Tuesday, November 20, 2012

In Jerusalem, secretary of state praises Iron Dome, but says it’s no substitute for ‘just and lasting peace’; soldier, civilian killed as Gaza terrorists bombard the south, with direct hits on buildings and one serious injury; missile aimed at Jerusalem falls near Gush Etzion

Israel air force drops leaflets across Gaza City warning residents to evacuate homes “immediately”… Hamas is asking its residents to ignore the warning

Gaza city is being rocked by several huge explosions, Al Jazeera's Nour Samaha reports. Reports are coming in from all over the city of the latest round of explosions, with several users on Twitter talking about power being knocked out to residential areas and hotels.

Military Announcement
To the residents of Sheikh Ijleen, Tal al Hawa, Remal al-Janoub, Zeitoun neighbourhood, Shoujaiyat al-Tourkman, Shoujaiyat al-Jadida:
The Israeli military is not targeting any of you and does not want to hurt you or members of your family.
For your own safety, you are requested to evacuate your houses right away and to move towards Gaza city through Cairo Road, Arab League Road, al-Aqsa Road, al-Qadisiya Road, Em el Leymoun, Salaheddine, al-Mansoura, Khalas, Baghdad.
The deployment in Gaza city is limited in the west of Salah al-Din Road, north of Omar al Moukhtar Road, East of Nasr Road, and south of al-Qods Road.
This confrontation is temporary and once it ends everyone will go home.
Obeying the orders of the Israeli military will result in you, civilian residents, not being hurt
The Israeli Defence Army Leadership
The link above is constantly updated, here is a permalink to the leaflet -
This was the most WTF of this for me:
[NSFW - violence]
“suspected Israeli collaborator”
AJ picked one of the least bloody pictures.
Link to an excellent infographic illustrating the different types of weapons available to Israel and Palestinian groups

Palestinian militants have urged residents to ignore the warnings, calling them “psychological warfare.”

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