Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Does America Deserve Four More Years of Obama?

Does America Deserve Four More Years of Obama?

The original idea for this column was born from a question that I asked myself recently while contemplating how in the world anyone could be planning on voting for Obama in the recent election. The question was, as a nation do we "deserve" four more years of Obama? After quickly reconciling whether or not I was asking myself a rhetorical question (I thought I was) I came to the unsettling conclusion that YES we likely do deserve four more years of Obama (and subsequently realized that it actually wasn't a rhetorical question after all). Let me further explain…

To reach the aforementioned conclusion regarding deserving four more years of Obama I took a simple yet effective approach, I critically analyzed how we got ourselves into the jam (or jams) we are in today? How we are now at a point where wild spending on ineffective programs must be maintained as a "right" to those less fortunate? How we have come to confuse advocating for the violation of basic human rights based on others' religious or political beliefs for tolerance? How we have become so comfortable just giving away a hand out instead of offering a hand up? There was a recurring theme in each of my answers, we asked for it!

Americans are currently reaping what we have sewn over the past 70 years or so. We have allowed election driven politicians, in cooperation with the media, to continually tug at the heartstrings of emotional voters and produce an environment that encourages people to disregard consequence and follow their hearts. It has been a strategy that has proven to be extremely successful for politicians and the media establishment. So successful in fact that a post Great Depression culture focused on saving and prudence has morphed into the current generation which proudly displays complete disregard for the future. Well unless you are a tree, then everyone cares about your future!

We have collectively pushed America toward a false vision of a human utopia based on nothing but our personal fantasies grounded only in the faith that all mankind will bend toward being "inherently good" if we can only provide them with the ideal environment to learn and grow. Frighteningly enough, this vision is directly in line with communist and socialist beliefs. History has shown that the "people are inherently good" doctrine is false and is either wishful thinking (at best) or a deceptive ploy by power hungry leaders to oppress their people and remain in control (at worst). Governance based on this belief has been tried several times throughout the history of mankind and it always ends up one way… The people are poor, hungry, exploited, and generally in dire straits.
Historically in America, the people realize this trend toward socialistic disaster every so often and reactively shift toward the center/right side of the spectrum. Effectively extinguishing any growing fire that poses an immediate threat to our nation (i.e. Obamacare, fiscal cliff, etc.) and allowing Americans to proclaim that "we will never allow that to happen again." The problem with that approach is twofold (1) the socialist leaning incremental changes that were implemented and were primary drivers for the threat are rarely if ever reversed and (2) we in America have such short memories that once things are quiet again we let our guard down and begin to slip back into emotionally driven "inherently good" policy making. So each time this cycle completes we are one step closer to being legislated into full blown socialism. As sad as that sounds, it is the TRUTH.
So once again, I believe that YES we do deserve four more years of Obama! We have made our beds and now we really deserve to lie in them.

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