Age …”

[Masonry In The New Age, p. 56]

Then, on pages 55-56, Perkins says that today’s Mason has no idea that Freemasonry comes from such an ancient, esoteric source. Most Masons today understand that the roots of their organization are in Satanism. When Perkins said that Freemasonry had its origins in Shamballa, he just identified Masonry as Satanic.
Alice Bailey, with her Demon MasterMaster D.K. – writing through her, stated that
“Shamballa is the mythological place where the ‘Lord of the World’, Sanat Kumara, or Shiva , is supposed to live.” [Discipleship in the New Age].

Masonic author, Perkins, has just admitted that Freemasonry originated in the place where Shiva (Satan) lives.

Manly P. Hall

, 33rd Degree Mason, K.T., in his book, Initiates of the Flame boldly admits Freemasonry is from Hell:
“Those who follow the path of faith (or the heart) use water and are known as the Sons of Seth, while those who follow the path of the mind and action are the Sons of Cain, who was the son of SAMAEL , the Spirit of Fire. Today, we find the latter among the alchemists, the Hermetic philosophers, the Rosicrucians and the Freemasons.” [p. 20]


places Freemasonry among the circle of the damned — Sons of Cain , who rebelled against God; alchemists who are known sorcerers, Black Magicians, and worshippers of Satan, and the Rosicrucians who have so desecrated the cross of Jesus Christ with Pentagrams and Hexagrams. Hall’s major revelation was that Freemasonry is the son of SAMAEL. being careful not to confuse Samael with the beloved prophet Samuel. SAMAEL is one of the Infernal Names of Satan. In fact, House of Theosophy author, writing under the influence of her demon possessing her — Master D.K. — identifies SAMAEL as Satan! [The Secret Doctrine] In fact, Satanists have a symbol of SAMAEL. The pentagram with the one point up represents the Divine Man specifically and Lucifer the good god generally; the pentagram on the right with two stars up and the goats head is called the Goats Head of Mendes by most Satanists, but Black Magick Satanists call him SAMAEL.
On the website we have a combination in the title of Mystery Schools. Great White Brotherhood. Ascension. Ascended Masters. Freemasonry. Theosophical Society. St. Germain.

This is a site where New Age meets the Ancients. Comte de Saint Germain was an 18th-century adventurer known as ‘Der Wundermann’ – ‘The Wonderman’. He went by the name of Comte St-Germain. He has a reputation of mystery and extravagancy. He pops up from time to time across the centuries. He claimed to be the originator of Freemasonry and Rosicrucianism; spy, and an incognito king. In Vienna he took part in the foundation of the Society of Asiatic Brothers and of the Knights of Light, who studied alchemy; and it was he who gave Mesmer his fundamental ideas on personal magnetism and hypnotism. It is said that he initiated Cagliostro, who visited him on several occasions in Holstein to receive directions from him, though there is no direct evidence for this. The two men were to be far separated from one another by opposite currents and a different fate. He was said to possess the Philosophers Stone.
He dazzled people with his abilities to play violin, sing, compose, priest, fiddler, harpsichord, and a vast nobleman. He was told to be a Italian, a Spaniard, a Pole, and someone who married into great fortune in Mexico, and ran away with he jewels to Constantinople. Even though he was claimed to be married from time to time, he had no desire to be with women.
He never ate in public, casually dispenses diamonds and hinted of his being centuries old. He spoke many languages, all with a slight indefinable accent. He advised the court belles on their diets, sometimes giving them a rejuvenating elixir.
The stories told of him generate from the 18th century until now, considering there is a man told to be him that frequently publishes his New Age guru specialties. Voltaire calls him a man who knows everything and never dies – a squib often quoted by writers unfamiliar with Voltaire’s irony.
Freiherr Reinhard Gemmingen-Guttenberg meets the Count in Bavaria. Frederick wants to know if the Count is a Freemason; St-Germain confesses he was once and got as far as the fourth degree, but has forgotten the signs. Just two years before, a certain Johan Georg Schrepfer appeared in Leipzig, claiming occult powers and royal blood. He swindled several trusting souls with a scheme to merge Freemasonry and the Society of Jesus; then, promising a miracle, shot himself. St-Germain is rumored to be his pupil.
The Count catches pneumonia from his draughty lab. He dies on 27 February 1784. Karl is away at a Masonic conclave, but the death is witnessed by his doctor.
The plain facts, though, are satisfyingly odd. The Count was wealthy, with no visible means of support. He concealed his real name and origin. He was celibate, ascetic, traveled constantly, and dropped out of sight for years at a time. He was called a charlatan, but his reputation was spotless. On the face of it, he seems to have been a wealthy eccentric with a taste for mystification, music… and fabric dyes.
Reports of St-Germain’s death were blithely disregarded. The occultist Alliette – also known as Etteilla – announced that there were two Counts, and the real one was still alive. St-Germain was sighted in Paris in 1835, and in Egypt during Napoleon’s campaign. Napoleon III kept a dossier on him, which was lost in a fire.
Several books on palmistry and astrology bore his name. Arch-Theosophist Helena Blavatsky identified the Count as one of the ‘Masters of Wisdom’ who guided her, and hinted she had secret documents pertaining to him. In fact, what she had was a copy of the Adhémar Souvenirs, which she loaned to Isabel Cooper-Oakley, one of the Count’s first biographers. The then Countess of Adhémar, also a Theosophist, vouched for her ancestor, so Lamothe-Langon’s fantasies reached a wider audience than they deserved.
Another Theosophist, C W Leadbeater, met a bearded and uniformed St-Germain in Rome in 1926. In 1923, Aleister Crowley had jotted an idea in his diary: “Shall I ‘become’ Comte de St Germain with a wig & beard – and start a New Legend?” 10 I’m afraid this is just coincidence. By then, some Theosophists were saying St-Germain was the incarnation of the goddess Venus. From there, it was a short jump to Guy Ballard, who claimed the Count actually introduced him to visitors from Venus. In his book, Ballard revealed a 1930 encounter with St-Germain on Mt Shasta in California. The Count, always an entertaining host, pulled gold from the air, tamed a panther, and took Guy and his wife to a convention of Venusians in the Grand Tetons. 11
The Ballards formed a group called the I AM Foundation, which disseminated many channelled messages from the obliging Count. They also published a portrait quite unlike the historical one – featuring a dark, bearded, Christ-like figure. It was soon replaced with a blonder, more Californian version. There’s one more link to this Venusian chain. UFO contactee George Adamski was familiar with Ballardiana, and his own 1952 meeting with a tourist from Venus may have been inspired by Guy’s quality time with St-Germain.
Meanwhile, I AM begat the Church Universal and Triumphant led by Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet. The Church’s biography of St-Germain now includes incarnations as an Atlantean priest, Merlin, both Bacons (Roger and Francis) and Columbus. He designed the American flag, helped write the Constitution and founded the Boy Scouts. He lives in a pink crystal cave in Wyoming, where he leads the fight against tobacco, alcohol, sugar, and dissonant music. The Church distributes two portraits – Ascended Master St-Germain and Knight Commander St-Germain. Perhaps we’re back to the two St-Germains of Alliette!
But the theosophists and a great many occultists regarded him as a master of the great White Lodge of the Himalayas. The legend of these masters is well known. According to it there live in inaccessible lamaseries in Tibet certain wise men who possess the ancient secrets of the lost civilization of Atlantis.
And why not make that three? Back in the Count’s beloved France, the late Richard Chanfray bravely donned the mantle. After a troubled youth, including a suicide attempt and a bout of amnesia, Chanfray landed in prison for robbery. There, he had a series of dreams that convinced him he was the illustrious Count. On 28 January 1972, he made a memorable appearance on French television, changing lead into gold, discussing his experiments with giant insects, and revealing that Louis XV was still alive and living in the Midi. He went on to cut an LP and open an antique shop in Paris. One can hardly blame him for ‘becoming’ the Count; he certainly had more fun than he did as Richard Chanfray.  Mostly what they wanted was romance and we’ve seen how tastes shifted from Rosicrucian to prophet to Hidden Master to Space Brother.
Well, there you have some info on St Germain. The one we have amongst us now has websites dedicated to him specifically and he uploads videos of his work on YOUTUBE under the channel name “messagesfromwithin”. This is but one of the Ascended Masters who claim to be from Atlantis and beyond. Their names counterfeit those of GOD’s chosen and they duplicate and counterfeit everything of GOD. It rumored that the original Freemasonry went back to Nimrod and this makes complete sense considering the research I have uncovered where the Tower of Babel was a communication vortex to other dimensions. Also King Solomon and Enoch (not the one who ascended to GOD without dying) were said to conjure up spirits and demons. This practice was very apparent and obviously well known to many.
The New Age Movement is not really new for it goes back thousands of years. It’s actually called paganism/druidism. It is the worship of mother earth and Satan.

Letters of GFL

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Man has overpopulated and poisoned this world…stop praying for armegeddon so that Jesus can come, you understand not.

we have been doing a lot of replacements all over the globe in various political offices, and in the media.
Beloveds, we are taking down everything in this world that must collapse.
There may be collapse of the ability to fully deliver food and necessities, and we have huge stockpiles to assist this.
now is still a good time to have some stocks of necessities. There will be considerable unemployment from this.
As we collapse the financial industry, you will have all your debts written off. We are collapsing the banking system completely. But there may be great restrictions in gasoline for them.
For those that rent, nearly all tenements have loans, which will also be written off.
People may well have to force their landlords to reduce or eliminate rents. There will considerably less need to spend money. People will be solving their problems which can include moving of families together and the like. Man will have to solve some of his issues around this.
People have to see the collapse. There will be great gnashing of teeth

During this period people will be offered the opportunity to MOVE to craft and some of their future destinations. The declining conditions should help motivate those choices.

There will be an address by the newly placed Obama. This will then be carried around the world by normal media. The announcement process will begin in a day or two after.
Now, you should be seeing the need for our replacements. Most will look close enough to the originals, using various technologies we have, to pass and a little makeup will help.
These are basically clones, inhabited by “star fleet” personnel, in other words ensouled and these ones all are very aware of their roles.
We have been setting up “traps” to engage those that are problems and removing them.
embedded in the churches, as this has been a huge program, to get certain ones to discredit us as being demons from space and the like.
and one of the things we will do is shut down quite a few forums, so these ones have no outlet to spoil our show.
We keep discovering new folks that must be replaced, and making a clone takes 36 hours plus about another 36 hours of programming to them after the soul inhabits them.
We…will be bypassing man’s satellites with our own communications for the television. That is why you were told there will be us and the news and that is it for those 3 months. We will control it all. What will man do? Well, he is going to discover his spirit.
We are realizing we need to close up many avenues of communication, which may have to include all radio, except in places that have inadequate television. We will not close the internet, but we have entered many codes to take down internet sites that are going to fight this.
Man does not have the free will to destroy what God plans to give as education.
People are going to get a fair opportunity to make up their minds, minus the deliberate deceiving.
We were appalled personally that this topic was even broached by the individuals that started the thread, and other threads. This is why certain forums will not run and that includes many Christian forums and websites
Sherry Shriner, you are one of those on that list who will not be broadcasting either. Interestingly, those forums and the like within Islam are far less a concern that Christian ones.
There are many good people who have of course never heard of AbundantHope that will also step into service at this time locally where they live. It will be almost automatic for them. As man adjusts, more will naturally come into service.
we are getting the troops home all over the world…these ones need to be around to serve within their various countries.
Be patient as always and focus on how you will help as this world comes down. I still advise above, that yea ones stock up on essentials, including your medicines and the like as you can.
We are going to give the WORD that was promised in the End times, to the Globe via Global TV.

This is the ONLY way we can get it to EVERYONE on this planet, before the earth changes really go into effect.

You are interfering with that truth Freedom Stands. You do not have the freedom anymore to screw with God. So be it. That is why we are going to turn off the many blogs and forums that will be used to discredit the truth. Perhaps into the process they can be reopened for discussion. We do not need the likes of what YOU are presenting to turn people to fear of God. We will turn YOU off, meaning your opportunity to post, at a selected time.
People are going to see us helping them out.
These one billion, as stated will be awakened before the end of stasis. When they are boarded to craft, they will be put into stasis on craft, because they are not to have yet earned this experience and are not to watch what is done during stasis. They are not ready for the teaching that will fit them better when they are awakened to the repaired planet. They will get some preliminary teaching once awakened on ship.
As to the animals, if they are of God they just rest in the stasis, and survive very nicely the time when the planet is upright and still during the magnetic pole reversal. They are also put into stasis however, because the stress of a pole reversal is terrifying and of course, since there will be much volcanization with the reversal and with the axis changes, they must be in stasis, because their bodies would otherwise die of oxygen deprivation. We ALWAYS put a planet into stasis when the animals must be protected for anything major of this sort. So they will happily sleep.
Those of you returning to the planet, will have your pets provided for, and depending on what you are doing they may stay with you during stasis or sleep thru stasis and return to you later. Please do not write questions of this sort to Candace, she has so little time lately between her responsibilities with us and never ending time consuming issues with the dark harassments. You can wait and find out when it happens. We will also be doing teaching that may answer many your questions, because the rest of the planet has a lot more questions than you will have!
We know not the exact timing yet on the pickup because sometimes shit happens, as you all are fond of saying
At the time during the teaching process that we begin to show of our selves, you in the know, MUST at that time put aside your worries about how you will be reacted too.
Some of your family members are going to finally “get it.” Some may not and if they do not under reasonable conditions, put your time elsewhere.
Do not keep trying to give pearls to people that want only rocks.
It is after all, the final sorting. Well almost, there will continue to be sorting after the long stasis as people pass then, because some aren’t going to earn their ascension.
“so I think that if one thing works out, it leads to New world Order, if it doesnt work out they will take control of a fake rebellion and pretend its overthrown and a NEW WORLD ORDER is established”
“WW2 might have worked like that as well, either option leading to a World Government such as the UN or whatever the Axis would’ve established, which was probably going to be a UN as well, and even if the Communists were to take over the world it would be the same globalist plan.”
“notice the political parties pretend to be on different sides but both now seem to be working towards Globalism”
“The Globalist agenda is to control and manage the entire population of the Earth with the utmost strictness, and population has been a major concern.”
That should be obvious freedom, about physical death on this world. There are an awfully lot of bodies in the earth now. This is temporary experiencing. these bodies do NOT work in “heaven.” You are given better bodies there. I don’t know why christians think these shitty meat suits go to heaven. Dark experiences are experiences generate from either pure evil intent, or on the lesser side, ignorance. LIGHT means in one form, KNOWLEDGE and Darkness means in the same measure Ignorance. This civilization is terribly ignorant and many will not seek liight, which is true knowledge.
Aton is trying to convince you, if you wish to use that word, to return to whence you came, to the lighter realms. You cannot use these bodies there.
Be in Peace, please. I am christ Michael/Aton.
They are planning on blocking all free communication that says anything against them or questioning them, they will cut off all shipments and the financial system, broadcasting only their education program and showing that they are the ones “helping” and providing food to people while encouraging them to get on the ships so that the people can “lose their bodies” because they are “overpopulating” the Earth.
The ships plan to take “1 billion”.
Everyone on the ships are told they will be “put to sleep” and this might be the case, massive gassings of all those who enter on these ships “in order to save your lives and the planet”.
The ships don’t even have to be real space ships at all, they can just be ships the government has prepared to execute a massive amount of people.
The lie becomes very clear when they say “your animals will be put in stasis on the planet and returned to you when you come back” if the animals can sleep through the disasters on Earth, why are the humans being taken on board ships to avoid the disaster? They seem to be lying clearly, and that the humans would be taken on the ships to be executed!
There are several of us and you will be most surprised. Many media people though, had to be replaced for this project, they would not come into service and we don’t want them anyway, as there would be that behind the scenes corruption where possible. The committed dark stay committed to the end, sadly so, but that is the nature of man on these evolutionary planets.
We are happy to say that “V” will be canceled. Those media who were replaced are needed thru out the world to maintain the normalcy. And so it goes. I now yield to S333.
“No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he will take a LUCIFERIAN Initiation.”
- David Spangler, Director of Planetary Initiative, United Nations

Zero Point!

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#1 -The birds/the news of bird dropping out of the sky is already happening on a minute scale, along with fish. It has been taking place approximately 2 years. This will keep happening, only not on small scales. “They” are killing everything.
#2 -The aurora borealis caused by the collision of charged particles directed by the Earth’s magnetic field. This effect causes our electromagnetic energy surrounding the earth to not operate correctly.
#3 -The have also been hearing storms that are followed by lightening strikes that range in the hundreds, even thousands, some happening without rain or thunder.
#4 -We have been warned by scientists and NASA, that we could be headed for a ‘stone age’ scenario where electricity and other modern factors could be put to a halt by a EMP storm.
#5 -Are these things happening because our molten metal at the earths center has stopped circulating at 9,000 miles an hour?

Scientific proof of the Earth passing through the Photon Belt and the slowing of the Earths rotation is given by some. At the same time there is an increase in the resonant frequency of the Earth (Schumann Resonance). When the Earth stops its rotation and the resonance frequency reaches 13 cycles we will be at a zero point magnetic field. The Earth will be stopped, and in 2 or 3 days it will start turning again in the opposite direction. This will produce a reversal in the magnetic fields around the earth and so forth.
Earth’s background base frequency, or “heartbeat,” (called Schumann resonance, or SR) is rising dramatically. Though it varies among geographical regions, for decades the overall measurement was 7.8 cycles per second. This was once thought to be a constant; global military communications developed on this frequency. Recent reports set the rate at over 11 cycles, and climbing. Science doesn’t know why, or what to make of it. Science acknowledges SR as a sensitive indicator of temperature variations and worldwide weather conditions. This will factoring severe storms, floods we have been witnessing of late.
While earth’s “pulse” rate is rising, her magnetic field strength, on the other hand, is declining. The field has lost up to half its intensity in the last 4,000 years. And because a forerunner of magnetic polar reversals is this field strength, some believe that another reversal is due. Because these cyclical Shifts are associated with reversals, Earth’s geological record indicating magnetic reversals also marks previous Shifts in history. And, within the enormous time scale represented, there were quite a few of them.

