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Syria Sanctions

Syria Sanctions

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What related guidance does OFAC have on these sanctions?
  Sanctions Brochures
    Overview of Sanctions (this document is being updated)
Frequently Asked Questions
    OFAC Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions with Regard to Syria Executive Order 13582
Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Executive Order 13606  ​
Questions Regarding Executive Order 13608 (Prohibiting Certain Transactions with and Suspending Entry into the United States of Foreign Sanctions Evaders with Respect to Iran and Syria)​
Questions Related to Humanitarian Assistance to Syria
General Licenses
    General License 1 - Syrian Diplomatic Missions in the United States
General License 2 - Authorizing Provision of Certain Legal Services with Respect to Syria​
General License 3 - Entries in Certain Accounts for Normal Service Charges Authorized with Respect to Syria​
General License 4a - Exports or Reexports to Syria of Items Licensed or Otherwise Authorized by the Department of Commerce Authorized; Exports or Reexports of Certain Services Authorized
General License 5 - Exportation of Certain Services Incident to Internet-Based Communications Authorized​
General License 6 - Noncommercial, Personal Remittances Authorized​
General License 7​ - Winding Down Contracts Involving the Government of Syria; Divestiture of a U.S. Person's Investments or Winding Down of Contracts Involving Syria
General License 8 ​ - Official Activities of International Organizations
General License 9 - Transactions Related to U.S. Persons Residing in Syria​
General License 10​ - Operation of Accounts
General License 11 - Authorizing Certain Services in Support of Nongovernmental Organizations' Activities in Syria​​
General License 12​- Third-country Diplomatic and Consular Funds Transfers
General License 13 - Allowable Payments for Overflights of Syrian Airspace​
General License 14 - Transactions Related to Telecommunications Authorized​
General License 15 - Certain Transactions Related to Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights Authorized​
Interpretive Guidance
    Index of Interpretative Guidance
Guidance on OFAC Licensing Policy
    Guidance on the Release of Limited Amounts of Blocked Funds for Payment of Legal Fees and Costs Incurred in Challenging the Blocking of U.S. Persons in Administrative or Civil Proceedings
    Guidance On Entities Owned By Persons Whose Property And Interests In Property Are Blocked

What laws, rules and regulations provide the legal framework for the sanctions?
Executive Orders
13608 Prohibiting Certain Transactions With and Suspending Entry Into the United States of Foreign Sanctions Evaders With Respect to Iran and Syria​ (Effective Date - May 1, 2012)
13606 Blocking the Property and Suspending Entry Into the United States of Certain Persons With Respect to Grave Human Rights Abuses by the Governments of Iran and Syria via Information Technology​ (Effective Date - April 23, 2012)
13582 Blocking Property of the Government of Syria and Prohibiting Certain Transactions with Respect to Syria (August 18, 2011)​
13573 Blocking Property Of Senior Officials Of The Government Of Syria (May 18, 2011)​
13572 Blocking Property of Certain Persons with Respect to Human Rights Abuses in Syria (April 29, 2011)​
    13460  Blocking Property of Additional Persons in Connection With the National Emergency With Respect to Syria (February 15, 2008)
    13399  Blocking Property of Additional Persons in Connection With the National Emergency With Respect to Syria (Effective Date - April 26, 2006)
    13338 Blocking Property of Certain Persons and Prohibiting the Export of Certain Goods to Syria (Effective Date - May 12, 2004)
    International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA), 50 U.S.C. §§ 1701-1706
Iran Threat Reduction and Syria Human Rights Act of 2012 H.R. 1905 (PL 112-158)
    National Emergencies Act (NEA), 50 U.S.C. §§ 1601-1651
    Section 5 of the United Nations Participation Act of 1945 (UNPA), 22 U.S.C. § 87c
Code of Federal Regulations
    31 CFR Parts 542 - Syrian Sanctions Regulations
Federal Register Notices
    71 FR 29251-06 - Revisions to IEEPA made by the Combating
Terrorism Financing Act of 2005
    70 FR 17201-05 - New regulations to implement Executive Order 13338
United Nations Security Council Resolutions
    1636  (31 October 2005)
    1595  (7 April 2005)

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