Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Obama versus Israel

Well my zionist friends.
No positive note this time, sorry. Obama seems to be winning: the betting markets have it as a virtual lock. And while he may have a shot at the popular vote, the maths for the electoral college seem damning.
This is the falling domino rod. Reelection of Obama guarantees nukes for Iran, which guarantees the end of Israel or worse (nuclear holocaust). This is all very horrible, but also very inevitable. Too bad my zionist friends, as we will have to live in a time where we have to witness another tragedy for the jewish people.
“Reagan is a warmonger, this extremist will lead us to unnecesary wars”
“Chamberlain is great, his dovish stand saved peace in our time”
Guess what: bullies do not back down in the face of weakness. Hitler could have been stopped early in his tracks easily. But war-weary brits and french remained passive when it mattered most.
Obama’s case is a bit worse. He is not just passive, he is malignant. He hates Israel. He is surrounded by people who hate Israel, and his policies have driven Israel to be in the worst place that it has been in, since its creation. We are facing existential threats again. The only thing that Obama has to offer is election-inspired plattitudes. Only a five year old would fall for this gig.
So Obama is not just passive. It is blatantly clear to everyone that he gives the green light to Iran’s nukes. He already took the mullahs biggest fear, military action, clearly off the table. If you were to believe Obama, it is not Iran that should fear an american military action, but the US, since Iran’s response would be so overwhelming.
Yeah, right. The iranians will pick a fight that they know with 100% certainty they will loose. Again, not even a five year old would believe this. And in the same breath where Obama prevents military action against the mullahs, he want us to believe that ‘biting’ sanctions (the biggest bite has been taken out by this administration, but whatever) will definitely stop them.
Again, completely unbelievable. Why would they stop with their race for nukes, if the only price they have to pay are lowered living standards for the iranian people? The iranian regime couldn’t care less about the average iranian.
So what Obama has accomplished is that he is buying more time for Iran to get its nukes. Iran already got closer than ever in Obama’s first term, it will finish the job in his second. And then the shared dream of the mullahs, the leftist anti-zionists, and many of Obama’s friends will come true. Israel will finally be wiped off the map.
What happens if Romney is elected? War? Of course not. Indeed, the mullahs are not morons. They only precede with their nuclear race now because Obama is in the WH and supports them. Without their anti-zionist buddy calling the shots, they know the gig is up. They will abandon their program quicker than you can say blue berry pie.
So elect Romney, and get the same results as you had with electing Reagan. The friends of the US will be stronger, the adversaries weaker, without firing a shot. Bullies do not back down when they see weakness. However, when they see strength that makes clear that it will stop them dead in their tracks, bullies fold like little babies. Iran will be no exception.
The good news is that Romney is not KO. The bad news that Obama is still the favorite to win.
I just watched the foreign policy debate. If you had any doubt about where the candidates stand, this made it even clearer.
Obama did not even respond to repeated clear allegations by Romney that he is not a reliable ally of Israel. It became very clear that Obama does not love Israel, but Romney does.
Even more, Obama just threw out some well rehearsed plattitudes, but his core message was weak on both Israel and Iran. Four more years of Obama means Israel has no reliable partner, but much much worse, Iran will be allowed to obtain nuclear weapons.
The contrast was very clear. Romney was very strong on Iran and Israel. He loves Israel and Romney will clearly stop Iran from getting nukes. He repeatedly called Iran the biggest current threat facing the US.
Don’t be fooled, the rest is noise, the world will judge Iran’s nukes to be the one issue that mattered most in hindsight (who remembers what politics was about in 1935? we only know that stronger leaders would have prevented a catastrophe by stopping Hitler when he was still weak). Iran must be stopped, Israel must be reinforced. Obama won’t do it, Romney will.
Really? Am I really writing this.
Hell, yeah. The sanctions against Iran do nothing to stop them on their race to nucleair weapons. So the middle class in Iran gets pummeled. What do they care? They brutally suppress their own people anyway?
The sanctions do nothing but create the impression that something is happening, and “we are doing something”, when in reality we are just letting Iran gets its nukes unimpeded. These kind of soothers are worse than nothing, because they give a false sense of security.
Stop the sherade of the sanctions. Stop the sherade of diplomacy. Go in there and stop the nucleair program. The US can do this with minimal casualties. Iran won’t strike back, because doing so would be completely ineffective and probably yield more american military actions. Now it is easy to stop Iran, once they have their nukes it will be impossible.
Obama won’t do it, Romney will. Stop the worst possible danger in the current world, nucleair armed mullahs, in the only possible way. Send Obama packing.
Biden was okay in the VP debate. He was smirky and arrogant, but what ever.
However, the real interesting point came forward when discussing Iran. The point seems to have been missed on many, but what Biden said was significant. There is ample time, he claimed, because Iran may nearly have enough highly enriched uranium for a couple of bombs, but they don’t have the capability to turn this into a weapon yet.
Well what does turning into a weapon mean? A nucleair bomb is nothing more than enough highly enriched uranium in one place, such that the critical mass is exceeded. If you have enough uranium, all you literally have to do is put it together. A suicide terrorist could even do this with his bare hands (while standing in the center of Tel Aviv). You don’t need fancy rockets for this.
So Iran could deliver the bomb through suicide terrorists if they have enough enriched uranium. They could also pass the uranium on to Hezbollah and have them deliver it to Israel. Apparently, those risks are now all okay for the Obama administration. That is part of the time they think Iran should be given.
