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Obama's advisor is Ray Mabus...Nostradamus connection???

Obama's advisor is Ray Mabus...Nostradamus connection???
Ray Mabus was an ambassador to Saudi Arabia during the Clinton years. I think it is very possible that Ray Mabus could be Obama's running mate and Vice President. Suddenly Obama is killed and Mabus stands up to be President and Antichrist as Nostradamus predicted.

BTW: I don't take much heed to Nostradamus due to the way he received his predictions, but this is very interesting.

Mabus could be the 3rd Antichrist as Nostradamus spoke of...very interesting

Is Ray Mabus Nostradamus’ MABUS?

Ray Mabus stumping for Obama in election year 2008. Photo: Rogelio Solis, AP.
Ray Mabus stumping for Obama in election year 2008. Photo: Rogelio Solis, AP.
Ray Mabus was sworn in yesterday as Secretary of the Navy. This fulfills a prediction I documented last year over a month before the national presidential elections in my digital book, see Antichrist.
There is a whole section about him in the chapter about Barack Obama called “Obama the Mabus.” I stated that Obama would pick Mabus as a member of his cabinet and that it would start doomsday tongues to wag about the return to the Middle East of the man who was Obama’s special advisor to Arab (Islamic) Middle Eastern affairs throughout his presidential campaign.
No one can deny that this former US Naval Officer, Governor of Mississippi and former US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia under President Clinton has the executive experience to be Secretary of the Navy and the hands-on diplomatic skill sets as the highest civilian official steering the US Navy in its chief arena of operations in the years to come. A majority of US Naval assets are patrolling the waters around the Arabian Peninsula either in the Persian Gulf, the Strait of Hormuz, fighting Somali pirates in the Gulf of Oman. There are also warships constantly stationed in waters directly familiar to Mabus during his short naval career in the early 1970s: the Eastern Mediterranean off the coast of Israel, Syria and Lebanon.
If there is a war between Israel and its Arab neighbors, if there is an air strike by Israel to destroy Iran’s nuclear program, if Pakistan collapses, Ray Mabus will have undeniable prophetic significance as the only candidate in my 25 years of search through Nostradamus’ clues for the man who would be Mabus. Indeed, he IS “Mabus” by birth name; however, I still do not believe the obvious is what Nostradamus meant. The name Mabus is a code name.
Whoever Mabus is, his death triggers the events listed in one of Nostradamus’ most apocalyptic prophecies. Ray Mabus just happens to be mentioned outright, either as a cruel coincidence or by the 16th-century seer’s prescient intent.
Century 2 Quatrain 62:
Mabus puis tost alors mourra, viendra,
De gens & bestes vne horrible defaite:
Puis tout  coup la vengeance on verra,
Cent, main, soif, faim, quand courra la comete.
Mabus very soon then will die, [then] will come,
A horrible undoing of people and animals,
At once one will see vengeance,
One hundred powers, thirst, famine, when the comet will pass.
Nostradamus (1555)
Here again is a brief overview about Nostradamus’ three antichrist and a breakdown of this prophecy I wrote back on 1 April in my blog entry entiled “Ray Mabus Upped the Antichrist?”
The person Nostradamus code named “Mabus” is believed to be the third and final man in an evil trinity. The first, code named “PAUNAYLORON.” The second, code named “Hister.” The third is code named “Mabus.”
Antichrist One is “Napoleon King” (PAUNAYLORON = NAPAULON ROY, old French for “Roi” — King).
Antichrist Two is “Hister” (Adolf “Hitler”).
To be beast-bitingly blunt, the above prophecy foretells the death of this “Mabus” triggering the unraveling (defaite) and undoing of humans and animals. That sounds both ecologically and apocalyptically lurid. Not only war but also climate change is inferred. A hundred nations go to war, because main in Old French is a heraldic allusion to the mail fisted right “hand” of state. We are therefore talking about 100 nations in a war of vengeance at once swift and devastating. It could undo the world.
The prophecy ends with the usual apocalyptic sequence Nostradamus used to convey dire times in the early 21st century: fresh water shortages from today’s super-droughts across Australia, the American South and Mediterranean, central Asia and Africa. Food production may not be sustained. Global famine lurks “when the comet will pass” or “run.”
A “comet” plays two roles in Nostradamus: either a falling missile or a portentous comet appearing in the sky in times of the final Antichrist.
[Not only Ray Mabus but his boss, President Obama] is one of four top candidates for Mabus. Mabus working for Obama might be just the kind of double entendre Nostradamus often utilized.
You see, not only does Barack “Obama” translate into “Mabus”:
Obama (phonetically pronounced “ouBama”) = Ubama = maabu = Mabu, etc. Add then the one missing letter by replacing the redundant “a” and you get Mabu(s).
Obama Mabu(s)?
Meet Ray Mabus, your pick for the next Secretary of the Navy.
Other candidates are out there, far more deserving the label “antichrist” than Obama or Ray.
Although there have been some interesting matches for Mabus that in the end did not stand the test of objective events, the coming of Ray Mabus into Obama’s cabinet is at least linguistically interesting. A perfect match, so it would seem.
I personally lean towards Saddam Hussein being Nostradamus’ best candidate for Mabus. I have not come to this conclusion lightly but have produced a digital book on the matter after 21 years on the trail of the Third Antichrist. You can see an overview about the book here: Mabus Obama.
Ray Mabus is not the first man to look like a perfect fit for Nostradamus’ Antichrist. Good leaders as well as evil leaders can also decode the name, such as Obama.
Who is Mabus?
This is the most topical of Nostradamian subjects. It is the prophetic mystery to solve of a detective story where soothsaying becomes “sleuth-saying” taking you through a fascinating labyrinth of possibilities, some of which are coming true in our times.