The Earth behaves like an enormous electric circuit. The atmosphere is actually a weak conductor and if there were no sources of charge, its existing electric charge would diffuse away in about 10 minutes. There is a ‘cavity ‘defined by the surface of the Earth and the inner edge of the ionosphere 55 kilometers up. At any moment, the total charge residing in this cavity is 500,000 Coulombs. There is a vertical current flow between the ground and the ionosphere of 1 – 3 x 10^-12 Amperes per square meter. The resistance of the atmosphere is 200 Ohms. The voltage potential is 200,000 Volts. There are about 1000 lightning storms at any given moment worldwide. Each produces 0.5 to 1 Ampere and these collectively account for the measured current flow in the Earth’s ‘electromagnetic’ cavity.

The Schumann Resonances are quasi standing wave electromagnetic waves that exist in this cavity. Like waves on a spring, they are not present all the time, but have to be ‘excited’ to be observed. They are not caused by anything internal to the Earth, its crust or its core. They seem to be related to electrical activity in the atmosphere, particularly during times of intense lightning activity. They occur at several frequencies between 6 and 50 cycles per second; specifically 7.8, 14, 20, 26, 33, 39 and 45 Hertz, with a daily variation of about +/- 0.5 Hertz. So long as the properties of Earth’s electromagnetic cavity remains about the same, these frequencies remain the same. Presumably there is some change due to the solar sunspot cycle as the Earth’s ionosphere changes in response to the 11-year cycle of solar activity. Schumann resonances are most easily seen between 2000 and 2200 UT.
Given that the earth’s atmosphere carries a charge, a current and a voltage, it is not surprising to find such electromagnetic waves. The resonant properties of this terrestrial cavity were first predicted by the German physicist W. O. Schumann between 1952 and 1957, and first detected by Schumann and Konig in 1954. The first spectral representation of this phenomenon was prepared by Balser and Wagner in 1960. Much of the research in the last 20 years has been conducted by the Department of the Navy who investigate Extremely Low Frequency communication with submarines.
This is the same technology that governments around the world use against one another. They control the weather, also combining this with the ability to control the human mind. The smaller scale of it is happening to the animals around us…the end result is it being used on us by the New World Order. ELF is real! It is also allowed these same people to invent other weapons in which they will use on us.

Earth is rotating at a speed of about 1100 miles per hour. If our planet suddenly stopped rotating, the atmosphere would still be in motion at that speed. The atmosphere would be moving so fast it would literally sweep the land masses clear of anything not anchored to bedrock, this would mean rocks, soil, trees, buildings, people and animals. All would be swept up into the atmosphere.
That last scenario reminds of the Scripture where GOD says even the mountains will be flattened!
A. Time will appear to speed up as we approach Zero Point. A 24 hour day will seem to about 16 hours or less. Remember the Schumann Resonance (or “heart beat” of Mother Earth) has been 7.8 cycles for thousands of years, but has been rising since 1980. It is at about 12 cycles at present. It stops at 13 cycles.
**And we wondered why the secret societies and other sects consider this number 13 to be of value.**
B. Zero Point or the Shift of the Ages has been predicted by ancient peoples for thousands of years. There have been many shifts including the one that always occurs every 13,000 years at each half of the 26,000 year, Procession of the Equinox.
C. Zero Point or a flip of the magnetic poles will probably happen soon, within the next few years.
D. It is said that after Zero Point the Sun will rise in the west and set in the east, approx. Past occurrences of this change have been found in ancient records.
E. Interestingly, the New World Order plan to be in power by this time. This may or may not happen, depending on many factors and agendas.

Zero point dynamics is considered by some to be the awakening of the human consciousness. I consider it to be a mass hypnosis of society. Ancient and modern metaphysics are nothing but alchemists. Many forms of esoteric organizations disguise their origin and teaching as love and divine wisdom.
Such ideas are found within “The Secret Doctrine” by HP Blavatsky. She is the founder of Theosophy of esoteric teachings. She and Shirley McLaine  called this the god spark or the divine spark also referred to by the Sufi, Kabbalists, and many other modern masters. These masters of which they speak are counterfeiting knowledge given to us by GOD.
The Zero Point is anyone’s guess as to what will take place, but if you have a relationship with GOD then all is in control and no fear should manifest in us for fear is of Satan, not GOD! Faith is the key to hope and we must have faith and hope in GOD, Almighty our Creator. Stay focused, and follow your faith in GOD.

Science is ‘best guess’ knowledge. We have theories and assumptions but other than that not much else. Oh yes, we have those who have studied all their lives and came a inkling closer than before but let’s face it…GOD is science. GOD and science go hand in hand, but man just gets in between.
We are told of what’s to happen in the future in the greatest guide of the supernatural ever given to us; the Bible. It is prophesized that many things will come to pass but more laugh these events into oblivion.
My friend Rob turned me onto this movie. I had seen it some time ago but the relevance of it seems to come full circle considering the state of our world today. The movie is called, “The Core.” Check it out!

Satan’s Counterfeit Matrix-PT11 Values

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God’s true spirit is clean, pure and dignified. The ultimate judge and Father. His guidance is supreme. Once in your life, He permeates every source of your being, especially your soul. You emulate God… your heart and soul emulates God. The light of God is ever present in our world due to His creations all around us and He gives us the opportunity to be one with Him. Values and morals begin with God and His righteousness and He gives us freedom of choice to walk with Him.

**Laws & Government**

First, we have the Ten Commandments, Then everything else is principal. In another chapter I spoke of this so I will go more into detail about the counterfeiting of Yahweh’s laws and principals.

The Book of Enoch, also called the
Slavonic Book of Enoch, contains references to a Watcher/Grigori called Satanael/Helel. The text describes Satanael/Helel as being the prince of the Grigori who was cast out of heaven and an evil spirit who knew the difference between what was “righteous” and “sinful”. He has no morals, vanity or anything of purity. All of these left him as he was cast from heaven long ago. Gregori is the name of the Watchers/fallen angels.

**Laws & Government**

I hope each one prays to Yahweh for strength before reading these in order to keep discernment.
God will supplant Satan from rulership over His people Israel. Satan is a ruler and he rules over other rulers – those of the heavenly realms. From time to time, these rulers try to circumvent Satan’s objectives and even war against each other. By no means does Satan have a stable, universal government. And while he is a greedy, self-serving tyrant, he doesn’t always get his own way. Intelligent beings, who are able to rationalize for themselves, are prone to decide for themselves what is
expedient and what is not. This is true even of those over whom he rules.
His government includes the Antichrist and the false prophet. These two are fallen angels, as are most of the Legion of Satan except the genetically modified. Considering the foundation on which Satan took a 1/3 of Yahweh’s good angels, Satan has much to work with. There are tales of Generals, and Commanders and I’m sure there are considering the Galactic Federation has many facets. Ashtar is the leader of this section and his name bears many who have come before him with similar names.
The principals and laws under which they work are a invisible as the dimension in which they work. As long as they make Satan happy with their dominion over their selected ones. The most important rule that I have found is to falsely establish any element of Yahweh’s plan. I’m sure the deeper the sin, the more praise they get from Satan considering there is no future what else can Satan give his minions.
The elite and other parts of humanity that follow Satan are worshipping him and bringing forth demons and channeling them also. Are the demons the same as the Ascended Masters, I do not know but I would think their all the same classification considering their multifunction.
The laws that LaVey set up while alive more than likely come straight from the source. It seems they may have some form of conformity in them but I will share the 9 sins of Satan:
Stupidity is the cardinal sin of Satanism (As the cardinal sin, Stupidity is the cause of all other sins)

Herd Conformity for the sake of laziness is a sin
Killing or harming animals unless for clothes, food or material is a sin
Unproductive pride is a sin
Do not harm children, for they are our future
If in someone else’s territory treat them with respect for they are protecting you.
Never give your opinions unless asked.
When you are in your own territory, maintain control and remain the greatest power between yourself and your guests.

Below are the social ethics of LaVey:

Do whatever you want as long as you harm no undeserving person
Lex Talionis
Social Stratification
Respect people, their territory and belongings, and when the fail to respect their do whatever you want to them.
Destroy them.
You can do whatever you want, but you pay the consequences
Responsibility to the responsible2
Do not complain about anything to which you need not subject yourself

1. Satan represents indulgence instead of abstinence!

Nothing is to be gained by denying oneself pleasure. Religious calls for abstinence most often come from faiths that view the physical world and its pleasures as spiritually dangerous. Satanism is a world-affirming, not world-denying, religion. However, the encouragement of indulgence does not equate mindless submersion into pleasures. Sometimes refrain leads to heightened enjoyment later, in which case patience and discipline are encouraged. Finally, indulgence requires one to always be in control. If satisfying a desire becomes a compulsion (such as an addiction), then control has been surrendered to the object of desire, which is never encouraged.

2. Satan represents vital existence instead of spiritual pipe dreams!

Reality and existence is sacred, and the truth of that existence is to be honored and sought at all times, never to be sacrificed for a comforting lie or an unverified claim one cannot bother to investigate.

3. Satan represents undefiled wisdom instead of hypocritical self-deceit!

True knowledge takes work and strength. It is something one finds rather than what will be handed to you. Doubt everything and avoid dogma. Truth tells of how the world truly is, not of how we would like it to be. Be wary of shallow emotional wants, for they frequently can only be satisfied at the expense of truth.

4. Satan represents kindness to those who deserve it [not] love wasted on ingrates!

There is nothing in Satanism that encourages wanton cruelty or unkindness. There is nothing productive in that, but it is also unproductive to waste your energy on people who will not appreciate or reciprocate it. Treating others as they treat you will form meaningful and productive bonds while letting parasites know that you will not waste your time with them.

5. Satan represents vengeance instead of turning the other cheek!

Leaving wrongs unpunished merely encourages miscreants to continue preying on both yourself and others, and those who do not stand up for themselves end up being trampled. This is not, however, an encouragement for misbehavior. Becoming a bully in the name of vengeance is not only dishonest but it also invites others to bring vengeance upon yourself. The same goes for illegal actions of retribution: break the law and you become the miscreant that the law should come down on swiftly and harshly.

6. Satan represents responsibility to the responsible…!

Satan represents responsibility to the responsible instead of concern for psychic vampires! Real leaders are determined by their actions and accomplishments, not their titles, and real power and responsibility should be given to those who can wield it, not to those who simply demand it.

7. Satan represents man as just another animal…!

Satan represents man as just another animal, sometimes better, more often worse than those that walk on all-fours, who, because of his “divine spiritual and intellectual development,” has become the most vicious animal of all! Elevating the human species as somehow innately superior to other animals is blatant self-deceit. Humanity is driven by the same natural urges that other animals experience. While our intellect has allowed us to accomplish truly great things (which should be appreciated), it can also be credited with incredible and wanton acts of cruelty throughout history.

8. Satan represents all of the so-called sins…!

Satan represents all of the so-called sins, as they all lead to physical, mental, or emotional gratification! In general, the concept of “sin” is something that breaks a moral or religious law, and Satanism is strictly against such following of dogma. When a Satanist avoids an action, it is because of concrete reasons, not simply because dogma dictates it or someone has judged it “bad”. In addition, when a Satanists realizes that he or she has committed an actual wrong, the correct response is to accept it, learn from it, and not do it again, rather than mentally beat himself or herself up for it or begging for forgiveness.

9. Satan has been the best friend the Church has ever had…!

Satan has been the best friend the Church has ever had, as He has kept it in business all these years! This last statement is largely a declaration against dogmatic and fear-based religion. If there were no temptations, if we did not have the natures that we do, if there was nothing to fear, then few people would submit themselves to the rules and abuses that have developed in other religions (specifically Christianity) over the centuries.
Do we need say any more in this subject. The vile, corruption of the mind is obviously where this mentality starts and seeps into the soul and spirit. We must all pray for this kind of behavior and it’s subjects that use them.

Fringe Benefits

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One  result of my research meanderings is that I have discovered a subtle thread linking most religion traditions together like tightly strung beads on a resplendent necklace. It’s actually amazing how many races and cultures spiritual beliefs correlate to the same beings and constellations. The united thread I refer to is the masters and adepts of many of the world’s spiritual traditions. Traditionally these diverse masters are ultimately connected to the snake, serpent, or dragon and are referred to by regional names denoting “serpent.” Collectively they have been called the “Serpents of Wisdom” and associated with a worldwide network of spiritual adepts known as the Solar or Great White Brotherhood.

They initially manifested upon dual “Motherlands,” (Atlantis & Lemuria)  two large continents which existed in the Atlantis and Pacific Oceans, where they began the dissemination of sacred teachings which would assist humanity in its quest to achieve spiritual enlightenment. Their Motherlands eventually collapsed and began to sink to the bottom of the sea. With this they migrated to various parts of the globe. They are said to have built many colossal pyramids, and other structures.
The disappearing acts they contrive are only temporary due to their ulterior motives and agenda as to preserve their ancient knowledge. They resurface as the Islamic Sufis and their heirs, the Templars, Freemasons and Rosicrucians, who have secretly kept their wisdom of these adepts while organizing revolutions and perpetrating wars and other atrocious campaigns.
The story of these Serpents of Wisdom is now coming full circle as the New Age of Wisdom has commenced. This New Age of Aquarius and Golden Age has heralded a global return. And so once again we have the dynamic spiritual leaders.
With the prophesied return of these Serpents, who have been called many things in the past such as the Nagas (snakes) in India, Djedhi (snakes) in Egypt, the Quetzlcoatls (plumed serpents) in Mexico, the Adders (snakes) in Britain, and the Lung (dragons) in China, only to name a few.

The initiations of their wisdom throughout the past is of importance but I will only speak of the present tense unless a necessity requires otherwise. Enlightenment is spoken of in many religions, but it definitely needs to be noted that their hand in hand spiritual transformations is obvious in many religions. The Kundalini method is one which is said to involve a serpent coiling itself around the spine and awakening the consciousness in the brain when reached. But the main faction of which I will speak of involves the “I AM” spiritual adepts. This is a counterfeit of GOD’s Holy Word. The symbolic terms speak of their wisdom as the One. This is a matter of great importance considering that GOD’s Son, Yeshua told of Himself as being the “I AM”, which is “I am everything” and “I and my Father are one” continually resounds within their teachings.
These masters manifest and materialize any physical object at will. They dwell within physical bodies which can survive for hundreds of years, perhaps thousands, although they experience the world primarily out of an immortal, fourth dimensional “Dragon Body,” an etheric sheath which surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body. Contained within this body is the supernatural senses of clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy, omniscience, and omnipresence, which allow them to remain in continual communication with other realms in the physical plane. They can and do extricate their Dragon Body and travel to distant locations throughout the universe. At death they disembody and relocate to one of the many realms of the immortals.

Whenever and where they do manifest, they have been worshipped as prophets, healers, gurus, spiritual teachers, magicians and ones who speak with the gods as their equals.
Their road to liberated state of enlightenment seems to be one the collective global organizations have participated in through various means and groups. The main objective here is to broach the subject of their existence and their followers.
Following the adepts are various celestial Orders of Angels. At the head of the angelic hierarchy is the Sacred Seven, the seven Archangels or seven Sons of the Solar Spirit. They profess to assistance of the creation of the cosmos and rule over the seven principles (seven colors, seven sounds, etc). This to me is another counterfeit of GOD’s work and Holy Laws. They have many names but profess to be the Seven Archangels of YHWH and the Elohim. Next in line after the Archangels are the order of Seraphim, which in their hierarchy are flaming serpents, and progeny of the Primal Fire Serpent. While working in tandem with their Cheribum. Some maintain the Cherubs are guardians od the passages of light which connect the physical worlds with the governments of the Mid-Heavens. And in doing so help the disembodies souls safely pass into the upper heavenly realms of the universes.
Under the Seraphim and Cherubim are multitudes of angelic orders, which are seventy in number ( a multiple of 7, number of the Primal Serpent-another counterfeit of GOD’s hierarchy).
Many of these orders are travel galaxies and solar systems in order to help the evolutionary stages of growth. Many who travel in spacecraft wear the emblem of the winged serpent upon their lapels. During their visitations they have established intergalactic and interstellar bases and built pyramidal structures on many planets.