How much clearer could it be? Obama wants to allow Iran at least enough time to get massive amounts of highly enriched uranium, as long as they don’t build appropriate rockets. So they will gladly allow Iran to get to a point where Israel is in existential peril.
Don’t be fooled folks, Obama needs to go. If he is re-elected Israel will be doomed.
An often heard mantra from the Obama administration is that we need not worry about a nucleair Iran, because Iran is a rational actor.
Yeah, well, sure they are, but so are most of the islamic warriors. The 9/11 hijackers were highly rational, how else can you execute such a complicated operation? However, their goals were not ours. Their only goal was to spread islam, and hurt the enemies of the islam.
Coincidentally, this is exactly the goal of the mad mullahs as well. The mad mullahs don’t have the same moral values that we have. They don’t care about human rights, economic advances, or even the might of Iran, or the improvement of the fate of iranian people. They have continuously shown that they have only one goal: spread the islamic faith and destroy its enemies.
So yes, of course they are rational. They are even highly intelligent and highly capable of many things. But their goals are completely different from ours. Their number one goal is to destroy Israel, the supreme enemy of islam (in their view). So, for us it is completely immoral to nuke Israel, for them it’s a moral imperative, even if this would lead to many islamic or iranian martyrs as a result.
So what Obama and his crew are effectively doing is trying to soften the opposition for Iran. They try to soothe you by claiming that a nucleair armed Iran is really not such a big deal. And who wouldn’t love to believe this? Unfortunately, believing fairy tales in this case is a very dangerous hobby.
Yes, Iran is rational. It is also completely evil. Give a lot of power to smart, evil men, and the price to be paid will be insanely high. Obama doesn’t care, he is well embedded in the “blame Israel first”-crowd. His democratic cronies don’t care either. They either hate Israel as much as Obama does, or they are to egotistical to care (I’m thinking of Biden here).
The real mystery is: what’s happening with the majority of american jews? Why don’t they care? They do. However, they have pulled the wool too far over their own eyes. They think that they show how good and morally correct they are by supporting democrats. But all that should not matter right now. Forget what is politically correct and savvy. A nucleair holocaust is looming, and the only way to stop it, is by stopping Obama.
Check out his story on the jerusalem post (see link below). This story says it all. Wow, I have to say, thank you Sheldon. Sticking your neck out like this for the jewish people. Thank you! We all should take him as an example. He acts in the best interest of the jewish nation, not in his self interest or some misguided idea about what it means to be “cool”.
His words really say it all. Israel faces the biggest threat since 1967, and now we truly need a reliable partner in the white house. Obama is not such a partner, his deeds have clearly shown this. Romney is.
Wake up american jews, save the jewish nation, send narcissist Obama packing!
Might he? May he?
Clearly Romney won the first debate. I cannot share how thrilled I am. Israel’s existence is in the balance, and we may be on track to catch a very lucky break.
I somewhat hoped for this. From what I read, Obama is actually not a very likeable guy. So he has problems projecting one, when not all is very well orchestrated.
And it seems that, in fact, the opposite is true of Romney. Those close to him testify that he is actually very warm and likeable, much nicer than the pitch black picture the media has created of him.
And debates, where autocues and talking points are removed, are a good place to shine your true colors.
Two more debates to come. And add to that that loosing becomes self-fulfilling in these processes. You loose the first debate, you become more nervous about the second one.
Obviously, this election is still tilting towards Obama, and far from in the pocket for Romney. But who knows? We may catch a very lucky break still…..
the choice is nearing, and the race is tighening.
Let’s consider the stakes: the end of israel may be near.
Obama? Come on guys, wake up, he hates israel. If he doesn’t why would he have reverend jeremiah wright be the godfather to his children? Why was he blocking sanctions against Iran, that congress wanted enacted? Why did he torpedo the peace process with the palestinians by demanding stricter pre-conditions for peace talks than Abbas demanded? Why snub Netanyahu? Why go out of the way to stop an israeli military strike on the nucleair program of Iran?
Face it guys, there is one simple explanation: Obama hates Israel. Not indifferent, not cold, not distant, passionate hatred. And he will let the hounds of hell loose in his second term. How? By letting Iran get nukes.
And then the game is over.
It is simple: electing Obama is like pushing over a domino rod. The effects after that take time, but are entirely unavoidable.
And everyone knows this: israeli jews hate Obama. Zionists worldwide hate Obama. There is only one constituency that seems to be so far detached from reality that they do not see this obvious truth. American jews. Wake up guys. Obama may be politically correct, but, to paraphrase Lebowski, he is also an *sshole. Stop trying to be cool, save your people from a nucleair holocaust. And don’t be passive: warn everyone in your environment, make sure they understand the stakes. Vote Obama out of office.
Yes radiosilence on my part.
Well depression is more the right word… The election seems to be definitely going in the direction of
Obama. So I’m afraid game’s up for our jewish friends in Israel. The endgame has unfolded. Like dropping a rock from a high place: it will take some time before it hits the ground, but once you release it, the outcome is inevitable.
So there we have it: Obama will be reelected, he will allow Iran to obtain nukes, Israel cannot stop them. So in one or two years from now Iran will have nukes. And then hell will be unleashed. Terrible tensions, doom looming for Israel constantly, Exodus of people that can leave Israel, further weakening of Israel, implosion, and then either a conventional or a nuclear attack to finish the job.
Don’t kid yourselves: this is now all but inevitable. Americans, including american jews it seems, seem to have made up their minds. They go for Obama. This is bad news for jew-lovers and zionists worldwide, it’s great news for everyone who hates the jewish nation.
I feel horrible about this, but unfortunately also powerless.
Check this out:

