Wednesday, November 21, 2012

our nation is gone

we let man marry man we let doctors kill baby s we are lost we were once the best nation though out the whole world we are now letting islam take over our nation we let them hate christians and jews the only real godly people who really do know god we let them take our believe s from us and we dont fight back for what jesus gave us when he died on a cross time to wake up
2012 : Consider Yourself Already Dead: via @youtube\
we cant look for a man to save us but only though prayer and we together cant stop this though the gifts of the holy spirit our relationship with god we must stand with god and stand with the nation of israel all people who claim they are christians and dont stand with jesus you sold out 
the christians who claim they believe in god and voted for obama are lost we can not save them jesus will come soon for the true believers god said because you are not hot or cold he will spur you out of his mouth

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