When speaking of cycles of evolvement, the adepts tell of the 104,000 year cycles broken in 26,000 years, the length of one Precession of the Equinoxes, the number of years required by the Solar System to move backwards through the twelve signs of the Zodiac. The Zodiac is another form of tainted processes in which they have consumed and transformed. They come speaking of our planet being caught in the middle of these processes and trapped into a cycle which will effect the Earth as a whole with their claims of being our savior.
Known historically as Atlantis and Lemuria, these two continents existed at opposite ends of the planet in what is now the Atlantis and Pacific Oceans. The land of Lemuria is also known as Mu (pronounced Moo), a name which appears to be related to the Polynesian name for dragon, “Mo,o.” These Polynesian tribes have legends of the sunken land. According to the natives of Easter Island, their island was once part of a much larger Pacific continent known as Hiva, the motherland, the greater portion of which sank to the bottom of the ocean during a planetary cataclysm. The Polynesians of Hawaii echo this legend and assert that their island home was also part of a great motherland. They speak of a lost continent known as “Havaii-ti-Hava ii,” meaning the land where life sprang into existence. Nevertheless, these Extraterrestrial demons landed on Lemuria in order to serve mankind as teachers and priests. All the while manifesting the concepts of the “Serpent on the Tree” in the Pacific “Garden of Eden.”
Most of these arriving were androgynous, being identified as either gender. According to Plato, the Babylonian Berossus, and Edgar Cayce, these beings reflected their inner androgyny by being outwardly bisexual and possessing both generative organs. They spoke of the gods being threatened by their existence and therefore divided them into male and female forms. Also splitting the soul and thus began the search of subsequent lifetimes of each half seeking to find and reunite with his or her other half or “soul mate.” Cayce refers to these beings as the “Sons of Belail.”
Also known as Els or Elder Race, they are known as Extraterrestrial Serpents who landed on Earth in lightships after colonizing other galaxies. Cyclopeans are another branch of these beings which are said to possess one eye in the middle their foreheads which allowed them to communicate inter-dimensionally. Some also possessed two eyes. They have also been known as Meropes, the Merus, the Murus, the A-ar-mas (meaning first androgynies or first serpents), the Aramus and the Amarus. Said to possess golden skin who came in flying machine and built pyramids.
The Kumaras delegation of Mu were said to come from Venus. They came as a “Brotherhood” of the immortal Sons of GOD with the mission of assisting the spiritual awakening of humanity. Bringing with them the unconditional love within the heart chakra. One such Venusian Master, Sanat Kumara, sat upon the dragon throne of Lemuria for hundreds or even thousands of years.  Working in unison with his administration were his compatriots from Venus, the Hathors. The Hathors served as teachers and rulers upon Lemuria as well as within the later spiritual civilization of Egypt.
The Land of the Kumaras were also known as the land of the Immortal Serpents. The Lumerian Fellowship, an organization which is one of the authorities on Mukulia (a synthesis of Mu, Kumari, and Lemuris) was to create Masters or Saviors. In order to produce these Masters, the school was divided into thirteen schools, each progressively more advanced in esoteric curriculums. Those who graduated through the ranks became one of the immortals comprising the Thirteenth School (the number of resurrection) received ordination as a Kumara and authorization to teach within the Order of Serpents. Then, as fully enlightened spiritual masters, these Lemurians completed their earthly incarnations as teachers, spiritual masters and priest kings (or priestess queens) upon their beloved Mu.
The definitive emblem of Mu was a version of the solar disc. It represented not the physical Sun but its essence, the transcendental Spirit. These members were of the Intic Churincuna or Solar Brotherhood and Aramu Muru which was a high ranking member of the elite organization. Considering it consisted of male and females it was actually a people hood. The Solar Brotherhood is another name for Kumara Brotherhood with its pride possession of the golden sun disc. The characteristics of this disc was said to possess inter-dimensional communication and travel skills and even cause earthquakes and could even change the rotation of the Earth.
Some of their temples were said to possess energy conductive temples and pyramids which facilitated a smooth transition for entities traveling between dimensions.
Similar to its twin on the Pacific, Atlantis, the Dragon Land of the Atlantic, and its legends of the land of the immortals where the Dragon Ladon, the “Serpent on the Tree,” once guarded the golden apples of wisdom. The Greeks alluded to the Atlantic motherland as the land of Poseid ot Poseidon, a name for Neptune. H.P. Blavatsky maintains that Neptune was both a manifestation of the Primal Dragon as well the symbol of Atlantean magic.
Some of the Interstellar Serpents on Atlantis came form the Celestial Serpent, the Pleiades. According to the records of the Cherokees or Tslagis (their ancient name) these androgynous Serpents were known as the “Sacred Seven,” and said to have traveled from the “seat of the Divine Mind,” the Pleiades, in order to install within humanity the spark of the individuated mind. Once on Earth the Pleiadian missionaries mated with humanity and their progeny spread throughout Atlantis.
The ancient Pleiadian-Atlantean union alluded to by the Cherokees was mentioned by the Greek historians Apollodorius and Diodorus. Apollodorius claimed that two of the seven Pleiadian sisters, Celoene and Alcyone, had intercourse with the king of Atlantis, Poseidon, and the offspring of the union eventually populated Atlantis. Diodorus claimed that the Pleiadian sisters “laid with the most renowned heroes and gods and thus became the first ancestors of the larger portion of the race of human beings. Echoing the Greeks and Cherokees, the Mayans also refer to an ancient visit by the Pleiadians. They record in the Popul Vuh that a skirmish broke out between the extraterrestrial beings and some earthmen after which 400 male youths regretfully returned to their homeland within the Seven Sisters.

Some Interstellar Serpents also arrived in the Atlantic motherland from the Sun’s sister star, Sirius, and brought to the Atlanteans the wisdom of awakening the serpent through alchemy. Leading up to their arrival, the Sirians had became galactic guardians of the secrets of uniting the polarity. They were adept alchemists who sought to seed their alchemical wisdom to humanity. Their symbol, comprised of three straight lines which together formed a triangle-sometimes with an all-seeing eye in the center. The triangle symbolized that the polarity (the two corners at the base) emanates from, and reunites into, the androgynous Spirit. Another Sirian symbol was called the, “Chintamani,” which consisted of three circles, which represented the three stars of the trinary Sirian group.
According to legend, when the Sirians arrived they oversaw the creation and expansion of the Atlantean arm of the Great White Brotherhood. They taught secrets of alchemy to their brethren and gifted them with a timeless symbol of polarity union, a stone brought from Sirius cut in the shape of a heart. This “Chintamani Stone” was originally given to the Emperor Tazlavoo of Atlantis and later became the possession of the Dalai Lama of Tibet. At one point it was borrowed by the newly formed League of Nations before being returned east by the famous Russian painter Nicholas Roerich.
Sirius, known as the Great White Lodge of our galaxy, established secret schools and lodges on Atlantis for the dissemination of alchemy. When Atlantis was later destroyed, their secrets and triangular emblem traveled to Egypt where they served as the foundation for new lodges in North Africa. The Sirian symbol was later passed down within the European lodges of Freemasonry, such as the Illuminati, and later incorporated into the Seal of the United States of America.
The Sirian missionaries are remembered among the Dogon people of Africa as serpent-featured missionaries who visited their tribe and taught them both astronomical and mystical wisdom. The Freemasons remember their alchemical forefathers as the precursors of the Biblical Sons of Lemech, anti-diluvian workers of fire. Hebrew legend refers to alien visitors as the Nephilim and the “People of the Shem,” and “People of the Rocketships.” Sumerian texts mention the periodic visits of wise Serpents called Annunaki, some of whom may have come from Sirius-a deduction convincingly reached by Robert Temple in The Sirius Mystery. Temple reveals that the Sumerian Annunaki were often referred to as the “Sons of Anu” and contends that Anu may be the star Sirius. The symbol of Anu, the king of heaven in the Sumerian pantheon of gods, was a jackal, an esteemed animal image worshipped in Egypt as Anubis, symbol of the Dog Star Sirius.

On Atlantis, especially during the earlier periods, the enlightened Kaberoi  adepts served their brethren as teachers, priests kings and as the chief hierophants of the sacred mysteries. These masters were descendants of Pleiadian and Sirian missionaries, Cayce’s “Sons of the Law of One,” and early members of the Great White Brotherhood. With the demise of Atlantis, some missionaries of the Kaberoi Brotherhood traveled to Egypt and Phoenicia and, as the Kaberoi or “Seven Sons of Sydyk” (Sydyk or Zedek is Melchizedek, an archangel governing the GWB), they were instrumental in establishing mystery school traditions in those countries. Their Egyptian and Phoenician descendants later made commemorative images of the Kaberoi and worshiped them in the form of two, three, four, or seven eternally young, twin boys.
The Grandmaster of the Order of the Kaberoi was the dominant priest king of Atlantis (there were ten reigning kings). With this succession to the dragon throne of Atlantis, this emperor inherited all the power of his distinguished predecessors and was henceforth recognized to be a lineal descendant of Neptune and his son, Atlas, the first supreme king of the motherland. The symbol of the emperor’s lineage and authority was Neptune’s three-pronged trident, a powerful object which had been passed down a long line of monarchs and served as the ruler’s scepter and principal ceremonial instrument.
As a wielder of the serpent fire, the Atlantean priest king was also recognized to be a representative of Volcan, the underground fire serpent. Neptune was a Primal Serpent’s manifestation within the sea and Volcan was its manifestation under the surface of the Earth and within the volcan-oes. The weapon and symbol of both was a three-pronged trident. In order to designate themselves representatives of Volcan, one dynasty of Atlantean kings, called Voltans, ceremoniously wore a volcano shaped crown with 13 points (number of the fire serpent). Attached to the crown were two stars of 24 feathers (13+13), both of which symbolized the Atlantean Voltan kings to be androgynous embodiments of the polarity united, as well as manifestations of the bisexual Primal Serpent. According to the esoteric traditions of certain Native American tribes, the dynasty of Voltan kings, known as the House of Votan, endured right down until the legendary continent’s final hours.
Upon migrating to other sea coast lines nearby, they integrated into races known as the Phoenicians, Basques and Tuaregs. The Tuaregs located themselves to the northern parts of Africa calling themselves, “blue vengeance”.
It is substantially outlined in Irish myth in the wars of the Fomorians with the Tuatha de Danaan, in Britain by the exploits of Arthur and his knights (each of whom can be referred to a place in the Celtic pantheon) with the British giants. In the history of Atlantis, we have no doubt that the Atlanteans, the tall Aurignacians, were almost certainly “giants,” and the Azilians, their successors, the giant-worshippers, who invaded Europe at widely different periods, and left behind many stories of tall, skin-clad, club-wielding men, who for generations put up a stern fight against newer races until they were killed out or absorbed.
The Serpent Tuaregs were an important branch of the mercantile Atlanteans who transitioned to North Africa. One island of the sea was chosen because the mountains formed a trident, the classic symbol of the Atlantic motherland. They hollowed out these mountains and constructed galleries and temples.
Explorers would return home with astonishing tales of underground tunnels covered with murals of the Taureg ancestors, the Serpent Tauraks, who were depicted wielding swords with snakes inscribed upon their blades and/or daggers embossed with tridents. Many visitors were given a performance of their spectacular “Crown dance,” a sacred ritual which was performed on Atlantis in honor of Volcan, a fire serpent.
During the time of the Tauregs, other branches established colonies. One being the Tyrrhenians, named for the Tyrrhenian sea. They eventually split in half to become the Estrucans and the Carians ot Phoenicians, a tribe which migrated to Canaan (pronounced Ka-nan, with the K sound of the serpents), a land in Asia Minor which is translated, “Land of the Fire serpent.” Can is another name for fire serpent! They sailed throughout the Mediterranean in ships with “Pataci,” images of Volcan as the fire god Ptah, attached to their prows. This designating themselves as the “Serpent sea people of the Fire God.”
Other branches are known to the Egyptians, with discarded remains which may be the Ibex (a kind of mountain goat) heads found buried in the Egyptian desert. Apparently once attached to the prows of the ships, these carves goat heads were presumably representations of Pan, the goat god of the Atlanteans, which was a version of Volcan, the mighty fire god.
Historically known as Thoth-Hermes Serpent Masters, these were a leading lineage known to the first Egyptians. Referred to as the god Thoth or Djehuty, and the Djedhi, titles which contained the prefix “Dj,” meaning Serpent. The Egyptian Priests fed the sacred serpents in the temple at Thebes. The Phoenicians called the serpent Agathodemon (the good spirit); and Kneph was the Serpent-god. They presented the serpent with the head of a hawk, on account of the swift flight of that bird: and the chief Hierophant, the sacred interpreter, gave mysterious explanations of this symbol; saying that it was a very divine creature, and that, opening his eyes, he lighted with their rays the whole of first-born space: when he closes them, it is darkness again. In reality, the hawk-headed serpent, genius of light, was the symbol of the Sun. In hieroglyphic characters, a snake was the letter T or DJ. It occurs many times on the Rosetta Stone. According to Eusebius, the Egyptians represented the world by a blue circle, sprinkled with flames, within which extended a serpent with the head of a hawk.
HAWKS & OWLS in the Bible-GOD considers these animals to be unclean!
New International Version (NIV)
Job 30: 29 I have become a brother of jackals, a companion of owls.
King James Version (KJV)
Job 30:29. I am a brother to dragons, and a companion to owls.
Isaiah 13:21 But desert creatures will lie there, jackals will fill her houses; there the owls will dwell, and there the wild goats will leap about.
22. Hyenas will inhabit her strongholds, jackals her luxurious palaces. Her time is at hand, and her days will not be prolonged.
Isaiah 13:21 But wild beasts of the desert shall lie there; and their houses shall be full of doleful creatures; and owls shall dwell there, and satyrs shall dance there.
22. And the wild beasts of the islands shall cry in their desolate houses, and dragons in their pleasant palaces: and her time is near to come, and her days shall not be prolonged.
Isaiah 14:23 “I will turn her into a place for owls and into swampland;
Isaiah 14:23 I will also make it a possession for the bittern, and pools of water: and I will sweep it with the besom of destruction, saith the LORD of hosts.
To bring this to its conclusion; I would like to add a few thoughts;
Various religions world-round are inter-linked although unknown to the people and very much realized by the originators. This New Age Aquarius/Golden Age is not new at all, it is an ancient worship of the Serpent god which is Satan. These characters described above are descended from the fallen angels. They brought forth a false religion in order to furnish Satan with his 5 “I Wills’. They will accomplish this task, sadly. But, it is part of the master plan of GOD. They have worked thousands of years to culminate a Dragon Empire. From the Great Deluge to present times we have the insurgence of Ascended Masters portraying themselves as gods.
Everything is being done through our children, and has been for over 60 years. Thus, the first generation to be so conditioned are now having children, who are also being conditioned. What is the purpose? Remember that the Movie and TV industries are openly hostile to Christianity and are very obviously New Age.
They call themselves many things, Hosts of God, Ascended Masters, Teachers, etc…but the main objective is to deceive and confuse you into a state of hypnotic euphoria. They speak of integrity, morals, love and truth but they know nothing of these things.
They come as “brothers of space,” but over 400 government, military, and intelligence community witnesses have testified to their direct, personal, first-hand experience with UFOs, ETs, ET technology, and the cover-up that keeps this information secret and a mass hallucination. Their ships bring bright colors that hypnotically blink bringing you into submission.
Many don’t want to see what’s right before their eyes. Many see, and laugh it off due to Satan’s brilliant plan of cover-up which leads to shame if you try to reveal it.
So we have a decisively intelligent group of beings who plan a massive “World Evacuation”. This false rapture they plan includes characters which look and act like the chosen ones of GOD. This envelopes a masterful plan that will being millions, perhaps billions of souls into their grasp. They will entice the GOD loving Christians who will think it is the real rapture, to the New Age group, thinking it is “salvation” or ascension!
Information from this study were taken from various books;
Mark Amaru Pinkham-“The Return of the Serpents of Wisdom.”
Albert Pike-Morals and dogma of the ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry

Sirius Plates

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Seems 25 years ago or so some “Sirians” from Sirius left some “GOLD” pictogram records of substantial size. This will be broken down and deciphered as best possible, considering Hungarian is not my native language. This comes from a posting in a internet forum. There are secrets out there that many have and they want to share! I will post my notes at the end of each PLATE as **ED. NOTE**

Transylvania 1975. This event took place in Spain too.
Sirius is the message – something almost impossible, but they do have such ?? In small flakes of unknown pictograms and the signs were very like what rovásírásunkhoz. Decipherment of the local magazines published in the hope they have done, and such a magazine was one of the Harghita mountains between ethnic Hungarians living in the hands of researchers. I know him personally. That is indeed a real person, who would welcome the new application. Reached me a story of a manuscript, which described the whole story.
I quote from this. The instructions show a gold record in Spain as to how to add a connection to the ominous creatures. The instructions consisted of a large size (20-30 meters) make up a given signal into a meadow, and wait patiently on the ground, even days, weeks even. Lime scattered on the large sign on the grass and waited. Suitable site was found near a wood-looking place.
Suddenly, a UFO appeared and landed. This shows you that some very dense frequency monitor the entire planet, because this has not happened in the Spanish site! A blonde, a fully human-like creature came out of the vehicle, and a small cube-shaped shiny metal box has brought you over to the spanking is for men. Then a rather unpleasant incident occurred.
This meeting is only a few attempts were able to decipher the message after the first disc, but the thing is so bad. The contemporary Romania intricate spy network is still deterred by the Securitate (the Romanian secret police sometime) men, so they are already on the ground flattened, and the box is handed over el
őrohantak heavily armed. Then the vehicle repeatedly sounded an urgent alarm, and the box is a small donor ufonauta ceruzaszerű körbemutogatott device, and indicated to the earthly, to flee into the forest in the box. At the same time the spot is a strange thing happened. Locally and were selected by the actors and objects can “stop time”. I can not write better than this, they fled towards the forest and the space passenger were able to move around, but the soldiers and the other completely lemerevedtek present. But not only people but also the weapons, we just tried to shoot it. Űrpilóta the back of the vehicle, and off the machine. After a while the eldördültek lemerevedett weapons, and this is the first victim was a Securitátés belügyis. A machine gun started belügyis one shot the other one. Later, one of the researchers also died, who was wounded in the battle of the back of her neck, just the alien sword. Just days after it appeared a more intense red stain, and then succumbed to some kind of symptomatic sugársérülésszerű sebesülésébe.
The rest of the Secret Service men were looking for a long time, and eventually drove them to the box and drew a sketch he had already photographed the contents of hiding places. This eye-witnesses (the researchers) believe that a compartment within the box was a nickel, something like a microscope, which is usually kept tárgyüvegeket. The box was completely closed, as if it would be entirely in one piece, so felfűrészelték the “top”, and so it came in a gold-colored panels. A box of slides and films were confiscated from them. Because it was something that elgondolkozhatunk together now. With nearly a hundred plates we present 16 pieces, and they attempt to give an explanation.
This “little” will differ from the author’s original manuscript magyarázataitól. I own my knowledge, approach the issue, although the original text is interesting. The author Szatmárnémedi living in the area somewhere, but unfortunately the address and the name has been lost. I met him ten years ago. The responses to my questions if they were honest, and detail a complete and accurate answer to all this I saw that the story is true, and actually met these strangers. I know the type of skill.