It says it all: horrible reasoning at its best. Keller argues: “if we bomb Iran now, mayhem will follow; however, history teaches us that an antisemitic, apocalaptic, mad mullah regime with nukes is all nice and dandy”.
Of course, the NY times crowd goes crazy with enthusiasm. Obama couldn’t have said it any better.
The reasoning is full of holes. Two big gaping holes actually. First: mayhem follows if we bomb Iran now: really? They have no air force and no conventional military power. Would they want to escalate the conflict with the US? What would they do exactly if the US attacks them: try to turn it into an all out war? Well that would be extremely irrational. Moreover, it would hardly inflict any damage, other than Iran’s army quickly being turned into dust.
So the direct consequences of a US led attack on Iran would probably be nil. “The people would rally behind the mullahs”. Another supposedly inevitable consequence. Nice that these arm chair experts can read the minds of tens of millions of people and predict exactly how they will feel. They see that the regime that they hate has brought on an avoidable US attack, and now they suddenly love the mad mullahs? Uhhuh, sure.
But let’s go to the second point. Mad mullahs with nukes are not that bad. They will never use these nukes because it would lead to their own destruction.
Right. So the mad mullahs just bend over backwards for nukes that they know that they will never use. Moreover, mutually assured destruction. Really? Who will do the retaliatory nuking? One good nuke wipes Israel clean off the map. It’s hard to retaliate after you have been evaporated in a nuclear attack. And the US: why would they retaliate? Their israeli allies are then all dead anyway, so they don’t gain anything by defending their dead honor. They do have a lot to loose though: attacking a nuclear armed Iran will almost certainly unleash nukes on american soil.
Thus, there is no mututally assured destruction here. Iran, if it plans it well, can kill the “cancer of the middle east” and walk away like historical heroes. Even if there would be some retaliation: why would the mad mullahs care? They don’t care about their own people anyway, so what if a few million die in order to achieve a great goal like wiping out the zionist cancer?
But the situation is worse: even if Iran would just try their hardest to get nukes, and then plan not to use them, things could go wrong unintendedly. There are no diplomatic channels between Iran and Israel, so too much fear on one of the sides will quickly set off mayhem.
And it’s even worse. Let’s believe in fairy tales and just assume that even with a nuclear armed regime that hates jews more than the average neo-nazis, the nukes will not be employed. Who can live under the fear of this threat? Would you, if you can just leave to a safe country? I wouldn’t, and according to opinion polls neither would 40% of the israelis. In other words: most of the people that could leave, would leave. So Israel would implode. Their best people gone they are now easy game to any hostile regime.

