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Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting is a False Flag Black Op Push for Gun Confiscation

Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting is a False Flag Black Op Push for Gun Confiscation

On Friday, December 14, 2012, Bill of Rights Day as proclaimed by Barack Obama, the false flag school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut was perpetrated to launch another US communist gun confiscation program.  So what actually happened at that elementary school?  Well, just like the Clackamas, Oregon mall false flag, the Aurora, Colorado theater false flag, the Tucson, Arizona false flag, and the 911 false flag we will never know as these are all internal black ops, which are designed to leave the population in a permanent state of confusion.
In this day of high tech surveillance with government controlled cameras looking at us and documenting our actions everywhere we go, there always seems to be a breakdown when it comes to government sponsored terrorism.

A source outside the mainstream reported on The Word From the Trenches – December 14, 2012 that a message came over her police scanner that stated in reference to Sandy Hook Elementary School, “Tell them the cameras are not working”.  Tell who, the Homeland Security Agents running the black op?
An initial report from an eyewitness inside the principal’s office said that the principal, vice principal, and the school psychologist went out into the hall upon hearing gun shots.  Three went out and only one came back, who was the vice-principal who had been shot in the leg.  The eye witness repeated the assertion that three went out and only one came back in, declaring that the principal and psychologist had been shot to death out in the hall and that is where their bodies were.
The official account we are now hearing is saying the shooter crashed into the principal’s office and killed four people therein, including the principal and the psychologist.  This is no small discrepancy considering the eye witness who gave the original account to the mainstream media said she was in a meeting in the office when the shooting occurred.
This is a black op.
Original reports said a maroon van with the back window shot out left the scene with a suspected second shooter therein.  It was later reported that the van had been found in the nearby town and that the driver/second shooter had been arrested.
Also around the same time it was reported that another individual wearing camouflage fatigue pants who had ran into the woods had also been arrested.  And then, in the blink of an eye, these two arrests became a single arrest of the fellow who had ran into the woods who was declared to be an innocent bystander fleeing the shooting and the maroon van and the third suspect disappeared from reality, just like John Doe number two at the Oklahoma City bombing.
It is now being declared that all the bullets fired were fired inside the school.  So who shot the back window out of that maroon van and what became of the van and the fellow who was driving it and was arrested in the nearby town?  Don’t look at the man behind the curtain.
This is a black op.
Original reports said the shooter was wearing camouflage pants and a utility vest and then it was black fatigues and an armored vest.  Today the two accounts which would indicate two shooters have been morphed into the lone wolf dressed in “black camouflage”.
This is a black op.
Then there is the strange misidentification of the shooter which defies logic in its most basic terms.  First reports identified the shooter as a 20 year old and then the name leaked out as Ryan Lanza.  The Word From the Trenches was up on the air at this point.  #1 NWO Hatr called in with a report from the internet that said Ryan Lanza was on his Facebook declaring that he was on a bus in New Jersey and very much alive and that he is 24 years old.  The mainstream media then began reporting the shooter as 24 year old Ryan Lanza.
Approximately an hour later an attempt to cover up this obvious discrepancy was made by authorities, saying that the shooter was actually Ryan Lanza’s younger brother Adam Lanza, who is 20 years old.  The contention was that he and his brother had swapped IDs, resulting in the misidentification.
Well let’s look at this on its face.  The shooter is dead on the floor.  The police remove his identification, which according to original reports said he was 20 years old, which dictates it was Adam’s ID as his brother Ryan’s ID would have identified him as 24 years old.  Any other contention defies logic.
This was a black op.
Finally, the security system at Sandy Hook Elementary School is brand new, state of the art, designed to specifically keep anyone with a gun from entering the building.  Initial reports said the shooter was “buzzed in” as this would have been the only way he could get in.  And now we are told that the shooter just busted right through the security door, apparently without any problem.
If you have been to a school you know the entry doors are not made of glass, in fact there is not even a window.  So what new state of the art security system would put a glass door as the only barrier for a shooter wanting to enter the no gun safety zone?
This is a black op.
It was also mentioned by a couple of the participants in the conversation on The Word From the Trenches that all gun free zones must by law have an armed officer within to protect the unarmed people from any armed intruder who breaches the security.
This is a black op.  A full blown campaign for gun confiscation in the US has been orchestrated around this black op.  The soviet insurgents who have taken over the United States government are getting ready to initiate austerity measures designed to bring the theft of private property to a new level.  They know the people have been arming as never before as we intend to resist the communist takeover of our country.
Petitions began popping up on government websites demanding gun confiscation before the smoke cleared.  I believe there are a couple with 40,000 or 50,000 signatures.  This is no surprise as we know who the communists are and what their numbers are.  There have also been millions and millions and millions of gun and ammunition purchases over the past year and this shows the American nationals’ numbers.
Twenty children being killed, hell, twenty babies, is enough to make any sane person sick, but then these communists are not sane except to the point that they know they cannot conquer our armed population.  We must let our enemies know that no matter how many MK Ultra, Prozac propelled psychos they let into schools to murder children, they are not going to take our liberty teeth from us so that they can complete the theft of our nation and slaughter us wholesale like their comrades slaughtered the Russian people during the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917.
In short, our answer to gun confiscation is “No” and no matter what they do the answer will continue to be “No”.  Once the Republic has been restored, those deep in the communist insurgency who are really responsible for the murder of these innocent Americans are going to be found out and brought to justice.

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