**ED. NOTE** Seems credible. Sounds like he has a story to share of great importance. Broken English makes for odd interpretation but we drudge through for lack of our own interpretation.
Sounds as though a landing took place where it got physical. The objects in which the “Blondes” possessed had time manipulation factors. Seems like physical evidence was left at the scene. The “Box” appears to contain a large amount of plates and other items as well. Films/Slides were obtained and curiously, I wonder if these are made by the ‘extraterrestrials.’ The first disk

This and the other plates showing a lot of symmetry there is a pictogram. In the upper left corner to see a five-pointed star refers to the common elements of our culture carries the signal on Earth as it is widely used everywhere. The all-powerful symbol. The American flag can be seen in the same way as the national flag of communist China. A period of two Hungarian coat of arms appeared in the top of the red five-pointed star. Magic effects and sense signals. The other two are very similar to a pictogram. Both six-figure circlet in connecting lines. The two holes form on the left trapézos sign is a sign that life can appreciate. This may be correct in many ways because of the time feedback (uroborosz), which constitutes the basis of life and all existence. This also means lélekszikrát. Here’s a right and a left signal appears, which together with the asterisk above the mirror-like nature of space and antitér points. The inclusion of five-and six-square is also suggestive. (Can not get the five to six).
The above drawing of the original manuscript. This is called Transylvania arvisurának. The original record is hun-Hungarian arvisura aranylemezeken are, all of them. In addition, a further interpretation will be included as well, which is a direct reference to this assumption. The drawing did not find an explanation, but also a strange beszámozás spacetime, and that over the long-distance space travel reference. The bottom left chart of gold is allowed to think of two reflective tetrahedrons, but this figure created by the other right now suggests that this is something else. For example, a CPT can pose a mirror in which the stars formed and located in the space. This will also suggest additional disks.
**ED. NOTE** This five-pointed star is the pentagram in which we use exponentially. I believe this to be given to us by the demonic realm. In fact, the writer expressly notes that magic is present. Transylvania seems to be an origin for many subjects that tie together in this scenario.


On this record, a regular eight-pointed star can be observed. This is the mysticism of light, or energiacsillag, and modern science, although there was no sign of this, but in fact it is the Fotini appears. So you can find extensive explanations of the pages of HELLO magazine. The lower left figure fours and sixes in the mixture of symmetry, as observed in a regular hexagon inside corner of the square. Are not two but four are signs of life. Two right and two left. This message can be macro-and microworld, both are too awkward. The original interpretation suggests that the planet homo galaxicus nine lives. I know that I could not read from this figure. Which is still exciting, is that it is very similar to the human soul energiacentrumának image. Of course, this may be the macro sense as well. The Cosmos-zimmetriákra may also refer to as “above it as below.
**ED. NOTE** The eight-pointed star is also given to us by the spirit realm, it is used in the Catholic Church and many pagan religions. As Above, so below…this again brought to us by demonic realm. Why it’s given the name of Masosodik, only time will tell.


In all the mirrored disk. Sign above the center of the cosmos, above two axles and a symbol for reflection. The two kockaszer
ű sign a “planetary” symbol is very similar. Included in the middle of the “planet” will appear, and both the vieces signal, which is people. This is an indication that the full knowledge that the universe is ruled by the principle of parity. Matter and antimatter, and energy antienergia, antifény and light, space and antitér. The cosmic signal is above the whitewashed Budaörs Airport will also launch an architect, Mr. Attila the leadership of the Hungarian scientists, but neither the airport visually, or radarmegfigyelői, neither the researchers did not see anything. Not much later, in a case of a huge UFO későőszi passed through the housing estate Kelenföld ten-story houses, the sixth floor level. Many witnesses spoke of the vehicle and went his way. Albertfalva have seen, and also in Budaörs. A local pediatrician and everyone who he was, he saw a burly gadgets. So low it was quite bulky monster that we all believed that it will sweep the chimneys. Then, passing over around Budapest. former airport at the height of the enormous speed and disappeared tipped page top. Josef Hoffmann reporter personally saw, even the Kelenföld városközpontnál and tried to follow, but not the UFO followed the trail of the road.
A local radio announcement immediately, and not less than a half hour, when it began to have rebuttal to say that this is only an agricultural helicopter, which was delivered to an illuminated advertising hoardings. This was indeed true, but people are not so stupid that a csühögő, agricultural flail összekeverjenek a mosquito flying elephant. Indeed, such a helicopter flew in the air. I have seen. However, the original vehicle and a huge gray coating, rotational elipszoid was shaped like a horrible bright spotlights, illuminated windows, and was also an observer, who was shaving in front of the window (6.emelet) and seen from a few meters into the spacecraft. It is also looking at one of the astronaut, who has kindly waved to him. The vehicle is all the same independent observer wrote, or drew it. That is seen.
**ED. NOTE** Just how far does this UFO cover-up go? Oh my, years upon years. Wow, friendly ‘aliens’. Hmm…I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Wait, no other word to describe it…vomit!

The fourth album

On this record, showing us the whole universe, it contains szimmetriákat and reflection systems. Dominant in the sixth and five-symmetrical systems. The two galaxisjel rotates in one direction. Are those in which a water man, drew a mermaid. Vieces left a mark and below the figure of a winged figure is observed. Almost in the middle of the plate dominanciális a man is present and that it does not have horns on his head, but a sign of higher intellect. In the lower left corner of the man carrying the sign of the highest intellect, and this representation is very similar to what szentjeinkhez.
A double circle of dead stars and the galaxisjelben signal can be observed, which are not mutually exclusive, presumably because they are also a higher, but not the physical body intelligence directs live. This is indicated at the bottom right-hand side of the plate is observed two signals. A hexagon is complemented by four small triangles. This symmetry gives 6 4 points. Ten are original. The left and right signals are placed in two
ősteremtő (original) signal is also understood to be held in a six-symmetrical system. Bottom right corner, separated from the Creator himself seems likely. The dual időkónusz sign. The variety of symmetry and the variety of people representing a pictogram indicating that the cosmos is populated by diverse species, and at the same time it also may indicate what kind of symmetry to which species are dominant. WHO LIVE IN THE ENVIRONMENT for stars?
Aranylemezein the previous page was that the macro universe around us is very colorful and diverse creatures living in it. Now let’s look at the plates, where the creatures basic scheme, and the closer csillagvilág populated planets are shown.
**ED. NOTE** Do you have to be Einstein to understand what is being told here? I understand one thing for sure, these entities are all about astronomy and numerology.


Top left open by a “time capsule” signal a “technical object”, meaning to mark. This is a direct indication that this information has long been on the planet is located. As the old message of support for the theory of “book” and a sign of the right of the pyramid is depicted. In other words, the message is related to the pyramids. The anyagvilágot also left four people representing a symbol meaning. The signal in legbalabbra bolygójelen is not, but it seems that the planet itself. This may seem rubbish in today’s world perception, but the civilization it is also a possible manifestation. The Earth is living like the remains of civilizations, who are descendants of survivors of the previous bolygókatasztrófa. Such are the Eskimos (Inuit) and the Australian abók. These language and then we will study the language águnkon.
The second sign has a planet emberjel. This is also characteristic of the Earth, since this species has only a tenuous relationship with the intellectual szül
őbolygójával, even though there are vague memories of the old relationship. This refers to the Gaia theory, where the planet itself can indicate intelligent thing. This hodgepodge of a rigid materialist tries skatulyájába beletömködni. The main reason szeparáltsága individual. From then constantly unhappy, as devised by his soul shiver of loneliness. This is not something dumb people, just so strong and so it goes through. The third signal crossover people, then the right is a very high intellectual level of the other species, to monitor dominanciális helping people. **ED. NOTE** Can we see the relation to the symbols of paganism in this plate? Yes. Are they trying to reveal secrets? Maybe. But it would benefit them if it does, I’m sure of it.


The above album is perhaps an entire planetary system is represented with three inhabited planets. All three live in planet-developed intelligence, so it’s not in our solar system. These will be familiar to perhaps a weird szimmetriarendszerek matematikusainknak. After the “star” may be a sign of the signal in two hemispheres, cohesive way of living and operating in the symmetry of the star system can be shown, and beside them drew the complex signals of the planets themselves (or the inhabited planets) report. We will still only three-dimensional thinking, but remember that those who have the messages forwarded to us a much more thorough knowledge of the dimensions have since passed on to the environment of other stars. The double, triple and quadruple combination of symmetries and the planet’s signal can refer to this as well. In any event, it is obvious that lived near us are stellar as well.
**ED. NOTE** What appears to me from this pictograph is that ‘they’ seem to “WATCH” everything. Hmm…this reminds me of Scripture…THE WATCHERS.


We see here is indeed a planetary system, and this is not the solar system, since only six planets were placed around the central star. The top two may be similar to our system of two óriásbolygójához, Saturn and Jupiter, but notice that these are signs of how similar the center-star signal. Transylvania, the author of the concentric circles was correlated to the deserted planet, and the right and left visible above our Jupiterünkkel and Szaturnuszunkkal make an analogy. The star sign to me more like a three star system suggests a planet inhabited by two people, while the above two types of sub-planetary orbit is also star pose. The ringed planet thought the upper-left mark (Saturn-type) can also mean something else, because the same flattened ring around our sun as well.
Think of the “zone of asteroids”, which is a planet beyond Mars orbit in one plane and dominated system. This is nothing more than pieces of a fallen planet. Sometime Phaeton (feto) or Vulcan was the name. Degradation may not be very old because the earth is in places more mondáiban. Reappeared on the Internet today to the existence of the planet Nibiru, which is called the north wind caused by the collision with the satellites of the planet’s destruction.
Today is also associated with the destruction of Earth, but on the Greek legend about inspire others. In Phaeton, the Sun-god (Helios), son of his father’s fiery chariot to envy, and sprout into the sky with him, but can not handle, from which the Earth became too much trouble, all spent, dried up or caught fire.
This destruction of the planet Phaeton bolygómag temporarily released from burning intense, sun-felfénylése szerteáradó of heat over a short period of time has created an overheating of the Earth that were formed following local disasters. The Phaeton has worked for a while, like another sun. Distance was comparable to the central csillagunktól távolságunkkal, but is very dependent on the extent of the impact of where it was at that moment in his career. If you stayed on the same side of the Earth, then the effect was much more intense, as if the sun had stayed on the other side. After the intense warming stories to read, so probably there were ominous planets perigee position.
The Nibiruról (one more planet, solar system) is still on the living legends. This is a huge-sized planet Uranus. Proximity to a planet of this size can be very dangerous because they may be caught in the earth, and if not, close to a hundred feet high tides can also give rise to the Earth’s rotation due to one and half times the speed of sound körbenyalhatja planet. This power can not even imagine.
**ED. NOTE** They do infect space, like bed-bugs! You can’t seem to get rid of them. I bit of humor there. The circle with the dot in the center is again, Sun (Helios) worship Symbology. The ancient races of Earth worshipped volcanoes and were told to revere them by these entities.  Sounds like this author is confused and programmed. But, the thought process of Nibiru is spot on. Why would NASA try to hide such an enormous planet? Why, unless you know what it is and where it’s going. Makes me wonder just what do they know. Wonder what else is on the other 80 sum plates!


On this record, an eight, that is, one can see fényszimmetriát while also turns out that the message came from. In the upper left of Figure depicts a man and a woman. These four also included on the disk, only the gender reversed the lower figures are present. The two small sign, or another variety, or some mixture of the four species. Nemiségt
ől mean free, otherwise reproducing species, once the signals are symmetric. Say, the small grays, who live in some kind of collective society, such as ants or bees. The top left star in the direction of a weird double-double arrow-like symbol (symbol spacecraft) pointing towards the central star, which in this case, the sun may be, after the message was addressed to us. A nearby double stars in the Canis Maior’s alpha, that of Sirius, which is an eclipsing binary. 49.9 years to avoid one another. Only in this century of discovery in astronomy, this is the name of the Hungarian People’s csillagpárnak much longer standing. Kata called lame. This is the Kata but only two of over a century limp. The board is also here that human beings live, similar to us. During the meeting they had seen a blond-haired astronaut, who was fully human-like than we do. A kind of homo sapiens. This thought-provoking as well as the Platonic Year. This represents a shift in the sky 72 degrees during the year. That is, Plato does not observe, however, described it.

**ED. NOTE** To me, this represents genetic manipulation. The descriptions of the ‘aliens’ are those of the infamous blonde hair, blue eyed husky Aryan Nordics. But if research serves me correctly, these ‘aliens’ want to be gods. This is the 5 WILLS of Satan, one being that he will be worshipped. These entities are so transparent. THE Time Capsule
The previous tab was already a sign that you are now back. This is a sign of the time capsule. There was a technical object in it, and open state could be seen as a bit of magic. You may find that if this particular time capsule, a major surprise to us will be taking power. Why is there a time capsule of technical subject matter? That work?

Two signals can be seen in time capsule. The right figure is very similar to the week in a large disk image. There it was assumed that the three stars visible in the picture. In the same shape (irregular hexagon) can be seen, however, are the two top stars, stars that had been marked. Planet of the bottom three and bottom right is a planet of deviating from them and there is a mixture of vieces signal. I said about that lényszer
ű planet. One of (the central planet of a time capsule under the symbols. szövetségjel her left one (which is above the intelligence of a higher signal to indicate that this alliance is a higher intelligence monitors. A time capsule can be seen above the symbol in the technical subject matter signal left. You can be the time capsule a pyramid, which is down pyramid in nature. Maybe the pyramids to mummies, robots instead of lurking? **ED. NOTE** Sounds like a ‘time capsule’ is in the pyramids. Is this why it is said that digging at night was heard in and around the pyramids? What were they looking for? And why only dig at night, unless your hiding what your doing and what you will find. Transhumanism is on the rise in our cultures and this just may be a clue to why. Are their already figures that are half-human half-robot? I think so. I think the so called ‘aliens’ have had them for thousands of years and perhaps they have given our governments a peak at this technology, just enough to keep them on the leash!

The Tenth PLATE

We have long looked at this figure by which the two stars and two stars mark is extinct. So here are four stars. The right of the “Star of David” in the middle of a csillagjel consists of a signal are known, but variations in the earth used to be a small circle. Over the visible sign of alliance, which also may indicate that they are in the same way federal members, such as the human race. Think in the Old Testament or New Testament.
However, this is not essential information. The figure four, the central figure in the scope of the initial letter T has a similar shape, why? This is four less than the stars thread and sign a timeless figure in three is at the top of each other. This is one of the four-way, T-ended fiber, followed by a (plane) and a star of David (dimensional) octahedron. This operation is the source of spacetime. The two dead stars, said the sign is parallel to the existing source oscillations of the mirror-opposite niverzumot, but against the fast pace of existing stars are misaligned or too mean. Then the other two are not even in existence!
**ED. NOTE** This so called, “Star of David” is nothing but a mockery of the Davidic bloodline. This is basic occult symbolism, nothing else. The fact that people idolize this symbol is sad. Maybe some do the same with the Cross symbol. Essential information is exactly what this is inferring. We need to take our immortality seriously. Just what do you believe will happen when you die? Especially if you don’t believe in GOD! The “TIMELESS” figurehead is GOD! Not these fallen angels. The letter ‘T’ is worshipped in ancient religions. A counterfeit message is given and inferred.

The Eleventh PLATE

This disc is again reported on the importance of symmetry. The above chart also featured the very first page, next to a star sign. During one of these, the western asztrológiából and asztronómiából also known as a symbol for the sign of Gemini. Man posing next to a sign, then sign a planet. Right symmetry is essentially the same as the ninth disc, but in only four and a symmetry in the diagonal. Pairs of diagonals of a point, the “dead star” points to start, and it acts as if it would mean that the vast distances of stars of some existing szimmetriarendszerben spondálnának correlated with each other, and / or so that would be created, maintained, or the existence of symmetry distant opposite points of the associated planets.
Since these starting points is essentially the top of Figure 5-5 assumes such a radius, it may be that the symmetry completely, and every element in this context is alive and exists. This symmetry-based existence, and there should be a reflection of bolygóinkhoz sexual traits, and the planets assigned to the ancient deities. Think of your Venus or the moon and the female Jupiter, Mars, the nature of man. The signs of life left and right signals to do so utalóak.
**ED. NOTE** Again we have the symbolism of ancient worshipping of the male and female images. I’m surprised there’s no egg symbol.

The twelfth PLATE

Here we are facing now is a complete message. Two identical but mirrored ábrasorunk here.
You’re the man of the four dual alliance alliance in his book you will find a flared, the secretary of the fire, and stars in this new system has gyújthatsz. With this in mind you can join kozmoszába.
**ED. NOTE** This reeks of genetic manipulation to me. Counterfeit beings without souls who resemble GOD’s masterpieces-us! They have tried for thousands of years to do this, bringing forth many beings of evil.
The Old Testament EMPIRE

**ED. NOTE** ?? The Thirteenth PLATE

This album is far more specific message lurks as a centralized location managed system schematic shows. Emberjelek at least eight different species indicates the presence and migration, mixing signals is included four times. Very interesting picture on the right side alone in a double cross. Compared with a small “o” is lying, which can be interpreted as a sign of the creator. In addition to being eight eight spacecraft to image, but in any case above the left and right are two. Here’s a totally different from our usual csillagképeinkt
ől way connected with the stars, constellations, although the connection of ground used to be completely random, so this is not standardized. In astronomy, for example, is completely different from the eastern csillagképekkel operas. The original manuscript, this figure was on the same page.

**ED. NOTE** Seems to be a star-map with ‘alien’ Symbology. Integration of different species and worship of Satan is throughout this plate.
This part of me does not cover the upper sky star map, but it still may be correct, since not only the solar system can be seen in the universe. This would certainly békaperspektíva. Let’s turn the next page.
**ED. NOTE** The fact that everything comes full circle with the fallen angels is of no surprise to me. They bring forth the same images and references in all their workings. They use humanity to spread their evil and laugh all the while, because the puppets follow the puppet master.