Anyway, to any one with half a brain it should now be clear that Iran with the bomb would mean the worst disaster to the jewish people since Adolf Hitler came to power in 1933. And with a re-election of Obama, this would surely follow.
And still most american jews support this clown. Unbelievable really. Is it so important to be politically correct that you would even betray your own people for it?
Normally the US is the most pro-israel country in the world. And way more pro-israel than the european left.
Just out of curiosity I compared the Israel program of the PvDA (dutch labour party) to the actual Israel program of Barry (not his hollow campaign rhetorics): it is freaking identical!
Obama is as pro-Israel as the european left.
Come on american jews: show your teeth. Don’t be complicit in the biggest betrayal of the jewish nation since WW2
Today in Jeruzalem Post: Clinton, on behalf of the Obama administration: we are not going to draw red lines.
Read: we will allow Iran to obtain nukes.
Oywee, nothing now can stop Israel’s implosion except the american jews in the voting booth!
Today in Jeruzalem Post: Clinton, on behalf of the Obama administration: we are not going to draw red lines.
Read: we will allow Iran to obtain nukes.
Oywee, nothing now can stop Israel’s implosion except the american jews in the voting booth!
I know many american jews. In general, very nice, very soft people.
But sometimes you need more than softness and niceness. Sometimes toughness is needed.
Everyone is susceptible to peer-pressure. But it seems american jews especially so. They do not even dare to think that they would vote republican. “That is obscene/wrong/immoral!”. However, they seem to forget much more than peer-pressure and being savvy is at stake here. Iran + nukes = nuclear holocaust. Obama hates Israel, after he is re-elected he will have more “flexibility”, meaning he will gladly allow Iran to get its nukes. So there you have it: re-election of Obama = nuclear holocaust.
Romney loves Israel. He will stop Iran from getting a bomb. Probably without a war, because Iran is a scared country, they know america will easily whip them into shape, so they will quickly fold when the president of the US is serious about attacking them.
I also think that in many repects Obama has better ideas and policies than Romney. However, we are facing a nuclear holocaust. We must vote for the person that will stop this holocaust, this issue trumps all other issues..
So american jews: come on, do the right thing! Vote for Romney, and alert everyone in the jewish community to the danger that Obama poses. Do not hesitate to do this: your actions may contribute to preventing a nuclear holocaust!!
Alan Dershowitz is a great supporter of Israel. A true zionist. Like many american jews. But, like many american jews, in its hour of greatest need, he horribly betrays the jewish people.
Check this out:
Here Dershowitz says that Obama has his Iran policy entirely right, he just needs to be a bit more clear about his military threat.
Wake up Dershowitz! And wake up american jews!
Obama is never going to stop Iran. He wants them to obtain nukes. Or at least, he doesn’t care enough about preventing a nuclear holocaust to go out of his way.

There is only one way to stop Iran from getting nukes, by stopping Obama.
American jews wake up, save Israel, vote for Romney!
Okay, a small side track, but obviously related.
Why is it that so many people hate jews, but some absolutely love them. Here is my pet theory:
Jews represent the succesful other. Someone that is a winner in life, but that is not you, and not part of your group. There are two responses to the succesful other: jealousy or respect.
Selfish, narcistic people will likely respond with jealousy, or even anger and hate. Someone else is happier/luckier than me!!?! F*ck them!
However, bighearted people are happy about it. Someone else made it big in life: good for him!
We all know how it plays out globally: americans are the biggest jew- and israel-lovers in the world.
Good for them. It proves what a bighearted culture the americans have, and how the US and its people are still the guiding light in our world.

Unfortunately, now the US have a petty president. He talks the talk, but he doesn’t walk the walk. He doesn’t have that bigness about him that typifies americans. He seems to descend to the jealous, pessimistic levels that typify other, more negative, cultures. And his small-heartedness is best shown by his hatred for the jewish people.
As a zionist, I’d say: please vote against Obama. But also as a US-lover, I’d say the same thing.
We live in happy days. It seems so, and it is so, to a large extent.
Still, there is true evil out there. Unfortunately. Assad, Poetin, the mullahs.
Evil with power equals horror. Obama is like France during the thirties. When Hitler was in the first phases of re-arming, France could have easily stopped him. However, they loathed war and chose to remain passive. And when their hand was forced, it was too late.
The same holds for the mullahs. Now we can stop them, once they have nukes, nothing can be done.
And to repeat the main point of this blog: there is only one way to stop the mullahs: stop Obama.
Let me just be humble for a change :)
A god-honest question: why is Obama beating the drums of sanctions now? It is blatantly clear that these sanctions have done nothing to stop or slow the iranian advance to nukes. So why is he pursuing it?
My sneaky suspicion: he is buying time…. If he can just get this issue past the elections, he will be more flexible. Meaning that than he can go back to what he did the first years of his administration. That is, do nothing at all about the iranian nuke program and give a big flashing green light to the iranians to go ahead.
Also check out:, where political analyst Krauthammer (who you may love or loathe, but who is a very cunning analyst) makes an even more extreme point: the sanctions are not there to stop Iran, but to stop Israel (from undertaking real action to stop Iran).
Another short post.
I’m checking out a lot of articles on Obama, the iranian danger and Israel. And a lot of comments go something like this “yeah maybe Obama will not stop Iran, but he shouldn’t because Israel is horrible!!”.
These people miss the point. Loving or hating Israel is a judgment call. A deeply felt feeling by most people. Do you love the jewish nation or not? Well it’s very hard to convince someone about this.
However, the point I’m trying to make is factual: Obama hates Israel. If Obama is re-elected, Iran will obtain nukes, and we may witness a second holocaust.
I’m not saying you should be happy or sad about this: just be aware of this.
If you are a zionist: do not vote for Obama. If you hate the jewish nation: do vote for him.