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  1. As there are so many ideas about this,,,,,,,,,, about who he might be,,,,,,,,,,
    According to Nostradamus, others will have paved the way for Antichrists coming to power,,,,,,,,,,
    And Nostradamus liked playing with words like in riddles, as all of us know,,,,,,,,,,
    So Mabus ,,,,,,, at first seem to match Obama, as of all his policy, actually USA in his presidency are building up a dictatorship, for the military and banking complex of USA, and they do so by decieving All Moslems ( first by the Arab spring that take away old supressive regimes, whereby after wish they reinstate others to govern the peoples in order to govern the buffer-states to contole the routes for the last oil-reserves in the middle east, securing the resourses for them selves ( USA) and partly for their allies.
    They also decive the UKRAINIANS, the only reasons the USA want this hegemony is to keep RUSSIA out of the world stage, cutting their southern flank of from the Middle east, Iran and Syria, while also keeping influence in central Asia by putting a wedge between Russia and China with main bases of influence in Afghanistan.
    These threats loom to make Russia and China join to break of USA global influence and world dominance - creating the world military and political background for a future WORLD WAR 3.
    Russia feel herself being cut of and closed in by US and NATO advances of their forces and borders.- the holy security politics for Russia ever since the Napoleonic era.
    For China their growing influence on the world stage resembles that of Imperial Japan or Preusen in Europe - USA that strive to be the only global Power , with the real reason that stems from the Banking system and Miltary complex, Bilderberger and Secret societys of the world elite agenda,,,,,,,,,, cant ever accept any resistance or competition for this global agenda of the Capitalistic Imperialistic politics.
    In USA the 9/11 event has been the turmoil that set USA in chaos and where orchestrated by these secret power groups. The aim is to build the finit dictatorship - full contolle, with fear and deceit, with surveilance and the policy of absolute power, and doing so as the Natzis did in Hitlers germany,,,,, but with better consiled ways of working.
    When the real MABUS comes,,,,,,,,,,
    Obama will be taken care of by chosen assassins as his unpopularity by the US people make him a liablility for those in power in the Military industrial and banking komplex that run USA and the world affairs ( exept Russia, China and some opposing states.)
    As Nostradamus states - after Obama will come MABUS.
    Ma Bus - if read as two words, not one, and not in modern English, can thus mean - My Bush.
    This might actually put a finger of a coming third presidency of the clan of Bush, this final Bush will be of Right wing conservative family, from the high elite, close to the MIBC, close to other brothers of the Freemasons.
    With him the war of the wars will start - but by wish reasons we yet not know.