The fourteenth PLATE

Board is now in the veil. This figure shows a good agreement is already known to us as csillagképekkel. It is also marked with the above match. On this record, there are already characters, and each “word” is a typographical five. Two súlyzószer
ű sign in the picture, which is nothing more than hyphen, also known as spácium, space. Center of the top stars of the Orion constellation is better, but mainly in the winter constellations and bright stars of all it is a typical star in this league. Above, the white star map of the constellations on it are those that are in the right direction for the direction (towards the relatives) nézegethetsz in the sky. This can be seen to the south in the winter night. Come to the southeast, southwest, and buried it. Interpretative decipherment of the original discs that: PAGASZ, REGASZ, LUTESZ, JUNESZ, VICSESZ, FADOSZ, and the author thinks these personal names or planet. The album was much more original material, and this has helped to decipher the alien alphabet. And here comes the real surprise.
**ED. NOTE** Five denotes ‘Grace’ in GOD’s kingdom, and we know that Satan counterfeits everything of GOD! Orion is “The Hunter” in the Zodiac. Because this is referenced to these characters. Orion is depicted in Urania’s Mirror, a set of constellation cards published in London in 1825. This card reveals a Hunter with a Club, about to strike a Lion. Yeshua is this LION. All is transparent when looked upon as a story in the skies. The first Message of GOD was told in the skies and still is but it is tainted by Satan in the current Zodiac. The Solstice is actively worshipped even to this day. The veil opened reveals a story of the beginning of time, and these characters were there. They are very intelligent and use this to taint every work of GOD. Time and space are used by these entities but is the origin is of GOD! Satan has but a short time left to convince you that you are god, that you don’t need anything else. You see even if you don’t worship him, he would rather you worship yourself than to worship GOD.

In the fifteenth PLATE

The album is written in Hungarian, the two plates above the back, but it was not for our benefit, but because they speak this language and such – like our rovásírásunkhoz? write letters. Once we know that this relationship holds many thousands of years ago, and I also suspect that they know the languages of earth and írásjeleit, but it is not only a Hungarian interpreter should not.
DAY ONE: lost
But in two days: there would
This is so stupid the first few sentences, but these are some of today’s rules of spelling errors too much to say about it t
őmondatok carrier, because it is in the past and the distant future. Hungarians, the Hungarians are very distant history shall message. A three-star, solar system resulting from our ancestors, who moved to a system kétcsillagú and lived there as well. The writing shows that are still living relatives. Telling them to shape the kétcsillagú system or the solar system, or move back to the old in our country, to where they live. These special plates are placed in a runic script was off the field, where even today many people understand the rovásokhoz. In the Latin script, which is straining to write only for that language to express our diversity and our culture. This is not the Székely, but the runic szinzu. **ED. NOTE** Like the Urantia Book/Papers is something that comes to mind here. Decipher this message on these plates,  and I assure you it will lead to no good.

In the sixteenth PLATE

This is the sixteenth album is a back image. Text makes clear that what is meant by “two days”means.
/ Message \
/ We \
They, with the knowledge and results from the historical perspective is something to see what we are today with our knowledge eszünkkel and now can not imagine.
**ED. NOTE** FINAL NOTE** I don’t see why people feel the need to look at these demonic plates as a thing of beauty. The angel “Lucifer” is beautiful because GOD made him that way. He retains that beauty even today using this to deceive and justify his position to those who will listen. All the while, if you look beneath the exterior of his beauty…you will see the evil that lurks there!
I bring these plates to your attention to reveal the status of these beings, which is desperate. They desperately want attention and worship. They want you to forsake your Creator and Almighty GOD. They twist and turn everything to fit their perspective.
In depth research shows an escalating worship of Satan, and other false esoteric religions. This is because we are near the GREAT FALLING AWAY. In fact, maybe…just maybe it is upon us now. The Beginning of Sorrows!

World Leaders Flock To Afghanistan After Mysterious ‘Time Well’ Discovered

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A peculiar report prepared for Prime Minister Putin by Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) circulating in the Kremlin today states that German Chancellor Angela Merkel has become the latest in a growing line of Western leaders to make a ‘surprise visit’ to Afghanistan this month and follows visits by United States President Obama (December 3rd), British Prime Minister David Cameron (December 7th) and French President Nicolas Sarkozy (December 8th).
Only Sarkozy’s trip, this report says, was concealed as he was already in India on a state visit when ‘rushed’ by a US Military aircraft to the Afghan war zone.
What caused the sudden rush of these most powerful leaders of the Western World to go to Afghanistan, this report continues, was to directly view the discovery by US Military scientists of what is described as a “Vimana” entrapped in a “Time Well” that has already caused the “disappearance” of at least 8 American Soldiers trying to remove it from the cave it has been hidden in for the past estimated 5,000 years.
From the ancient accounts found in the Sanskrit epic, The Mahabharata, we know that a Vimāna measured twelve cubits in circumference, with four strong wheels. Apart from its ‘blazing missiles’, The Mahabharata records the use of its other deadly weapons that operated via a circular ‘reflector’. When switched on, it produced a ‘shaft of light’ which, when focused on any target, immediately ‘consumed it with its power’.
To the “Time Well” encasing the Vimāna, this report continues, it appears to be an electromagnetic radiation-gravity field first postulated by Albert Einstein as the Unified Field Theory and long rumored to be behind the infamous American World War II experiment in teleportation called the Philadelphia Experiment that in 1943, like the events occurring in Afghanistan today, likewise, caused the sudden “disappearance” of US Soldiers.
The seemingly “perpetual” power source to this mysterious “Time Well”, this SVR report says, appears to be based on the technology of Edward Leedskalnin, who claimed to have discovered the “Secret Knowledge of the Ancients” and from 1923-1951 “single-handedly and secretly” carved over 1,100 tons of coral rock by an unknown process that created one of the World’s most mysterious accomplishments known as the Coral Castle.

Most intriguing of all about this report is its stating that not just any Vimāna has been discovered, but from the ancient writings contained in the cave where it was discovered, it claims that its “rightful owner” is the ancient prophet Zoroaster who was the founder of arguably one of the most important religions of all time called Zoroastrianism.
Though little known to the World today, the religious philosophy of Zoroaster is credited with being the basis of all known religions that said the purpose of humankind, like that of all other creation, is to sustain aša [truth]. He further stated that for humankind, this occurs through active participation in life and the exercise of constructive thoughts, words and deeds.
Pliny the Elder, the first Century Roman author, naturalist, and natural philosopher, as well as naval and army commander of the early Roman Empire, further names Zoroaster as the “inventor of magic”, a claim historians say was based on the over “two million lines” written about Zoroaster contained in the Ancient Royal Library of Alexandria that was ordered destroyed by the Christian Roman Emperor Theodosius I in 391 AD.
Important to note is that for the new Christian religion to grow, all of the elements relating to its true beginnings with Zoroaster had to be destroyed, and as we can read from the 440 AD notation about this destruction written in the ancient Historia Ecclesiastica, and which says:
“At the solicitation of Theophilus, Bishop of Alexandria, the emperor issued an order at this time for the demolition of the heathen temples in that city; commanding also that it should be put in execution under the direction of Theophilus. Seizing this opportunity, Theophilus exerted himself to the utmost to expose the pagan mysteries to contempt. And to begin with, he caused the Mithreum to be cleaned out, and exhibited to public view the token of its bloody mysteries. Then he destroyed the Serapeum, and the bloody rites of the Mithreum he publicly caricatured; the Serapeum also he showed full of extravagant superstitions, and he had the phalli of Priapus carried through the midst of the forum. …Thus this disturbance having been terminated, the governor of Alexandria, and the commander-in-chief of the troops in Egypt, assisted Theophilus in demolishing the heathen temples.”
The largest resurgence of Zoroaster “magic” among human beings, since the destruction of the Ancient Royal Library of Alexandria, occurred in the 13th Century among the Cathers who lived in Southern Europe. Sadly, however, when the “power” of Zoroaster “magic” began to reappear in the World once again, the threat to Christianity was undeniable and prompted Pope Innocent III  (1161-1216) to order the largest massacre in Europe not duplicated until the horrors of World War II.

To how brutal the Cathers were suppressed by Catholic Rome we can read from the history of those times:
“Arnaud, the Cistercian abbot-commander, is supposed to have been asked how to tell Cathars from Catholics. His reply, recalled by Caesar of Heisterbach, a fellow Cistercian, thirty years later was “Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius.” “Kill them all, the Lord will recognize His own.
The doors of the church of St. Mary Magdalene were broken down and the refugees dragged and slaughtered. Reportedly, 7,000 people died there. Elsewhere in the town many more thousands were mutilated and killed. Prisoners were blinded, dragged behind horses, and used for target practice.
What remained of the city was razed by fire. Arnaud wrote to Pope Innocent III, “Today your Holiness, twenty thousand heretics were put to the sword, regardless of rank, age, or sex”. The permanent population of Beziers at that time was then probably no more than 5,000, but local refugees seeking shelter within the city walls could conceivably have increased the number to 20,000.”
Today, in the ancient Afghanistan city of Balkh, where Zoroaster is said to have lived and died, and claimed by Marco Polo to be one of the World’s “noble and great cities“, a new Global Empire, the United States, holds both our past and our future in its hands with the discovery of this ancient Vimāna.

To if the Western leaders who have seen this ancient wonder will allow it to be known it is not in our knowing. What is in our knowing, though, is that if the past is truly an indicator of the future, the words soon to flow from Christendom will echo those of times past…. “Kill Them All, The Lord Will Recognize His Own”.
**ED.NOTE** First, let me add that the symbols of this castle are very similar to a “cresent”, and “halo” around a planet. Is this where Islam got their symbolism? YES. Trace their roots!
This is extremely important to the overall distribution of the TRUTH. Many things are being hidden and kept secret which are not coming from under the spell of darkness because GOD wants it so. I believe the ‘ancients’ are the fallen angels and the governments of the world over cover up this TRUTH.

Satan’s Counterfeit Matrix PT9-

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Chapter 9. Bible vs. Necronomicon

God gave us His Word, the Bible. The Bible has been produced by many people. With sixty-six books and thirty authors giving us a detailed description of God’s chosen and what happened in the world and what will continue to happen until God’s return.

The Bible

A. The word “Bible” comes from the Greek word biblion which simply means “book.”
The Scriptures:
B. This word is the word we use in our translation of the Greek word graphai, which can also be translated as “writings.”
This word is derived from the Latin word testamentum, which was used in early Latin translations of both the Greek and Hebrew words for a “will” or “covenant.”

Facts About The Bible-

The Bible is the most remarkable book ever written. About 40 men of several countries and many occupations did the writing. They wrote over a period of approximately 1500 years and in three languages – Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek. Yet the Bible is an well-organized unity with one great theme and central figure – Yahushua. All of this would be impossible unless the Bible had one supreme Author – and it did – the Holy Spirit of God.
A. The Age Of The Bible
The earliest portions of Scripture date back more than 3,300 years. However, its message has been fresh and relevant to men of every age and generation. Its pages are still producing new gems of truth, even to those who study them the most.
B. The Demand For The Bible
It is by far the most widely circulated book in the world. Since 1804, more than 800 million Bibles and portions of Scripture have been issued. These figures are from the British and Foreign Bible Societies alone. Every year more than 22 million copies of the complete Bible and New Testament are circulated around the globe.
The Bible has been translated more than any other book. Each year we see an increase in the number of translations. The following figures reflect this steady growth.
In 1500 A.D. it had been printed in 14 languages.
In 1600 – about 40 languages.
In 1800 – about 72 languages.
In 1900 – about 567 languages.
In 1937 – about 1,000 languages
In 1970 – about 1500 languages.
In 1997 – to date, at least partially translated in more than 2100 languages.
(Wycliffe Bible Translators are currently working on an additional 1000 languages.)
The Uniqueness Of The Bible

Unique In Its Continuity-

The Bible has an unique continuity when you consider that…

it was written over a 1500-year period;
written over 40 generations;
written by over 40 authors from every walk of life including kings, peasants, philosophers, fishermen, poets, statesmen, scholars, etc.;
written in many different places.
Unique In Its Survival-

Survival through Time –

Being written on material that perishes, having to be copied and recopied for hundreds of years before the invention of the printing press, did not diminish its style, correctness or existence. The Bible, compared with other ancient writings, has more manuscript evidence than any 10 pieces of classical literature combined.
Manuscript variation from copying:
Old Testament: 95% of the texts are identical with only minor variations and a few discrepancies between the Dead Sea Scrolls (dated to the 1st century) and the Masoretic text (dated to around 800 A.D.).
New Testament: New Testament manuscripts agree in 99.5% of the text (compared to only 95% for the Iliad). Additionally, the New Testament can be put together from the writings of the early church fathers, since they extensively quoted from it.
Survival Through Persecution -
The Bible has withstood vicious attacks of its enemies as no other book. Many have tried to burn it, ban it, and “outlaw it from the days of Roman emperors to present-day Communist or Islamic-dominated countries.”
Survival Through Criticism -
“Infidels for eighteen hundred years have been attempting to refute and overthrow this Book, and yet it stands today as solid as a rock. Its circulation increases, and it is more loved and cherished and read today than ever before. Infidels, with all their assaults, make about as much impression on this Book as a man with a jackhammer would on the Pyramids of Egypt. When the French monarch proposed the persecution of the Christians in his dominion, an old statesman and warrior said to him, ‘Sire, the Church of God is an anvil that has worn out many hammers.’ So the hammers of infidels have been pecking away at this Book for ages, but the hammers are worn out, and the anvil still endures. If this Book had not been the Book of God, men would have destroyed it long ago. Emperors and popes, kings and priests, princes and rulers have all tried their hand at it; they die and the book still lives.” (H.L. Hastings cited in Josh McDowell’s, Evidence that Demands A Verdict p. 21)

The Supernatural Origin Of The Bible-

How did this amazingly unique book come about? A look at the following two terms will help us understand the divine origin of the Bible.
A. Revelation -
God has disclosed or revealed Himself to man. We can learn about God through these revelations.
God has revealed Himself in a general way through nature/creation. In the beauty and wonder of creation we see the signature of God (

However, a more complete disclosure or revelation of who God is, what He is like, etc., is found in the Bible. God revealed Himself in a variety of manners to His chosen authors that they might record a permanent testimony concerning God. What the authors wrote were not their own ideas – but rather God’s ideas.
God used various methods and instruments to reveal the Scriptures to His chosen authors:
Direct Voice – God spoke in an audible voice to some of them, telling them what to write down. (

Direct Writing – God visibly wrote certain of the truths Himself. (

Dreams – God used the dreams of men as a channel through which He revealed prophetic truths. (

Men – The personal experiences and spiritual lives of individuals were used by God. (Psalm 51)
Natural World – The universe, which God created, declares Him. (

Historic Events – God used the events of men to reveal His will (the Old Testament Books of Genesis and Esther).
Holy Spirit – The Spirit of God guided men as they penned His words (

B. Inspiration
The key verse is
2 Timothy 3:16. The word “inspiration” means “God-breathed.” “Every Scripture is God-breathed.” The Bible claims that on the original parchments every sentence, every word, every line was placed there in complete agreement with the will of God. The veritable author of the Bible is God. God used human authors to write down the words He wanted in the Bible. He watched over them as they wrote, so no errors could creep in.

How do we know when writings are inspired by God? The Bible itself tells us what characteristics writings must have to be considered inspired by God. They must:
Be spoken from, and in the name of, the Lord (

Exalt and glorify God (

Direct the love of men toward God (

Draw men to repent of their rebellion against God and to submit fully to Him (

Prophecies come to fulfillment with 100 percent accuracy (

Support the laws, precepts, and principles set forth in the rest of Scripture-without contradiction (

Communicate truth, and only truth, in all disciplines of knowledge (

Summary Of Term

A. Revelation – is God’s activity in giving truth to the human mind.
B. Inspiration – is God’s activity in producing a record of his revealed truth.

Most are unaware that the King James version of the bible, the main reference work for modern Christian scholars and worshippers, was only put together, collated and edited in the 17th century. This being just one of many revisions. Every time the bible underwent an edit, throughout its several dozen editions, it was subject to the various ecclesiastical notions and changing political ambitions of the day. To put it bluntly, the authorities regularly changed it to suit their needs. So the bible we see in our churches, schools and universities today, is not a balanced representation of the incredible and empowering spirituality from which Christianity originated many eons ago. Of course, it is not meant to be.
Many of the savior characteristics also apply to other deities too. Like Attis of Phrygia, Dionysus/Bacchus, Krishna, Mithra and Zoroastra. One thing is for sure, they are most certainly nothing to do with Christianity or Jesus.
For those uncertain of the Solar Cult link to Christianity, it is most patently observable in the latter’s adoption of Mithraism, dedicated to the worship of the sun god Mithra. Prevalent in Persia (Iran) in about 400 BC, Mithraism was the most wide-spread religion in the Western World, with its teachings, art and temples scattered throughout Europe (including Britain), which then comprised the known civilized world. Even in the early centuries of Christianity, it thrived.
After a few hundred years of the two systems of religion running somewhat parallel, in around AD 377 a decidedly rampant Christianity decided it was powerful enough to suppress its former rival. It achieved this using the Borg method of assimilation – absorbing the enemy, keeping the good bits and discarding the bad (or inappropriate) bits, until the enemy is no longer existent. And so, Mithraism disappeared; though its rituals, festivals, iconography and symbolism were determinedly co-opted and re-branded until they became part of the Christian theology.
In AD 325, at the Congress of Nicaea, Emperor Constantine gathered together a bunch of bishops to help consolidate Christianity as the official state religion of Rome. From this quasi-political assembly, Jesus was formally declared to be the Son of God. The new Mithra. The new Horus. Erasing the real Jesus and replacing him with an archetypal Solar God, thus doing away with the real liberating teachings of Jesus. This was not a profound theological battle, it was not a complex study of ancient mystical traditions – it was a colossal psyop. Constantine himself was a conceited and disturbed man. He had several members of his friends and family butchered in the most vicious ways, as well as being responsible for countless military and civilian deaths. Constantine knew that Christianity forgave repentant sinners and permitted them passage to the higher world, unlike Mithraism. As Constantine had committed some truly monstrous crimes, he felt he must do something to quell his deeply tormented mind. When he became sick, knowing he may not recover, Constantine summoned the Arianizing bishop Eusebius of Nicomedia (the city in which he lay dying) as his baptizer. He delayed his own baptism to the last minute, so as to be absolved from as much of his terrible sin as possible. He died on 22nd May 337.
Let’s let it here with how to describe it; The Book of the Supernatural…a.k.a…THE BIBLE!