Okay I admit: harsh saying. But, unfortunately, not far from the truth.
Consider it: when elections were not looming, he:
1) Dressed down and humiliated Netanyahu
2) Enacted policies that totally isolated Israel
3) Dropped Israel like a brick in its dispute with Turkey
4) Reached out to the arab world in his famous Cairo speech, but did nothing similar for Israel.
5) Demanded from Israel to give up everything before the peace process even started. Demanded nothing from the palestinians
6) Most importantly: when elections were not nearing: he gave Iran the green light for nukes

After his reelection he will be more “flexible”, do you really believe he will help Israel one iota?
Face it guys. Obama may be good looking, cool, hip, what have you. He does not love Israel. Rather the opposite: Obama hates Israel. It is Obama versus Israel. Think about it when you cast your vote: who do you value higher: the jewish people, or Barack Obama?
Check out this link: I’ll put up many more, but this just for starters.
Liberal jewish leaders are showing their true patriottic colours (thank you!), and explicitly stating that Obama is the most anti-Israeli president they have ever witnessed, and that four more years of him could be catastrophic to the jewish nation.
Please american jews, wake up! I know the great majority of you care deeply about Israel, but you just don’t know how dangerous a re-election of Obama would be!

If you are aware of this danger: alert your fellow american jews. Unfortunately it is five to midnight right now: if we don’t stop Obama, Israel may be doomed!
Make no mistake about it: if Obama is re-elected, he will be more flexible (as he told Medvedev).
He will certainly give Iran a green light. Iran will build nukes, and will use them against Israel.
Please pass a warning to all american jews: they can, and should, stop him!
Okay, just a short and simple post this time. More of a question really: why would someone who loves the jewish people and wants the best for the jewish people vote for Obama?
Wake up: Obama is not a friend of Israel, he has decidedly proven this. He will allow Iran to obtain nukes, and thereby prelude the second holocaust.
If you hate israeli jews, fine, please vote for their mass murder by supporting Obama. But if not, why vote for him?
Is it to try and look cool, by showing everyone how progressive you are? If that is the case, you are suffering from the Noam Chomsky syndrom. F*cking over your own people, so you look better yourself.
Please don’t do it, too much is at stake this time….

Okay, you can maybe call me a drama-queen (although I’m a guy), but then again, aren’t all jews drama queens in some sense?
But I fear that Iran with nukes would be like Hitler with a super strong army. Or in other words: Iran with nukes may very well lead to the second holocaust against our nation.
Of course, before WW2, jewish drama queens were also very alarmist about Hitler. Including american jews. And of course american jews wanted to help their brothers and sisters in Europe. But how? They couldn’t do anything, and unfortunately, the rest is history.

But holocaust 2 is not history yet! And you as american jews can actually save the jewish nation! How? By stopping Obama. A vote for Obama is a vote for Iranian nukes, and thus a second holocaust. If Romney is elected, he will stop Iran from obtaining nukes (because he clearly does love the jewish people and their nation state).
So please american jews: save the jewish nation: vote against Obama!!

Okay, uptil now I’ve posted long posts. Let’s make it a bit shorter.
Obama is not Israel’s best friend (ahum, slight euphemism…), but Israel is :) So who’s winning the battle so far? Unfortunately: Obama is leading.
Turkey f*cks Israel, Obama sides with Turkey: Obama vs Israel: 1 – 0.
Turkey basically reacted like a hysteric woman after Israeli commandos defended themselves against agressive, armed, islamist turks. Obama sided with his good friend Erdogan, and left Israel more isolated after the incident.
Obama demands settlement freeze, thereby kills peace process: Obama vs Israel: 2 – 0.
Obama was more strict on Israel, than even Abbas was. Thus, Abbas had to toughen up and place demands on Israel, without any favors in return, before the peace talks even started. So Obama effectively killed the peace process, and left Israel more unsecure and more isolated.
Obama gives Iran a green light on building nukes: Obama vs Israel: 3 – 0.
To anyone with half a brain it is blatantly clear that Obama is completely fine with Iran obtaining nukes (what are they going to do? Nuke Israel? Obama’s spiritual leader Jeremiah Wright wouldn’t mind that…).
Basically, during the first years of his presidency Obama has not only not done anything about Iran, he actively blocked sanctions (that congress wanted to put in place) from being enacted. Not only that, the only thing he did do with regards to Iran, was continuously signaling loud and clear to Israel that they should not take any action against Iran. Furthermore, he shifted the focus from Iran to appartment blocks in Jeruzalem, ensuring that Iran could make the fastest progress on obtaining a bomb ever.
Will it become 4-0 or 3-1? It’s five to midnight.
The next battle is over the jewish vote in the election. It could become:
Obama dupes jewish voters into reelecting him, and he will let Iran obtains nukes: 4 – 0, and game over.
This would be pretty horrific. If Obama’s electoral rhetorics make american jews forget how he manhandled the jewish state, and they would be so gullible as to vote for him, than that would spell the end of the jewish state (or worse: a nuclear holocaust). Re-electing Obama means that Iran will certainly get their nukes. And that will put such enormous pressure on Israel, that either a weird event will lead to a nuclear holocaust, or that Israel paralyzes, its population flees, and Israel will soon cease to exist as a jewish state (and Obama can receive congrats telegrams from his mentor Jeremiah Wright).
Or, and hopefully this happens
American jewish voters wake up, and send Obama packing: 3-1.
If that were to happen, Israel may still live to see another day. Romney is, despite all his possible negative traits, a clear supporter of the jewish people and their nation state. If Romney is elected things may just turn north for Israel. Iran will shit their pants and stop their nuclear program. They know Romney is more than willing to stop it for them. The palestinians have to return to the negotiating table, and countries like Turkey and Egypt will not dare to take on Israel, because they know that Romney will not stand for it.
Okay, as mentioned in my previous post: let’s dig into the situation a little bit deeper.
To recount: the main point is that Israel is facing an existential threat, and israeli jews may undergo nuclear holocaust soon. Unless Iran is stopped. Israel cannot do it, but the US can.
And the US will if Romney is president, but won’t if Obama is re-elected.
Because essentially Obama does not have warm feeling for Israel.

