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Fact: Gun Control Allows Crime To Rise

Fact: Gun Control Allows Crime To Rise
Gun Ownership Proven To Deter Crime And Assault
OrionTalkRadio,com, by Tim Watts - 122012  UPDATED 12/25
The tragedy of the Sandyhook mass murders is indeed a black event for US history. The senseless murder of innocent children is one of the most aberrant crimes that a society can face. As a result, the US Congress and President Obama are attempting to add a duality to the mayhem by bringing about a ban on guns in the US. The media is gleefully going along with it, with most of them perpetuating the myth that guns makes us unsafe.
Nothing could be further from the truth.
Once again the corporate mainstream media is tragically remiss in its reporting. If only they would do their jobs, they might uncover some basic, easy to find facts as to the true statistics about guns in America.
First off, let's get something straight... violent crime and gun violence have been declining in the United States, for twenty years now, even as gun ownership has risen during that time. The biggest topper, the murder rate has dropped well over 60 percent! As a matter of fact, the New York Times reported in 2011 that violent crimes was at a 40 year low. These are astounding figures that our media fails to report.
Secondly, gun control does NOT stop violence, It is a fact that a complicit US media knows all too well, yet refuses to report. If you want the facts, look to Ireland, a country of roughly 4-million people, but with crime statistics that, per capita, rival those of the US. One can also look no further than our cousins across the pond, to the UK, where guns have already been wrested from the English population, yet violent crimes continue to rise dramatically.
According to Professor John R. Lott, who was interviewed on CNN after the Newtown massacre, "Every place in the world that we have crime data, both before and after a gun ban has gone into effect, every single place has seen an increase in murders after the ban has been put in place. And many times it's been a several-fold or more increase. And there's a simple reason for that, and that is, when you ban guns, it's basically the most-law-abiding citizens who turn in their guns, not the criminals. And rather than making it more difficult for criminals to commit crime, you actually make it easier."
Professor Lott has also offered this key statistic, which the mainstream media has totally ignored... "With just one exception, every public mass shooting in the USA since at least 1950 has taken place where citizens are banned from carrying guns." The killers pick spots with no gun defense.
There are hard facts that prove the case that gun control does NOT deter violent crime. A good case in point would be the Chinese knife attacks which happened on the same day as the Newtown shootings. Guns are banned in China, so as a result, knife attacks are now on the rise. (Pistols and revolvers are allowed for hunting, but only with government permission.)
This in itself is not a surprise, since a University of Chicago study from 1968 points out that a killer will seek any weapon available to carry out their crime. This well documented study found that a person motivated to kill will find a weapon, regardless. To quote the study, "Gun control laws would have no effect if the only intent of killers were to kill." The criminally insane will always find a weapon to carry out their crimes.
Ask yourself why the US media refuses to talk about any of these facts.
They have also seen fit to totally ignore the China knife attacks, also directed at innocent young school children, which took place the same day as the Sandyhook murders.
You might also inquire why they don't highlight the Clackamas Town Center mall, near Portland, Oregon, where a registered gun owner was able to successfully stop a shooting rampage by drawing his concealed gun on the attacker.
The press might also look into the San Antonio shooting where an off duty deputy was also able to stop another mass murder by shooting the assailant several times.
There is also the case of a policeman who was pinned down behind his car by a crazed man with a rifle, yet an armed citizen came out of his home and shot the madman from over 165 yards with his pistol, dropping him with four shots.
The point here is obvious... an armed citizenry poses a threat to criminals. Taking our guns robs us of our ability to do that.
The other glaring point to note is that the mainstream corporate media refuses to highlight these stories of success, instead choosing to fan the flames of fear, participating in the disinformation, that we need gun control to stop violence in America.
Another question might be, if the Obama administration is so eager to stop gun violence, why were they so negligent in their investigation of the Fast & Furious program, which dumped thousands of guns into Mexico, eventually killing some of our own US border agents?
Ask yourself why the Department of Homeland Security and other Federal agencies have purchased over 1.5 BILLIONS rounds of hollow point ammunition. This is strictly prohibited by the Geneva convention for use in warfare. So why is our government stockpiling ammo that is illegal for warfare? The answer is because it is for domestic use. That's over five rounds for every single American citizen

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