Howard Phillip Love craft (1890-1937) gave us many novels, poetry, films,  but more importantly to the Satanists he gave the Necronomicon. He admittedly said the book came to him in a dream. There are historical “Books of the Dead” coming from both Egyptian and Tibetan cultures, and in some manner their existence may have inspired HPL. These books contain incantations essentially designed to aid the disembodied soul on its journey through the Underworld of each mythology for which they were written. In the excerpts Lovecraft wrote in his tales, supposedly coming from the Necronomicon, we mainly find cautionary erudition concerning magical powers and practices stemming from alien entities with godlike powers, who are said to exist in other dimensions, neither alive nor dead, and who will return to earth someday “when the stars are again right.” Obviously given to him by the Ascended Masters/fallen angels who are demonic! As far as any more information about it, I refuse to give it respect it‘s not due.

New Age Delusion

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The force behind the New Age Movement wants to define it as essentially the fusing together of religious-based eastern-influenced metaphysical ideologies with western Occult, and more recently, a much more overt Celtic and Wiccan-based theology. The New Age Movement is the natural progression of humanism taken to its next step, teaching that humans have evolved biologically, and must now evolve spiritually to survive what is coming in 2012. Its belief systems are many, and believed to be widely diverse, however, they all serve their purpose in bringing in what is called the Age of Aquarius.
Varying in everything from what’s called synergy and synergistic principals, to the concepts of personal Christ consciousness (without the acceptance of Christ’s Divinity), energy, global unity, oneness, harmony, transformation, 11:11, “the one,” spirit growth, human potential, awakening, networking, purification, cleansing, holistic medicines and other non-medical “miracle healing” approaches.
The origins of the New Age Movement date back to at least 1875 with the Theosophical works of Henry Steel Olcott and Helena Blavatsky (whose books on the Atlantean and other ‘Root Races’ later influenced Adolph Hitler and other high-ranking members of the Nazi party). The Theosophical Society, as it was called, espoused the abolishment of Christianity and Judaism while promoting the total unity of other world religions in their place, even as they claimed that their teachings were revealed by demons in the guise of so-called spirit or elemental guides. They emphasized heavily the evolution of a self-deified, master Aryan society, and a One World “New Age” religion and social order. Pushing the New Age agenda even further, British-born Alice Bailey founded the “Lucifer Publishing Company,” in 1922 which printed and distributed their own similar teachings which became increasingly singular in their intent and goal toward the concept of a Luciferian New World Order which was to be accomplished through various degrees and steps toward its ultimate realization in the 21st Century. Bailey’s teachings established the “Luciferic Initiation,” a pledge of allegiance to the ‘Christ’ of the New Age and to the New World Order. As such, Alice Bailey discussed extensively the plans for a religious war between the forces of Good and Light (New Agers; “Lightworkers”) and the forces of Evil and Darkness (Christianity), as well as forced redistribution of wealth and the world’s resources, mass planetary initiations into the Movement, world-wide disarmament, a new theology with Lucifer as its God, and the complete elimination of “obstinate religions” namely Christianity and Judaism. Bailey even discussed the sacredness of a future New World Leader’s number, 666, and the Symbol which would mark him, his reign, and that of his followers.
Adopted after the original ideals of such early New Age proponents as: Henry Steel Olcott, Helena Blavatsky, and Alice Bailey, and helped by the thousands of those false Christs and teachers who came after them, the New Age Movement today has actually achieved nearly every single one of its intended goals beset by its founders, just as they committed they would, and now they are gearing up for what is to be the final completion of their work culminating in the events that bring in the New Age worldwide, the cataclysmic “earth change” of 2012. In advance of this, the New Age Movement, through its many books, seminars, and “personal growth” retreats, teaches that one can have one or many so-called “Spirit Guides” to help them along their path toward ascension and enlightenment, which is strikingly familiar in its spiritual intent to the ‘ascension-by-degrees’ method taught behind the closed doors of Masonic lodges and other such Luciferian Societies the world over. Do not be deceived, the New Age Movement is a conspiracy toward bringing the entire world into the ‘One Mind’ concept, a New World Order under its secular “God,” Lucifer, with our world ultimately to be governed by “the One,” which by this point, you know exactly where that is heading toward. With the followers of such a movement all preparing for this New Age timeframe, many of them not your average bohemian-type, but holding prominent positions in business and finance, there is no doubt you who read this have been infected by its many tentacles and tenants along the way, perhaps without you even knowing it. Somewhere in your life the New Age mindset has affected you, either by close personal contacts such as through friends or family, or even by the programs you watch, the films you see, or in the books you read. It is everywhere, literally, all around you, increasingly surging its way into the minds of billions globally. In fact, “Globalism” and the “Green Movement” themselves are only two more ways the New Age is attempting to ready the planet and this generation for the many changes to come.
Knowing that New Age Movement is already setting the Pagan foundation for the future One World Church, its also becoming quite clear that the current New World Order.
A disproportionate amount of New Age Movement books, articles, and texts contain the word “self” or self-help, etc. This is because man, either in the singular sense, or the allegory of collective mankind, is always the central figure (as he is the one Satan is trying to deceive) for example, one must constantly ascend, achieve the next higher degree and improve one’s “self” to become one with nature and god (or Goddess). They deny God because the New Age ‘god’ is impersonal with no specific requirements as to morality, belief, and behavior, or judgment. This is why the eastern mysticism and now New Age incorporated idea of reincarnation appeals so much to them. With it, there is no judgment, there is no eternal punishment. In so doing, they have fallen for Satan’s oldest and most well known lie, that we can become our own God’s if we simply deny God and instead accept Lucifer who always seems to have man’s own interests and desires at heart, yet only later does man discover it was all to promote Satan’s own agenda of death and destruction, against man.
In time, Satan’s Antichrist will have so twisted the minds of that future “Utopian society,” many of its New Age citizens that once exposed tolerance and peace will eventually outright hate, hunt down, and murder anyone professing Christ as their King, believing them to be the final hindrance to world peace. Christ Himself prophesied of this, that they shall hate us who bear His name, as Christians, delivering us up to the magistrates, killing Christians who live outside of the global Beast system. In this, we are to remain steadfast in the Faith as evil and its lie to the world will be summed up in less than a decade from the time it begins to its final end, until their time to commit every evil act against their own souls is accomplished. Because they rejected God’s Word, they rejected His Will for their lives, as they rejected His plan for their own Salvation, even as they rejected the words of the Son being the only Way back to the Father, the only Truth for the saving of souls, the only path to eternal Life, and so the choices they’ve made are entirely their own. From such, remove yourselves, in their own insolence are they given over to the same curse as the Devil they worship. Therefore from the most radical New Age believer to those caught somewhere in between, in time everyone will see what this New Age Movement is bringing upon the world – Final Armageddon at the hands of the Antichrist, period. There is no amount of space given to which I cannot stress that one single point enough. Satan and his seed upon this planet are quickly rounding up and infecting an entire army of people in order to stand with him both at the time Antichrist appears, as well as when Christ returns to judge the world at Armageddon, seven years later. Of course, being that the adherents of this New Age generation have unknowingly followed Lucifer himself, God is ready, even certain, to judge accordingly every one that has chosen the Fallen Angel Lucifer over the Risen Lord Christ. Verily, our Creator has set before us Life (Christ) and Death (Satan/Anti-Christ), telling us to choose Life (Deuteronomy 30:19), yet just as it was for the Angels before us at the time of Lucifer’s War against Heaven, it is still, as then, ultimately our choice alone. Satan can only counterfeit what God has in store for the world, global peace, unity, and eternal life prosperity, therefore his attempt at counterfeiting that true New Age in Heaven with his false “New Age” on earth is merely the counterfeit all that God has prepared for us, upon making the right choice between the two Morning Stars, Lucifer or Christ. In conclusion, even the New Age Movement is difficult to define spiritually speaking, as it has its many tentacles into everything, the modern New Age Movement has a clear definitive agenda which has been agreed upon by their constituents, by which the manifesto of the New Age movement calls for:
1. One World Leader
2. New World Order Gov’t
3. World Food authority
4. World Health Authority
5. World Water Authority
6. Universal ID System
7. Universal Financial System
8. Abolishing Christianity
9. New Global “One” Religion
10. Destruction of Jesus Christ
As we enter the 21st century and a new millennium, Satan has devised the delusion that mankind is entering into an important evolutionary phase called the New Age. The current push for “global enlightenment” is but one outward form of the New Age movement in their attempt to bring the world into a single-thinking Order, complete with a new religion, as well as otherworldly god-like beings for which to venerate and worship. Interviews taken of ex-Wiccans and Satanists indicate a high level of personal contact with various alien beings accompanying certain coven rituals such as the sacrificial rites of the Black Mass. Moreover, those coming from the highest echelon of Satanism believe these same beings to inhabit the earth as demons. They also believe the first established civilization was Atlantis and that Satan was its King before its destruction. However, their otherwise insidious assertion that superior beings are out there providing us technology and spiritual wisdom to become Gods is something Satan always knew could effectively tempt us, after all, the promise made toward our ancestors that they also could become as enlightened Gods if they simply renounce God and His plan was a lie that worked quite well before in Eden. In Genesis 3, we read about Satan in his form as the Nachash (Hebrew; Serpent), an extremely intelligent cunning creature possessed with the ability to speak and reason. This same Nachash or Shining Serpent/Dragon used his vast intelligence to beguile Eve into bringing not eternal life as a God for herself and Adam, yet Sin and eternal Death. Believing the deception of the Nachash Serpent, Adam and Eve fell from their original blessed state and were cast out of the Garden, the archetype of being cast out of Heaven. As a result both Satan and his demonic Angels have been engaged in continual warfare against the human race ever since, striving to drag the collective souls of mankind further down to their own level, whereby man would die in their non-repented un-Godly sins and live out an eternal existence in punishment, just as they.
Currently, the group of beings referred to as Aliens are portraying themselves as disparate elements of the paranormal. In the ancient world, the spiritual development of early mankind has been guided by nonhuman intelligences before, by beings whose agenda has been to infiltrate, and even instigate, various religious traditions in all cultures across the globe. Legends of cultures ranging from Sumerian, Babylonian, Hindu, to Native American, all seem to be laden with beings from the skies who possess superior technology and are very interested in interacting with man who is on the verge of destruction. Man naturally view them as ‘gods’ or spiritual beings enjoying worship and reverence in exchange for their distributing of wisdom. In the modern age, these same ‘gods’ are propagated most by the New Age Movement under such names as spirit guides, ascended masters, the hidden hierarchy, channelled beings, walk-ins, and natural forces like Gaia, are all imparting a similar message of impending disaster and need for all of humanity to unite. These “aliens” claim to be preparing the earth for a massive evolutionary shift of consciousness, a paradigm shift, while also continuing the education that they maintain is crucial if the human race is to be spared destruction. The non-human intelligences are feigning good intentions by warning humans of their potential fate, and the offer to assist humans is all but altruistic in that it is designed to unite mankind under a single global authority. Interestingly, like these same ‘gods,’ ancient Rebel angels known as the Annunaki have also been in contact with humans, shaping the same early cultures of mankind throughout history which believe them to be cultural deities of every sort. However, the Bible clearly warns against these other gods, who are not really gods. Jeremiah 10:11 states: These gods that [you worship] have not made the heavens and the earth, even they shall perish from the earth, and from under these heavens. Psalms 82:5-7 states: They [shall] walk on in darkness [when] all the foundations of the earth are out of course. I have said Ye are gods as all of you are [originally] the Children of the most High God, but ye shall all die like men and fall like the Prince.
There is no lack of evidence and testimony regarding the reality of demons in Christian spiritual literature during the past two millennia. We should be most foolish to discard it all as mere antiquated relics of the past, while accepting as gospel the myriad New Age teachings that have permeated our society over recent decades. Now, more than ever, it is imperative that we be wise and sober, discerning the spirits to make sure that they are truly of God, refusing to be led astray by the deceptive illusions of the Evil One.
No where on earth is UFO activity more prevalent than in Scotland, specifically within what is called the Falkirk Triangle encompassing Stirling, Fife and Bonnybridge, all within close proximity to the Scotland’s capital city of Edinburgh. Within this relatively tiny area are an annually reported 300 sightings that consistently places this area of the world as the one spot on earth where you are almost certainly to see something most unusual in its dark skies. There are also increasing reports of abductions taking place as well as frightening poltergeist-like activity in area residences. Why should these rather small Scottish towns near Edinburgh attract so much supernatural attention? Some have suggested that the true Stone of Scone (the Stone of Destiny) is hidden in the area, possibly in Edinburgh Castle. Could it be that all of this paranormal activity in the skies began with the advent of clone research being carried out in the nearby town of Roslin, at the Roslin Institute? It is interesting to note that at the same time UFO activity suddenly appeared as if overnight, that Professor Ian Wilmut was just beginning his research in the area of DNA cloning of living mammals, through which he infamously was sucessful in cloning a sheep named Dolly in 1996. Even more strange is that not far from the Roslin Institute stands Rosslyn Chapel, whose Apprentice Pillar has as many believe, mapped out a perfect human genome including a double helix strand of DNA, the fundamentals of all living creatures. As with other paranormal instances with similar place names, it is also noted that Roswell and Roslin have their connection with the root word ‘Ros-‘, a Latin derivation of Rosa, as in sub-rosa, the (red) rose, whose occult context conveys the Merovingian Bloodline, a lineage whose origins are connected with the alien-being known as the Quinotaur.

The American and British involvement in UFO activity is frightening to say the least. In short, Satanic Angels as demons are limited in their being able to work in the third-dimensional plane that personifies our existence as humans. As such, the American and British governments have been in league with Satan and his Fallen Angels to aid in their plan at deceiving the world in advance of the arrival of Antichrist. These stories you hear about alien abductions with its victims being held powerlessly in a trance induced state while their blood, DNA, sperm, or ovum are removed from them are true. Human DNA as well as the human-creating building blocks of sperm and egg are being used to create an entire army of human/alien cloned “grey” beings. This is being done so that demons can literally possess the clones to better work in the three-dimensional plane in advance of the deception they will perpetrate on the world in regards to a mass invasion/salvation scenario between the Greys and Reptoid ‘races.’ The mass sightings of UFO’s seen over the skies of America, England, Scotland, and Wales, and always near Air Force bases are due to the fact that these same bases have off-limit military enforced restricted areas where top secret nuclear powered anti-gravity craft are manufactured using ‘alien’ technology. The same bases have underground laboratories where the many soulless human/demonic hybrid clones are created as ‘empty shells’ to be later demonically-possessed by Satan’s ancient Fallen Angels and Nephilim in preparation for the coming worldwide 2012 event.
New Age types today believe that all of mankind is scheduled to evolve to a higher plane of existence in 2012, but that in order to do so, our “group consciousness” must first be brought together into a single alignment revolving around the 11:11 “Ascension” ideology. This of course involves a critical mass (sufficient number) of human beings agreeing that perennial philosophy is true, that UFO’s and its ascended beings are our friends, while traditional beliefs such as Biblical Christianity is completely contrary to the ‘One’ (Antichrist) consciousness. Satan, using deceptions originally developed while in Eden, has deceived them well. Even though so many of this insolent generation today see no evidence of Satan, it is Satan himself behind the very real trend we see all around us today propagating one world globalization and the New Age mindset, which is singly geared toward preparing the way for the Antichrist, the literal flesh embodiment of Satan himself. All of his plans are focused on this single goal while all of his machinations are designed to prevent as many human beings as possible from accepting the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the short time he has left from 2012-2022. Just as Adam and Eve chose to believe a lie in order to achieve a personal benefit to themselves in the Garden of Eden, so will tens of millions of unsuspecting people once again be tricked into choosing against God’s will for them, and damning themselves in the process. Adam and Eve did not recognize the Serpent for what he was in the Garden, and most will not recognize him for what he is when he comes again with his “mark”, nor will they recognize “the mark” for what it is, a symbol of the fallen Sun-God of Light, Lucifer.
The Greek translation of the word “mark” mentioned in Revelation 13 is “charagma” and its literal interpretation means an “incision” or a “cutting” by which the Mark of the Beast will then be placed. This is how Strong’s Concordance renders the word (G5480): Charagma χάραγμα – khar’-ag-mah: From the same as G5482; a scratch or etching, that is, stamp (as a badge of servitude), or sculptured figure; graven, mark. This reveals to us how the Mark of the Beast will be applied, though an incision or injection into the flesh which will then be placed a sculpted figure (Crystal Sun Symbol) underneath the skin, part of which will likely be visible and protruding through the skin, as depicted by those who prepare for such a new world financial system.