Obama hangs out with Israel-haters
Imagine you heard about Mitt Romney that he has strong Israel-haters amongst his closest friends. People he goes to for advice and wisdom. That would make you think twice right? Well obviously that’s not the case for Romney, but it is for Obama. Everyone already knows this, or should, but it’s good to remind yourself of it.
Jeremiah Wright was his spiritual leader for the most part of Obama’s life, and is the godfather to his children. Someone who is clearly very pivotal in Obama’s life. And this same Wright is not just an Israel-hater, he is in the category of neo-nazis when it comes to Israel. Calling zionism a cancer, calling zionist jews the worst evil the world has endured and so on.
During his time as Chicago legislator Obama befriended several radical anti-zionists. Rashid Kalidi, Edward Said and Ali Abunimah are three well-known examples. All three became very close to Obama, and Obama has referred to them as close friends and wise men on separate occasions. All three are also radical anti-zionists who believe that Israel should cease to exist as the nationstate for the jewish people.
To sum up, several of Obama’s closest friends are radical anti-zionists. This, of course, does not prove that Obama is anti-zionist, but it is suspicious. Would you really surround yourself with such people if you vehemently oppose their opinions?
Think about it this way: could you have a lot of close friends who are neo-nazis?

Obama’s rhetorics about Israel are hollow
Obama never puts any substance forward when he talks about Israel. “Stalwart ally”, “unbreakable bond”, and so on. Empty phrases really, because they are totally non-committing. You can call a country a stalwart ally all day long, it really does not do much, and does not mean much if you do not follow it up with more concreit policies or promises.
And that is exactly what is lacking with Obama. What does he want to do for Israel? What is so special about the US-Israel bond? Why is Israel so deserving of american loyalty?
Obama is like someone who keeps blurting out hollow “i love you”‘s, but never tells you why you are special, or why he loves you.
The reason behind this, in my opinion, is that Obama can just not put himself to going beyond hollow phrases. Saying things like “I love Israel because I am so relieved that the jewish people have finally got their own nation”, or “The jews have pulled of a true miracle by creating Israel. A young and vibrant democracy, built under the most difficult conditions. A country that keeps walking the moral high grounds despite all the challenges and hostility it faces”, those would be real sayings. You could easily hear Romney say it. In fact, even without him saying it, you almost know that his bond with Israel goes beyond that. Romney loves the jewish people. He has this special feeling that is almost solely encountered in christian circles, where the jewish people are seen as a very special group of people.
Obama cannot get himself to say this. People can lie, but some lies are just too hard to say with a straight face. Also, it would go counter Obama’s agenda of delegitimizing Israel. Obamas saying substantial positive things would be used by people world wide to support Israel’s case. Obama does not want that. Hollow phrases do not help Israel in any sense.
Granted, there was one exception during campaign time in 2008. There Obama talked about Israel in more concreit terms: he promised to stop Iran on its nuclear drive, and he would recognize Jeruzalem as the capital of Israel. To be honest, I couldn’t care less about the latter, it’s just symbolic politics, but the former is quintessential in preventing a second holocaust. But his concreit promises (which he of course broke the moment he got into office), bring me to the main point: we know Obama hates Israel from his policies.
Turkey, Iran, settlements, dressing down Netanyahu: Obama showing his true colors
Erdogan, the prime minister of Turkey, has basically blown up the relations between Israel and Turkey. A horrible blow for Israel, which leaves them much weaker then before.
Yet, Obama refers to Erdogan as “one of his closest political friends”. When stuff started heating up between Turkey and Israel, the US could have easily stopped it. Obama could have just told Turkey to shut it, or suffer the consequences. He did the opposite. He sided with Turkey, and placed impossible demands on Israel, a certain way to make sure that relations between Israel and Turkey would go sour.
A similar story played out regarding the settlements. Of course, the settlements are retarded and Israel should just withdraw from all palestinian territories. A great majority of israeli jews, and zionist jews in general, agrees with this. However, it is not extremely easy to implement, for various reasons. One is that religious jews play an important role in israeli politics, so politicians have to play it smart, not blunt. Another is that Israel would ideally get something in return for giving up palestinian lands. For instance, the palestinians recognizing Israel as the nation-state of the jewish people (and thus giving up the “right of return”). Also a complicating factor is that palestinian territories are not very well defined in some instances. Certain areas of Jeruzalem are claimed by both the palestinians and the jews as clearly theirs. Stopping building in these areas would basically mean that Israel recognizes that these areas are not clearly theirs. Again, perhaps possible, but not something you just give into.
