Thursday, December 20, 2012

Obama to launch secret tax scheme

Obama to launch secret tax scheme


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( – Unspoken Danger Lurks at Bottom of the Fiscal Cliff. With all the talk of falling off the cliff in recent days, little has been said about the issue lurking dangerously at the bottom.
Many think the struggle for financial control is simply the renewal of the Bush tax cuts and the restructuring of how America does business. But it goes far beyond that.
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The struggle between the left and the right have become very distinct. The left wants to continue to increase taxes in order to redistribute tax dollars to the voters. The right chooses to operate from a point of supply-side economics—have the taxpayer pay less taxes so the money is reinvested back into our economy.
Simple, right? Not so fast.
The struggle goes far deeper than this. The left clearly states the rich have enjoyed their gain on the backs of the poor and middle class. Therefore, since the rich have exploited those poor individuals caught between poverty and wealth, the rich should pay a premium. That premium is an escalated tax rate on their ill-gotten gains.
The lurking issue is about far more than just penalizing the rich or redistributing the wealth. It is a secret tax system set to be deployed by the Obama regime.
Once launched, this secret system will cause catastrophic damage and set off a cascade of dire consequences in America.
The income threshold proposed by the Obama Regime has a starting point of $250,000 in income, which will trigger a tax increase that creates an additional tax rate for those earning $250,000 and more. Sounds simple enough, but the danger? According to the Obama proposal anyone earning $250,000 or more should be taxed more.
Here’s what no one seems to be considering: hyperinflation.
Hyperinflation escalates the quantity of currency necessary to purchase a single item. Nowhere was hyperinflation more evident to the world than in 1930s Europe. At that time, the German deutsche mark surged from a relatively conventional value into an astronomically inflated commodity.
Workers were paid in deutsche marks by the wheelbarrow loads. They would rush home at lunch time with their wheelbarrow load of deutsche marks so they had enough currency just to buy a single loaf of bread.
A worker at that time making a few thousand deutsche marks per month was suddenly catapulted into a deep abyss. He was literally forced to earn millions of deutsche marks per month just to keep up with their hyper-inflated currency.
With such currency inflation, hyperinflation could force the Obama threshold of $250,000 to become the jumping off point that would trigger a rate increase comparable to minimum wage today.
In other words, while $250,000 seems very high today, with hyperinflation, that threshold becomes tomorrow’s minimum wage. When the deployment of hyperinflation comes to bear on the US economy everyone will be taxed at the rich rate.
Do you see the serious danger we are in? Everyone would be taxed like the rich during hyperinflationary times. The result? Everyone would receive a tax rate which means the Obama Regime would be able to raise taxes on every single human being in the United States—without additional legislation passed by Congress.
One can view this so-called “fiscal cliff” debate as much more than just taxing the rich or renewing the Bush tax cuts…but it comes down to a philosophical point of view: shall the government install a system where it has, “in its best interest,” hyperinflation as a method to increase tax rates and thereby tax every U.S. citizen without restraint?
Some Political Pharisees may sit back and say hyperinflation is not really an issue, however, would not hyperinflation solve many problems for the government?
First of all, hyperinflation would trigger an automatic tax rate increase on the tax rate which was designed only for the rich.
Secondly, the government could pay yesterday’s bills with today’s hyper-inflated dollars, balancing the budget and paying America’s fixed debt while boasting financial prowess for bringing America’s budget under control.
Finally, the government could use runaway currency rates to declare a financial disaster. At that point the government can set aside any constraints, including, but not limited to, the U.S. Constitution. The result? Absolute power by the Washington oligarchy.
Is it too much to think that our government, which has a history that has been disingenuous to the taxpayer, would pull such a trick?
Is it too much to believe our government would use the benefits of hyperinflation to not only gleam power, but also to bring every U.S. citizen directly under the direct authority of the government—without the constraints of the U.S. Constitution?
This is why the Tea Party must be vigilant in our struggle to bring national awareness to a possible hyperinflation move by the government…against which there is no resolve.
Who is to speak for the people? Isn’t this the government “for the people, by the people” or is it for the government and by the government?
The struggle I speak of will likely not hit the headlines, nor be broadcasted by the media or become the hot topic of the day. Instead, it will be quietly swept under the carpet and categorized as another tinfoil hat conspiracy.
Get out there and fight.

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