According to several New Age authors who seem to be already preparing their readers for such an intrusive device worn on the body of every man, woman, and child, they are deeming this mandated technology to be vital in a post-2012 New World Order. In their words: “…the future World-State symbol of the Sun God is to bestow unifying power upon those marked by it, reflecting each citizen’s complete submission into a Universal Community of Mankind,” as well as signifying their social ranking within the Community itself, depending on whether they have their mark on their forehead (the elite) or their right hand (goyim). Like moths to the flame will the world embrace Lucifer, again.
According to Satanists, the future Mark of the Beast will be created from ancient and powerful Atlantean Crystal which they deem is connected to their very ancient Atlantean Sun God, Lucifer. Those leaders of nations deemed connected with Atlantis, such as the Pharaoh’s of ancient Egypt, had a tradition of wearing an Serpent called the Golden Uraeus over the Third-eye as a sign they were the embodiment of the Sun-God they called RA.
“Men are seen and surveyed by that Ancient Race of gods and demons [who] seek revenge for that forgotten battle that took place somewhere in the Cosmos and rent the world, in the days before the creation of man, when the Elder Gods walked the spaces. I have traveled beneath the Seas in search for the Palace of Our Master and found the stone monuments of vanquished civilizations and these civilizations were destroyed because of the knowledge contained in this book. I have seen the Blood spilt upon the Stone. I have seen that Stone struck with a Sword [Sword in the Stone] and the Stone raise up and the Serpent crawl forth.
For a Sword will appear in the sky at those times, a signal, a signal to the Ancient Ones that one of theirs has escaped and entered into this world and it shall be an Omen to thee. When the great [Cthulhu] rises up and greets the stars, then the war will be over, and the world will be One. Such is the covenant of the Abominations. Then a New Age will come of earth and the Serpent shall be made whole. What is old shall replace that which is new and once again the Ancient Ones shall rule upon the face of the earth. They have worshipped the Serpent from Ancient Times and have always been with us. And they are to be known by their seeming human appearance which has the Mark of the Beast upon them.”

The Necronomicon

Satan’s Counterfeit Matrix PT8-DNA

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Chapter 8. DNA
Human DNA was pure and dignified but Satan enters the picture.
Satan beguiles Eve producing Cain. The first tainted blood line. The Sons of God comes and produces children with the human women. So, we have two blood lines of impurity. Cain has many wives and the blood of the Son’s of God starts to spread over earth as well. Even after the great deluge many people have tainted blood. Even to this day, as of October 2009, a child was born having 12 fingers and 12 toes. So, we have the blood of the tainted/tares everywhere. The Illuminati keep their blood of Cain pure by breeding in the family. So, who is to know if the bloodlines of today are still being inputted with tainted DNA.
The tribe of Dan is spoken of as the serpent so I tend to believe the Obama is of this blood The tribe of Dan is spoken of in the Bible. In the division of Palestine among the twelve tribes of Israel, after the Exodus from Egypt, Dan received his portion in the very north. As Dan was unable to secure and conquer much of its inheritance, due to spiritual weaknesses, they felt hemmed in and constrained to migrate and conquer elsewhere, which is one reason they captured Laish and renamed it “Dan.” Their inheritance was near the cities of Tyre and Sidon, famous home ports of the Phoenicians. Dan, who “abode in ships,” made common concourse with the Phoenicians, intermarried with them, and established colonies throughout the Mediterranean region. In Hebrew there are no vowels, so the name Dan is written DN, or its Hebrew equivalent. Thus words like Dan, Din, Don, Dun, Den, or Dn, correspond to the name of Dan. Shardana: The “Tower people,” or Shardana, or tribe of Dan, conquered Corsica around 1400 B.C., the same time Israel entered the Promised Land under Joshua. Their occupation lasted until 800 B.C., or possibly as late as 500 B.C. (about the same time Assyria took Israel into captivity, 718-721 B.C., or near the time of the Babylonian captivity of Judah in 587 B.C.).
The tribe of Dan also passed through this region, and the surrounding territory, leaving its name in Mace-DON-ia, and the Dar-DAN-elles, and to the north by the river DAN-ube. In the territory of Sarmatia (or Samaria, meaning the Israelites), were located the rivers DN-iper, DN-ister, and the DON. Dan-ube, the Dan-ieper, the Dan-iester, the Dan-au, the Daci and Davi, the Dan, the Don, the U-Don, the Eri-don, and the THOUSAND OTHER dans and dons of ancient and early geography, down to the Danes in Dan-emerke, or ‘Dan’s last resting place’” Denmark, the name of the modern country in Europe north of Germany, means, literally, “Dan’s mark.” It’s people are called “Danes.” In fact, because at one time Denmark ruled all the surrounding region, the whole region took its name from themthe ScanDINavian peninsula! Clearly, here are remnants of the people of DAN, who migrated westward overland from the Caucasus to their present location in northern Europe! However, other Danites, who dwelt or abode in ships, and who associated themselves with the sea peoples of Tyre and Sidon, fled westward through the Mediterranean when northern Israel fell. Early Danites fled Egypt at the time of the Exodus, and migrated through SarDINia, and left their trail along the sea-coasts of the Mediterranean. Thus Dan, who was a “lion’s whelp” who would “leap from Bashan,” leaped all the way to Ireland, where historians explain that the early settlers were known as the “Tuatha de Danaan” — literally, the “tribe of Dan.” The Greeks called them the Danoi, the Romans called them Danaus. In Ireland, today, we find their customary evidence — their place names — in abundance. Such names as Dans-Lough, Dan-Sower, Dan-Monism, Dun-dalke, Dun-drum, Don-egal Bay, Don-egal City, Dun-glow and Lon-don-derry, as well as Din-gle, Dun-garven and Duns-more, which means “MORE DANS.” Of course, the most famous Irish ballad of all time is the song, “Danny Boy.” It should be plain that the country of Ireland is replete, filled with names which derive from the ancient patriarch of the Hebrews — DAN, the son of Jacob! It should be plain that the ancient Danites settled in Ireland, and most of them dwell in that land, today. There is also a river Don in Scotland, and another in England. These countries, also, show the evidence of the presence or passing of the tribe of Dan, who migrated with the other tribes of the northern kingdom of Israel, especially the tribe of Joseph (Ephraim and Manasseh). Here we find such namesmarkers, or “guide posts” as YEHOVAH God called them in Jeremiah — as Dun-dee, Dun-kirk, Dunbar, Dunraven, E-din-burgh, and Lon-don. The Greek historian Herodotus reveals that some of the ancient Greeks actually came from Egypt, and that the ancestor of the Dorian princes in southern Greece was a certain “Danae, the daughter of Acrisus” (Herodotus, VI, 1, iii). The term “Dorian” apparently comes from the name of a city of Manasseh, in northern Israel, called “Dor,” near the Mediterranean coast. The Dorians were apparently Danites, of the tribe of Dan, perhaps mixed with some of the descendants of Manasseh. The Irish word “tuath” means literally “a tribe” or “people.” These people were the tribe of DAN of Biblical fame! They came from the Greek “Danaans,” and were the same people as the tribe of Dan. Hecateus of Abdera says that the Egyptians, troubled by calamities, in order that the divine wrath might be averted, expelled the foreigners — all aliens gathered together in Egypt. Of these, some, under their leaders DANUS and CADMUS, migrated to Greece, others to other regions, but the greatest number to “Syria,” that is, Palestine, their leader said to have been Moses. The tribal emblem of the Danites was a snake with a serpent in its claws. Interestingly, Josehus records a letter written by the Lacedemonian Greeks to the Jews in which they express their kinship to the Jews. Their seal, that of the tribe of Dan, was affixed to the epistle — an eagle with a dragon (serpent) in its claws! From Greece, the tribe of Dan — the Tuatha de Danaan — travelled by ship through the Mediterranean Sea, and thence up the coast of Europe to Ireland and Scandinavia. Early Irish history reveals that the first permanent settlers in Ireland were called “Nemedians,” after their leader, and were “of the patriarch, Jacob” and were “said to have come from the shores of the Euxine [Black] Sea” (Moore, The History of Ireland, Vo.1, p.63). It is very possible that some of these descendants of Jaob, or grandchildren, migrated to Ireland during the time of grievous famine that struck the Middle East in Joseph’s time, around 1707 B.C. That famine lasted seven years and struck the whole Middle East, and was “very grievous” (Gen.41:31, 54-57). This was about the time the Nemedians entered Ireland, according to Irish history! The Nemedians dwelt in Ireland from 1709-1492 B.C., during the time most of the descendants of Israel were in Egypt. Before the time of the Exodus, the Nemedians were conquered by African sea-rovers called Fomorians, and a colony of them fled to Greece, where other Israelites and Danites had settled, after leaving Egypt. They later returned to Ireland, now known as the Firbolgs. They were the first people to establish royal authority over Ireland, dividing the land into five provinces.
At this time, after ruling about 30-40 years, a new tribe conquered the Firbolgs — called the “Tuatha de Danaan.” This tribe also dwelt in Greece, and then migrated to Denmark and Norway, and then to Ireland (Moore, p.60). The Tuatha de Danaan became the sole masters of the country. In time, they were dispossessed of the country by another group of Israelites — the Milesian Scots! The Tuatha de Danaan were beyond doubt of the tribe of Dan, of Israelitish fame. The new tribe, the Milesian Scots, were no doubt of the royal tribe of Judah — through his son Zarah. These Scots spoke of a “long sojourn” in Egypt, no doubt the same as that of Israel, from the time of Jacob till Moses, over two hundred years. Milesian Scots were of the same race as the three colonies in Ireland before them — that is, the Nemedians, the Firbolgs, and the Tuatha de Danaan. Notice!

“The Bardic historians themselves, who represent the Scoti to have been of Scythic descent and to have from thence derived their distinctive appellation . . . and to confirm still further the origin of the Scots from that quarter. It is added by the Bards that they were OF THE SAME RACE WITH THE THREE COLONIES that had preceded them; namely, the Nemedians, the Tuatha-de-Danaans, and the firbolgs or Belgae”
The tribe of Dan was the first tribe to plunge into idolatry, as the book of Judges reveals (Judges 18). They became ensnared in this sin, and their descendants, today, the Irish, are among the most superstitious and idolatrous people on the earth. They today practice the Roman Catholic religion, and are among the most devout and fervid Catholics on earth. This, however, is partly due to the fact that a strong Canaanite element is mixed in with the people of Southern Ireland. The Canaanites and their descendants have always gravitated towards the various forms of sun worship. It will require the Second Coming of the Messiah to bring them back out of the idolatry they are steeped in, and that is why the tribe of Dan is left out of the 144,000 servants of YEHOVAH God mentioned in the book of Revelation.
You will notice that many DNA studies on line ONLY track the SERPENT BLOODLINES with the Rh Negative blood factor. These studies focus on the Basque area of Europe. These studies DO NOT track the PURE RH NEGATIVE BLOODLINE FACTOR group back to Hyperborea. IT WOULD APPEAR THAT THEY DO NOT WANT US TO FIND OUT WHERE OUR PURE RH NEGATIVE BLOODLINE ANCESTORS CAME FROM.
These studies also track the Rh Negative bloodlines to a place in Europe where inbreeding occurred. These studies take us back to a place where the DARK HAIR DARK EYED RACES mingled their seed in with the BLONDE BLUE-EYED Scandinavians in places like the Iberian Peninsula, France and the British Isles.
Some scientists would have us believe that the human race started in Africa despite the fact that the oldest mummies found in recent archeological digs all over the world were of Scandinavian. Some scientists state that mankind evolve from monkeys somewhere in Africa, but cannot find the missing link between the Rhesus Monkey and human beings. This scientific opinion has always been a highly contested theory.
Most people have wondered where these Scandinavian races came from before the Ice Age. Legends and language tell us that these Scandinavians came from the Hyperborean Regions, which at one time in our not to distant past, was a warm climate that sat by the equator until the earth’s shift moved the lands we now call the North and South Pole it into the arctic regions, CAUSING IT’S INHABITANTS TO MIGRATE DOWN TO GLOBAL AREAS IN THE WORLD KNOWN AS ATLANTIS, Lumeria etc.
ALL OF OUR ORIGINAL ANCESTORS ORIGINATED IN HYPERBOREA when the continents of our earth were joined together or in different locations from where they are today due to pole shifts which have happened in the past breaking up what used to be one land mass into 7 continents. History, archeology, science and legends tell us that the dark haired races bred into or with the Scandinavian races to form a variety of people groups such as the Basques, Anglo-Saxons, Scythians, and Aryans etc. The group of human beings who are positive with Rhesus Monkey DNA who have the Rh Positive blood factor, which are associated with Africa were referred to as the original Eves. The original Adams were actually associated with Indian populations through out the world and in North and South America.
Legends from India indicate that the cradle of humanity originated in the North Pole and South Pole regions. The Hindus believe that their families really descended from the lowest and most miserable of India’s four castes known as the Sudras who were a servant class who were considered to be unclean and untouchable.
“The 4th group, sudra, denotes the service communities – manual and agricultural laborers, artisans, masons, etc. Although they lived on the fringes of society, the “outcastes” or “untouchables”, the 5th group in the hierarchy, were still very much a part of mainstream society as the tasks of scavenging, cleaning up after funerals, killing or hunting animals for food, working in leather and other unclean materials, all fell to them. Mahatma Gandhi in the 1940s renamed them harijan, which when literally translated means “the people of God”.
As a matter of fact the British Royal Family also came from the lowest of the low class as did the Blue Bloods of Europe to rule Europe. These Blue Blood families are said to have stolen THE DIVINE RIGHT TO RULE the world from their Scandinavian predecessors before recorded history. The British Royals and Blue Bloods of Europe appear to be a bloodline of people with Scandinavian DNA and the DNA of a dark race who may have been the “Sea People.” The Royals and “Blue Bloods” can be tracked back to the Lost Tribe of Dan and Cain in the Old Testament who are described as having had red hair and green-eyes. They are also referred to as the “Serpent Bloodline” or “Reptilian Bloodline.” The Bloodline of Cain or Dan migrated into Europe from the Mediterranean Sea into Spain, France and the British Isles with the aid of the “Sea People.”
Further some even say these royal “Blue Bloods,” are a hybrid human reptilian bloodline with Neanderthal DNA. Science tells us that the red hair DNA did not originate with human beings but was Neanderthal DNA. If this is true, they are not the original bloodline on earth and worse than that they have demonic reptilian DNA flowing through their veins.
It would appear that the Hindus ancient history is wrapped round spiritual traditions that occurred, not in the ancient Indian subcontinent, but thousands of miles northward at the North Pole region, which ancient peoples referred to as Hyperborea, the Land of the Gods, etc!
The ancient histories of all the major nations and religions on earth mention a time when several races of mankind lived in a temperate paradise at what is now the North Pole. All ancient races referred to Hyperborea as a paradise, a “GARDEN OF EDEN,” region. These legends tell us that the Scandinavian race was the original race in Hyperborea until the gods came down and started to rape and manipulate the DNA of the original Scandinavians creating hybrid races of genetically altered human beings. These evil gods began a human hybrid program in Hyperborea, which is eerily similar to what was being described in Genesis Chapter 6. This chapter in the Old Testament describes the “Fallen Angels or Watchers” who we refer to today as the Nordic Aryan Alien “ Fallen Watchers.” These evil fallen demonic entities came into our three-dimensional world to rape woman and tampered with human DNA. All cultures also speak of reptilian gods who created a hybrid race of kings and queens that sat on the thrones of all ancient kingdoms that can be tracked back to ancient Sumer Babylon in Iraq.
When you read the “Scuttle Butt” on line regarding the PURE Rh Negative blood factor we find that some experts believe the PURE Rh Negative bloodline is of unknown origins. I wonder if that is simply because they do not track the origins back to Hyperborea, they only track their studies back as far as northern Europe to the area the Serpent bloodline of Can and Dan migrated into and bred with. These authors then make a MAJOR LEAP and assume that those who actually have the PURE Rh Negative blood factor came from other planets and were not a people group who originated on earth but that they are aliens or were created by aliens.

According to Yahushua, He and His creative forces, which were known as the Aeons or the “Watchers” created the earth and all life on earth originally. This original race of human beings was created to look like the Watchers aka good angels or guardian angels. Then the souls or spirit beings from heaven were fused into these bodies and Real Man (Soul) became a physical being (operated from inside the body) created by the Watchers. Similar to what happens when we hop into our cars and use them to get around in as we travel. We do not know why physical man was created no one does.
At some point part of the group known as the “Watchers” fell from grace and became the “Fallen Watchers” or what we call the Nordic Aryan Alien “Fallen Watchers” today. Once the “Fallen Watchers” entered the picture things changed.
Another group of evil entities entered our three dimensional world that were created by Yaldabaoth the Demiurge, they were reptilian entities. One of these entities was known as Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge, who was one of the 6 sons of god Yaldabaoth the Demiurge, is the evil entity the Judah Jews worshipped. The Israelites worshipped the Nordic Aryan Alien “Fallen Watchers” or the Elohim.
Once the physical bodies had been created these evil artisans known as the Nordic Aryan Alien “Fallen Watchers” and the “Reptilians were able to rape and clone human DNA.
Those falling for the “Alien Agenda’s” believe that the demonic entities we wrongly call Aliens today, created human beings. However if these people would simply DO THEIR HOMEWORK and dig deeper they would find that the entities who came into our three-dimensional world to rape and clone human beings were NOT CAPABLE OF CREATING HUMAN BEINGS AND ARE STILL NOT ABLE TO. Even the Old Testament story of these “Fallen Watchers” states this.
These entities did have the ability to rape women and clone hybrids using human, reptilian, animal and bird DNA, which is how the “Serpent Bloodlines” were created. This illicit sexual activity with the gods is the actual meaning behind “ORIGINAL SIN.”
The Viking Y-DNA Project was initiated in Stockholm in December 2004 as an offshoot of the Scandinavian Y-DNA Project. The project noticed that many Americans of Norman, English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish ancestry are quite obviously of Scandinavian descent, although they do not have any family records or other official documents to prove it. With the help of genetic testing many of them might soon be able to link up with their Scandinavian siblings and the kin of their forefathers.
As time went on the dark haired races, such as the Sea People, bred into or with the Scandinavian races to form a variety of people groups such as the Basques, Anglo-Saxons, Scythians, and Aryans etc.
“In the English towns, the most striking thing was the sheer scale of Saxon genetic input.† “Our conclusion from the figures,” says Mark Thomas of the Viking Y-DNA Project, “is that there was between 50% and 100% replacement of indigenous men by migrating Anglo-Saxons.” “If true, this was an achievement beyond the blood-lust of even the maddest modern tyrant.† How could it have been achieved?
“When we look at the Y-chromosomes in Wales and Ireland, we find a very close match with the Basques.”† Other genetic evidence, he says, strongly suggests that the Basques are the descendants of the Paleolithic inhabitants of Western Europe prior to the arrival of farmers between 9,000 and 6,000 years ago”.†
“In the English towns, the most striking thing was the sheer scale of Saxon genetic input.† “Our conclusion from the figures,” says Mark Thomas, “is that there was between 50% and 100% replacement of indigenous men by migrating Anglo-Saxons.” “If true, this was an achievement beyond the blood-lust of even the maddest modern tyrant.† How could it have been achieved?”