How did Obama treat this? Unlike his campaign promise, he did not support any recognition of Jeruzalem as the undivided capital of Israel. Rather the reverse. He went ballistic on settlement building, even on building appartment blocks in parts of Jeruzalem, which Israel just considered to be part of their state, and even more, an undisputed part of their state.
And Obama did not apply silent diplomacy either. He basically shouted it of the roofs. Everyone heard about it: the US was fed up with Israel and demanded a settlement freeze.
Another big blow to Israel. Israel, in fact, agreed to a 10 month settlement freeze, but got nothing in return. Obama just demanded more (an indefinite freeze without the need for any counter gestures by the palestinians). And thereby he put Abbas in a difficult position. Before Obama, Abbas had not demanded a settlement freeze. So now Abbas was softer than Obama on Israel. So Abbas had to toughen up. Now he demanded a settlement freeze also. So the peace process came to a complete stop. And Israel was further away from their desired peace. And more deligitimized in the eyes of the world. Thanks, Obama!
But, of course, these are all small things compared to the luring Iranian beast. Really, Obama can burn Israeli flags on national television, call all jews pigs and apes, I really don’t care, as long as he stops Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. However, of course, there he made the most bold moves against Israel. By delegitimizing Israel, and moving the focus from Iran to small things like building appartment blocks, he kept Iran off the radar. Moreover, although congress implored him to act, he refrained from doing anything in his first years in office. Nothing. No sanctions. Although congress had signed bills to this effect, Obama just refused to implement them. Rather, he stalled for time by starting nice gestures and a diplomatic process with Iran. A process of which everybody knew that it would go nowhere. And he made it very clear that the US would not intervene militarily. Of course, now he has put sanctions into place, and talks a bit tougher, but people are not complete retards, the timing of his actions makes it clear that this is just electoral posturing.
And the result of Obama’s actions on Iran? Iran has progressed at an insane speed towards the nuclear bomb, and is now closer than ever. It is almost at the stage (or it may already be there) that no one but the US can stop them. And they will be probably be at the point where they can make a nuclear bomb at will, in less than a year.
Obama has build the anti-zionist wet dream
So, basically Obama has pulled it off. Israel is on the verge of annihilation. Thanks to Obama. He has betrayed Israel in all essential ways. But his most extreme (and extremely effective) betrayal was regarding Iran. Iran would never have moved forward so swiftly, and has never moved forward so swiftly towards the bomb. Because every other US president would have stopped them. Not Obama though. He essentially gave them the green light, and now we are at the situation where dissolving the jewish state seems like a medium okay scenario. Okay, we jews will again be at the hand of other nations, and we will again be without a state, but at least we avoid a second holocaust. The worst case scenario is that Iran just builds its bomb, and then blows up 5 million israeli jews.
Obama is not just an Israel-hater, he is the most efficient one. Thanks Obama! Or should I say: thanks american jews! After all, you guys have been essential into voting him into office….
Well maybe that’s a bit harsh, since you could not know that Obama would be like this when you voted for him the first time. But now you do! Please think about your responsibility towards the jewish nation… Please do not let Obama finish his job (don’t forget, as Obama has put it towards Medvedev, after he is re-elected he will have more “flexibility”, so he will be even more unrestrained in his Israel-hatred).

Hi there,
I started this blog as a concerned dutch, zionist jew.
I’ll go into the details and arguments later on, but let me just bring my core message: I think Israel is in the greatest danger that it has been, at least since I can remember (I’m almost 40).
I think the mullahs in Iran present the biggest danger to the jewish people since Hitler. And moreover, like Hitler, I think this is a danger that we need help with to deal with.
My main point: Obama will not give this help. A vote for Obama may very well be a vote for a nuclear holocaust.
Unfortunately, I feel powerless: I can hardly do anything to stop this from happening. Except cry out to my fellow zionist jews in the US: please, try to save our people from a nuclear holocaust: vote against Obama!

