You know, most people know that if you live a life of constant lying, you'll screw up eventually because it's impossible to keep all the stories straight.

One of the most telling signs of TBN heresy is the little nuggets they let slip once in a while... often things they'll pretend to forget they ever said, later on. Things they'll even deny. Like when Benny Hinn put on a show in which he supposedly raised a young boy from the dead, right here in Denver... but he claims today that it never happened, even though my fellow GODISNOWHERE teammate Adam witnessed it personally.

I was just watching TBN (a.k.a. the Total Baloney Network), and found Paul Crouch talking about broadcasting TBN into Muslim countries like Oman and Pakistan. He said he wants them to hear how much he loves the Muslim people, and made the following statements to them, on international television:

"We are not against the Muslim faith."

"I will fight for your right to build mosques and Muslim temples in the United States."

Tell me these are the words of a servant of the one, true God.