When you look at the map above you will see that before the “Earth Moved” and before the Ice Age, part of Europe was also connected to Africa by a LAND BRIDGE. The ancient histories of all the major nations and religions on earth mention a time when several races of mankind lived in a temperate paradise at what is now the North Pole. All ancient races referred to Hyperborea as a paradise, a “GARDEN OF EDEN,” region. These legends tell us that the Scandinavian race was the original race in Hyperborea until the gods came down and started to rape and manipulate the DNA of the original Scandinavians.

The second group of Scandinavian people who appear to have had the PURE Rh Negative blood factor, migrate out of Hyperborea before the last Ice Age into the Scandinavia countries and northern Europe. This group left after the first group of hybrid Hyperboreans were TOSSED OUT. We will be focusing on the second hybrid group in this article.
The first group was forced out of Hyperborea for mingling with these evil entities we wrongly call aliens today. This first hybrid group migrated into areas ancient peoples called Atlantis, Lumeria, etc. The races all over the world we call Indians today were called Adams, the races of black people were known as the Eves. Parts of Africa are associated with Atlantis.
These Adams and Eves include the Siberians, Africans, Polynesians, and Indians etc. The Adams migrated into North America and become the Indians of North America. When you DO YOUR HOMEWORK what you will find is that some of not all American Indians have bloodline links to the Mediterranean Region and Africa, this is not a coincidence.
The dark haired peoples moved into the world and occupied an area known as Atlantis and Lumeria, which do NOT appear to be separate continents which are all under water today. When you see the “Earth Is Growing” maps it is clear that these landmasses never existed as separate continents from the 7 we have today. This tells us that the Atlantians and Lumerians occupied territories that exist today such as Antarctica, Alaska, Iceland, Greenland, North America, Africa, the Canary Islands, Asia and Polynesia etc. As a matter of fact, one of the early maps of Hyperborea looks almost identical to the Antarctic region. Knowing that our earth was once one big landmass, we are now able to see how it possible for these tribes to migrate onto all continents.
During a period in history known as the Dark Ages, which happened around 1200 – 800 B.C. The “Tribe of Dan” was shipped into Western Europe with the aid of the Phoenicians from the Mediterranean Sea at about the same time in history. They came into Spain, France (Languedoc Area of France).
We also know that the 10 Lost Tribes of Israel known as the Hebrews migrated into Europe and became a blended group who would later become known as the Scythian aka Aryan Races. They migrated into Europe from the Caucasus and Carpathian mountain ranges while the Tribe of Dan into Spain, France and the British Isles from the Mediterranean Sea.
We do know that the Phoenicians helped transport the Tribe of Dan into Spain, France, and the British Isles by way of the “Sea Route,” from the Middle East. We can determine from history that the Phoenicians appear to be the Siberians of Russia, the Yakuts, Sakha and the Buryats. THEY ARE THE SAME RACE WITH THE SAME DNA. They have the same spiritual and historical traditions: the same names of landforms, rivers, etc., How is possible that no one noticed this and why has this knowledge been LOCKED IN A CLOSET.
Origins of the Sakha (Yakut)

The origins of the Sakha or Yakut people are something of a mystery. It is apparent from their language and customs that they had not been in the country for more than two or three centuries before the Russians arrived there, yet they had conquered the whole region. It was also clear that they had been an advanced nation, but they had lost their writing system and any written works completely. So only oral histories survived.
Influences in the culture and arts suggested links with traditions as far as the Celtic traditions of Western Europe. They had a similar clan system, and other cultural similarities. There are also cultural similarities with Buryat Mongols and with Central Asian, and other Turkic nations. The differences between Yakut and other Turkish languages suggest that it separated from the other Turkish languages as much as two thousand years ago. The Yakut language has changed little in the last five centuries. As time passed and the Scandinavian and Siberian races mated, they became a blended people that came to look similar to our modern day Russian woman in the picture above. We have been taught by a select group of scientists that Black People came from Africa. This had been highly debated subject among the scientific communities.

The Hindu legends tell us that prior to 30.000 years ago, they believed that they were spirits occupying the physical body. For them, their bodies had no life at all. They were just shells which these spirits occupied and used, just as we drive and manage our automobiles. This is what all world religions teach. They appear to have had religions and were either atheists, monotheists or polytheists and worshipped evil demonic and reptilian gods known as the Vedas, Shiva, Kubera, the Nagas, Indra, Vishnu, and Brahma. These evil gods allowed humans to speculate about religion, just so long as they knew they were spirits occupying insignificant unthinking physical bodies that were used as a means to operate in earth’s three-dimensional world. However, when they forgot that truth, becoming more and more convinced that they were trapped in live bodies in various degrees, they fell deeper and deeper into degradation as well as religious error. These same beliefs were shared by the Christian Gnostic’s.
If the Hindu, Jewish, and Christian myths are true, there is no doubt that the North Pole was the Garden of Eden. It is well known that at one time, the climate at the North Pole was pleasantly mild and that abundant flora and fauna existed there. The North and South Poles were sitting close to the Equator.
Dr. Valery Dyemen, a Russian researcher of the Arctic, is convinced that Hyperborea existed. He said: I believe we should be looking for the traces of that civilization in Eurasia and American arctic regions, in the islands and archipelagos of the Arctic Oceans, at the bottom of some seas, lakes and rivers. It’s worthy of notice that Russia has the largest number of locations and artifacts that could bear relevance to Hyperborea. Some … have already drawn attention of specialists; others are yet to be discovered. Active exploration is currently under way in the Kola Peninsula, in the Island of Vaigach, in Karelia, Ural Mountains, West Siberia, Khakasia, Yakutia, and a few other regions. There are good prospects for conducting research in Franz Josef Land, Taimyr, and Yamal.’(UFO Digest, 1/12/2007.)
‘One of the charts by Gerhardus Mercator, the 16th century Flemish cartographer and geographer, shows a huge continent lying in the vicinity of the North Pole. The land is an archipelago composed of several islands divided by deep rivers. A mountain sits in the center of the land (according to legends, the ancestors of Indo-Europeans lived near Mount Meru). The question is: How did that land appear on the chart? There was no information whatsoever regarding the Arctic regions during the Middle Ages. We have some reasons to believe that Mercator had used an ancient chart, the one that is mentioned in his letter dated 1580. That chart showed a continent located in the center of the Arctic Ocean, which was pictured ice-free on the chart. Mercator’s chart seems to be based on the ancient chart.’
When these dark haired races bred with the Scandinavian races in prehistoric France for an example, they gave birth to a hybrid people group, which became a people group know as the Basques. After the freeze ended this hybrid race traveled up into the British Isles and settled there. The Basques very likely had a large portion of people with red hair green eyes as a result of inbreeding. We can see from the inbreeding that the “Tribe of Dan” certainly occupies the British Isle.
Considering the information available on the internet it is easy to see that Satan has defiled the DNA of God’s people in numerous was. Various sites agree that over 160 species of aliens exist. I consider these all to be variants of the same entities, fallen angels and clones and drones thereof.
This is one of the biggest ruses ever committed by Satan. To take man’s DNA and change it. They have manipulated it from the beginning of the Garden of Eden into this very day. The technology used then is still used today. We have out TEMPLE of GOD within us. This TEMPLE is our DNA, for we are made in GOD’s image. This is how we communicate with GOD. When the Ascended Masters bring forth their plan of ascending on earth, to take man away from earth and take them into another consciousness, this will indeed change their DNA. Another way is to inject another species DNA into ours. This is being done as we speak and has been done for decades now. We have strange species of animals, and human, with hybrids of every kind. And humans are being cloned as well. So, we see their lies are working. Their trickery being inserted into society at every avenue possible.
Triple Helix DNA

-Most know that human DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is constructed with double strands of molecules. The triple helix form of DNA is similar to the double helix DNA except that it contains another oligonucleotide that hydrogen bonds to the bases that are already included in the double helix strands of DNA.
The demonic realm brings forth a triple-stranded DNA to the table, and with it powers beyond our comprehension. The promise of this spectrum from the demons brings human into their grasp. People think this promise is an actual event that can be accomplished. The transformation needed to accomplish this task is offered by the so-called ‘aliens’ with the promises of enlightenment and transformation only achieved by the graces of our GOD in heaven. The undercurrents of this subject is something that must be addressed. Within its promise is only a fake reality, once they have your soul it is too late.


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Who is Mr. Bob Dean ?
Robert Orel Dean also known as Bob Dean, is a retired Command Sergeant Major in the US Army, who became notable in UFOlogy circles after he claimed to have viewed “Cosmic Top Secret” documents detailing alien activity on Earth.
In 1964, a USAF colonel, Col. Frank Collins, gave Dean, a Command Master Sergeant, access to a copy of a document called An Assessment. Dean stated that there were only 15 copies, one of which was kept in the safe. He said to read it every chance he had, being able to access the document because he had Cosmic Top Secret Clearance, As would be expected in the case of such a high-security classified document, Dean has been unable to provide a copy to prove his recount.
Dean states the document An Assessment: An Evaluation of a Possible Threat to Allied Forces in Europe (published in 1964) was a one and a half inch-thick secret NATO report on UFOs. The document was accompanied by eight and a half inches of Annexes and Appendices.
The report was ordered to be compiled by British Air Marshall Sir Thomas Geoffrey Pike, Deputy SACEUR (Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe) from August 1963 until his retirement in 1967. It was prompted by a Red Alert event that allegedly happened on 2nd February 1961 at 0200 hrs. A formation of approximately 50 flying disc-shaped objects flew at very high altitudes and speeds under intelligent control. They came from the east, flew over Germany, France, England and continued north until they disappeared over the Norwegian sea.
The titles of some of the annexes of the report, Dean states, were as follows: Radar and Electromagnetic Effects, Optical and Light Analysis, Photographic and Holographic Analysis, Historical Research and Historical Evidence, Metallurgical and Technical Analysis, Atmospheric Physics and Meteorology, Biological Analysis and Autopsies, Sociological Problems, Psychological Problems, Theological Implications, and Worldwide Effects.
“The Assessment” concluded, in 1964, that there were four different extraterrestrial civilizations visiting Earth, but by Dean’s retirement from the military in 1976, he claims, the report stated that there were at least twelve different extraterrestrial civilizations visiting Earth.

Battle For The Soul

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In the book of Jublilees, Chapter 10 verses 7-12 talks about how GOD was bounding all the fallen angels, but if you specifically read those verses you will find that not ALL the fallen angels were bound to a place of condemnation. In fact, a tenth of them will be released before Satan. They will be subject to Satan and GOD calls them the malignant evil ones.
The purpose of the fallen angels are for destruction, corruption and leading astray, for these end days are full of it. The spirits of the giants afflict, oppress, destroy, attack, do battle, and work destruction on the earth, and cause trouble: they take no food, [but nevertheless hunger] and thirst, and cause offenses. From the days of the slaughter and destruction and death, from the souls of whose flesh the spirits have gone forth, shall destroy without incurring judgment-thus shall they destroy until the day of the consummation, the great [judgment] in which the age shall be consummated, over the Watchers and the godless, yea, shall be wholly consummated.
So, we have the foundation of a war that will be brought on by the watchers and Satan towards humanity. We have lived in the reality of an ongoing portion of this war but the extent of it has yet to happen. The scorpion in Revelation is the exact occurrence I speak of. This will be an ‘alien’ invasion to some. The government has their own part in this scenario. They work in unison with these beings, casting them into world governance. The demonic realm awaits their permission from GOD and no one else to start this war.
GOD is in control. Many wonder the internet today wondering what info they can assimilate that brings it all together for them, some kind of warning bell. Well this is all around us in our daily lives, we need not look anywhere but in our own lives. The internal war is the biggest battle you will ever fight for it is the battle for your very soul, your immortality.

WikiLeaks Reveals UFO Invasion

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A new report circulating in the Kremlin today prepared for President Medvedev by Russian Space Forces (VKS) 45th Division of Space Control says that an upcoming WikiLeaks release of secret US cables details that the Americans have been “engaged” since 2004 in a “war” against UFO’s based on or near the Continent of Antarctica, particularly the Southern Ocean.

According to this report, the United States went to its highest alert level on June 10, 2004 after a massive fleet of UFO’s  “suddenly emerged” from the Southern Ocean and approached Guadalajara, Mexico barely 1,600 kilometers (1,000 miles) from the American border. Prior to reaching the US border, however, this massive UFO fleet is said in this report to have “dimensionally returned” to their Southern Ocean “home base”.

The fears of the Americans regarding these Southern Ocean UFO’s began, this report says, during the unprecedented events of July 11, 1991 (referred to as 7/11) when during the Solar Eclipse these mysterious aircraft appeared by the hundreds over nearly all of Mexico, even their Capital city. Most notable about the events of 7/11 were that as millions of Mexicans were watching on their televisions the National broadcasts of these UFO’s over Mexico City, the American media refused to allow their people to view it.

Since 2004, this report continues, fleets of Southern Ocean UFO’s have continued to emerge from their bases, with the latest such event being this Friday past when another of their massive fleets was sighted over the South American Nation of Chile.

The “immediate danger” to our World when these massive UFO fleets emerge from the Southern Ocean, this report warns, are the massive waves caused by their sudden eruption from what are believed to be their underwater base, or bases. In the past week alone, the Clelia II, an Antarctic cruise ship with 160 people onboard, was nearly capsized when hit by waves generated by these UFO’s emerging from the Southern Ocean, and just today a ship sunk with only 20 of its 42 member crew said saved due to the same cause.

Interesting to note in this report is its confirming our October 14th report US Shuts Down New York Airspace Over UFO ‘Threat’ that these same Southern Ocean UFO’s were responsible for the closing of the airspace over New York City this past fall (October 13th) when they “appeared” openly and were witnessed by tens of thousands of people, and which, coincidentally, occurred during the same time frame as the mysterious Crystal Skulls of the ancient South American peoples were being exhibited there too.

Even more interesting to note is that the mysterious earthquakes being reported in the Gulf of Aden (where another “extraterrestrial” event is currently ongoing and we had reported on in our December 1st report Mysterious ‘Vortex’ Warned Is Creating Global Weather Catastrophe) are now being reported occurring in the Southern Ocean too.

This report goes on to state that after WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange warned last week that he would begin releasing secret US cables relating to these Southern Ocean UFO’s, and the Americans “war” against them, he was immediately arrested by British Police on trumped up charges issued by the Swedish government which in our December 8th report, Global Rebellion Erupts After “Unprotected Sex Meets Disrobed Government”, we noted were engineered against him as a “classic” CIA “Honey Trap”.

Note: Since the last report on the EU-US frame-up of Assange it is now being reported that one of his two accusers, Anna Ardin, has fled Sweden and is now in hiding in the Palestinian territories.

To if Assange, or his WikiLeaks website, will survive to see the whole release of these Southern Ocean UFO files it is not to our knowing, nor does this report say.

What is in our knowing, however, and when coupled with the information reported on in our December 10th report Massive Earthquake Fears Rise After Mysterious Object Moves Nearer To Earth, suggests that the timing of these events, as we near the December 20/21 Total Lunar Eclipse, and as Mercury turns retrograde and joins Mars as it forms a conjunction with Pluto, that the ending of this year, 2010, truly marks the ending of this age as prophesied by the ancients.

In the Sorcha Faal’s seminal work published in 2007, Battle Begins For Throne of This World of the Einherjar Warriors,: The Return she notes that in these “last days” the “guideposts” to what the future will hold for humanity does, indeed, rest hidden to the discerning reader in the words handed down to us by the ancients, none being more important in this case than those of Nostradamus, who in writing of this coming Lunar Eclipse and feared conjunctions warned:

“The arms to fight in the sky a long time,

The tree in the middle of the city fallen:

Sacred bough clipped, steel, in the face of the firebrand,

Then the Monarch of Adria fallen.” Quatrain 3:11

Most ominously for our World today, “the tree in the middle of the city” has, indeed, “fallen” with news from Glastonbury that the 2,000-year-old Holy Thorn Tree, one of Christianities oldest and most revered symbols, has been cut down by vandals. With the great tree now “fallen”, the battle for this Earth now moves to the “sky” until the “Monarch of Adria” (Pope Benedict XVI) has “fallen” too.

According to legend, Saint Joseph traveled to the spot after Christ was crucified, taking with him the Holy Grail of Arthurian folklore. Christian legend dictates that Jesus’s great uncle, Joseph of Arimathea (pictured below) came to Britain after the crucifixion 2,000 years ago bearing the Holy Grail – the cup used by Christ at the Last Supper. He visited Glastonbury and thrust his staff into Wearyall Hill, just below the Tor, planting a seed for the original thorn tree.

Roundheads felled the tree during the English Civil War, when forces led by Oliver Cromwell (pictured) waged a vicious battle against the Crown. However, locals salvaged the roots of the original tree, hiding it in secret locations around Glastonbury.

It was then replanted on the hill in 1951. Other cuttings were also grown and placed around the town – including its famous Glastonbury Abbey.

Experts had verified that the tree – known as the Crategus Monogyna Bi Flora – originated from the Middle East.

A sprig of holy thorns was taken from the Thorn tree by Glastonbury’s St Johns Church on Wednesday and sent to the Queen

The 100-year-old tradition will see the thorns sit on Her Majesty’s dinner table on Christmas Day.


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