Okay, so much for the core message, here I’ll go into a bit more detail.
It’s clear to everyone that Iran is closing in on a nuclear weapon. Somehow, for a variety of reasons this is downplayed. There are two great misconceptions that I will discuss. First: misconception number 1: A nuclear armed Iran can be contained. Second: misconception number two: the US or Israel will stop Iran from becoming a nuclear power.

Misconception 1: A nuclear armed Iran is not dangerous.
First off, note that this is mainly put forward by people who do not care a lot about the jewish nation. People like Waltz (from the infamous Waltz and Mearsheimer report, essentially claiming that a zionist/jewish conspiracy is ruining the US) are perfectly comfortable with a nuclear armed Iran. This is already suspicious: why is it mainly israel-haters that claim that it is fine for the mullahs to have nukes? Perhaps because the nightmare scenario of 5 million dead israeli jews is not a nightmare to them?
At any rate: the argument always goes something like this: “the mullahs are rational, so they won’t nuke Israel”. Flaw here is the misuse of the word rational. Sure, they are rational in obtaining their goals. They are not idiots. They are smart men, who rationally know how to get what they want.
However, they are NOT rational when it comes to their goals. At any rate: it is much harder to define what rational goals are, but their goals are obviously not utilitarian, or just to improve the overall standing of iran and its people. If it would be, they would have abandoned the nuclear program long ago, and would have joined the league of civilised nations.
They have several goals, but one of their overarching goals is to destroy Israel. They view Israel as pure evil. The worst evil ever. Worse than Hitler and the Nazi’s. Think about it this way: if you could eradicate Hitler and the nazis by throwing a nuclear bomb on them, wouldn’t you do it?
That’s how the mullahs think: they’re ideological in their goals, they’re not hardened, down to earth cynics. Their goal is to destroy the worst evil that mankind has ever experienced (in their point of view): the state of Israel. And if they have a nuclear bomb, why would they then all of a sudden stop short and let the worst evil go on unchecked?
Or look at it another way: the argument goes that this will endanger their regime. Really? Israel is really small. One nuclear bomb will completely eradicate the country, so there will be no retaliation. Furthermore: even if their would be a retaliation, they will be sitting high and dry in their atomic bunkers. Sure, iranians will suffer, but do the mullahs care about that?
An what would happen if their regime is waning? If they are loosing power anyway (which will certainly happen at some point, no regime is forever), how tempting is it to go out with a blast?

Misconception 2: Israel or the US will stop Iran
Well this one is less far off than the previous misconception. But right now it is a misconception. Make no mistake about it: israeli politicians in general are true zionists. They love their people and will do everything to protect them.
So the average israeli leader is completely aware of the danger that Iran poses, and would do everything to stop it. However, Israel is a small country with an okay army, but not an invincibly strong army. Bottom-line is: Israel can probably not do a lot of damage to the iranian nuclear program. So even if they would attack Iran, they will probably not be able to take out most of their plants.
Then the US. The US can stop Iran. Easily in fact. They have bunker busters, refuelling planes, planes undetectable by radar, and so on. If they would want to take out all iranian nuclear plants, they could probably do so in a couple of weeks of intense air campaigns, with minimal losses to the US.
And some americans will want to do this. I’m convinced that Romney will do this, because he seems to love Israel and the jewish nation. However, only one man has the power to decide to do this: the president. In this case, Obama.
I’ll go into this in a later post in more detail, but to me it seems clear that Obama does not love Israel. In fact, I think that he might even dislike Israel. But whatever his exact feelings: he will not stop Iran from going nuclear. Iran has made immense progression during Obama’s leadership. More than they ever have, and they have become more bold about it than they ever have. Because it is clear to anyone who can read between the lines: Obama is fine with Iran becoming a nuclear power. He will not stop them militarily, and in fact, the only reason he is now playing some cheap word games, and placing non-efficient sanctions into place is purely for electoral reasons.

Bottom-line: the situation is dire. Not for the whole world. Not for all nations. Just for our nation: the jewish nation. We are facing a horrible prospect. Within four years millions of our fellow jews will be murdered. There is only one way to prevent this, and this is by not re-electing Obama.
Please fellow american jews: you are the only ones now who can still save the jewish nation.
Understand: I am also a democrat on most issues, and in general I think Obama is a better candidate than Romney. However, these are extreme times. The jewish nation might be facing a second holocaust. And that is such a big issue that it should trump other issues. Please try to stop Obama from being re-elected. Do not vote for Obama yourself, and please spread this warning message to all your jewish american friends,

love and hope from a dutch zionist jew.

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